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Fetter A.L., Walecka J.D. Ч Quantum theory of many-particle systems
Fetter A.L., Walecka J.D. Ч Quantum theory of many-particle systems

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Ќазвание: Quantum theory of many-particle systems

јвторы: Fetter A.L., Walecka J.D.


"Singlemindedly devoted to its job of educating potential many-particle theorists ... deserves to become the standard text in the field." Ч "Physics Today. "The most comprehensive textbook yet published in its field and every postgraduate student or teacher in this field should own or have access to a copy." Ч "Endeavor. A self-contained treatment of nonrelativistic many-particle systems, this text discusses both formalism and applications. Chapters on second quantization and statistical mechanics introduce ground-state (zero-temperature) formalism, which is explored by way of Green's functions and field theory (fermions), Fermi systems, linear response and collective modes, and Bose systems. Finite-temperature formalism is examined through field theory at finite temperature, physical systems at finite temperature, and real-time Green's functions and linear response. Additional topics cover canonical transformations and applications to physical systems in terms of nuclear matter, phonons and electrons, superconductivity, and superfluid helium as well as applicati

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√од издани€: 2003

 оличество страниц: 601

ƒобавлена в каталог: 14.09.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
Sum rules      191Ч192 196p 296 577p
Sums over states replaced by integrals      26 38 394
Superconductor, alloys      415n 425 427
Superconductor, and Bose Ч Einstein condensation      441 446 476p
Superconductor, and electron-phonon interaction      444 448 476p
Superconductor, and electron-phonon interaction, DysonТs equation      476p
Superconductor, and electron-phonon interaction, phonon propagator      477Ч478p
Superconductor, Bogoliubov equations      477p
Superconductor, chemical potential      334Ч335 453n
Superconductor, coherence length      422 426 433 472
Superconductor, condensation energy of      419 453
Superconductor, Cooper pairs      320Ч326 417 441
Superconductor, critical current      46n0 476p
Superconductor, critical field      415 451 453 474p
Superconductor, critical field, lower and upper      438 439 475p
Superconductor, effective interaction      448 476p
Superconductor, effective mass and charge      431
Superconductor, energy gap      330 417 447Ч449
Superconductor, entropy      419 476p
Superconductor, excitation spectrum      334
Superconductor, experimental facts      414Ч417
Superconductor, films      474p 476p
Superconductor, flux quantization      415Ч416 425
Superconductor, gap equation      333 446Ч449
Superconductor, gap function      443 466Ч474 489
Superconductor, gapless      417n 46n0
Superconductor, gauge invariance      444 454
Superconductor, Ginzburg Ч Landau theory      see Ginzburg Ч Landau theory
Superconductor, Gorkov equations      444 466
Superconductor, ground-state correlation function      337p
Superconductor, ground-state energy      335
Superconductor, heat capacity      320 416 420 451Ч454
Superconductor, Helmholtz free energy      431 451 453 474p
Superconductor, isotope effect      320 417 448 476p
Superconductor, local      427
Superconductor, London      427
Superconductor, matrix formulation      443Ч444
Superconductor, Meissner effect      414 421 423 457 459Ч460
Superconductor, mixed state      415n 439
Superconductor, model hamiltonian      441
Superconductor, nonlocal      427
Superconductor, numerical values, tables      422 448
Superconductor, order parameter      431
Superconductor, penetration length      427 434 472 475p
Superconductor, penetration length, general definition      429
Superconductor, penetration length, local limit      427 429 460
Superconductor, penetration length, nonlocal limit      429Ч430 460 461Ч463
Superconductor, penetration length, table      422
Superconductor, persistent currents      415Ч416
Superconductor, phase transition      431
Superconductor, Pippard      427 461Ч463
Superconductor, relation to Hartree Ч Fock theory      439Ч441
Superconductor, self-consistency condition      444 446
Superconductor, spin susceptibility      477p
Superconductor, stability of Meissner state      430
Superconductor, strong-coupling      44n0
Superconductor, surface energy      430 436Ч438
Superconductor, temperature GreenТs function      442Ч444
Superconductor, thermodynamic potential      449Ч454
Superconductor, type I and type II      438Ч439 475p
Superconductor, ultrasonic attenuation      449 478p
Superconductor, uniform medium      444Ч454
