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Kharazishvili A.B. Ч Strange functions in real analysis
—ергиенко ј.Ѕ. Ч ÷ифрова€ обработка сигналов66
Lee J.S., Miller L.E. Ч CDMA systems engineering handbook75
Soong T.T. Ч Fundamentals of probability and statistics for engineerssee Normal distribution
Falconer K. Ч Fractal Geometry. Mathematical Foundations and applications22
Petrie A., Sabin C. Ч Medical Statistics at a Glancesee УNormal distributionФ
Ito K. Ч Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics. Vol. 2341.D
Falconer K. Ч Fractal Geometry: Mathematical Foundations and Applications23
Heyde C.C. Ч Quasi-likelihood and its application: a general approach to optimal parameter estimation83, 86, 127, 138, 158, 159. See also normal distribution
McComb W.D. Ч Physics of Fluid Turbulence529
Myers J.L., Well A.D. Ч Research design and statistical analysis731, see Normal distribution
Zienkiewicz O.C., Taylor L.R. Ч The finite element method (vol. 3, Fluid dynamics)46
Matousek J. Ч Lectures on Discrete Geometry (some chapters)328
Witten I.H., Gori M., Numerico T. Ч Web Dragons: Inside the Myths of Search Engine Technology88, 89, 153. See also power-law distribution
Clote P., Backofen R. Ч Computational Molecular Biology30
Liboff R. Ч Kinetic Theory56, 59, 173
Bell S. Ч Forensic Chemistry19, 22f
Folland J.B. Ч Real Analysis: Modern Techniques and Their Applications325
Mukamel S. Ч Principles of Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy224, 287, 293
Dill K.A., Bromberg S. Ч Molecular Driving Forces: Statistical Thermodynamics in Chemistry and Biology57
Skorokhod A.V., Prokhorov Y.V. (Ed) Ч Basic Principles and Applications of Probability Theory40ff, 87, 202, 205
Meisel W.S. Ч Computer-oriented approach to pattern recognitionsee Normal distribution
Safran S.A. Ч Statistical thermodynamics on surfaces, interfaces and membranes17, 50, 94, 256
Hamilton J.D. Ч Time Series Analysis745Ч746, 748Ч749, 751Ч752
Efetov K. Ч Supersymmetry in disorder and chaos40Ч42, 53, 260
Honerkamp J. Ч Statistical Physics10
Engel K. Ч Sperner theory305
Balakrishnan N., Nevzorov V.B. Ч A Primer on Statistical Distributions211
Devlin K.J. Ч Language of Mathematics: Making the Invisible Visible287
Kanatani K. Ч Statistical Optimization for Geometric Computation: Theory and Practice68
Wise G.L., Hall E.B. Ч Counterexamples in Probability and Real Analysis21Ч24, 26Ч29, 139Ч146, 149, 150, 152, 154Ч157, 163, 164, 172Ч174, 183Ч188, 190Ч193, 198Ч202, 204Ч206
Nickerson R. Ч Cognition and Chance The Psychology of Probabilistic Reasoning242, 245
Mayer J.E., Mayer M.G. Ч Statistical Mechanics76
Gershenfeld N. Ч The Nature of Mathematical Modelling-Neil Gershenfeld49
Lawless J.F. Ч Statistical Models and Methods for Lifetime Datasee УNormal distributionФ
Siegfried T. Ч A Beautiful Math John Nash, Game Theory, and the Modern Quest for a Code of Nature131, 139,244, 249
Balescu R. Ч Equilibrium and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics374
Holden A.V. Ч Chaos172, 175
Fripp A., Fripp J., Fripp M. Ч Just-in-Time Math for Engineers207Ч210, 224Ч226
Barlow R. Ч Statistics: A Guide and Reference to the Use of Statistical Methods in the Physical Sciences34Ч41
Lee W.C.Y. Ч Mobile Communications Engineering71
Cohen E.R. Ч Fundamental Constants of Physics223, 227
Kopparapu S.K., Desai U.D. Ч Bayesian Approach to Image Interpretation19
Kerker M. Ч The scattering of light353, 376
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Mukamel S. Ч Principles of nonlinear spectroscopy224, 287, 293
Shiryaev A.N. Ч Probability66, 156, 161, 293
Dacorogna M.M., Gencay R., Mueller U.A. Ч An Introduction to High-Frequency Finance135, 155
Schroeder M.R. Ч Schroeder, Self Similarity: Chaos, Fractals, Power Laws73, 133, 157
Berrar D.P., Dubitzky W., Granzow M. Ч Practical approach to microarray data analysis112, 114
Zauderer E. Ч Partial Differential Equations of Applied Mathematics8
Michie D., Spiegelhalter D.J., Taylor C.C. Ч Machine learning, neural and statistical classification20
Samet H. Ч The design and analysis of spatial data structures111, 268
Back T., Fogel D.B., Michalewicz Z. Ч Evolutionary computation (Vol. 1. Basic algorithms and operators)242
Prigogine I. Ч Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics83
Holden A.V. Ч Chaos172, 175
Kubo R., Toda M., Hashitsume N. Ч Statistical physics II. Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics8, 22, 27, 29
Shanbhag D.N. (ed.), Rao C.R. (ed.) Ч Stochastic Processes - Modelling and Simulation657, 658
Norman G.R., Streiner D. Ч Biostatistics: the bare essentials23 (see also УNormal distributionФ)
