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Mukamel S. — Principles of Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy
Mukamel S. — Principles of Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy

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Название: Principles of Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy

Автор: Mukamel S.


This textbook presents a systematic and unifying viewpoint for a wide class of nonlinear spectroscopic techniques in time domain and frequency domain. It is directed towards active researchers in physics, optics, chemistry, and materials science, as well as graduate students who enter this complex and rapidly developing field.
Nonlinear optical interactions of laser fields with matter provide powerful spectroscopic tools for the understanding of microscopic interactions and dynamic processes. One of the major obstacles facing researchers in this field, however, is the flood of experimental techniques and terminologies, which create a serious language barrier. The general microscopic correlation function approach to the nonlinear optical response developed in this book is essential for understanding the relationships among different techniques and a comparison of their information content, the design of new measurements, and for a systematic comparison of the optical response of different systems such as dyes in solutions, atoms and molecules in the gas phase, liquids, molecular aggregates and superlatives, and semiconductor nanostructures. The approach is based on formulating the nonlinear response by representing the state of matter by the density matrix and following its evolution on Liouville space. Current active research areas such as femtosecond time-domain techniques, semi-classical and wave-packet dynamics, pulse shaping, pulse locking, exciton confinement, and the interplay of electronic, nuclear and field coherence are emphasized.
The material has been developed from the author's highly successful interdisciplinary course at the University of Rochester attended byscience and engineering graduate students.

