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Planck M. Ч Introduction to Theoretical Physics
Planck M. Ч Introduction to Theoretical Physics

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Ќазвание: Introduction to Theoretical Physics

јвтор: Planck M.

язык: en

–убрика: ‘изика/

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√од издани€: 1933

ƒобавлена в каталог: 08.01.2009

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ѕредметный указатель
$\Gamma$ space      365
A priori probability of a group of states      370Ч371
Absolute zero, crystals at      472ff.
Absorption coefficient, optical      256
Absorption probabilities, relation to dispersion electrons      549
Action variable, and contact transformation      88
Action variable, and contact transformation, relation to correspondence principle      359
Action, principle of least      342
Activation energy      490
Angle variable      see Action variable
Angles, Euler's      100Ч101
Angular momentum in quantum mechanics      410ff.
Angular momentum in quantum mechanics of rotating rigid body      92ff.
Angular rotation, lack of vector character      100
Anharmonic oscillator      38
Anomalous dispersion      see Dispersion
Antisymmetry of electronic wave function      504ff.
Aphelion      62
Approximate solution for non-uniform string      147Ч148 (See
Archimedes' principle      196
Artificial electric line, analogy to weighted string      132
Associated Legendre polynomials, or associated spherical harmonics      171 409
Atom, general discussion      406Ч437
Atom, model of Fermi and Thomas      535Ч536
Atom, perturbation theory applied to multiplets      390 518Ч522
Atom, repulsion and attraction between      439Ч452
Atomic refractivity      284
Atwood's machine      76
Auger effect      494
Average values, in phase space      372
Average values, of functions of coordinates and momenta, on wave mechanics      375 380
Axis of rotation, instantaneous      99
Azimuthal quantum number      410 519
Band spectra      480 483
Barkhausen effect      557
Beats, between transient and steady motion      34
Beats, with coupled oscillators      110
Bent beam      184
Bernoulli's equation      191Ч192
Bessel's equation and function      18 166 169 170
Bimolecular reactions      489Ч491
Binomial theorem      4
Biot Ч Savart law      233
Black-body radiation, Planck's law      395
Body forces, in elasticity      173
Body forces, in hydrodynamics      191
Bohr, correspondence principle      361
Bohr, frequency condition      360
Bohr, quantum rules      331
Bohr, theory of hydrogen      411
Boltzmann distribution law      369
Bose statistics      544
Boundary conditions, circular membrane      166
Boundary conditions, electromagnetic field      258Ч259
Boundary conditions, heat flow      205
Boundary conditions, motion      350Ч351
Boundary conditions, rectangular membrane      161
Boundary conditions, string      122
Boundary conditions, wave mechanics      one-dimensional
canonical ensemble      368Ч369 456Ч458
Canonical ensemble, in quantum theory      467
Capacity of parallel plate condenser      215
Center of gravity, separation of coordinates for diatomic molecule      481
Central field      61Ч63
Central field, electron motion in      418ff.
Central field, phase space for      82
Chandler period      99
Characteristic functions and numbers      139 151 (See
Charge density      211Ч212
Chemical compounds      447Ч451
Chemical reactions      488ff.
Circuit, electric      see Electric circuit
Circular membrane      164Ч168
circular polarization      266
Classical statistical mechanics in phase space      364ff
Coefficients, of Fourier series      124
Coefficients, of viscosity      193
Coherence of light      295Ч299
Collisions, quantum-theory treatment      402Ч404 488ff.
Combination tones      38
Commutation rule      380
Complex exponentials and complex numbers      22Ч26
Compounds, chemical      447Ч451
Compressibility, of crystal lattice      47ff.
Compressibility, of elastic solid      183Ч184
Condenser, energy in      246Ч247
Condenser, theory of parallel plate      214
Conduction of electricity in metals, electron theory      281
Conduction of electricity in metals, quantum theory      449 495Ч496 536ff.
Conductivity, specific electrical      241
