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Guyon E., Hulin J., Petit L. Ч Physical Hydrodynamics
Guyon E., Hulin J., Petit L. Ч Physical Hydrodynamics

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Ќазвание: Physical Hydrodynamics

јвторы: Guyon E., Hulin J., Petit L.


In the course of the last twenty years, teaching and research in fluid mechanics has expanded considerably into the physics and chemistry communities, who in their turn developed new approaches to the teaching of this topic. These approaches are mainly oriented towards the comprehension of fluids of different hierarchies, the development of various experimental tools, and explanations in terms of elementary physical mechanics. Physical Hydrodynamics presents this original approach for the first time. The elementary microscopic basics of the statistical theory of fluids is discussed, as are the classical aspects of deformation and pressure and the laws of conservation. The problem of Low-Reynolds-Number Flows will be addressed, its applications to suspensions and porous media explained. A discussion of the aspects of boundary layers, high-velocity flows and instabilities conclude this presentation of incompressible fluid hydrodynamics. The present book provides a thorough introduction into the topic from a primarily physical point of view and will be a useful textbook and reference work for graduate students, lecturers and researchers.

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√од издани€: 2001

 оличество страниц: 528

ƒобавлена в каталог: 23.02.2014

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ѕредметный указатель
Absolute instabilities      83
Acceleration, particles      91Ч93
Added mass      "Dressed particles"
Aerodynamics, aeroplane wings      412Ч417
Aerodynamics, boundary layers      412Ч420
Aerodynamics, separation phenomenon      415
Aeroplane      see "Airplane"
Air tables      2Ч4
Airplane wings      see "Wings"
Ampere's law      269
Amphiphilic compounds      37
Analogy, potential flow      248Ч251
Anemometry      55 122Ч125 425Ч427 454 477
Anisotropic particles      97
Antisymmetric component deformation      104Ч106
Applied forces, symmetry      327Ч333
Arrhenius-type relation      69
Asphalt industry      139
Asymptotic matching      396
Atomic scale scattering      42Ч46
Automobiles      417Ч419
Axially symmetric, conduits      194Ч196
Axially symmetric, elongational flow      295Ч297
Axially symmetric, flows      121Ч122 345Ч346
Axially symmetric, object wakes      436Ч438
Bacterial propulsion      332
Baffles      420
Benard Ч Marangoni instability      97 459Ч462
Benard Ч von Karman vortex street      77 299 303Ч305
Bernoulli's equation, applications      180Ч189
Bernoulli's equation, conservation of energy      176Ч189
Bernoulli's equation, curvilinear flow      187Ч189
Bernoulli's equation, Froude number      207
Bernoulli's equation, one-dimensional flows      182Ч183
Bernoulli's equation, potential flow      181Ч182
Bernoulli's equation, stationary flow      180Ч181
Bingham fluids      136Ч137 166
Biot and Savart law      277Ч278
Blasius equation      393Ч396
bodies      see "Moving solid bodies"
Bond number      35 38 461
Borda's mouthpiece      192 193 194
Bores, tidal      248
Bose Ч Einstein condensation      482
boundary conditions      144Ч147
Boundary conditions, ideal fluids      145
Boundary conditions, solid walls      144Ч145
Boundary conditions, surface tension      145Ч147
Boundary conditions, two fluids      145Ч147
Boundary layers      see also "Laminar boundary layers"
Boundary layers, aerodynamics      412Ч420
Boundary layers, aeroplane wings      384
Boundary layers, concentration      428Ч431
Boundary layers, constant thickness      406Ч407
Boundary layers, control      416Ч420
Boundary layers, displacement thickness      398Ч399
Boundary layers, drag      397 409Ч412
Boundary layers, flat plates      385Ч390
Boundary layers, inlet effect      387
Boundary layers, mass      420Ч431
Boundary layers, momentum thickness      399
Boundary layers, Prandtl number      422Ч425
Boundary layers, pressure gradients      400Ч412
Boundary layers, re-attachment      411
Boundary layers, Schmidt number      421 429
Boundary layers, self-similar velocity      401Ч405
Boundary layers, semi-infinite plates      385Ч387
Boundary layers, separation      400 20