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Рубрика: Физика/

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Год издания: 1995

Количество страниц: 576

Добавлена в каталог: 20.03.2008

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Предметный указатель
$\alpha$-Perylene crystal      424
$\beta$-Carotene, Raman excitation profiles of      284f
3,4,7,8-Naphthalenetetracarboxylic dianhydride (NTCDA)      480
3,4,9,10-Perylenetetracarboxylic dianhydride (PTCDA)      480f
4WM      See Four-wave mixing
Absorber-perturber relative coordinate      238
Absorption rate, thermal fluctuations and      See Fluctuation-dissipation theorem
Absorption spectroscopy      4f 144
Absorption spectroscopy of quantum field      262—264 263f
Absorption spectroscopy of weak probe      100—103
Absorption spectroscopy, coefficient      95 96
Absorption spectroscopy, cross section      96
Absorption spectroscopy, linear polarization and      3
Absorption spectroscopy, lineshapes      219—220 250—252
Absorption spectroscopy, lineshapes, insensitivity      290
Absorption spectroscopy, lineshapes, Voigt profile of      223—224
Absorption spectroscopy, two-photon nonlinear      502 503f 504 505f
ac Stark effect      446
Accumulated photon echoes (APE) with incoherent light sources      316—317
Accumulated photon echoes (APE), unified theory for      295 314—315
Addition of two states      15
Addition rule, for associativity      40
Adiabatic (Born — Oppenheimer) separation, of electronic and nuclear motions      92 210
Anderson — Talman model, and density expansion      238—239
Angular velocity      449
Anharmonic oscillators, applications      514—515 515f
Anharmonic oscillators, coupled      483 514
Anharmonic oscillators, coupled, nonlocal      482
Anharmonic oscillators, Green function and      513
Anharmonic oscillators, model for optical polarization      163—167
Anharmonic vibrational motions, effective Hamiltonian for      428
Anisotropic media, optical response of      113
Annihilation operators      489
anthracene      512f
Anticommutator      494
Ape      See Accumulated photon echoes (APE)
Associativity      40
Atomic field equations      89
Average Hamiltonian theory      31
Azulene, resonance light scattering spectra      263f
Backward propagation      32—33 175
Basis set      45 47 56 75
Basis set of system eigenstates      176
Basis set, definition of      41
Basis set, expansion of      42 45
Benzene-argon cluster, absorption spectra      243 243f
Bessel function, modified      220
Biexcitons      513
Binary collision approximation      238 239
Birefringence component      445—446
Birefringence off-resonant      446 457—459
Birefringence signals      453
Bloch equations      12 131 169 187
Bloch equations in Liouville space      76
Bloch equations in NMR      10
Bloch equations in nonlinear response calculation      491
Bloch equations, matrix form      54
Bloch equations, optical      144 181—185
Bloch equations, optical nonlinearities      173
Bloch equations, photon echo spectroscopy and      304 306
Bloch equations, population relaxation matrix      144 168 169
Bloch sphere      10
Bloch — Maxwell equations      93
Boltzmann constant      51 113
Boltzmann distribution, classical      241
Boltzmann equation      508 509
Bond breaking, chemical      369
Born — Oppenheimer (adiabatic) approximation      92
Bose commutation rule      81 263
Bosons      470—471
Bra      56 134 136 138
Bra in Hilbert space      21 22
Bra in Hilbert space vs. Liouville space      58t
Bra in phase space      71—72
Bra, Liouville space pathways and      148 149
Bra, time derivative of density operator and      50
Bragg diffraction      4 324 414
Brownian oscillator model      220 226 233 414 422
Brownian oscillator model in Liouville space      133—134
Brownian oscillator model, advantages      243
Brownian oscillator model, classical dynamics      242
Brownian oscillator model, dynamics in phase space using Wigner representation      233
Brownian oscillator model, Gaussian lineshape and      388
Brownian oscillator model, Gaussian statistics and      209
Brownian oscillator model, general, with arbitrary friction      362
Brownian oscillator model, limiting cases      223 231 231f
Brownian oscillator model, multimode      See Multimode Brownian oscillator model
Brownian oscillator model, overdamped      271 286 289 293
Brownian oscillator model, overdamped, homogeneous broadening      389—391 391f—393f
Brownian oscillator model, overdamped, nuclear wavepackets for      385—391 387f 389f 391f—393f
Brownian oscillator model, parameters for polar solvent      253—254
Brownian oscillator model, reduced descriptions      132
Brownian oscillator model, second-order cumulant expansion and      292
Brownian oscillator model, spectral diffusion processes and      203
Brownian oscillator model, underdamped      221 333 385
Brownian oscillator model, usage      232
Canonical distribution function      146
Canonical field variables      81
Canonical momentum      85
Canonical partition function      51
Canonical transformation      88
Canonical variables      88
CARS      See Coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy (CARS)
Cascading contributions      465
Casimir — Polder dispersion interaction      87
Causality and Kramers — Kronig relations      322
Causality, principle of      117 145
Causality, signature in frequency domain      145
Center-of-mass motion      238
Central limit theorem      209 224
Charge density operator      82
Charge transfer, theory of      251
Chemical bond breaking      369
Classical dynamics      345—346
Classical dynamics, molecular      188
Classical dynamics, multiplication rule for      40
Classical dynamics, variables      69
Classical simulation, of nuclear wavepackets      349—351
Classical trajectories, calculation of      209
Clausius — Mossotti expression, for dielectric function      468
Closure, addition rule for      40
Coherence size, exciton      506
Coherence size, temperature-dependent      481 482f
Coherence, condensed phase spectroscopy and      198
Coherence, definition of      47 134
Coherence, dephasing      12 131
Coherence, electronic      199 441
Coherence, Green function      203 204—205
Coherence, time evolution of      191
Coherent (underdamped) nuclear motions      217—221 305
Coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy (CARS)      384
Coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy (CARS), excited-state      130 280 281—282 285
Coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy (CARS), frequency-domain      279—283 280f
Coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy (CARS), ground-state      130 280 281 285
Coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy (CARS), impulsive (femtosecond)      420 421f
Coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy (CARS), picosecond      283—285 284f 421—422 432
Coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy (CARS), third-order nonlinearities and      4
Coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy (CARS), time-domain      285
Coherent artifact      373
Coherent driving      183
Coherent oscillations      See Quantum beats
Coherent Raman spectroscopy      261—262
Coherent Raman spectroscopy, accumulated photon echoes and      316—317
Coherent Raman spectroscopy, coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy      See Coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy (CARS)
Coherent Raman spectroscopy, coherent Stokes Raman spectroscopy (CSRS)      280
Coherent Raman spectroscopy, dynamic approach      414—422 421f
Coherent Raman spectroscopy, excitation profiles, excited-state resonance      283
Coherent Raman spectroscopy, frequency-domain      417—429
Coherent Raman spectroscopy, ground-state resonance      283
