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Lilley J.S. Ч Nuclear physics: principles and applications
Lilley J.S. Ч Nuclear physics: principles and applications

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Ќазвание: Nuclear physics: principles and applications

јвтор: Lilley J.S.


This title provides the latest information on nuclear physics. Based on a course entitled Applications of Nuclear Physics. Written from an experimental point of view this text is broadly divided into two parts, firstly a general introduction to Nuclear Physics and secondly its applications. * Includes chapters on practical examples and problems * Contains hints to solving problems which are included in the appendix * Avoids complex and extensive mathematical treatments * A modern approach to nuclear physics, covering the basic theory, but emphasising the many and important applications

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√од издани€: 2001

 оличество страниц: 397

ƒобавлена в каталог: 21.11.2014

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ѕредметный указатель
$ft_{1/2}$value      79 82 83
Absorbed dose      185
Absorption      see "Attenuation"
Accelerator      171Ч178
Accelerator mass spectrometry      223Ч226
Accelerator mass spectrometry, ambiguity resolution      223
Accelerator mass spectrometry, background suppression      224
Accelerator mass spectrometry, sensitivity      225
Accelerator, cyclotron      175Ч178
Accelerator, cyclotron, AVF      177
Accelerator, cyclotron, sector-focussed      177
Accelerator, cyclotron, uperconducting      178
Accelerator, linear      173Ч175
Accelerator, linear, drift-tube      173
Accelerator, linear, electron      175
Accelerator, linear, waveguide      175
Accelerator, tandem      172Ч173
Accelerator, Van de Graaff      171Ч172
Activation analysis      212Ч215
Activation analysis for contraband detection      214
Activation analysis with neutrons      212
Activation analysis, sensitivity      214
Activation energy      43 117
Activity      18
Agriculture, use of radioactivity      206
Allowed transition, in $\beta$ decay      77Ч80
Alpha decay      4 14 84Ч89
Alpha decay, $\alpha$ preformation probability      84
Alpha decay, $\alpha$-nuclear potential      87
Alpha decay, $^{232}U$      88
Alpha decay, $^{238}U$      15
Alpha decay, barrier penetration      84Ч86
Alpha decay, dependence on emitted angular momentum      88
Alpha decay, fine structure      88
Alpha decay, Gamow factor      86
Alpha decay, Geiger Ч Nuttail rule      84
Alpha decay, identification of nuclei      89
Alpha decay, mass determination      15
Alpha decay, parity selection rule      88
Alpha decay, q-value dependence      84
Alpha decay, rate      86Ч87
Alpha decay, semiclassical theory      84Ч88
Alpha decay, Z dependence      87
Alpha particle      4 8 12
Alpha rays      4
Angular momentum, coupling      53 54
Angular momentum, Quantum number      11
Angular momentum, zone      99Ч100
Annihilation radiation      141 243
Antimatter      16 74 313
Atomic mass      6
Atomic mass unit (u)      6 325
Atomic number      6
Attenuation      141 143
Attenuation coefficient      138 141
Attenuation in optical model      106
Attenuation of electrons      135Ч136
Attenuation of gamma-rays      141Ч142
Attenuation of neutrons      143Ч144
Attenuation, length and mean free path      143
Auger electron      138
Barn      25 326
Barrier penetration      84Ч86 301 see
Bateman equations      19
Becquerel (unit)      18
Beta decay      15Ч17 74Ч84
Beta decay in even-even nuclei      41Ч42
Beta decay in odd-even nuclei      41Ч42
Beta decay in odd-odd nuclei      41Ч42
Beta decay, $ft_{1/2}$ value      79 82 83
Beta decay, $^{123}I$      238
Beta decay, $^{131}I$      238 256
Beta decay, $^{137}Cs$      70
Beta decay, $^{22}Na$      17
Beta decay, $^{60}Co$      70 82
Beta decay, $^{99}Mo$      20
Beta decay, allowed transition      77Ч80
Beta decay, comparative half-life      79
Beta decay, coulomb distortion      76Ч78
Beta decay, dependence on emitted angular momentum      80Ч82
Beta decay, electron capture      17 74 83Ч84
Beta decay, energy spectrum      16 75Ч77
Beta decay, energy spectrum, end point of      16 76
Beta decay, Fermi decay      80
Beta decay, Fermi function      76
