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Streetman B.G. Ч Solid State Electronic Devices
Streetman B.G. Ч Solid State Electronic Devices

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Ќазвание: Solid State Electronic Devices

јвтор: Streetman B.G.


Solid State Electronic Devices is an introductory book on semiconductor materials, physics, devices, and technology. Now in its sixth edition, the book retains the two basic goals that have helped to make it so successful: 1) develop the basic semiconductor physics concepts to understand current and future devices and 2) provide a sound understanding of semiconductor devices and technology so that that their applications to electronic and optoelectronic circuits and systems can be appreciated.

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»здание: Fourth Edition

√од издани€: 1995

 оличество страниц: 462

ƒобавлена в каталог: 03.02.2010

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ѕредметный указатель
$f_{T}$, cutoff frequency (BJT)      278
$I^{2}L$      344Ч346
$k_{d}$      see "Distribution coefficient"
a-c Equivalent circuit, BJT      277
a-c Equivalent circuit, JFET      294
Abrupt junction      138
Absorption, coefficient $(\alpha)$      98
Absorption, optical      96Ч99 379
Acceptor, action in semiconductors      67Ч69
Acceptor, atoms      67Ч69 108
Acceptor, doping profile      133 137 182 197Ч198 266
Acceptor, ionization energy in Si      108
Acceptor, level      67Ч69
Accumulation layer in a BNDC device      423Ч424
Accumulation layer in an FET      302Ч303
Admittance, a-c      175
AlGaAs      17Ч20 192Ч194 227 283 296Ч298 392Ч396
AlGaAs growth, chemical vapor deposition      22
AlGaAs growth, liquid-phase epitaxy      20
AlGaAs growth, molecular beam epitaxy      23Ч24
AlGaAs, composition diagram      60
AlGaAs, energy bands      59
Alkali halides      52
Alloy, composition      18Ч19 58Ч60
Alloy, die bond      368
Alloy, process      131Ч132
Alloyed junction, BJT      242
Alloyed junction, diode      131Ч132
Alloyed junction, SCR      409Ч410
Alpha ($\alpha$) of a BJT, calculation      250Ч251
Alpha ($\alpha$) of a BJT, definition      239
Alpha ($\alpha$) of a BJT, dependence on current      271Ч272 402
Alpha ($\alpha$) of a BJT, dependence on voltage      268Ч269
Aluminum (Al), acceptor in Si      67 108
Aluminum (Al), alloy in Si      11 409Ч410
Aluminum (Al), contact pads      357 360 367Ч371
Aluminum (Al), metallization      135 356
Aluminum (Al), wire bonding      368Ч370
Amorphous solids      4
Amplification      232 238Ч242
Amplification mode (BNDC devices)      427
Amplifier, graphical analysis      234
Amplifier, transistor      240
Anisotropic etch      341
annealing      138 323
Anode of a p-n-p-n diode      400
Anode, gate in an SCS      408
Antimony (Sb)      66 108 343 409 444
Arrays, solar cell      215
Aspect ratio      354
Asymmetrically doped junction      159
Atomic arrangements in solids      see "Crystal structure"
Atomic structure      42Ч48
Atomic theory      33Ч35 42Ч48
Atomic weight      10 15Ч16
Attenuation in a fiber      225
AU      see "Gold"
Avalanche breakdown, BJT      269Ч271
Avalanche breakdown, diode      206Ч207
Avalanche breakdown, doping dependence      166
Avalanche breakdown, mechanism      164Ч166
Avalanche breakdown, p-n-p-n      404Ч405
Avalanche breakdown, voltage      166
Avalanche photodiode      218Ч221
Avalanche transit time diode      see "IMPATT diode"
Avogadro's number      10 438
Axes, crystal      7Ч9
Balance of drift and diffusion      140Ч141
Ball bond      370Ч371
Balmer series      32 35
Band bending      302Ч305
Band diagram      see "Energy band"
Band discontinuities (offsets)      281Ч283
Band gap of common semiconductors      439
Band gap of common semiconductors, relative to the spectrum      99
Band gap, definition      3 54Ч60
Band gap, dependence on alloy composition      19 60 223
Band gap, relation to junction voltage      176
Band-to-band transitions      56Ч58 103Ч106 222
Bandwidth      220
Barrier, to injection      176Ч178
Barrier, tunneling      41Ч42 164 208Ч212
Base (BJT), contact      243 272Ч276
Base (BJT), current      237Ч238 247Ч250 261Ч263
Base (BJT), drift in      266Ч267
Base (BJT), region      236 243
Base (BJT), resistance      272Ч276
Base (BJT), spreading resistance      273 275Ч276