Peiser H.S, (ed.), Rooksby H.P. (ed.), Wilson A.J.C. (ed.) Ч X-Ray Diffraction by Polycrystalline Materials. Physics in Industry222, 426Ч427
Cowling T.G. Ч Molecules in motion128
Stuwe K. Ч Geodynamics of the Lithosphere: An Introduction419
Lyons R.G. Ч Understanding Digital Signal Processing325
Kubo R. Ч Statistical Mechanics: An Advanced Course with Problems and Solutions21, 57, 74, 375
Burnell J., Berry R. Ч Handbook of Astronomical Image Processing39, 42
Kannan D. Ч An introduction to stochastic processes8
Bardou F., Bouchaud J., Aspect A. Ч Levy statistics and laser cooling4, 44
Aslrom K.J. Ч Introduction to Stochastic Control Theory17, 218
Kittel Charles, Kroemer Herbert Ч Thermal Physics20
Saaty T.L. Ч Elements of Queueing theory with applications254
Balian R. Ч From Microphysics to Macrophysics: Methods and Applications of Statistical Physics (vol. 1)30, 97, 98, 210, 229, 239, 464
McComb W. D. Ч The Physics of Fluid Turbulence529
Cercignani C. Ч Theory and Application of the Boltzman Equation88, 97
Baglivo J.A. Ч Mathematica Laboratories for Mathematical Statistics: Emphasizing Simulation and Computer Intensive Methods35
Kenzel W., Reents G., Clajus M. Ч Physics by Computer20, 163
Gardiner C.W.W., Haken H. Ч Handbook of Stochastic Methods: For Physics, Chemistry and the Natural Sciences36Ч38
Guiseppe Da Prato Ч Stochastic equations in infinite dimensions36
Landau L.D., Lifshitz E.M. Ч Statistical physics (volume 5 of Course of Theoretical Physics)335
Junker G. Ч Supersymmetric Methods in Quantum and Statistical Physics94
Petrou M., Sevilla P.G. Ч Image Processing: Dealing with Texture24, 28
Lipschutz S. Ч Schaum's Outline of Probability106
Jain A.K., Dubes R.C. Ч Algorithms for clustering data246
Streetman B.G. Ч Solid State Electronic Devices123, 132, 197Ч198
Fersht A. Ч Structure and Mechanism in Protein Science210
van der Giesen E. (Editor), Wu T.Y. (Editor) Ч Solid Mechanics, Volume 36233, 234
Marques de Sa J.P. Ч Pattern recognition: concepts, methods, and applications98
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Bloomfield P., Steiger W. Ч Least Absolute Deviationssee also "Normal distribution"
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Lee T.H. Ч Design of CMOS Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits244, 251, 253
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Mandel L., Wolf E. Ч Optical Coherence and Quantum Optics27Ч37
Mayer J.E., Goeppert Mayer M. Ч Statistical mechanics76
Haken H. Ч Synergetics: an introduction37
Franklin G.F., Workman M.L., Powell J.D. Ч Digital Control of Dynamic Systems714
Hamming R.W. Ч Art of Probability for Scientists and Engineers284
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Mitchell T.M. Ч Machine LearningSee "Normal distribution"
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Kambhampati D. (ed.) Ч Protein Microarray Technology234
Podgorsak E. Ч Radiation Physics for Medical Physicists58, 138
Wiedemann H. Ч Particle accelerator physics II295
Mathews J., Walker R.L. Ч Mathematical methods of physics378, 381, 384
Ash R. Ч Basic probability theorysee Distribution, normal
Coffey W.T., Kalmykov Yu.P., Waldron J.T. Ч The Langevin equation48, 50, 608
Macmillan N., Creelman D. Ч Detection Theory: A User's Guidesee "Normal distribution"
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Zeidler E. Ч Oxford User's Guide to Mathematics334
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Haile J.M. Ч Molecular Dyanmics Simualtion: Elementary Methods65Ч66, 69Ч70, 272, 325, 361, see also "Maxwell distribution"
Haile J.M. Ч Molecular Dyanmics Simualtion: Elementary Methods65Ч66, 69Ч70, 272, 325, 361, see also "Maxwell distribution"
Lemaitre J., Desmorat R. Ч Engineering Damage Mechanics: Ductile, Creep, Fatigue and Brittle Failures113, 323
Dolan T.J. Ч Fusion Research: Principles, Experiments and Technology250
Kanwal R.P. Ч Generalized functions: Theory and technique392, 393
Santalo L., Kac M. Ч Integral geometry and geometric probability291
Krane K.S. Ч Introductory nuclear physics219
—ергиенко ј.Ѕ. Ч ÷ифрова€ обработка сигналов. ”чебник дл€ вузов.66
Falconer K. Ч Fractal geometry: mathematical foundations and applications23
Krantz S. Ч Mathematical apocrypha redux260
Clarke C.L.A., Cormack G.V. Ч Information Retrieval: Implementing and Evaluating Search Engines417
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Honerkamp J. Ч Statistical physics: an advanced approach with applications10
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Liboff R.L. Ч Introductory quantum mechanics75
Rosser W.G.V. Ч An introduction to statistical physics45, 47, 54, 55, 58, 66, 73, 338, 346, 348, 359, 361, 363
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