Beta decay, Fermi integral function      79
Beta decay, Fermi Ч Kurie plot      78
Beta decay, forbidden transition      80Ч82
Beta decay, Gamow Ч Teller decay      80
Beta decay, matrix element      75
Beta decay, rate      75 78
Beta decay, selection rules      82
Beta decay, selection rules, angular momentum      80Ч82
Beta decay, selection rules, parity      80Ч82
Beta decay, spin dependence      80Ч82
Beta decay, superallowed      82
Beta rays      4
Bethe Ч Bloch formula      130Ч131
big bang      21 124 313Ч315
Big bang, primordial H/He ratio      315
Binding energy      7Ч8 38
Binding energy per nucleon      8 40Ч41
Bragg curve      132Ч133
Bragg peak      133 257
Bragg Ч Kleeman rule      134
Branching in radioactive decay      18 21 79 88
Breit Ч Wigner resonance      31 114Ч115
Bremsstrahlung      135 221 304
Cancer risk      200Ч201
Carbon burning, in stars      319
Carbon dating      22 223 225
Chain reaction      see "Fission"
Charge and matter distribution in nuclei      105 108
Charge independence      see "Nucleon-nucleon force"
Charge symmetry      see "Nucleon-nucleon force"
CNO cycle      316Ч317
Collective motion      35 54Ч63
Collective motion, rotational      59Ч63
Collective motion, vibrational      55Ч58
Comparative half-life      79
Complex potential      106
Compound nucleus      see "Reactions"
Compton continuum      162Ч163
Compton edge      162Ч163
Compton scattering      139Ч140
Compton scattering, attenuation coefficient      137Ч138
Compton scattering, backscatter peak      163
Computed tomography (CT)      see "Imaging"
Confidence level, in low-level counting      226
Configuration      see "Shell model"
Cosmic rays      22 195Ч196
Coulomb barrier      9
Coulomb energy, in semi-empirical mass formula      39
Coulomb excitation      119
Coulomb potential      10
Coulomb scattering      see "Rutherford scattering"
Critical limit, in low-level counting      227Ч228
Cross section      24Ч25 97Ч104 see
Cross section of mixture      271
Cross section, differential      25
Cross section, elastic      97 102
Cross section, interaction radius      28 97
Cross section, limiting      100 115
Cross section, macroscopic      143 271
Cross section, partial      25
Cross section, reaction      97 100 102
Cross section, s-wave      101Ч104
Cross section, total      97
Curie (unit)      18
Cyclotron      see "Accelerator"
Cyclotron frequency      176 306 310
dating      22 223 225
Decay branch      18 21 79 88
Decay chain      14 19 21 89 197 265
Decay constant      18
Decay law      18
Deep inelastic reactions      122Ч124
Deformation, nuclear      43 58Ч59
Delayed neutrons      see "Fission"
Density of nuclear matter      28 105 108
Density of states      75 333
Detection limit      227 229
Differential cross section      see "Cross section"
Diffusion      see "Neutron"
Dipole vibration      56
Dose      see "Radiation"
Double-escape peak, in $\gamma$-ray detection      163Ч164
Effective dose      188
Eigenvalue      10 330
Elastic scattering      see "Scattering"
Electron capture      see "Beta decay"
Electron scattering      see "Scattering"
Energy levels of nuclei      12Ч13
Energy loss in matter      129Ч148
Energy loss in matter of electrons      134Ч136
Energy loss in matter of electrons, collision loss      135
Energy loss in matter of electrons, radiation loss      135
Energy loss in matter of gamma rays      136Ч142
Energy loss in matter of heavy charged particles      129Ч134
Energy loss in matter of heavy charged particles, electron capture and loss      132
Energy loss in matter of neutrons      142Ч148
Energy loss in matter, stopping power      130
Energy resolution, in detectors      164Ч165
Energy width      13 113 326
Equivalent dose      187Ч188
Escape peaks      163Ч164
Exclusion principle      6 12 37
Fermi (unit)      6 326
Fermi energy      39 335
Fermi gas model      39
Fermi Golden Rule      75
Fissile nuclei      116
Fission      9 263Ч295
Fission barrier (activation energy)      43 117
Fission fragments      264Ч265
Fission fragments, mass distribution      265
Fission reactor      269
Fission reactor, accelerator driven      294Ч295
Fission reactor, advanced gas-cooled (AGR)      288
Fission reactor, boiling water      289Ч290