Base (BJT), transport factor B      238Ч239 250
Base narrowing, BJT      268Ч269
Base narrowing, p-n-p-n      404
Base width (BJT), definition      237
Base width (BJT), modulation      see "Base narrowing"
Basis vectors      4
Batch fabrication      332
Beam-lead      371Ч372
Beta $(\beta)$ of a BJT of a composite transistor      375
Beta $(\beta)$ of a BJT, calculation      250Ч251
Beta $(\beta)$ of a BJT, definition      239 241
Beta $(\beta)$ of a BJT, dependence on biasing      268Ч269
Beta $(\beta)$ of a BJT, dependence on injection      271Ч272
Beta $(\beta)$ of a BJT, dependence on temperature      272
Beta $(\beta)$ of a BJT, relation $f_{T}$      278
Beveling      204
Bilateral p-n-p-n switch      408Ч409
Binding energy of a donor or acceptor      68Ч69
Bipolar junction transistor (BJT)      232Ч283 342Ч346
Bipolar junction transistor (BJT), amplification      234Ч241
Bipolar junction transistor (BJT), configurations      236 245 274Ч275 280Ч281 342Ч346
Bipolar junction transistor (BJT), currents      236Ч241 246Ч250 252Ч257
Bipolar junction transistor (BJT), equivalent circuits      254Ч255 259 277
Bipolar junction transistor (BJT), fabrication      242Ч243 274Ч275 280Ч281 342Ч346
Bipolar junction transistor (BJT), heterojunction      281Ч283
Bipolar junction transistor (BJT), summary of carrier flow      237Ч238
Bipolar junction transistor (BJT), transient effects      260Ч263
BJT      see "Bipolar junction transistor"
Blackbody radiation      397
BNDC      see "Bulk negative differential conductivity"
Body effect      322
Body-centered cubic (BCC) lattice      5
Bohr model      33Ч35
Boltzmann factor      71
Boltzmann statistics      71
Bond, covalent      53Ч54
Bond, die      368
Bond, ionic      52
Bond, lead      368Ч371
Bond, metallic      53
Bond, thermocompression      368
Bonding forces      52Ч54
Bonding of IC's      368Ч372
Boron (B), acceptor      67
Boron (B), diffusion in Si      197Ч199 284
Boron (B), energy level in Si      108
Boron (B), ion implantation      137 323
Boron (B), solubility in Si      444
Boron (B), source materials for diffusion      134
Breakdown diode      206Ч207
Breakdown, avalanche      164Ч166 269Ч270
Breakdown, edge      203Ч204
Breakdown, Zener      163Ч164
Brewster angle      386
Bridgman method      12Ч13
Buffer layer in MESFET      295Ч296
Built-in field      118 140 266Ч268 283
Bulk negative differential conductivity (BNDC), devices      419Ч430
Bulk negative differential conductivity (BNDC), materials      422 429
Bulk negative differential conductivity (BNDC), mechanism      421
Buried heterostructure laser      394Ч395
buried layer      342
Buried-channel CCD      360
Burrus diode      226Ч227
Capacitance in a BJT      276Ч278
Capacitance, abrupt junction      173Ч175
Capacitance, arbitrary junction      207Ч208 229
Capacitance, charge storage      175
Capacitance, depletion layer      174
Capacitance, diffusion      175
Capacitance, junction      173Ч175
Capacitance, linearly graded junction      197
Capacitance, MOS      301Ч314 322Ч324 355Ч357
Capacitance, parasitic      280 323
Capacitor, integrated      335Ч336 355Ч357
Capture of electrons and holes in recombination      103Ч108 178Ч180
Carrier concentration      71Ч81
Carrier concentration, constant product      77 110
Carrier concentration, equilibrium      76Ч77
Carrier concentration, excess      see "Excess carriers"
Carrier concentration, gradient      112Ч118
Carrier concentration, intrinsic      78Ч79
Carrier concentration, relation to doping      80Ч81
Carrier concentration, temperature dependence      78Ч80
Carriers      see also "Electron" "Hole" "Majority "Minority
Carriers, majority and minority      69
Cathode, gate (SCS)      408
Cathode, p-n-p-n diode      400
Cathode-ray tube (CRT)      102
Cathodoluminescence      102Ч103
CCD      357Ч362
Centers, recombination and trapping      100 106Ч109 178Ч180
Channel (FET), conductance      293 316
Channel (FET), induced      300Ч305 314Ч328
Channel (FET), metallurgical      292
Channel (FET), pinch-off      290 293 295 316
Channel (FET), width      292 315
Channel stops      346Ч347
Charge carriers      61Ч81
Charge control model, BJT      255Ч257 261Ч263 277Ч278
Charge control model, p-n junction      156Ч158 167Ч173 175
Charge sharing      325Ч326
Charge storage in a BJT      255Ч257 260Ч265 277Ч278
