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Wolf E.L. Ч Nanophysics and nanotechnology. An introduction to modern concepts in nanoscience
Taylor M.E. Ч Partial Differential Equations. Basic theory (vol. 1)56, 116, 119
Heinbockel J.H. Ч Introduction to tensor calculus and continuum mechanics201
Apostol T.M. Ч Calculus (vol 2)329
Keisler H.J. Ч Elementary calculus784
Ito K. Ч Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics. Vol. 2271.C 351.D
Zeidler E. Ч Nonlinear Functional Analysis and its Applications IV: Applications to Mathematical Physic19, 32
Bird R.B., Lightfoot E.N., Stewart W.E. Ч Transport Phenomena334, 819
Brauer F., Nohel J.A. Ч The qualitative theory of ordinary differential equations188, 194, 197
Meirovitch L. Ч Methods of analytical dynamics14
Olver P.J. Ч Equivalence, Invariants and Symmetry225
Oprea J. Ч Differential Geometry and Its Applications255, 265, 284
Wesseling P. Ч Principles of computational fluid dynamics19
Palen S. Ч Schaum's Outline of Astronomy4
Zienkiewicz O.C., Taylor L.R. Ч The finite element method (vol. 3, Fluid dynamics)121
Weinstock R. Ч Calculus of variations with applications to physics & engineering73
Smith M.S. Ч Principles and Applications of Tensor Analysis95
Wiese J., Shems E. Ч Weird Science: 40 Strange-Acting, Bizarre-Looking, and Barely Believable Activities for Kids75
Nayfeh A.H., Mook D.T. Ч Nonlinear Oscillations1, 42
Drazin P. Ч Introduction to Hydrodynamic Stability43, 82, 83
Williamson R.E., Crowell R.H., Trotter H.F. Ч Calculus of vector functions356
Lee G.H.W., Chu V.H. Ч Turbulent Jets and Plumes : A Lagrangian Approach52
Miklowitz J. Ч The theory of elastic waves and waveguides48
Chorin A., Marsden J. Ч A Mathematical Introduction to Fluid Mechanics12, 40, 49
Ehlers J.F. Ч Mesa and Trading Market Cycles: Forecasting and Trading Strategies from the Creator of MESA12
Debnath L. Ч Nonlinear water waves9Ч10, 20Ч21, 31, 38Ч39
Jaswon M.A. Ч The Theory of Cohesion. An Outline of the Cohesive Properties of Electrons in Atoms, Molecules and Crystals16, 26
Liddle A. Ч An Introduction to Modern Cosmology11
Ryden B. Ч Introduction to Cosmology135
Dill K.A., Bromberg S. Ч Molecular Driving Forces: Statistical Thermodynamics in Chemistry and Biology39
Levine I.N. Ч Molecular Spectroscopy3
Debnath L., Mikusinski P. Ч Introduction to Hilbert Spaces with Applications334, 353
Debnath L. Ч Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers25, 43, 110
Hand L.N., Finch J.D. Ч Analytical Mechanics127, 328 (prob)
Behnke H., Bachmann F., Fladt K. Ч Fundamentals of Mathematics, Volume III: Analysis416
Bergman S., Schiffer M. Ч Kernel Functions and Elliptic Differential Equations in Mathematical Physicssee Energy
Lynch S. Ч Dynamical Systems with Applications Using MathematicaЃ112
Machel A.N., Wang K. Ч Qualitative Theory of Dynamical Systems: The Role of Stability Preserving Mappings53
Serre D. Ч Handbook of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, Vol. 15, 10, 46
Martinez A. Ч An Introduction to Semiclassical and Microlocal Analysis9
Strauss W.A. Ч Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction38, 218
Capriz G. (ed.), Giovine P. (ed.), Mariano P.M. (ed.) Ч Mathematical Models of Granular Matter168, 169, 172, 174, 179, 181, 187, 189
Krupkova O. Ч The Geometry of Ordinary Variational Equations12, 122,126, 163,165
Mayer J.E., Mayer M.G. Ч Statistical Mechanics1, 36Ч38
Weatherburn C. Ч Advanced Vector Analysis40, 45, 52, 77, 102
Raabe D. Ч Computational materials science57, 87, 98 f
Greiner W. Ч Quantum mechanics. An introduction85, 192 ff.