Coherent Raman spectroscopy, incoherent light sources and      316—317
Coherent Raman spectroscopy, Liouville space pathways      267 268f
Coherent Raman spectroscopy, multimode Brownian oscillator model and      357
Coherent Raman spectroscopy, phase-locked transient grating and      324
Coherent Raman spectroscopy, relationship with other nonlinear spectroscopies      133
Coherent Raman spectroscopy, spontaneous light emission spectroscopy and      See Spontaneous light emission spectroscopy (SLE)
Coherent Raman spectroscopy, time-dependent      446
Coherent Stokes Raman spectroscopy (CSRS)      280
Coherent vibrations      328
Collective electronic gap coordinate      211
Collective solvent modes      217—218
Collisional broadening, theory of      238
Commutativity      40
Commutators      116 134 154
Commutators, double      164
Commutators, trace of      46
Completeness condition , scalar product rule for      42
Completeness condition in Hilbert space      56
Completeness condition in Liouville space      56
Condensed phase spectroscopy      198 221 303
Conditional probability density, in angular configuration space      449
Condon approximation for optical response of two-level system      210—212
Condon approximation on probe absorption      383
Condon approximation, Anderson — Talman model      238
Condon approximation, classical      200
Condon approximation, doorway-window representation and      361
Condon approximation, fluorescence lineshape in      250
Condon approximation, ground doorway state and      431
Condon approximation, impulsive optical response and      332
Condon approximation, impulsive window functions in      384
Condon approximation, inhomogeneous broadening and      337
Condon approximation, response functions of two-level model and      209
Condon approximation, rotating wave approximations and      411
Condon approximation, semiclassical equations of motion for Liouville space-generating functions and      351—355
Confluent hypergeometric function      245
Conjugate momentum      164
Conservation of probability      178 182
Continuous wave experiments      120
Contour integration for Green function      32—33
Contour integration, continuous distribution of oscillators and      221
Contour integration, Kramers — Kronig relations and      145
Convolution      290 295
Cooperative effects, in nonlinear response      479—483 480f—482f
Cooperative radiative decay      479 495
Correlation functions      131 188
Correlation functions of primary coordinates      227
Correlation functions, classical      241
Correlation functions, classical, response functions and      242 257—258
Correlation functions, expressions for small particle response functions      111—118 115f
Correlation functions, Maxwell — Liouville      See Maxwell — Liouville equations
Correlation functions, methods      13
Correlation functions, multitime      13 131 289
Correlation functions, partitioning of      219
Correlation functions, quantum      228 242
Correlation functions, Wiener — Khinchin theorem and      255—256
Coulomb excitons      476
Coulomb gauge      80
Coupled equations, Bloch — Maxwell      93
Coupling strength      222
Coupling to harmonic vibrations, coherent nuclear motions and      217—221 220f
Creation operators      85
Cresyl violet, four-wave mixing signal      325f
CSRS (coherent Stokes Raman spectroscopy)      280
Cumulant expansion      212—213 223
Cumulant expansion for $F(\tau_1, \tau_2, \tau_3, \tau_4)$      248—249 249f
Cumulant expansion, applications Anderson — Talman model and density expansion      238—239
Cumulant expansion, dielectric fluctuations in polar medium      234 236—237
Cumulant expansion, inhomogeneous      209 240—241 242 289
Cumulant expansion, Magnus expansion and      30—31
Cumulant expansion, overdamped modes and      233
Cumulant expansion, second-order response function      213 292
Cumulant expansion, semiclassical simulations and      239—244 243f
Cumulant expansion, third-order response function      213
Cumulant expansion, time-ordered exponential operator      See Magnus expansion
Cumulant expression, second-order      218 227
Cyclic permutation      46 48
Debye (unit)      182n
Debye relaxation time      237
Debye rotational diffusion model      237 453 459
Degrees of freedom      176
Density expansion, Anderson — Talman model and      238—239
Density operators      154 265 375
Density operators in Hilbert space      76
Density operators in Liouville space      76 132 147
Density operators in Liouville space, basic definitions for      45—48 49t
Density operators in Liouville space, interaction picture and      61—63
Density operators in Liouville space, Magnus expansion and      63—64
Density operators in Liouville space, time evolution of      50—53 52f
Density operators in pure state      75
Density operators in Wigner representation      72 74f
Density operators, canonical (equilibrium)      51 52 113
Density operators, canonical (equilibrium), quantum      73
Density operators, classical analogue      76
Density operators, classical equilibrium      257
Density operators, coordinate representation of      70
Density operators, coupling scheme      151
Density operators, definition of      47
Density operators, diagonal elements      See Populations
Density operators, direct Liouville space expansion      137
Density operators, doorway state      441
Density operators, elements, as scalar products      48
Density operators, equations for      45 163
Density operators, equilibrium      62 114 170 255
Density operators, equilibrium bath      67
Density operators, evolution of      55
Density operators, for two-level system      53
Density operators, formulation      133
Density operators, linear optical spectroscopy and      76
Density operators, Liouville equation and      441
Density operators, magnitude of diagonal element and      48
Density operators, matrix elements      45—46
Density operators, nonlinear optical spectroscopy and      76
Density operators, nonlinear response formulations vs. wavefunction formulations and      136—138
Density operators, off diagonal element      See Coherence
Density operators, properties of      49t
Density operators, quantum      75
Density operators, reduced      67—68
Density operators, reduced equation of motion for      149 176—180
Density operators, reduced, in Liouville space      49—50
Density operators, reduced, system      49—50
Density operators, reference bath      67
Density operators, time-dependent      114 483
Density operators, total initial      263
Dephasing      352 375—376
Dephasing coherence      12 131
Dephasing exciton      516—517
Dephasing, condensed phase spectroscopy and      198
Dephasing, definition of      134
Dephasing, fast      203
Dephasing, Haken — Strobl model and      509 510
Dephasing, homogeneous      169—173 290
Dephasing, induced resonances      510
Dephasing, inhomogeneous      290
Dephasing, inhomogeneous, microscopic definition of      144 172
Dephasing, inhomogeneous, selective elimination by rephasing processes      303
Dephasing, inhomogeneous, with relaxation      169—173
Dephasing, intermediate      169—173
Dephasing, processes      160 351
Dephasing, processes, pure      179—180
Dephasing, processes, role in Liouville space      134—135
Dephasing, pure      See Pure dephasing
Dephasing, transient grating and      511
Dephasing-induced coherent emission (DICE)      282
Depolarization, of spontaneous Raman spectra      445
Detailed balance condition      146 177
Detuning, off-resonant      456
Diagonal elements      40t 47 52
Diagonal system-bath coupling      179
DICE (dephasing-induced coherent emission)      282
Dichroism off-resonant      457—459
Dichroism, rotational Fokker — Planck equation and      446
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