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Wiese J., Shems E. Ч Weird Science: 40 Strange-Acting, Bizarre-Looking, and Barely Believable Activities for Kids
Wiese J., Shems E. Ч Weird Science: 40 Strange-Acting, Bizarre-Looking, and Barely Believable Activities for Kids

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Ќазвание: Weird Science: 40 Strange-Acting, Bizarre-Looking, and Barely Believable Activities for Kids

јвторы: Wiese J., Shems E.


Discover the weird science behind the ickiest, wackiest, most unusual things ever to exist!

Would you like to make your own slime, discover how lava lamps work, or learn how materials decompose?
Have you ever heard about ball lightning or the Aurora Borealis on the news and wondered what the reporter was talking about?
Are you looking for great ideas for your next science fair project?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then Weird Science is for you! From banana slugs and dry ice to optical illusions and time travel, youТll investigate some of the most bizarre scientific oddities on Earth. Dozens of fun-packed activities help you see for yourself how quicksand really works, why our feet sometimes get smelly, how worm holes and black holes are formed, why insects can walk on water, and much more. YouТll even see how you can turn these amazing activities into science projects! Each experiment is safe and easy to do, and all you need is everyday stuff from around the house. So get ready to take a strange, creepy, and sometimes even gross journey through Weird Science!

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√од издани€: 2004

 оличество страниц: 128

ƒобавлена в каталог: 30.12.2007

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ѕредметный указатель
Abrahamson, John      71
Acid rain      63
acids      60Ч63
Aeolian harp      98
Aeolian sounds      97Ч98
Africa      41 51
Air      See also wind
Air, movement of      74
Air, pressure      75
Algae, blue-green      56
Algae, red      60Ч63
Amazon River      40
Amoebas      14
Amphibians      38
Amplitude      67
Anderson, Carl      114
Animals      38. See also insects
Animals, army ants      42Ч44
Animals, banana slugs      44Ч46
Animals, bats      51Ч53 96
Animals, dogs      94Ч96
Animals, dolphins      96
Animals, dung beetles      46Ч49
Animals, electric eels      38Ч40
Animals, hearing of      94Ч96
Animals, mudskippers      40Ч42
Animals, naked mole rats      49Ч51
Animals, raccoons      46
Animals, worms      48
Antielectrons      114
Antimatter      112Ч114
Army ants      42Ч44
Arnold, Joseph      31
Asia      41
Atmosphere      66. See also weather
atoms      70 109
Australia      41
Azore Islands      63
Aztecs      36
Bacilli      56
bacteria      56
Ball lightning      69Ч71
Banana slugs      44Ч46
Bats      51Ч53 96
Big Room      82
Birds      38
Black holes      109Ч112
Blue-green algae      56
Botanists      26Ч27
Bracken Cave, Texas      53
Break, of wave      68
Brown bats      53
Cacti      34Ч36
Calcite      84
Calcium carbonate      81
California      72
Canopy trees      34
Capillary action      12
Carbon dioxide as dry ice      12Ч14
Carbon dioxide in solution      79
Carbonic acid      82
Carlsbad Caverns      82
Carnivorous plants      24Ч27
Caves, formation of      80Ч82
Caves, stalactites and stalagmites      82Ч84
Cell membranes      16
Cellular slime molds      16Ч17
Chalk      81
Charging by induction      70Ч71
Chemical reaction      81
Chile      68
Chitin      16
Cholla cactus      36
Climate, cacti and      34Ч36
Cloud chambers      114
Clouds      71
Cocci      56
Cochineal scale insects      36
Colloid      9
Condensation      32Ч34
Contraction      100Ч102
Cornyebacteria      58
Corpse flower      29Ч31
Cosmic particles      114
Crest, of wave      67
Crust, of Earth      78
Culican, Mexico      76
Death cap mushrooms      29
Decomposition      46Ч49
density      19Ч20
Deserts      34Ч36
Dew      34
Dinniss, James      71
Dirac, Paul      112 114
Dogs      94Ч96
Dolphins      96
Dry ice      12Ч14
Dung beetles      46Ч49
Ears      104
Earth science      78. See also weather
Earth science caves      80Ч82
Earth science geysers      78Ч80
Earth science stalactites and stalagmites      82Ч84
Earthquakes      68
Echolocation      52
Eddington, Arthur      111
Eddy current      98
Einstein, Albert      106Ч109 111
Electric eels      38Ч40
Electricity, ball lightning      69Ч71
Electricity, electric eels and      38Ч40
Electricity, electric fields      40
Electrons      70 89 106
Elma, Washington      46
Energy, light      86Ч87
Energy, ocean waves      66Ч68
Energy, photosynthesis      22Ч24 36
Energy, sound      94
Enzymes      26