Boundary layers, stagnation points/zones      403Ч404 406 408
Boundary layers, thermal      420Ч431
Boundary layers, thickness      397Ч399
Boundary layers, uniform flow      385Ч387
Boundary layers, velocity profiles      402Ч404
Boundary layers, velocity profiles within layers      393Ч400
Boundary layers, velocity profiles, self-similarity      390Ч393
Boundary layers, vorticity      390
Boussinesq approximation      450
Boycott effect      358
Bragg condition      53 54
Breaking waves      241Ч245
Brillouin scattering      52Ч55
Broken symmetry      81
Brownian particles      21Ч22 29 351Ч353 355
Bubble tracking      95
Bulges      see "Hydraulic jumps"
Bulk viscosity      135
Capillaries      35 370Ч372 377Ч378
Carman Ч Kozeny relation      372Ч373
Cartesian co-ordinates      167
Cat's paws      241Ч245
Catamarans      406 417 418
Catastrophe time      298
Cauchy Ч Riemann conditions      258
Channels discharge      205Ч207
Channels discharge, divergent      408
Channels discharge, porous media      373Ч376
Channels discharge, sluice gates      205Ч207
Chaotic behaviour      445 471Ч476
Chimneys      444
Circulation dynamics      279Ч289
Circulation dynamics, compressible fluids      284Ч289
Circulation dynamics, conservation      280Ч284
Circulation dynamics, non-conservative forces      284Ч289
Circulation dynamics, sources      284Ч289
Circulation dynamics, viscosity effects      284Ч289
Co-ordinate systems      167Ч169
Coanda (teapot) effect      189
Coaxial vortex rings      309 310
Coefficients, drag      324 338Ч339
Coefficients, molecular diffusion      24Ч27 29Ч30
Coefficients, tensors      328Ч329
Colloidal aggregates      37
Compactness      2Ч4
Compensated gravity      35
Complex velocity potential      252Ч266
Complex velocity potential, conformal mapping      256Ч266
Complex velocity potential, corner flow      254Ч256
Complex velocity potential, definition      252Ч253
Complex velocity potential, dipole flow      254
Complex velocity potential, Joukowski transformation      261Ч264
Complex velocity potential, solid planes      263Ч264
Complex velocity potential, stagnation point      254Ч256
Complex velocity potential, uniform parallel flow      253
Compressible fluids      284Ч289
Concentration boundary layers      428Ч431
Conductivity, porous media      375Ч376
conduits      194Ч196
Conformal mapping      256Ч266
Conservation of circulation      280Ч284
Conservation of energy      189Ч207
Conservation of kinetic energy, Bernoulli's equation      176Ч189
Conservation of kinetic energy, dissipation through viscosity      178Ч179
Conservation of kinetic energy, equation derivation      177Ч178
Conservation of kinetic energy, incompressible fluids      177Ч179
Conservation of kinetic energy, Newtonian fluids      179
Conservation of mass      18Ч19 110Ч115 170Ч171
Conservation of momentum      171Ч176
Conservation of momentum, applications      189Ч207
Conservation of momentum, integral expression      172Ч176
Conservation of momentum, local equation      171
Conservation of momentum, simple flows      174Ч176
Conservation of vorticity      293Ч295
Continuity equations      167Ч169
Continuity hypothesis      89Ч90
Control, boundary layers      416Ч420
Control, separation      417
Convection mechanism comparison      71Ч76
Convective fluid motion      286Ч287
Convective momentum transport      57Ч64
Convective transport      73Ч76 439Ч440
Coriolis forces      140 284Ч285
Corner flow      254Ч256 259
Couette flow      60 148Ч149
Couette flow, cylinders      163Ч166
Couette flow, low Reynolds numbers      321
Couette flow, non-Newtonian fluids      136
Critical slowing, Reynolds number      86
Cubes, Stokes equation      342Ч343
Cubes, symmetry example      330Ч331
Curved interfaces      32Ч35
Curved vortex lines      278Ч279
Curvilinear flow      187Ч189
Cyclone-type motion      285
Cylinders, convective      445
Cylinders, Couette flow      163Ч166
Cylinders, drag      225 411
Cylinders, flow      152Ч155 221Ч225
Cylinders, forces on      346
Cylinders, frictional drag      154Ч155
Cylinders, geometry      17Ч18
Cylinders, heat diffusion      17Ч18
Cylinders, Joukowski transformation      262Ч263
Cylinders, laminar wakes      435
Cylinders, lift      225
Cylinders, pores      370Ч373
Cylinders, Reynolds numbers      346
Cylinders, rotation      120
Cylinders, streamlines      222Ч225
Cylinders, transient heat diffusion      17Ч18
