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”эйкерли ƒж.‘. Ч ѕроектирование цифровых устройств (том 1)390
Zeidler E. Ч Nonlinear Functional Analysis and its Applications IV: Applications to Mathematical Physic714ff
Morse P., Feshbach H. Ч Methods of Theoretical Physics (part 1)834, 873
Morse P., Feshbach H. Ч Methods of Theoretical Physics (part 2)834, 873
Streater R.S., Wightman A.S. Ч PCT, Spin and Statistics, and All That100
Benson D. Ч Mathematics and music76
Liddle A. Ч An Introduction to Modern Cosmology21
Wolkenhauser O. Ч Data Engineering: Fuzzy Mathematics in Systems Theory and Data Analysis3, 227
Kline M. Ч Mathematics in Western Culture107, 186, 248, 258, 450
Tompkins H.G., Irene E.A. Ч Handbook of Ellipsometry20, 22, 24, 100, 124
Borchers H.J., Sen R.N. Ч Mathematical Implications of Einstein-Weyl Causality4, 5
Strauss W.A. Ч Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction37Ч38, 69, 204, 218Ч221
Pelz G. Ч Mechatronic Systems : Modelling and Simulation with HDLs25
Fradkin E. Ч Field theories of condensed matter systems208
Bohren C.F., Huffman D.R. Ч Absorption and Scattering of Light by Small Particles19, 22, 56, 116
Salvatore D., Reagle D. Ч Statistics and econometrics248Ч249, 260Ч262, 264Ч265
Aitchison I.J.R., Hey A.J.G. Ч Gauge theories in particle physics. Volume 1: from relativistic quantum mechanics to QED157Ч158, 180Ч181
Eringen A.C. Ч Mechanics of continua151
Gleick J. Ч Chaos. Making a new science201
Peiponen K.-E., Vartiainen E.M., Asakura T. Ч Dispersion, complex analysis and optical spectroscopy. Classical theory17
Bamberg P.G. Ч A Course in Mathematics for Students of Physics, Vol. 2691
Baez J.C., Segal I.E., Zhou Z. Ч Introduction to algebraic and constructive quantum field theory233
Pokorski S. Ч Gauge field theories38
Goutsias J., Vincent L., Bloomberg D.S. Ч Mathematical morphology and its applications to image signal processing67
Born M. Ч Natural philosophy of cause and chance (The Waynflete lectures)3, 5Ч9, 17, 72, 76, 95, 101Ч103, 120, 124, 126, 129
Streater R.F. (Ed) Ч Mathematics of Contemporary Physics11, 147, 149
Dudgeon D.E., Mersereau R.M. Ч Multidimensional Digital Signal Processing23Ч24, 165, 201Ч202
Brigman P.W. Ч The Logic of Modern Physics80 ff
Scott A. Ч Neuroscience: a mathematical primer34, 37, 43, 296
Dirac P.A.M. Ч The Principles of Quantum Mechanics4
Brown L.S. Ч Quantum Field Theory286
Konopinski E.J. Ч Electromagnetic fields and relativistic particles211,249, 335,449
Zauderer E. Ч Partial Differential Equations of Applied Mathematics13, 26, 377
Prigogine I. Ч Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics276, 295, 296
Stephani H. Ч Relativity: an introduction to special and general relativity21
Kubo R., Toda M., Hashitsume N. Ч Statistical physics II. Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics111, 138, 206
Stedman G.E. Ч Diagram Techniques in Group Theory199
Kilmister C.W. Ч General theory of relativity70, 274
Nahin P.J. Ч The Science of Radioxv, 133Ч134, 136Ч138, 141 (problem)
Fulling S. Ч Aspects of Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime186
Billingham J., King A.C. Ч Wave Motion425
Lopuzanski J. Ч An introduction to symmetry and supersymmetry in quantum field theory81, 83
Zimmer E. Ч Revolution in Physics5, 213, 225ff.