Epiphytes      32Ч34
Epsom salt      84
Ethiopia      51
evaporation      35
expansion      100Ч102
Experimentation      2Ч3
eyes      91. See also sight
Fermentation      60
FISH      38Ч40 40Ч42
Fluids      7. See also liquids
Fog      14
force      75
Force carriers      106
Formic acid      43
Formicidae      43
France      82
Franklin, Benjamin      71
Free-tail bats      53
frequency      94
Friction      100
Funguses (fungi), slime molds and      14 16
Funguses (fungi), spores      27Ч29
Funguses (fungi), yeast      58Ч60
Galdieria suphuraria      60Ч63
Gases, carbon dioxide      12Ч14 79
Gases, defined      6
Gases, dry ice      12Ч14
Gases, evaporation      35
Gases, geysers      78Ч80
Gases, movement of molecules in      101Ч102
Gases, sublimation      14
Geysers      78Ч80
Glasses (drinking)      99Ч100
Gluons      106
Gouffre Berger Cave      82
Gravity, force of      75
Gravity, time and      106 109Ч112
Greece, ancient      98
Grenoble, France      82
Half-life      109
Hawaii      68
Hearing      95Ч96. See also sound
Heat, wind and      74
Herbivores      46Ч47
Hertz      96
Hilo, Hawaii      68
Hubble Space Telescope      112
Humidity      33
Hypotheses      2Ч3
ICE      See dry ice
Iceland      63
Igneous rock      78 80
Illusions, optical      89Ч91
Index of refraction      87
Indonesia      29 31
Induction      70Ч71
Inorganic material      46Ч49
Insects, army ants      42Ч44
Insects, carnivorous plants and      24Ч27
Insects, cochineal scale      36
Insects, dung beetles      46Ч49
Insects, smell and      29Ч31
Insects, worms      48
Intertidal zones      41
Iodine      25Ч26
Iraq      72
Italy      63
Kentucky      82
Kenya      51
Kidney stones      96
kinetic energy      75
Leptons      106
Light, aurora borealis      88Ч89
Light, mirages      86Ч87
Light, optical illusions      89Ч91
Light, photosynthesis      22Ч24 36
Light, speed of      106Ч109
Lightning      69Ч71
Limestone      80 81Ч82
Liquids      6 80.
Liquids, carbon dioxide in      79
Liquids, evaporation of      35
Liquids, geysers and      78Ч80
Liquids, thixotropic fluids      9
Magma      78Ч80
Magnesium sulfate      84
Magnetic fields      88Ч89
Mammals      38
Mammoth Caves      82
Matter, curved water surface      10Ч12
Matter, density      17Ч20
Matter, dry ice      12Ч14
Matter, non-Newtonian fluids      7
Matter, plasma      69
Matter, quicksand      8Ч9
Matter, slime molds      14Ч17
Matter, states of      6 80
Medicine, ultrasonic waves for      96
Mediterranean sea      72
Megaherbivores      46Ч47
Metamorphic rock      78
Microbes, acids      60Ч63
Microbes, smell of      56Ч58 60
Microbes, yeast      58Ч60
Micrococci      58
Microfilaments      17
Minerals      81Ч82
Mirages      86Ч87
Molds      14Ч17
Molecules, carbon dioxide      14
Molecules, expansion and contraction      101Ч102
Molecules, sugar and starch      26
Molecules, water      11
Mollusks      44
Monera kingdom      56
Moon      66
Movement by banana slugs      44Ч46
Movement by mud skippers      41
Movement of air      74
Movement of molecules      101Ч2
Movement of slime molds      16Ч17
Movement of waves      66Ч68
Movement, density and      17Ч20
Mucus      45Ч46
Mudskippers      40Ч42
Muons      109
Naked mole rats      49Ч51
Neutrons      106
New Mexico      82
Newton, Sir Isaac      7 106 111
Newtonian fluids      7
Non-Newtonian fluids, Quicksand as      8
Non-Newtonian fluids, slime as      7
Non-Newtonian fluids, thixotropic      9
North America      74
Northern lights      88Ч89
Oceans, intertidal zones      41
Oceans, waves      66Ч68
OIL      18Ч20
Old Faithful      80
Old man cactus      36
One-celled organisms      56
Optical illusions      89Ч91
Opuntia coccenilla cactus      36
Organic material      46Ч49
Oxygen      32 42
Persian Gulf      72
Persistence of vision      91
Photosynthesis      22Ч24 36
Physarum polycephalum      15
Physics      106
Physics, antimatter      112Ч114
Physics, black holes      109Ч112
Physics, relativity      106Ч109
Physics, worm holes      109Ч112
Pitch      94 104
Pitcher plant      26Ч27
Plants      22
Plants, carnivorous      24Ч27
Plants, climate and      34Ч36
Plants, epiphytes      32Ч34
Plants, photosynthesis in      22Ч24
Plants, smell and      29Ч31
Plants, spores      27Ч29
Plants, tubers      24
Plants, xylem      12
plasma      69
Plasmodial slime molds      17
polar molecules      11
Positive ions      89
Positrons      114
Potatoes      22Ч24
potential energy      75
Proteins      17
Protons      70 106
Quarks      106
Quicksand      2Ч3 8Ч9
Raccoons      46
Radiation      114
Raffflesia arnoldi      29Ч31
Raffles, Sir Stamford      31
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