Charge storage in a p-n junction      156Ч157 168Ч177
Charge storage, capacitance      175 278
Charge transfer devices      357Ч363
Charge, surface (MOS)      303Ч307 315 357Ч363
Charge-coupled device (CCD)      357Ч362
Chromatic dispersion      226
Circuit models, BJT      254Ч255 277
Circuit models, diode      202
Circuit models, JFET      294
Circuit symbols      445Ч447
Cleavage along crystal planes      11Ч12
Cleavage in injection laser fabrication      391Ч392 396
Cleaved-coupled cavity laser      396
CMOS      350Ч351
Coherent light      378
Collector (BJT), breakdown      269Ч271
Collector (BJT), characteristics      235 255 258
Collector (BJT), contact      242Ч243 280 342Ч343
Collector (BJT), injection      see "Inverted mode"
Collector (BJT), region      237
Collector (BJT), resistance      276 342Ч343
Color of light emission      222
Color of materials      97Ч99
Common-base configuration (BJT)      236Ч237 270
Common-emitter configuration (BJT)      240Ч241 270
Compensation      80Ч81 131 see
Complementary error function (erfc)      132 197Ч198
Complementary MOS      350Ч351
Complex conjugate      38
Composite transistor      343 375
Compound semiconductors      2 10 17Ч19
Computer, devices      363Ч367
Computer, use in IC design      337
Conduction band      54 59Ч60 420
Conduction band, effective density of states      75 440Ч442
Conduction band, electron density      74Ч81
Conduction processes      see "Drift" "Diffusion"
Conductivity      81Ч85
Conductivity modulation      181 204
Conductivity, intrinsic      86
Conductivity, type      66Ч69
Confinement in laser junctions      392Ч394
Constant current source      236
Constant source diffusion      132 197Ч198
Contact pads      357 360 367Ч371
Contact potential, abrupt junction      143Ч144
Contact potential, definition      141
Contact potential, heterojunction      190
Contact potential, relation to maximum forward bias      177
Contacts to semiconductors      85 131 187Ч189 356Ч357
Contacts to semiconductors, solar cells      216
Continuity equation      119
Continuous wave (cw) laser      385 392
Controlled rectifier      see "Semiconductor controlled rectifier"
Controlled source      234
Copper, heat sink      204Ч205 409Ч410 429
Copper, impurity      108 444
Counterdoping      131
Coupled-diode model      252Ч255
covalent bond      53
Critical field for breakdown      166 415
Crossover (IC)      324 357
CRT      102
Crystal growth      12Ч25
Crystal structure      3Ч12
Crystallographic planes and directions      7Ч9
Cubic lattice      5
Current      see also "Specific devices"
Current density      83 115
Current gain (BJT amplifier)      238Ч241
Current transfer ratio      239
Current, diffusion      115 151
Current, drift      84 115 152 266
Current-voltage characteristics, bilateral diode switch      408
Current-voltage characteristics, BJT      236 255 258 269 270
Current-voltage characteristics, ideal diode      202
Current-voltage characteristics, JFET      291 299
Current-voltage characteristics, MOSFET      300 317 325
Current-voltage characteristics, negative resistance devices      211
Current-voltage characteristics, p-n junction      153 163 176 181
Current-voltage characteristics, p-n-p-n diode      400 403
Current-voltage characteristics, photodiode      213
Current-voltage characteristics, Schottky diode      186
Current-voltage characteristics, SCR      406
Current-voltage characteristics, tunnel diode      210Ч211
Cutoff (BJT)      258Ч259
Cutoff frequency, BJT      278
Cutoff frequency, MOSFET      329
CVD      17 21Ч22
Czochralski growth      13Ч17
DDE      see "Double-diffused epitaxial"
Decay time, photoconductive      104Ч108
Deep depletion in CCDs      358
Deep depletion in SOS      352Ч353
Deep level impurities      108
Degenerate semiconductors      208Ч209 388Ч389
Delay time      265 407 see
Delayed domain mode      425Ч426
density      10 439
Density of states, effective      74Ч77 440Ч442
Density of states, effective mass      65
Depletion approximation      145
Depletion layer photodiode      217
depletion region      see "Transition region"
Depletion-mode FET      301 320Ч321
Detector, optical      111Ч112 217Ч221
Diamond, band gap      54Ч55
Diamond, cleavage symmetry      11
Diamond, lattice      9Ч12
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