Thaller B. Ч Visual quantum mechanics88
Eringen A.C. Ч Mechanics of continua88
Greiner W. Ч Classical mechanics. Point particles and relativity433
Friedlander S.J. (Ed), Serre D. (Ed) Ч Handbook of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, Vol. 3541
Planck M. Ч General mechanics, being volume I of Introduction to theoretical physics77, 205
Shiffer M.M., Bowden L. Ч Role of Mathematics in Science170, 189,190
Getzlaff M. Ч Fundamentals of Magnetism7, 225
Chorin A.J. Ч Vorticity and turbulence8
Eschrig H. Ч The Fundamentals of Density Functional Theory43, 47
Chaikin P.M., Lubensky T.C. Ч Principles of condensed matter physics3, 122
Born M. Ч Natural philosophy of cause and chance (The Waynflete lectures)18, 50, 61, 80, 116, 117, 206
Arnold V.I., Khesin B.A. Ч Topological methods in hydrodynamics2, 16, 29
Feynman R.P., Leighton R.B., Sands M. Ч The Feynman lectures on physics (vol.1)1Ч7, 4Ч2, 4Ч5 f, 39Ч4
Lang S.A. Ч Undergraduate Analysis391
Altmann S.L. Ч Band Theory of Solids: An Introduction from the Point of View of Symmetry9, 188
Turnbull H.W. Ч An Introduction to the Theory of Canonical Matrices171
Planck M. Ч Introduction to Theoretical Physics41
Griffits D.J. Ч Introduction to quantum mechanics16Ч17
Szekeres P. Ч A Course in Modern Mathematical Physics: Groups, Hilbert Space and Differential Geometry468
Scott A. Ч Neuroscience: a mathematical primer30, 34
Cantwell B.J., Crighton D.G. (Ed), Ablowitz M.J. (Ed) Ч Introduction to Symmetry Analysis505, 507
Elberly D.H., Shoemake K. Ч Game Physics14, 108
Ito K. Ч Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics271.C, 351.D
Lerner K.L., Lerner B.W. Ч The gale encyclopedia of science (Vol. 6)1:370Ч371, 2:1343Ч1344, 2:1382, 2:1471, 2:1472, 2:1474, 2:1475
Menzel D.H. Ч Mathematical Physics9
Collins G.W. Ч Fundamentals of Stellar Astrophysics25
Fundamentals of engineering. Supplied-reference handbook25, 27
Perry J. Ч The Calculus for Engineers31
Hale J.K., Kocak H. Ч Dynamics and Bifurcations414
Lanzcos C. Ч The Variational Principles of Mechanics17, 21, 33, 94
Langmuir I. Ч Phenomena, Atoms and Molecules46, 52, 310, 316
Schroeder M.R. Ч Schroeder, Self Similarity: Chaos, Fractals, Power Laws67
Kuznetsov N., Mazya V., Vainberq B. Ч Linear Water Waves: A Mathematical Approach4, 68, 105, 116, 165, 167, 173, 177, 186, 196, 362, 363
Sokolnikoff I.S. Ч Mathematics of Physics and Modern Engineering43, 306p
Schercliff J.A. Ч Vector Fields19, 97, 293
Fishbane P.M. Ч Physics For Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics151, 752Ч759, 175, 183, 239, 1097Ч1098
Featherstone R. Ч Rigid Body Dynamics Algorithms32, 35, 40, 46, 104, 105, 186
Cleland A.N. Ч Foundations of nanomechanics6
Karman T., Biot A.M. Ч Mathematical Methods in Engineering90
Ting L., Klein R. Ч Viscous Vortical Flows (Lecture Notes in Physics)16, 32, 40
Feodosiev V.I. Ч Advanced Stress and Stability Analysis367, 414
Zeldovich Ya.B., Yaglom I.M. Ч Higher Math for Beginners115, 320
Forsythe W.E. Ч Smithsonian Physical Tables6
Seitz F. Ч Modern Theory of Solids229
Rickayzen G. Ч Green's functions and condensed matter344
Unertl W.N. Ч Physical Structure151
Feynman R.P., Leighton R.B., Sands M. Ч The Feynman lectures on physics (vol.2)I-1-7, I-4-2, I-4-5 f, I-39-4