Fission reactor, breeder      292Ч293
Fission reactor, breeder, breeding ratio      292
Fission reactor, breeder, doubling time      293
Fission reactor, CANDU      274 291
Fission reactor, condition for going critical      269
Fission reactor, control rods      270
Fission reactor, dilute      272
Fission reactor, early gas-cooled (Magnox)      287
Fission reactor, equation      279Ч281
Fission reactor, eta factor ($\eta$)      272
Fission reactor, fast      269 293
Fission reactor, fast fission factor $(\epsilon)$      272
Fission reactor, finite      276Ч282
Fission reactor, finite, rectangular geometry      281
Fission reactor, finite, spherical geometry      282
Fission reactor, four-factor formula      273Ч274
Fission reactor, fuel consumption      283
Fission reactor, heavy-water      290Ч291
Fission reactor, heterogeneous      271
Fission reactor, homogeneous      271
Fission reactor, kinetics      284Ч285
Fission reactor, moderator      269 274
Fission reactor, neutron cycle      271Ч274
Fission reactor, neutron inutiplication factor (k)      269
Fission reactor, neutron leakage      273
Fission reactor, neutron lifetime      284
Fission reactor, poisoning      265 285Ч287
Fission reactor, power      283
Fission reactor, power plant      269Ч270
Fission reactor, pressurized water      288Ч289
Fission reactor, rating      283
Fission reactor, resonance escape probability (p)      272
Fission reactor, subcritical      269
Fission reactor, thermal      269
Fission reactor, thermal utilization factor (f)      273
Fission, $n+^{235}U$      267Ч268
Fission, $n+^{238}U$      268
Fission, breeder reactions      268Ч269
Fission, chain reaction      263 269
Fission, cross section      267 271
Fission, decay chain      265
Fission, delayed neutrons      267
Fission, energy release      265Ч266
Fission, fuel breeding      292
Fission, neutron-induced      116Ч117 264
Fission, prompt neutrons      266
Fission, prompt neutrons, average number per fission      266 271
Fission, prompt neutrons, energy spectrum      266
Fission, radioactivity      265Ч266 292
Fission, resonance capture      272
Fission, spontaneous      9 14 42Ч44
Flux      24
Food preservation      210Ч211
Forbidden transition in $\beta$ decay      80Ч82
Free radical      183
Functional MRI      251Ч253
Fusion      9 299Ч323
Fusion in a hot medium      302Ч304
Fusion in a hot medium, effective thermal energy      302
Fusion in big bang      see "Nucleosynthesis"
Fusion in heavy-ion reactions      120Ч122
Fusion in stars      see "Nucleosynthesis"
Fusion reactions      300
Fusion reactor      302
Fusion reactor, break-even point      304
Fusion reactor, bremsstrahlung loss      304
Fusion reactor, ignition point      304
Fusion reactor, inertial confinement      311Ч313
Fusion reactor, inertial confinement, burnup fraction      312
Fusion reactor, inertial confinement, charged-particle driven      313
Fusion reactor, inertial confinement, compression factor      311
Fusion reactor, inertial confinement, laser driven      312Ч313
Fusion reactor, Lawson criterion      304Ч305
Fusion reactor, magnetic confinement      306Ч311
Fusion reactor, magnetic confinement, Joint European Torus (JET)      309Ч310
Fusion reactor, magnetic confinement, magnetic mirror      306
Fusion reactor, magnetic confinement, tokamak geometry      309
Fusion, Coulomb barrier      301
Fusion, cross section      301
Fusion, deuterium-deuterium      300
Fusion, deuterium-tritium      300
Gamma camera      236
Gamma emission      17Ч18 65Ч74
Gamma emission, $^{0}Co$      69Ч70
Gamma emission, $^{23}I$      238
Gamma emission, $^{2}Na$      17
Gamma emission, $^{31}I$      238 256
Gamma emission, $^{37}Cs$      69Ч70
Gamma emission, $^{9}Te^{m}$      20 238
Gamma emission, electric dipole      67
Gamma emission, electric radiation      66
Gamma emission, enhanced E2emission      71Ч72
Gamma emission, internal conversion      17 66 73Ч74
Gamma emission, internal pair formation      17 66
Gamma emission, isomeric transition      18
Gamma emission, magnetic dipole      67
Gamma emission, magnetic radiation      66
Gamma emission, matrix element      68
Gamma emission, mixed transitions      71
Gamma emission, multipolarity      66
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