Conductivity, thermal      197
Conductor of electricity, as an equipotential      215
Configuration space      83Ч84 117
Configuration, atomic      430
Conjugate foci      344
Conservative system, condition for      55
Constants of integration      11
Constraints      75Ч76
Contact transformation      87Ч90
Contact transformation, and correspondence principle      359Ч361
Continuity conditions, electromagnetic wave      258Ч259
Continuity conditions, vibrating string      156Ч157
Continuity, equation of      186Ч187
Continuity, for electric flux      237
Continuity, for flow of electricity      231
Continuity, relation to divergence of electric field      211
Continuous medium      120
Convection current      238
Convergence      5Ч8
Convergence, of Fourier series      125
Coordinates, curvilinear, curl in      229
Coordinates, generalized, equations of motion in      59ff. 69ff.
Coordinates, gradient, divergence, Laplacian in      199Ч201
Cornu's spiral      320ff.
Corpuscular theory of light      329
Correspondence principle      359Ч363
Correspondence principle and quantum statistics      466
Coulomb's law      210
Coupled systems      107ff.
Coupled systems, application to radioactivity and collisions      402Ч404
Cross section of atoms, collision      404
Crystals      472ff.
Crystals, valence binding and      449
Curl, in curvilinear coordinates      229
Curl, of a vector      55
Curl, of electric field      211
Current, density of      231
Current, displacement      236Ч239
Curvilinear coordinates      see Coordinates curvilinear
D'Alembert's equation      243
D'Alembert's equation, solution of      304
Damping, critical      28
Damping, logarithmic      28
Damping, of vibrating string      142Ч143
Davisson and Germer, experiment of      336
de Broglie      336
Debye's theory of specific heats      478
Decrement, logarithmic      28
Deformation of elastic solid      180
Degeneracy, gas      469Ч470
Degeneracy, in multiply periodic motion      363Ч364
Degeneracy, in square membrane      168Ч170
Degeneracy, orbital, in atomic multiplets      521Ч522
Degeneracy, perturbation theory for      390Ч391
Degeneracy, spin      510 521Ч522
Density, charge      211Ч212
Density, current      231
Density, of energy in electromagnetic field      249Ч250
Derivative, directional and partial      54
Determinant form of electronic wave functions      504
Determinant, expansion of      387
Determinantal equation for string      155
Diamagnetism      555
Diatomic molecules, electronic energy      522Ч523
Diatomic molecules, nuclear motion      481Ч485
dielectric constant      239
Dielectric constant, relation to polarization      275
Dielectric constant, temperature dependence      555
Dielectric, force in an inhomogeneous      257
Dielectrics, types of      553Ч554
Difference equations      129
Differential equations, general properties      10ff.
Differential equations, linear, properties      36
Differential equations, solution by Green's method      222Ч223
Diffraction      311Ч328
Dipole orientation, temperature dependence      554Ч555
Dipole, and dipole moment      221
Dipole, oscillating      288ff.
Direction cosines      49
Directional derivative      54
Discontinuities in functions, Fourier representation      126
Discontinuity, in electric field      214 222
Discontinuity, in electromagnetic field, boundary conditions      258Ч259
Discontinuity, in electrostatic potential      222
Dispersion, electron theory      270ff.
Dispersion, of electromagnetic waves in metals      256
Dispersion, quantum theory      546Ч549
Displacement current      236Ч239
Displacement, electric      239 274
Dissipation function      142Ч143
Dissipative forces      40
Divergence, in curvilinear coordinates      200Ч201
Divergence, of a vector      56
Divergence, of electric field      210Ч211
Divergence, physical meaning of      187
Double Fourier series      162
Double layer      221
Double pendulum      119
Doubly periodic motion      63Ч64 84Ч86
Doubly periodic motion, in quantum theory      362Ч364
Dulong and Petit's law      474
Dynamic stability      103
Effective nuclear charge      425 431Ч432
Einstein, formula for specific heat of solids      477
Einstein, photoelectric law      330
Einstein, probability coefficients for radiation      393Ч399
