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Lee T.H. Ч Design of CMOS Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits
Lee T.H. Ч Design of CMOS Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits

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Ќазвание: Design of CMOS Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits

јвтор: Lee T.H.


The book is packed with physical insights and design tips, and it includes a historical overview that sets the whole field in context. It contains hundreds of circuit diagrams and many homework problems. This is an ideal textbook for students taking course on RF design and a valuable reference for practicing engineers.

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√од издани€: 1998

 оличество страниц: 598

ƒобавлена в каталог: 14.03.2006

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ѕредметный указатель
"A Method for the Determination of the Transfer Function of Electronic Circuits" (Cochrun and Grabel)      167
"All-American" 5-tube superhet (radio), development of      32 575Ч578 583
"Duck test" version, of Occam's razor      116
"Four sevens" patent (#7777), of Marconi      7
"Motorboating", low-frequency oscillation as      434 435
"Subhistories of the Light-Emitting Diode" (Loebner)      22
"The Crystal Detector" (Douglas)      22
"Ultraviolet catastrophe"      247
"Universal" equations, for impedance transformation      94 95
"When Tubes Beat Crystals: Early Radio Detectors" (Thackeray)      22
$f_{T}$ doubler, bandwith enhancement with      197Ч199
$f_{T}$ doubler, Battjes type      198Ч199 217
$f_{T}$ doubler, Darlington pair as      197 217
$f_{T}$ doubler, differential pair as      197
$g_{m}$ cell      329
$\Gamma$-plane      135
$\pi$-match circuit      95Ч98 105 107
$\pi$-match circuit with transformed right-hand L-section      97
4046 CMOS phase-locked loops, use in design examples      470Ч478
AC power, for filament tube      24
Active inductors, noise properties of      269
Adler, R.B.      148
Admittance of infinitesimal capacitance      110
Admittance of parallel RLC tank      86Ч87 90
Admittance of tapped capacitor resonator      99 100
Admittance relation, reflection coefficient relation to      270
Admittance, correlation admittance      258 275
Admittance, optimum source admittance      258 260
Advanced Mobile Phone Service      344
AF signals      17
Ailken, Hugh      12 22
Alexanderson alternator      8
Alexanderson, Ernst F.W.      7
Alternator technology, history of      22
Aluminum interconnect      36
AM broadcast band      15
AM broadcast radios, neutralization for      205
AM broadcast radios, standard IF for      316Ч317
AM broadcast, first by Fessenden      8 9
AM demodulator, Armstrong's explanation of      572
AM demodulator, envelope detector as      111 112
AM radio, preselector in      554 555
AM radio, static in      21
AM receiver, upconversion in design of      556
AM table radio, early model ("All-American")      32 575Ч578 583
AM, bandwidth of      21
AM, FM signal conversion into      20
America's Cup yacht race      7
American National Standards Institute (ANSI)      141
American Telephone and Telegraph Co.      12 390
American Wireless Telephone and Telegraph      7
Ampere's law      115
Amplifiers with voltage-sensitive capacitance      83
Amplifiers, cascaded      206Ч216
Amplifiers, common source type      200Ч201
Amplifiers, common-gate type      176
Amplifiers, design example for      153Ч160
Amplifiers, distributed type      191Ч197 214Ч216
Amplifiers, feedback-biased      176
Amplifiers, feedforward amplifiers      386Ч389
Amplifiers, gain of      180
Amplifiers, high-frequency type      178Ч222
Amplifiers, inverting amplifiers      85 406 407
Amplifiers, narrowband type      179
Amplifiers, negative feedback amplifiers      389Ч390
Amplifiers, neutralization of      203Ч206
Amplifiers, noise performance of      268
Amplifiers, noninverting amplifiers      405
Amplifiers, positive feedback amplifiers      386
Amplifiers, shunt and series peaking of      188Ч189
Amplifiers, shunt-peaked      184
Amplifiers, shunt-series type      191Ч197
Amplifiers, solid-state type      20Ч21
Amplifiers, superregenerative type      211Ч213
Amplifiers, tuned typed      199Ч203
Amplifiers, two-port bandwidth enhancement of      187Ч191
Amplifiers, unilateralization of      203Ч206
Amplitude modulation      see "AM"
analog circuits      36
Analog Devices      264
Analog-to-digital converters (ADCs)      562 568
Antiresonant frequency, of parallel RLC tank      87
Arc technology for industrial illumination      7
Arc technology, history of      22
Architectures      550Ч570
Architectures for dual-conversion receivers      556
Architectures for image-reject receiver      556Ч561
Architectures for single-conversion receiver      554Ч555
