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Kittel C., Knight W., Ruderman M. Ч Berkeley physics course 1. Mechanics
Kittel C., Knight W., Ruderman M. Ч Berkeley physics course 1. Mechanics

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Ќазвание: Berkeley physics course 1. Mechanics

јвторы: Kittel C., Knight W., Ruderman M.


Preface This is a two-year elementary college physics course for students majoring in science and engineering. The intention of the writers has been to present elementary physics as far as possible in the way in which it is used by physicists working on the forefront of their field. We have sought to make a course that would vigorously emphasize the foundations of physics. Our specific objectives were to introduce coherently into an elementary curriculum the ideas of special relativity, of quantum physics, and of statistical physics.

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»здание: 2nd

√од издани€: 1973

 оличество страниц: 451

ƒобавлена в каталог: 27.10.2014

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ѕредметный указатель
"Big-bang" theory      318
$\mu$ mesons      see "Mesons"
Aberration      302Ч305 342
Absolute acceleration      110Ч111
Absolute velocity      115Ч116
Accelerated reference frames      102 111Ч115
Acceleration      44 51 58 60
Acceleration Coriolis      127Ч130
Acceleration gravitational      63Ч65 147 162 see
Acceleration in circular motion      44Ч46 127Ч130
Acceleration in Newton's second law      58 60
Acceleration in rotating system      127Ч130
Acceleration longitudinal of charge      376Ч378
Acceleration longitudinal of electron      74
Acceleration longitudinal of proton      73
Acceleration of center of mass      175Ч176 251Ч252
Acceleration of earth as a body      106Ч107
Acceleration of sun as a body      107Ч108
Acceleration relativistic      376Ч379
Acceleration transverse      75 379
Acceleration, absolute and relative      110Ч111
Acceleration, angular      193 248 251
Acceleration, centripetal      46 105 107
Accelerometer      112
Adams, J.C.      170
Age of universe      15 320
Alternating Current      209Ч212
Alternating electric field      92Ч93
Ampere      68
Amplitude      204 206 208
Analytic geometry, formulas      54
Angle change in special relativity      345
angles      52
Angular frequency (w)      46 207Ч208
Angular momentum (J)      174 185Ч197 240Ч266 281Ч287 291
Angular momentum (J) about center of mass      188Ч189 243Ч244
Angular momentum (J) in solar system      195Ч196
Angular momentum (J), conservation of      14 185Ч197
Angular momentum (J), spin      189
Angular momentum (J), vector      255Ч256
Angular velocity (w)      45Ч46 241Ч263
Angular velocity (w) of earth      67
Anharmonic oscillator      202 224Ч226
Antiproton (p)      387
Antiproton threshold      387
Archimedes principle      223
Area of ellipse      284 287
Area of parallelogram      39
Associative law      31
Astronomical unit (AU)      288
Atomic mass unit      364
Atwood's machine      85 168
Available energy in collision      385
Average kinetic and potential energy      213Ч214 219Ч220
Axes of ellipse      284 287
Axes principal      258
Axes rotating      127 259
Bending of light rays by sun      12 13 404
Bergstrand, E.      301 309
Bertozzi, W.      320
Bessel, F.W.      322 407
Bevatron      19
Binary star      109
Binding energy      363Ч365
Binomial expansion      53
Black hole      404
Bohr theory of hydrogen atom      369
Bondi, H.      12
Bradley, James      302Ч305
Bridgman, P.W.      109
Brookhaven National Laboratory      19
Bubble chamber      79
c, constant      300Ч301
c, constant, ultimate speed      320Ч321
Capacitance      202 210Ч212
Cartesian coordinate system      34 38
Cavendish experiment      66 398
Cavity resonator      306Ч307
Cells of living matter      4Ч7
Center of gravity      188
Center of mass      175Ч181 242 251Ч252 290
Center of percussion      265