Einstein, relation between energy and mass      252
Elastic constants      181
Elastic electronic collisions      402Ч403
Elastic solid      172Ч183
Elastic waves      179Ч180
Electric circuit, oscillations      20 28ff.
Electric circuit, with inductance and resistance      16
Electric conductivity      see Conduction of electricity in metals
Electric displacement      239 274
electric field      210Ч214
Electric field, in spherical cavity      279
Electric moment of an atom, matrix component      376
Electromagnetic field, energy in      246ff.
Electromagnetic field, of oscillating dipole      290Ч291
Electromagnetic field, quantization of      399
Electromagnetic field, wave equation for      243Ч244 253
Electromagnetic induction      235Ч236
Electromagnetic units      227
Electromagnetic waves, in metals      256
Electromagnetic waves, polarization of      262
Electromagnetic waves, reflection and refraction of      258ff.
Electromagnetic waves, spherical      286ff.
Electromotive force      212 250Ч251
Electron collisions      402Ч404
Electron emission from metals      352Ч353 539Ч540
Electron energy, atoms      435Ч437 518Ч522
Electron energy, metals      494Ч497 536ff
Electron energy, molecules      483 522Ч530
Electron equivalence and exclusion principle      519Ч520
Electron excitation, collisions of atoms with      491ff.
Electron interactions      501ff.
Electron pair valence bond      443Ч444
Electron shells in atoms      425
Electron spin      443 507ff.
Electron theory and dispersion      270ff.
Electron wave functions, determinant form and antisymmetry      504Ч505
Electron, radius of      252
Electrostatic field, energy in      247
Electrostatic potential      211Ч212 222
Electrostatic problems, and potential theory      210Ч217
Ellipsoid of inertia      95Ч96
Elliptical polarization      266
Emission, thermionic      352Ч353 539Ч540
Energy density of radiation, mean value      393
Energy levels, Bohr's hypothesis      331
Energy surface in phase space      80
Energy, electrical      246Ч256
Energy, internal      460
Energy, mechanical      39Ч46 52
Energy, of activation      490
Energy, of atoms      435Ч437 518Ч522
Energy, of ionic crystals      473
Energy, of metals      494Ч497 536ff.
Energy, of molecules      483 522Ч530
Ensembles, canonical      368Ч369 456Ч458
Ensembles, in statistical mechanics      365Ч369
entropy      460
Equation, in normal coordinates      140
Equation, mechanical, generalized coordinates      59ff. 69ff.
Equation, of continuity      see Continuity equation
Equation, of fluid, ideal      190Ч191
Equation, of membrane      160
Equation, of motion, of elastic solid      175Ч176
Equation, of rigid body      96ff.
Equation, of solids      478Ч480
Equation, of state of gases      454Ч470
Equation, of string      120Ч121
Equation, variable      146Ч147
Equation, viscous      194
Equations, difference      129
Equilibrium, stable      45
Equinoxes, precession of      105
Equipotential surfaces      54 215
Equivalence of electrons, and exclusion principle      519Ч520
Ergodic motion      81
Euler, angles      100Ч101
Euler, equations for rigid body      98
Euler, equations of hydrodynamics      190Ч191
Euler, period      99
Even functions      126
Exclusion principle, free electrons      531Ч533
Exclusion principle, general discussion      502Ч516
Exclusion principle, periodic table      426
Exclusion principle, valence attraction      443Ч444
Expansion, Fourier      123Ч128
Expansion, in normal functions for variable string      153
Expansion, in wave functions      382Ч383
Expansion, Taylor's      4Ч5
Exponential integral function      18
Exponential solution, vibrating particle      21
Exponential solution, vibrating rectangular membrane      161
Exponential solution, vibrating string      121
Exponential, complex      22
External forces, generalized coordinates      69Ч70
External forces, motion under      35Ч36
External forces, on coupled oscillators      113
External radiation field, perturbation of atoms by      392Ч393
Falling body      11ff.
Faraday's induction law      239
Fermat's principle      339Ч342
Fermi statistics      53Iff.
Fermi Ч Thomas atomic model      535Ч536
ferromagnetism      557Ч558
Field, central      see Central field
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