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Fetter A.L., Walecka J.D. Ч Quantum theory of many-particle systems
Fetter A.L., Walecka J.D. Ч Quantum theory of many-particle systems

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Ќазвание: Quantum theory of many-particle systems

јвторы: Fetter A.L., Walecka J.D.


"Singlemindedly devoted to its job of educating potential many-particle theorists ... deserves to become the standard text in the field." Ч "Physics Today. "The most comprehensive textbook yet published in its field and every postgraduate student or teacher in this field should own or have access to a copy." Ч "Endeavor. A self-contained treatment of nonrelativistic many-particle systems, this text discusses both formalism and applications. Chapters on second quantization and statistical mechanics introduce ground-state (zero-temperature) formalism, which is explored by way of Green's functions and field theory (fermions), Fermi systems, linear response and collective modes, and Bose systems. Finite-temperature formalism is examined through field theory at finite temperature, physical systems at finite temperature, and real-time Green's functions and linear response. Additional topics cover canonical transformations and applications to physical systems in terms of nuclear matter, phonons and electrons, superconductivity, and superfluid helium as well as applicati

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√од издани€: 2003

 оличество страниц: 601

ƒобавлена в каталог: 14.09.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
$He^{3}$, liquid      49 116 128 480
$He^{3}$, liquid, BruecknerТs theory      150
$He^{3}$, liquid, heat capacity      148
$He^{3}$, liquid, zero sound      187
$He^{4}$, liquid      see He II
3-$j$ symbol      584
6-$j$ symbol      585Ч586
Addition theorem for spherical harmonics      516
Adiabatic process      187
Adiabatic Уswitching onФ      59Ч61 289
Analytic continuation      117p 297Ч298 302Ч303 493
angular momentum      344 504 511p
Angular momentum, review of      581Ч588
Angular-momentum operator      505
Anomalous amplitudes      489
Anomalous diagrams      289
Anomalous GreenТs functions (bosons)      213
Anticommutation relations      16
atoms      116 121 168p 195p 503 508 546 567
BCS coherence length      426 465 469
BCS gap equation      see Gap equation
BCS theory      see Superconductor
BernoulliТs equation      496
Beta decay      350Ч351
Bethe Ч Goldstone equation      322 358Ч366 567
Bethe Ч Goldstone equation, $s$-wave      360
Bethe Ч Goldstone equation, and Galitskii equations      377Ч383
Bethe Ч Goldstone equation, anomalous eigenvalue      324
Bethe Ч Goldstone equation, effective-mass approximation      359
Bethe Ч Goldstone equation, energy shift of pair      371
Bethe Ч Goldstone equation, ground-state energy of hard-sphere gas      371Ч374
Bethe Ч Goldstone equation, ground-state energy of hard-sphere gas, $p$-wave interactions      374 386p
Bethe Ч Goldstone equation, ground-state energy of hard-sphere gas, $s$-wave interactions      371Ч374
Bethe Ч Goldstone equation, ground-state energy of hard-sphere gas, power-series expansion      373Ч374
Bethe Ч Goldstone equation, hard-core, solution for      363Ч366
Bethe Ч Goldstone equation, partial-wave decomposition      386p
Bethe Ч Goldstone equation, self-consistent      358Ч360 377Ч378
Bethe Ч Goldstone equation, square-well, solution for      360Ч363
Bethe Ч Goldstone equation, with degenerate states      569Ч570
Bethe Ч Salpeter equation      131Ч139 219 562Ч565
Bloch wave functions      5
Bogoliubov equations for superconductor      477p
Bogoliubov replacement      200 201 203 315 489
Bogoliubov transformation      316n 326Ч336 527Ч537
Bohr radius      25
Bohr Ч Sommerfeld quantization relation      425 484
Boltzmann distribution      39 279
BoltzmannТs constant      36
Bom approximation      188 197p 219 259 345 368
Bom Ч Oppenheimer approximation      39n0 410