Architectures for subsampling      565
Architectures for transmitters      566Ч567
Architectures for upconversion      555Ч556
Architectures in dynamic range      551Ч565
Architectures, direct conversion in      562Ч565
Architectures, problem set for      568Ч570
Armstrong regenerative receiver      13
Armstrong, Edwin Howard      1 12 13Ч15 17 19 21Ч22 211 212 308 386 390
Armstrong, Edwin Howard, grid-leak AM demodulator of      572Ч573
Armstrong, Edwin Howard, history of inventions of      571Ч575
Armstrong, Edwin Howard, in legal battle      21Ч22
Armstrong, Marian      22
Asymptotic angle rule      401
Atmospheric noise      577
Attenuation constant, of transmission lines      142Ч143
Audions, as de Forest vacuum tubes      11Ч13 23 27 571
Audiophonics, power consumption in      348
Auditory system, of humans      6
Autodyne circuit, of "All-American" 5-tube superhet      577
Automatic gain control (AGC), in "All-American" 5-tube superhet      578
Automatic volume control (AVC), in "All-American" 5-tube superhet      578
Autotransformer      205
Available noise power      244
Back-gate bias effect      77 240
Ballasting      375
Bandgap reference principle      229
Bandgap references, classic      229Ч237
Bandgap references, design example for      230Ч233
Bandgap voltage references, in CMOS technology      227 233Ч235
Bandpass filters, for interference reduction      7
Bandwidth estimation      146Ч177
Bandwidth estimation, open-circuit time constants ($OC\tau s$) method      147Ч161 163
Bandwidth estimation, problem set for      174Ч177
Bandwidth estimation, short-circuit time constants ($SC\tau s$) method      161Ч166
Bandwidth for noise      246
Bandwidth of shunt-series amplifiers      195Ч197
Bandwidth, $f_{T}$ doubler enhancement of      197Ч199
Bandwidth, channel capacity related to      124
Bandwidth, negative feedback and      392Ч393
Bandwidth, quality factor and      90
Bandwidth, risetime and delay      167Ч174
Bandwidth, risetime relations with      171Ч173 175
Bandwidth, shrinkage of      173 207Ч209
Bandwidth, T-coil enhancement of      190
Bandwidth, zeros as enhancers of      178 179Ч191
Bandwidth-delay tradeoff      189
Bardeen, John      62
Barretter      8
Battjes $f_{T}$ doubler      198 217
Battjes, Carl      198Ч199
Beam-forming electrode      31Ч32
Bell Laboratories      21 62 247 387 501 580
Bell, Alexander Graham      387
Bias circuits, supply-independent      225Ч227
Bias loop, in low-noise amplifier      294
Biasing      223Ч242
Biasing, problem set for      237Ч242
Big Bang, echoes of      248 311
Bilinear transformation      135
Bipolar circuits, biasing based on      223
Bipolar circuits, CMOS version of      198Ч199
Bipolar common-emitter amplifier      306
Bipolar devices      62 75Ч76
Bipolar technologies, poly emitters for      35
Bipolar transistor mixer, conversion gain of      318
Bipolar transistors, bistable noise      see "Popcorn noise"
Bipolar transistors, breakdown phenomena in      374
Bipolar transistors, describing functions for      488Ч491
Bipolar transistors, Dicker noise in      254
Bipolar transistors, Early effect in      77
Bipolar transistors, gold doping of      255
Bipolar transistors, incremental model of      485
Bipolar transistors, noise model for      266
Bipolar transistors, thermal runaway in      375
Black hole, for energy, transmission line as      119
Black, Harold S., feedforward amplifier of      387Ч389
Black, Harold S., negative feedback amplifier of      389Ч390
Blackbody radiation, noise associated with      247
Bode plots      176 392 397 398 424 436 446
Body effect      see "Back-gate bias"
Body-effect coefficient      84
Boltzmann's constant      244 245
Bond wire inductors      34 52 60
Bose, J.C.      5
Bounded-input bounded-output (BIBO) definition, of stability      395
Branly coherer      3
Branly, Edouard      3
Brattain, John      62
Braun, Ferdinand      5
Bridging capacitance      189 190Ч191
Brightness signal, in color television      440
British Marconi      10
Brokaw cell      229 230 232
Brownian motion, noise and      243
Burns, Ken      22
Burst noise      see "Popcorn noise"
Cady, W.G.      501
Calwhisker, as detector part      5 6 20
Capacitance of interconnect      41Ч47
Capacitance or MOSFETs      67Ч70
Capacitance, equations for      37 40 51 57Ч58
Capacitive degeneration      320
capacitors      34 37Ч47
Carbon resistors, dicker noise in      253
Carborundum detectors      6 9 11 20
Carson, John R.      21
Cartesian feedback      363
Cascade amplifiers      155 157 158 165 206Ч216
Cascade amplifiers with single tuned load      204
Cascade amplifiers, bandwidth shrinkage in      207Ч209
Cascade amplifiers, noise temperature of      260
Cascade amplifiers, optimum gain per stage in      209Ч211