O'Neill B. Ч Semi-Riemannian Geometry: With Applications to Relativity159
Ardema M.D. Ч Newton-Euler Dynamics267, 274
Cowling T.G. Ч Molecules in motion18, 21, 29
Nayfeh M.H., Brussel M.K. Ч Electricity and Magnetism212, 247
Mercier A. Ч Analytical and canonical formalism in physics15, 16, 18, 22, 23, 27, 28, 39, 40, 41, 50, 68, 201
Kleppner D., Kolenkow R. Ч An introduction to mechanics156
Sternberg Sh. Ч Lectures on Differential Geometry149
Kulish V.V. Ч Hierarchical Methods: Hierarchy and Hierarchical Asymptotic Methods In Electrodynamics, Volume 119, 31, 32, 115, 198Ч200, 203
Englert B.G. (Ed) Ч Quantum Mechanics320
Achenbach J.D. Ч Wave propagation in elastic solids17, 24, 60
Meyerhof W.E. Ч Elements of Nuclear Physicssee also УEnergyФ
Freund L.B. Ч Dynamic Fracture Mechanics8, 18, 225
Cowan B. Ч Topics In Statistical Mechanics5
Love A.E. Ч Theoretical Mechanics, an Introductory Treatise on the Principles of Dynamics: With Applications and Numerous Examples65, 146, 211
Balian R. Ч From Microphysics to Macrophysics: Methods and Applications of Statistical Physics (vol. 1)318, 334
Cercignani C. Ч Theory and Application of the Boltzman Equationsee УEnergy, kineticФ
Wolf E.L. Ч Nanophysics and nanotechnology: an introduction to modern concepts in nanoscience21, 48
Mason G.W., Griffen D.T., Merrill J. Ч Physical Science Concepts57, 64
Pipes L.A. Ч Applied Mathemattics for Engineers and Physicists177, 185
Fetter A.L., Walecka J.D. Ч Quantum theory of many-particle systems4, 23, 67, 205, 229
Kuttler K. Ч Calculus, Applications and Theory358
Ardema M.D. Ч Analytical Dynamics: Theory and Applications13, 83, 109
Streetman B.G. Ч Solid State Electronic Devices34, 38
Carrol B.W., Ostlie D.A. Ч An introduction to modern astrophysics39, 42
ter Haar D. Ч Elements of Statistical Mechanics3, 37, 149, 160, 268
Strelkov S.P. Ч Mechanics116, 136
Israelachvili J.N. Ч Intermolecular and surface forces24Ч27
Sokolnikoff I.S. Ч Tensor Analysis: Theory and Applications to Geometry and Mechanics of Continua203
Daniel C. Mattis Ч The theory of magnetism made simple: an introduction to physical concepts and to some useful mathematical methods21, 29, 65, 66, 104, 127, 151, 152, 159, 278, 311, 322, 335, 436, 437
Fogiel M. Ч The optics problem solver3Ч9, 3Ч10
Dewdney A.K. Ч Beyond reason. 8 great problems that reveal the limits of science5, 31, 45, 55Ч56
Greiner W., Mueller B. Ч Quantum mechanics: symmetries11
Lawden D.F. Ч An Introduction to Tensor Calculus, Relativity and Cosmology45
Tolman R.C. Ч Relativity, thermodynamics, and cosmology47
Kundt W. Ч Astrophysics. A Primer38
Bluman G.W. Ч Problem Book for First Year Calculus100, 140, [III.49]
Houston W.V. Ч Principles of Mathematical Physics18
Prigogine I. Ч From being to becoming: time and complexity in the physical sciences.22, 30
Oprea J. Ч Differential Geometry and Its Applications312, 323, 326, 351, 352, 358, 362, 412
Bird R.B., Armstrong R.C., Hassager O. Ч Dynamics of polymeric liquids (Vol. 1. Fluid mechanics)(2)33, 35
Cotterill R.M.J. Ч Biophysics: An Introduction45
Murrel J.N., Bosanac S.D. Ч Introduction to the Theory of Atomic and Molecular Collisions19, 110
Slater J.C., Frank N.H. Ч Mechanics9Ч16, 71Ч75, 126
Curle N., Davies H. Ч Modern Fluid Dynamics. Volume 1. Incompressible flow97, 262