Bose Ч Einstein condensation      44 198Ч200 211 481
Bose Ч Einstein condensation, and superconductors      441 446 476p
Bose Ч Einstein condensation, rigorous derivation of      41n
Boson approximation in shell model      526Ч527 576p
Bosons      7 198Ч223 314Ч319 479-499
Bosons noninteracting      see Ideal Bose gas
Bosons noninteracting, number operator      201Ч202
Bosons noninteracting, perturbation theory      199 207Ч210
Bosons noninteracting, potential energy      200 205Ч206
Bosons noninteracting, proper self-energy      211 215 219
Bosons noninteracting, temperature GreenТs function      491
Bosons noninteracting, thermodynamic potential      37 38 202 207
Bosons noninteracting, vacuum state      201
Bosons noninteracting, WickТs theorem      203 223p
Bosons, Bethe Ч Salpeter equation      219
Bosons, charged      223p 336p 500p 501p
Bosons, chemical potential      202 206 216 493
Bosons, condensate      200 493
Bosons, condensate, at finite temperature      492Ч495
Bosons, condensate, moving      223p 336p 501p
Bosons, condensate, nonuniform      495Ч499
Bosons, density correlation function      223p
Bosons, distribution function      37 218 317
Bosons, DysonТs equations      211Ч214 223p
Bosons, Feynman rules, in coordinate space      208Ч209
Bosons, Feynman rules, in momentum space      209Ч210 223p
Bosons, field operator      200
Bosons, GreenТs functions      203Ч215
Bosons, ground-state energy      31p 201 207 318
Bosons, hamiltonian      200 315
Bosons, Heisenberg picture      204
Bosons, Hugenholtz Ч Pines relation      216 220 222 223p
Bosons, interaction picture      207Ч208
Bosons, kinetic energy      205
Bosons, Lehmann representation      214Ч215
Bosons, momentum operator      204
Brueckner Ч Goldstone theory and thermodynamic potential      288Ч289
BruecknerТs theory      116 357Ч377 382Ч383
bulk modulus      30 390 407
Bulk property of matter      22 349
canonical ensemble      33
Canonical momentum      424Ч425
Canonical transformation to particles and holes      70Ч71 118p 332 504Ч508 547
Charge-density operator      188 353
Charged Bose gas      223p 336p 500p 501p
chemical potential      34 40 75 107 327 528Ч532 535
Chemical potential, and proper self-energy      107
Chemical potential, bosons      202 206 216 493
Chemical potential, bosons, hard-sphere gas      220Ч222
Chemical potential, bosons, ideal      39Ч41 43
Chemical potential, classical limit      39Ч40
Chemical potential, difference in superconducting and normal state      335 453n
Chemical potential, electron gas      278 284Ч285
Chemical potential, fermions, hard-sphere gas      174
Chemical potential, fermions, ideal      45Ч48 75 284Ч285
Chemical potential, phonons      393 410p 485Ч486
Circulation      483 498
Clausius Ч Clapeyron equation      499Ч500p
Clebsch Ч Gordan coefficients      544 582Ч584
Closed fermion loops      98 103
Coefficients of fractional parentage      523n 576p
Coherence length, BCS      426 465 469
Coherence length, Ginsburg Ч Landau theory      433 472
Coherence length, superconductor      422 426 433 472
Collective modes      171 183 193Ч194 538
Collision time      184
Commutation relations      12 19
Compressibility      30 222 387p 390Ч391
condensate      33 200 220 317 491
Condensate, and superfluid density      495
Condensate, ideal Bose gas      42
Condensate, in a channel      502p
Condensate, measurement of      495
Condensate, moving      502p
Condensate, surface energy      497Ч498
Condensate, wave function      489 492
Condensate, wave function, at finite temperature      494Ч495
Condensate, wave function, boundary condition      496
Condensate, wave function, Hartree equation for      490
Condensate, wave function, spatial variation of      497
Condensation energy of superconductor      419 453
Configuration space      7
Connected diagrams      113 301Ч302
Constant of the motion      59
Continuity equation      183 420 496
Contractions      87Ч89 238 327Ч329
Cooper pairs      320Ч326 359Ч360 417 441