Cascade systems for intercept calculation      553
Cascade systems for noise-figure computation      267 551Ч552
Cascade systems, delay in      167Ч169
Cascade systems, linearity of      552Ч554
Cascoding technique      29Ч30 291 327 328 500 577
Cascomp circuit      327
Cathodes, basic principles of      23Ч25
Cathodes, oxide-coated      24 25
Cellular telephones, channel spacing in      567
Cellular telephones, FM use by      344
Cellular telephones, lithium niobate filter use in      504
Channel capacity, bandwidth related to      124
Channel lengths in short-channel MOS devices      75Ч76
Channel lengths, modulation of      77Ч78 84
Channel-spacing counter, in integer-N synthesizer      518
Charge pump, as alternative for op-amp loop filter      465Ч466 479
Circadian rhythms, of humans, as injection locking      439
Circuit design, economics of      1
Circular capacitance, correction factors for fringing in      58
Clapp oscillator      505 506 512 513 524 532
Class A amplifiers      346Ч349 364 380 381 382 384 578
Class A amplifiers, design example for      365Ч369
Class A amplifiers, drain efficiency of      347
Class A amplifiers, load-pull characterization of      376Ч378
Class A amplifiers, modulation of      362Ч363
Class AB amplifiers      354
Class AB amplifiers, design example for      369Ч370
Class AB amplifiers, modulation of      362Ч363
Class B amplifiers      349Ч351 364
Class B amplifiers, design example for      369Ч370
Class B amplifiers, drain efficiency of      350
Class B amplifiers, modulation of      362Ч363
Class C amplifiers      351Ч354 365 382
Class C amplifiers, design example for      369Ч370
Class C amplifiers, drain efficiency of      354
Class C amplifiers, iterations of      376
Class C amplifiers, modulation of      362Ч363
Class D amplifiers      355Ч357 365
Class D amplifiers, design example for      370Ч371
Class E amplifiers      357Ч359 365
Class E amplifiers, design example for      370Ч371
Class E amplifiers, modulation of      362Ч363
Class F amplifiers      359Ч362 365
Class F amplifiers, modulation of      362Ч363
Clocked circuits      460 462 524 560Ч561
Closed-loop systems, stability of      398
Clutches, loop transmissions and      407
CMOS circuit blocks, dimensions of      116
CMOS technology, bandgap voltage references in      227 233Ч235 241
CMOS technology, bias circuits of      223
CMOS technology, bipolar circuit in      198Ч199
CMOS technology, bipolar transistors in      225
CMOS technology, diodes in      225
CMOS technology, distributed amplifier use in      216
CMOS technology, implanted diffusions in      231
CMOS technology, inferiority of      183
CMOS technology, inverters in      469 509
CMOS technology, junction capacitors in      513
CMOS technology, mixers      324Ч325 331 332
CMOS technology, noise figures of      278
CMOS technology, phase detectors in      456
CMOS technology, resistor options in      34 35
CMOS technology, RF integrated circuit design      134
CMOS technology, switches in      319 331 335 453
Coaxial cable, power-handling capacity of      141Ч142
Cochrun, B.L.      167
Coherer, Branly's      3
Coherer, replacement of      8
Color television, PLL-like circuit in      439Ч440
Colpitts crystal oscillator      507 508 524Ч525
Colpitts oscillator      504Ч506 511 524 525Ч526 543 546 548
Colpitts oscillator, describing function analysis of      495Ч500
Colpitts oscillator, startup model of      499
Colpitts oscillator, waveforms for      544
Columbia University      124
Common-gate amplifiers      220 222 279 306
Common-gate transconductor      340
Common-source (CS) amplifier      154
Common-source (CS) amplifier with shunt input resistor      278 305
Common-source (CS) amplifier with single tuned load      200Ч201
Common-source (CS) amplifier, inductively degenerated      282
Common-source (CS) amplifier, neutralization of      205 206
Common-source (CS) amplifier, zero-peaked      187
Communications systems, oscillators for      492
Commutating multipliers, as phase detectors      451Ч453
Comparator, describing function for      486
Comparator, oscillator with      545
Compensating capacitance, in neutrodyne amplifier      16
Compensation, root-locus examples and      415Ч422 432
Compensation, through gain reduction      423Ч426
Complementary metal-oxide silicon processes      see "CMOS processes"
Complementary to absolute temperature (CTAT)      224 225 228 229
Computers, use of network analysis      146
Computers, vacuum tubes in      580
Conductors, three adjacent wires in      45Ч47
Conductors, wire sandwiched in      44Ч45
Conductors, wire-over-ground plane      41Ч43
Constant-$g_{m}$ bias      235Ч237 238 241
Constant-envelope amplifiers      344 362
Constant-k lines      118
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