Center-of-mass reference frame      122 176Ч181 382Ч389
Centimeter, definition      62
Central force      66 190 270
Centrifugal force      104 111 113 194
Centrifugal potential energy      194 295
centripetal acceleration      46 67 77 113 128 193
Centripetal force      113 128 130 256
Cerenkov effect      300
Ceres, discovery of      170
CERN (Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire)      19 387
cgs units      61Ч62 67Ч72
Chain rule      51
Chain, falling      184Ч185
Charge elementary      69
Charge, constancy of      369
Charged particles in constant electric field      73Ч75 376Ч380
Charged particles in magnetic field      76Ч82 380Ч382
Charged particles in uniform alternating electric field      92Ч93
Chemical reactions      123
Circuit LC      209Ч211
Circuit LCR      212
Circular disk      260
circular motion      44Ч46 66Ч67 77 283Ч284
Circular orbit      66Ч67
Classical package      108 174
clocks      117Ч118
Clocks accelerated      344
Clocks, time dilation of      333Ч339
Coefficient of restitution      198
Cogwheel apparatus (Fizeau)      305
Colliding beam machines      378
Collision elastic      84 178Ч182
Collision inelastic      122 179
Collision inelastic with internal excitations      179
Collision inelastic, energy from      382Ч387
Collision inelastic, heavy and light particles      123Ч124
Collision inelastic, relativistic      360
Collision inelastic, sticking together      176Ч177
Collision kinematics      34Ч35 179Ч182
Collision of atom and molecule      123
Collision of particles      82Ч85
Collision relativistic dynamics      385Ч387
comet      367
Comet radiation pressure in tail      367
Complex conjugate      234
complex numbers      234Ч235
Components cartesian      34Ч36
Components radial and transverse      44 282
Compound pendulum      253Ч254
Compresed spring      362
Compton effect      387Ч389
Conic section      283
Conservation laws      136Ч171 174Ч199 350Ч354
Conservation of angular momentum      14 187 190
Conservation of energy      136Ч137 174 204Ч206
Conservation of energy and momentum, relativistic      350Ч359
Conservation of linear momentum      14 59 82Ч85 120Ч124 174Ч175
Conservative forces      152Ч155
Contact forces      61 86Ч89
Contraction and angular acceleration      193
Contraction, length      329Ч333
Conversion factors      70 72Ч73
Coordinate systems      29 38 54 116Ч118 318
Coriolis acceleration      127Ч130
Coriolis force      127Ч130
Cosines direction      35
Cosines, Law of      35
Cosmic-ray particles      370
Coulomb force      68 270
Coulomb's law      67Ч68
Coulomb, charge unit      68 73
Critical damping      218 234
Cross product      see "Vector(s) vector
Curvature of space      10Ч12
Cyclic order (permutations)      39
Cycloid      130Ч131
Cyclotron      82 94Ч99 126
Cyclotron frequency      77 381
Cyclotron radius      78 381
Cyclotron relativistic      380 381
Damped harmonic oscillator      217Ч220 226Ч231
Damping coefficient      214 234
Damping force      214Ч216
De Moivre's theorem      53 234
Deflection of photons      404
density      103
Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)      4 6Ч7
Derivatives, vector      40Ч44
Determinants      38Ч39
Deuteron      363
Diatomic molecule      293
Dicke, R.      66
Differential equations      93Ч94 231Ч234
Differentiation      51Ч52
Differentiation of products of vectors      131Ч132
Differentiation of trigonometric functions      52
Differentiation of vectors      40Ч14
Differentiation partial      156Ч157
Dilation, time      333Ч339
dimensions      62Ч63 68Ч72 78 80
Dirac, P.A.M.      7
Direction cosines      35
Disintegration energies      363
Dispersive medium      301
DNA (deoxyribonucleicacid)      4 6Ч7
Doppler effect      317Ч320 342Ч344 388Ч389
Doppler effect longitudinal      342Ч344
Doppler effect relativistic      342Ч344
Doppler effect transverse      344
Doppler shift      see "Doppler effect" "Red