Cooper pairs, binding energy      325 336
Cooper pairs, bound-state wave function      336p
Core-polarization potential      574 577p
Correlation energy      29 155 163Ч166 169p 286Ч287
Correlation energy, and dielectric function      154
Correlation energy, and polarization propagator      152
Correlations, in nuclei      362Ч363 365Ч366 572-573
Correlations, two-particle      191Ч192
Coulomb energy of nuclei      350
Coulomb interaction      22 188
Coupling-constant integration      70 231Ч232 280 379
Creation operators      12
Critical angular velocity      499 500p
Critical current      476p
Critical field      415 451 453 474p
Critical temperature of Bose gas      40 259Ч261
Critical velocity      46n0 482 487 500p
Cross section, scattering      189 191 314Ч315
Crystal lattice      21 30 333 389 390 394Ч396
CurieТs law      254p 309p 500p
Current operator      455
Cyclic property of trace      229
Damping      81 119p 181 195p 308 309p 310p
Debye frequency      333 394 395n 396 44n0
Debye shielding length      279 306Ч308
Debye temperature      394Ч395 448
Debye theory of solids      389 393Ч395
Debye Ч H$\ddot{u}$ckel theory      278Ч281 290p
Deformed nuclei      515
Degeneracy factor      38 45
Delta function      101 246
Density correlation function      151 174 217 300Ч303 558
Density correlation function, analytic properties      181n 302Ч303
Density correlation function, and polarization      153Ч154 302
Density correlation function, at finite temperature      300Ч302
Density correlation function, for bosons      223p
Density correlation function, for fermions      194p 302 309p
Density correlation function, Lehmann representation      300Ч301
Density correlation function, perturbation expansion      301Ч302
Density correlation function, relation to polarization propagator      153 302
Density correlation function, retarded      173 194p 300Ч301 307
Density correlation function, time-ordered      174 175
Density fluctuation operator      117p 189
Density, of $He^{3}$ and $He^{4}$      480
Density, of free Fermi gas      26Ч27
Density, of nuclear matter      348Ч352
Density, of states      38 266Ч267 333 447
Depletion      221 317 488
Destruction operators      12
Deuteron      343
Deviation operator, for bosons      489
Deviation operator, for density      151 173 300 560
Diagrams      see Feynman diagrams
diamagnetic susceptibility      477p
Dielectric function      111 154 184 396
Dielectric function, ring approximation      156 163 175 180
Digamma function      580
Dipole sum rule      552 577p
Direct-product state      13 17
Disconnected diagrams      94Ч96 111 301 560
Disconnected diagrams, factorization of      96
Dispersion relation(s), for plasma oscillations      181Ч182 310p
Dispersion relation(s), for propagators      79 191 294Ч295
Dispersion relation(s), for zero sound      183Ч184
Distribution function, for bosons      37 218 317
Distribution function, for fermions      38 46 333Ч334
Distribution function, for moving system      486 500p
DysonТs equations, at finite temperature      250Ч253 412p
DysonТs equations, for bosons      211Ч214 223p
DysonТs equations, for electron-phonon system      402Ч406 411p
DysonТs equations, for GreenТs function      105Ч111
DysonТs equations, for polarization      110Ч111 119p 252 271
DysonТs equations, for superconductors      476p
DysonТs equations, Hartree Ч Fock approximation      122Ч123
Effective interaction      155 166Ч167 252Ч253
Effective mass, electron gas      169p 310p
Effective mass, in nuclear matter      356 369Ч370
Effective mass, in superconductor      431
Effective mass, of imperfect Bose gas      260
Effective mass, of imperfect Fermi gas      148 168p 266
Effective range      342Ч343 386p
Effective-mass approximation      359 384
Eikonal approximation      468Ч469 474
Electric quadrupole operator      514
Electron gas, adiabatic bulk modulus      390
Electron gas, chemical potential      278 284Ч285
Electron gas, classical limit      275Ч281 290p