Mangiarotti L., Sardanashvily G. Ч Connections in Classical and Quantum Field Theory122
Margenau H., Murphy G.M. Ч The mathematics of physics and chemistry283
Arya A.P. Ч Introduction to Classical Mechanics510
Carmeli M. Ч Classical Fields: General Gravity and Gauge Theory280, 299
Kimball A.I. Ч A college textbook of physics41, 66
Thorpe M.F. (ed.), Duxbury P.M. (ed.) Ч Rigidity theory and applications98
Simmons G.F. Ч Differential Equations with Applications and Historical Notes20, 105, 320, 378
Baez J.C., Muniain J.P. Ч Gauge theories, knots, and gravity268
Zakrzewski W.J. Ч Low Dimensional Sigma Models226
Stavroulakis I.P., Tersian S.A. Ч Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction with Mathematica and Maple92
Toro E.F. Ч Riemann Solvers and Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics: A Practical Introduction3
Pattabhi V., Gautham N. Ч Biophysics1
Lanczos C. Ч Variational principles of mechanics17, 21, 33, 94
Hermann R. Ч Differential geometry and the calculus of variations99, 100, 102, 156, 186
Gallavotti G. Ч Statistical Mechanics5, 59
Courant R., Hilbert D. Ч Methods of Mathematical Physics. Volume 1242
Selig J.M. Ч Introductory robotics115, 146Ч147
Knight J. Ч Science of everyday things (volume 4). Real-life earth science1:11Ч12, 4:23Ч24, see also "Energy"
Schechter M. Ч Operator methods in quantum mechanics7
Fox W.P., Goirdano F.R., Weir M.D. Ч First Course in Mathematical Modeling70
Asay J.R., Shahinpoor M. Ч High-pressure shock compression of solids283
Mayer J.E., Goeppert Mayer M. Ч Statistical mechanics1, 36Ч38
Hildebrand F.B. Ч Methods of Applied Mathematics149, 150, 166
Woods F. S, Bailey F.H. Ч A course in mathematics. Volume I203
Demidovich B. (ed.) Ч Problems in mathematical analysis174
Courant R., John F. Ч Introduction to Calculus and Analysis. Volume 1375, 420
Woods F.S., Bailey F.H. Ч A Course in Mathematics. Volume III, 203
Bethe H.A. Ч Elementary nuclear theory5
Ugarov V.A. Ч Special Theory of Relativity141
Chaikin P., Lubensky T. Ч Principles of condensed matter physics3, 122
Lang S. Ч Undergraduate analysis391
Greiner W., Reinhardt J. Ч Field quantization16
Richards P.I. Ч Manual of Mathematical Physics4
Ercolani N.M., Gabitov I.R., Levermore C.D. Ч Singular limits of dispersive waves305, 306, 310
Wiedemann H. Ч Particle accelerator physics II188
de Leon M., Rodrigues P.R. Ч Methods of differential geometry in analytical mechanics329
Loomis L.H., Sternberg S. Ч Advanced calculus521
Lane S.M. Ч Mathematics, form and function265
Tenenbaum M., Pollard H. Ч Ordinary differential equations: an elementary textbook for students of mathematics, engineering, and the sciences329, 475
Hirsch M.W., Smale S. Ч Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, and Linear Algebra18, 288
Hobbie R., Roth B. Ч Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology,10
David A. Mooney Ч Introduction to Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer50, 69, 72, 83, 273, 277, 292
Collins G.W. Ч The virial theorem in stellar astrophysics1, 9, 12, 25, 33, 55, 72
Griffits D.J. Ч Introductions to electrodynamics510
0 Ч Holt Physics860, 869
Guyon E., Hulin J., Petit L. Ч Physical Hydrodynamicssee also "Conservation of ..."