Superconductor, variational calculation of ground state      336 337p
Supercurrent      432 472Ч474 476p
Superelectron density      423 431 459Ч460
Superfluid density      481Ч482 487 495
Supermultiplets      548 549n 558
Surface energy, in Bose system      497Ч498 502p
Surface energy, in superconductors      430 436Ч438
Surface energy, of nuclei      350
susceptibility      174 254p 309p 310p
Symmetry energy of nuclei      350 386p
Tadpole diagram      108 154
Tamm Ч Dancoff approximation      565Ч566
Temperature      34
Temperature correlation function      300
Temperature GreenТs function      228 262
Temperature GreenТs function, analytic continuation to real-time GreenТs function      297Ч298
Temperature GreenТs function, and proper self-energy      251
Temperature GreenТs function, conservation of discrete frequency      246
Temperature GreenТs function, Feynman rules, in coordinate space      242Ч243
Temperature GreenТs function, Feynman rules, in momentum space      244Ч248
Temperature GreenТs function, for bosons      491
Temperature GreenТs function, for noninteracting system      232Ч234 245Ч246 298
Temperature GreenТs function, for normal state      468
Temperature GreenТs function, for superconductors      442Ч444
Temperature GreenТs function, Fourier series for      244Ч245
Temperature GreenТs function, Hartree Ч Fock approximation      257
Temperature GreenТs function, in interaction picture      235Ч236
Temperature GreenТs function, Lehmann representation      297
Temperature GreenТs function, periodicity of      236Ч237 244Ч245
Temperature GreenТs function, relation to observables      247 252 261Ч262
Temperature GreenТs function, weight function      296Ч297 309p
Tensor force in nuclear matter      367 375 386p
Tensor operator      343
Thermal wavelength      277 304 306
Thermionic emission      49p
Thermodynamic limit      22 75 78 199 489
Thermodynamic potential      34Ч35 268Ч269 274 290p 327
Thermodynamic potential, coupling-constant integration for      231Ч232
Thermodynamic potential, for bosons      37 38 202 207
Thermodynamic potential, for electron gas      268 273Ч275 278 284 290p
Thermodynamic potential, for fermions      38 329Ч332
Thermodynamic potential, for phonons      393
Thermodynamic potential, in finite nuclei      528Ч537
Thermodynamic potential, of superconductor      449Ч454
Thermodynamic potential, relation, to Brueckner Ч Goldstone theory      288Ч289
Thermodynamic potential, relation, to temperature GreenТs function      232 247 252
Thermodynamic potential, ring contribution      274Ч275 281Ч286
Thermodynamics, of magnetic systems      418
Thermodynamics, review of      34
Thomas Ч Fermi theory      177Ч178 195p 386p 575
Thomas Ч Fermi wavenumber      167 176 178 182 397
Time-development operator      56Ч58
Time-ordered density correlation function      174 175
Time-ordered product of operators      58 65 86Ч87
Transition matrix elements      540 543
Transition temperature of interacting Bose gas      259Ч261 493
Translational invariance      73Ч74
Transverse part of vector field      454
Two-fluid model      481
Two-particle correlations      191Ч192
Two-particle GreenТs function      116p 253p
Ultrasonic attenuation      411p 449 478p
Uniform rotation      483Ч484 500p
Uniform system      69 190 214 292 321
Vacuum state      13 201
Variational Principle      29 336 337p 353 502p
Vector potential      424 425Ч428 431Ч433 435Ч437 454Ч456 459 465 468
Velocity potential      482 495
Vertex parts      402Ч406 411p
Vortices in He II      482Ч484 500p 502p
Vortices in He II, energy/unit length      484 499
Vortices in He II, vortex core      484 498Ч499
Wave functions, Dirac      188
Wave functions, for condensate      see Condensate wave
Wave functions, for Ginzburg Ч Landau theory      471
Wave functions, many-body      5Ч8 16
Wave functions, scattering      129 138Ч139 380
Wave functions, single particle      5
Wave functions, single particle, Hartree Ч Fock      352Ч353 503 508Ч511 541 558Ч559 567
Wave functions, single particle, spin and isospin      21 353
Weak interactions      566
White-dwarf stars      49 50p
WickТs theorem      83Ч92 327 399 441 506 529 560
WickТs theorem, at finite temperature      234Ч241 441
WickТs theorem, for bosons      203 223p
Wigner force      354
Wigner lattice      31 398n
Wigner Ч Eckart theorem      505 521 544 586Ч587
WignerТs supermultiplet theory      549n
Zero sound      183Ч187 195p 196p
Zero sound, compared to plasma oscillations      186
Zero sound, damping      187 195p 310p
Zero sound, dispersion relation      183Ч184
Zero sound, in liquid $He^{3}$      187
Zero sound, spin-wave analog      196p
Zero sound, velocity of      185Ч187
Zero-point energy      41 393
УHealing distanceФ      366 376
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