Cylinders, vortices      79Ч88
Cylinders, wake flow      77Ч79
Cylindrical co-ordinates      167Ч168
Dams      198
Darcy's law      366Ч370
De Broglie relation      40Ч41
de Laval nozzles      202
Deborah number      139
Deep-water waves      242 245
Deformations, antisymmetric components      104Ч106
Deformations, flow      99Ч110
Deformations, infinitesimal      106
Deformations, large      106 109Ч110
Deformations, rotation      104Ч106 119
Deformations, small      106Ч109
Deformations, streamlines      93Ч95 119Ч120
Deformations, velocity-gradients      101Ч104
Density, instabilities      465Ч469
Diffraction, X-rays      42Ч46
Diffusion, coefficients      24Ч27 29Ч30
Diffusion, conservation of mass      18Ч19
Diffusion, equations      13
Diffusion, equilibrium      295Ч298
Diffusion, mass      18Ч20 21Ч24
Diffusion, mechanism comparisons      71Ч76
Diffusion, momentum equations      61Ч64
Diffusion, thermal      14 17Ч18 27Ч28
Diffusion, vorticity      295Ч298
Diffusive transport      57Ч64 73Ч76
Diffusive transport, coefficients comparison      31
Diffusive transport, liquids      28Ч31
Dimensional-analysis      323Ч324
Dimensionless form      143Ч144
Dimensionless numbers      75
Dipole flow      219Ч220 254
Direct analogue of flow      249
Discharge sluice gates      205Ч207
Discontinuities, tangential-velocity      301 302
Displacement forces      326Ч327
Displacement thickness      398Ч399
Distributions, vorticity      298Ч310
Doppler anemometry      122Ч125 454 477
Doppler scattering      52Ч54
Double alternating vortex streets      303Ч304
Doubly connected volume      213Ч214
Drag, boundary layers      397 409Ч412
Drag, coefficients      324 338Ч339 397 411
Drag, crisis      411
Drag, cylinders      225 411
Drag, laminar wakes      435Ч438
Drag, spheres      338Ч339
Drag, turbulent boundary layers      409Ч412
Drag, two dimensional obstacles      231Ч234
Drainage flow      378Ч380
Dressed particles      237 240
Drilling muds      137
Drops in immiscible fluids      340Ч341
Dry water      see "Ideal fluid"
Dyes, tracking      95
Dynamic viscosity      60
Einstein relation      30
Einstein summation convention      102 131
Einstein's law      356
Elastic scattering of light      46Ч52
Electrical analogies      248Ч251
Electrodes in walls      428Ч430
Electrolytic tank simulation      249Ч250
Electromagnetic analogues      114Ч115 268Ч279
Elementary representative volume      364
Elongation, vorticity      291Ч293 295Ч298
Energy dissipation      179 484Ч485
Equation of continuity      167Ч169
Equations of motion, fluids      140Ч144
Equations of motion, laminar boundary layers      388Ч393
Equations of motion, near flat plates      388Ч390
Euler's equation      143 177
Eulerian description      90Ч91
External pressure gradients      400Ч412
Extrusion      139
Falkner Ч Skan equation      401Ч402
Fastback profile      417Ч419
Fick's equation      19
Filaments      see "Vortex filaments"
Flat plates, Blasius equation      393Ч396
Flat plates, boundary layers      385Ч390
Flat plates, equations of motion      388Ч390
Flat plates, frictional forces      397
Flow      see also "Couette flow" "Instabilities" "Poiseuille "Potential
Flow, aeroplane wings      413Ч414
Flow, axially symmetric      121Ч122
Flow, corner flow      254Ч256 259
Flow, curvilinear flow      187Ч189
Flow, cylinders      77Ч79 152Ч155 221Ч225
Flow, Darcy's law      366Ч370
Flow, deformations      99Ч110
Flow, drainage      378Ч380
Flow, examples      221Ч225
Flow, gradient driven      160Ч163
Flow, incident at angle on flat plate segment      261Ч263
Flow, laminar      76
Flow, laminar flow      73
Flow, near solid wall      62Ч64
Flow, one-dimensional flow      147Ч148
Flow, oscillating      155Ч160
Flow, parallel planes      62Ч64 150Ч151 158Ч160 261
Flow, particle trajectories      69Ч71
Flow, porous media      361Ч382
Flow, potential      208Ч267
Flow, quasi-parallel      347Ч351
Flow, regimes      76Ч88
Flow, Reynolds numbers      77Ч79 82 87Ч88
Flow, Reynolds numbers, large      383Ч438
Flow, Reynolds numbers, low      311Ч382
Flow, tubes      152Ч155
Flow, turbulent      76
Flow, visualisation      95Ч99
Flow, vortex-generation threshold      82Ч83
Flow, wakes      77Ч79
Flow, weirs      199Ч202
Fluid kinetic energy      see "Conservation of kinetic energy"
Fluidized beds      351
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