Dot product      see "Scalar product"
Draconis, star      302
Driven harmonic oscillator      221Ч222 226Ч231
Durbin, R.P.      337
Dushman, L.      363
Dynamics of rigid bodies      240Ч263
Dynamics particle      58Ч89
Dynamics relativistic      350Ч370 376Ч389
Dyne      58
Earth as reference frame      105Ч106
Earth center of force      66Ч67
Earth data      288
Earth ellipsoidal shape      105
Earth noninertial reference frame      105Ч106 114Ч115 127Ч129 399
Eccentrictiy (e)      283Ч288
Eclipses of Io, satellite of Jupiter      301Ч302 322
Effective centrifugal potential energy      198Ч199 295
Einstein, Albert      13 15 111 372Ч373 405
Einstein, Albert, General Theory of Relativity      398Ч407
Einstein, Albert, principle of equivalence      398Ч407
Einstein, Albert, Special Theory of Relativity      326Ч344
Electric charge      68Ч69
electric field      69Ч70 72Ч76 376Ч380
Electric field and magnetic crossed      130Ч131
Electric field intensity (E)      69Ч74
Electric field, alternating      92Ч93
Electric forces      67Ч70 72Ч76 164Ч167
Electrodynamics, laws of      6 372
Electromagnetic waves      36
Electron volts (eV)      165Ч166
Electron(s) acceleration      74Ч75
Electron(s) bound to a proton      197
Electron(s) charge      69
Electron(s) mass      72
Electron(s), classical radius of      278Ч279
Electron-positron pair      292 382
Electrostatic force      68Ч70 270
Electrostatic potential      159Ч161 164Ч165
Electrostatic self-energy      277Ч278
Elementary charge (e)      69
Elementary particles      136 263
Elevator, freely falling      113Ч114
ellipse      54 283Ч288
Ellipse, area of      287
Energy function      138
Energy levels of positronium      292
Energy of harmonic oscillator      204Ч206 213Ч214 218Ч220
Energy relativistic      355Ч368 378Ч387
Energy solar      364Ч365
Energy stellar      364Ч365
Energy threshold      376 382Ч387
Energy, conservation of      84 137Ч166
Energy, conversion between kinetic and potential      149Ч152
Energy, function      143Ч144
Eotvos, R.      66 399Ч400
Equation of motion      60 241
Equilibrium      50 279
Equilibrium stable      156Ч157 213 279
Equilibrium unstable      156
Equipotential surfaces      278 280
Equivalence of mass and energy      362Ч365 372Ч373
Equivalence, Einstein, principle of      406Ч407
Erg      139
Escape velocity      161Ч163
Essen, L.      307
Ether      310 312
Ether drift      312 316
Euclidean geometry      8Ч13 29
Euler's equations      250 259Ч260
Expansion in series      53 75 81
Exponential function      52Ч53
External agent      139Ч140 148Ч149
External forces      176 240
Fermi, E.      15
Feynman, R.P.      7
Fictitious forces      111Ч115 129
Fields crossed      130Ч131
Fields electric      69Ч70 72Ч75 376Ч379
Fields gravitational      60 63 104
Fields magnetic      70Ч72 76Ч82 380Ч382
Fields scalar and vector      47
Fitzgerald Contraction      329Ч332
Fixed stars      106Ч108
Fizeau's cogwheel apparatus      305
Force(s) and potential energy      155Ч157
Force(s) central      66 153Ч154 186Ч187 270
Force(s) centrifugal      104Ч105 111 113 194
Force(s) centripetal      113 130 256
Force(s) conservative      152Ч155
Force(s) contact      61 86Ч89
Force(s) Coriolis      127Ч130
Force(s) damping      214Ч221 226Ч236
Force(s) electrostatic      60 67Ч70
Force(s) fictitious      111Ч115 129
Force(s) field      60Ч61 139Ч143
Force(s) friction      86Ч89 154Ч155 214Ч215 250Ч252
Force(s) gravitational      63Ч67 106 139Ч141 205 250Ч252 254 270Ч271
Force(s) in Newton's Second Law      58 60 104
Force(s) inverse-square-law      66 270Ч293
Force(s) linear restoring      149Ч150 202Ч204 233
Force(s) Lorentz      72
Force(s) magnetic      40 60 71Ч72 76Ч78 380Ч382
Force(s) noncentral      154Ч155
Force(s) on ladder      197
Force(s) relativistic      368Ч369
Force(s) resistive      183 232Ч233
Force(s) two-body      154
Force(s), units of      58
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