Electron gas, correlation energy      29 155 163Ч166 169p 286Ч287
Electron gas, coupling to background      389 396Ч406
Electron gas, degenerate      21Ч31 151Ч167 281-289
Electron gas, dielectric constant      154
Electron gas, dimensionless variables for      25
Electron gas, effective interaction      155 166Ч167
Electron gas, effective mass      169p 310p
Electron gas, electrical neutrality      25
Electron gas, ground-state energy      32p 151Ч154 281Ч289
Electron gas, hamiltonianfor      21Ч25
Electron gas, Hartree Ч Fock approximation      289p
Electron gas, heat capacity      289Ч290p
Electron gas, Helmholtz free energy      280 284Ч285
Electron gas, linear response      175Ч183 303Ч308
Electron gas, plasma oscillations      180Ч183 307Ч308
Electron gas, polarized      32p
Electron gas, proper self-energy      169p 268Ч271
Electron gas, screening      175Ч180 195p 303Ч307
Electron gas, single-particle excitations      310p
Electron gas, thermodynamic potential      268 273Ч275 278 284
Electron gas, zero-temperature limit      281Ч289
Electron scattering      171 188Ч194 348Ч349 557 566
Electron-phonon system, chemical potential of phonons      410p
Electron-phonon system, coupled-field theory      399Ч406
Electron-phonon system, coupled-field theory, DysonТs equations      402Ч406 411p
Electron-phonon system, coupled-field theory, Feynman Ч Dyson perturbation theory      399Ч406
Electron-phonon system, coupled-field theory, proper electron self-energy      402 411p
Electron-phonon system, coupled-field theory, proper phonon self-energy      402 411p
Electron-phonon system, coupled-field theory, vertex part      402Ч406
Electron-phonon system, equivalent electron-electron interaction      401Ч402
Electron-phonon system, Feynman rules for $T = 0$      399Ч401
Electron-phonon system, field expansions      396Ч397
Electron-phonon system, finite-temperature properties      412p
Electron-phonon system, ground-state energy shift      399 411p
Electron-phonon system, hamiltonian      398
Electron-phonon system, interaction      320 396Ч399 417
Electron-phonon system, linear response      412p
Electron-phonon system, MigdalТs theorem      406Ч410
Electron-phonon system, phonon field      410p
Electron-phonon system, phonon GreenТs function      400 402 411p
Electron-phonon system, screened coulomb interaction      397
Electron-phonon system, superconducting solutions      44n0 476p
Electronic mean free path      425
Electronic specific heat      395n
Energy gap, in nuclear matter      360 383Ч385 388p
Energy gap, in nuclei      385 526 533
Energy gap, in superconductors      320 330 417 447Ч449
Ensemble average      36
entropy      34Ч35
Entropy, of an ideal quantum gas      49p
Entropy, of He II      486
Entropy, of ideal Fermi gas      48
Entropy, of imperfect Fermi gas      265Ч266
Entropy, of superconductor      419 476p
Equation of motion      253p
Equation of state      187
Equation of state, of electron gas      30 278Ч281
Equation of state, of ideal Bose gas      39 42
Equation of state, of ideal classical gas      39
Equation of state, of ideal Fermi gas      45 46 47Ч48
Equation of state, of ultrarelativistic ideal gas      49p
Equations of motion, linearization      440Ч441 538Ч543
Equilibrium thermodynamics and temperature GreenТs function      227 229Ч232
Equipartitionof energy      394Ч395
EulerТs constant      580
Exchange energy      29 94 126Ч127 168p 354
Excitation spectrum      81
Excitation spectrum, in normal state      334
Excitation spectrum, in superconductors      334 334n
Excitation spectrum, interacting Bose gas      217 317
Exclusion principle      see Pauli exclusion principle
Extensive variables      29 35
External perturbation      118p 122 172 173 253p 298 303
Factorization of ensemble averages      441 457
Fadeev equations      377
Fermi gas, interacting      see Hard-sphere Fermi gas; Interacting Fermi gas
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