Behnke H., Bachmann F., Fladt K. Ч Fundamentals of mathematics. Volume III. Analysis416
Schutz B.F. Ч A first course in general relativity190
Zeidler E. Ч Applied Functional Analysis: Applications to Mathematical Physics321, 336
Oertel H. Ч Prandtl's Essentials of Fluid Mechanics (Applied Mathematical Sciences)195
Anderson J.L. Ч Principles of Relativity Physics195
Hademenos G.J. Ч Applied physics31
Ashby N., Miller S.C. Ч Principles of modern physics87
Synge J.L. Ч Relativity: The Special Theory169
Anderson D.F., Eberhardt S. Ч Understanding flight9, 36, 44, 122, 198
Apostol T.M. Ч Calculus (Volume 2): Multi-Variable Calculus and Linear Algebra with Applications329
Greiner W. Ч Classical mechanics. Systems of particles and hamiltonian dynamics73
Lemm J.C. Ч Bayesian field theory261, 288, 300, 351
Langhaar H.R. Ч Energy Methods in Applied Mechanics10, 11
Langhaar H.R. Ч Energy Methods in Applied Mechanics10, 11
Librescu L., Song O. Ч Thin-Walled Composite Beams:Theory and Application54
Librescu L., Song O. Ч Thin-Walled Composite Beams:Theory and Application54
Rao S.S. Ч Mechanical Vibrations276
Minlos R.A. Ч Introduction to Mathematical Statistical Physics3, 9
Lee A. Ч Mathematics Applied to Continuum Mechanics89, 176, 487
Binder K., Heermann D.W. Ч Monte Carlo Simulation in Statistical Physics138, 157
Whittaker E.T., McCrae W. Ч Treatise on analytical dynamics of particles and rigid bodies35
Prikarpatsky A.K., Taneri U., Bogolubov N.N. Ч Quantum field theory with application to quantum nonlinear optics27
Johnson W.C. Ч Mathematical and physical principles of engineering analysis11
ter Haar D. Ч Elements of Statistical Mechanics3, 37, 149, 160, 268
Slater J., Frank N. Ч Introduction to Theoretical Physics41
Shu-Ang Zhou Ч Electrodynamics of solids and microwave superconductivity249
Cercignani C. Ч Rarefied Gas Dynamics2, 10, 36, 209, 305
Feynman R., Leighton R., Sands M. Ч Lectures on Physics 2I-1-7, I-4-2, I-4-5 f, I-39-4
Greiner W., Maruhn J. Ч Nuclear models122Ч124, 317, 318, 337, 352, 355
Davies P. Ч The New Physics228Ч230, 415
Sexl R., Urbantke H.K. Ч Relativity, Groups, Particles. Special Relativity and Relativistic Symmetry in Field and Particle Physics66
Mackey G. Ч Unitary Group Representations in Physics, Probability and Number Theory208, 209
Wiedemann H. Ч Particle Accelerator Physics I: Basic Principles and Linear Beam Dynamics18
Park R., Lagally M. Ч Methods of Experimental Physics.Volume 22.Solid State Physics:Surfaces.467, 482
Springford M. Ч Electrons at Fermi surface47, 53, 54, 157Ч187
Blin-Stoyle R.J. Ч Eureka! Physics of particles, matter and the universe20, 23
Synge J. L. Ч Tensor Calculus151, 168
Grosse H., Martin A. Ч Particle Physics and the Schroedinger Equation8, 27, 49, 59, 67, 68, 70, 72Ч77, 89, 111, 121, 124, 127, 141, 142, 155
Conger D. Ч Physics modelling for game programming185, 453
Bird R.B., Curtiss C.F., Armstrong R.C. Ч Dynamics of Polymeric Liquids. Vol. 2. Kinetic Theory(2)33, 35
Fetter A.L., Walecka J.D. Ч Quantum theory of many-particle systems4, 23, 67, 205, 229
Mac Lane S. Ч Mathematics: Form and Function265
Melissinos A.C. Ч Principles of modern technology282
Buckmaster J. Ч The Mathematics of combustion9, 133
Kittel C., Knight W., Ruderman M. Ч Berkeley physics course 1. Mechanics76, 85, 120Ч124, 137Ч167, 283Ч284
Schiffer M.M. Ч The role of mathematics in science170, 189, 190
Brandt S., Dahmen H.D. Ч Quantum mechanics on the personal computer5
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