Allen H.S. Ч Electrons and Waves305
Beckenbach E.F. (editor), Polya G., Lehmer D.H. and others Ч Applied combinatorial mathematics551Ч562
Dirac P.A.M. Ч The Principles of Quantum Mechanics, Vol. 274
Goswami J.C., Chan A.K. Ч Fundamentals of Wavelets : Theory, Algorithms, and Applications176
Gardiner C.W., Zoller P. Ч Quantum Noise: A Handbook of Markovian and Non-Markovian Quantum Stochastic Methods with Applications to Quantum Optics55
Verdeyen J.T. Ч Laser electronics774
Stone M. Ч The physics of quantum fields51
Englert B.G. (Ed) Ч Quantum Mechanics2
Cowan B. Ч Topics In Statistical Mechanics269, 275, 287
Jackson J.D. Ч Classical electrodynamics185, 234
Birrell N.D., Davies P.C.W. Ч Quantum Fields in Curved Space216
Trappl R., Petta P. Ч Creating Personalities for Synthetic Actors137, 148Ч149, 151, 161, 190
Weinberg S. Ч The Quantum Theory of Fields. Vol. 1 Foundations145, 198, 463
Kempthorne O. Ч Design and Analysis of Experiments, Introduction to Experimental Design, Vol. 116 Ч 19
Bogolubov N.N., Logunov A.A., Todorov I.T. Ч Introduction to Axiomatic Quantum Field Theory2, 247, 414, 465
Sernelius B.E. Ч Surface Modes in Physics68, 76
Mason G.W., Griffen D.T., Merrill J. Ч Physical Science Concepts2, 8-9, 288
Bracewell R.N. Ч The Fourier Transform and its applications359, 363, 364, 373, 519
Fuhrmann P.A. Ч A Polynomial Approach to Linear Algebra275
Attiya H., Welch J. Ч Distributed computing126
Bellman R. Ч Dynamic Programming87, 115
Antia H.M. Ч Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers638
Greiner W., Reinhardt J. Ч Quantum electrodynamics12
Maddala G.S. Ч Introduction to Econometrics393Ч394
Greiner W. Ч Classical electrodynamics393
Economou E.N. Ч Green's Functions in Quantum Physics174
O'Neill B. Ч The Geometry of Kerr Black Holes74Ч75, 171
Ramsay A. Ч Formal Methods in Artificial Intelligence9
Hoffman B. Ч Strange Story of the Quantum14Ч15, 174, 179Ч181, 187, 192Ч193, 199, 246, 257, 276
Collins J.C. Ч Renormalization6
D'Inverno R. Ч Introducing Einstein's Relatvity24, 113, 228, 261, 262, 266, 355
Reisig W., Rozenberg G. Ч Petri Nets2, 32
Davies B. Ч Integral Transforms and Their Applications121
Eddington A.S. Ч Nature of the Physical World297
Gilmore R. Ч Lie Groups, Lie Algebras and Some of Their Applications146
Siegel W. Ч FieldsVA4, C6, VIIA1
Prigogine I. Ч From being to becoming: time and complexity in the physical sciences.65
Auletta G. Ч Foundations and Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics22, 29, 139, 456
Klyshko D.N. Ч Photons and nonlinear optics96, 120
Gardiner C.W. Ч Quantum Noise55
Staicu V. (ed.) Ч Differential Equations, Chaos and Variational Problems64Ч65n
Tannenbaum A. Ч Invariance and System Theory: Algebraic and Geometric Aspects100
Thomas A.W., Weise W. Ч The structure of the nucleon20
Streater R.F., Wightman A.S. Ч PCT, spin and statistics and all that100
Adomian G. Ч Stochastic Systems6
Sutton O.G. Ч Mathematics in action6, 57
Bracewell R. Ч The Fourier Transform and Its Applications359, 363Ч364, 373, 519
Prigogine I. Ч Monographs in Statistical Physics And Thermodynamics. Volume 1. Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics276, 295, 296
Substance and Fiction and Einstein's Theory of Relativity226n, 249
Mandel L., Wolf E. Ч Optical Coherence and Quantum Optics96
Goswami J., Chan A. Ч Fundamentals of Wavelets. Theory, Algorithms, and Applications176
Synge J.L. Ч Relativity: The general theory265, 377
Ghosh S. Ч Algorithm design for networked information technology systems46, 107
Amoroso R.L. (ed.), Hunter G. (ed.), Vigier J.-P. (ed.) Ч Gravitation and Cosmology: From the Hubble Radius to the Planck Scale377, 409Ч410
Morse P.M. Ч Methods of theoretical physics834, 873
Dirac P.A.M. Ч The Principles of Quantum Mechanics4
Siegel W. Ч FieldsVA4, C6, VIIA1
Mario Bunge Ч Foundations of Physics20, 87, 100, 190, 191, 206, 249, see also "Antecedence principle"
Avramidi I.G. Ч Heat Kernel and Quantum Gravity3, 4, 10
Wolfgang K. H. Panofsky, Phillips Panofsky, Melba Panofsky Ч Classical Electricity and Magnetism390, 416
Linz P. Ч Analytical and numerical methods for Volterra equations17
McGuire J.H. Ч Electron correlation dynamics in atomic collisions23, 148, 152, 248, 249
Beckenbach E.F. (ed.) Ч Applied Combinatorial Mathematics551Ч562
Jeffreys H. Ч Theory of probability12, 108
Marder M.P. Ч Condensed matter physics568
Hooft G.T. Ч Under the spell of the gauge principle26, 68Ч72
Leader E., Predazzi E. Ч An introduction to gauge theories and modern particle physics1.444, 2.352
Hinrichsen D., Pritchard A. Ч Mathematical Systems Theory I: Modelling, State Space Analysis, Stability and Robustness77, 135, 687
Planck M. Ч Scientific Autobiography And Other Papers50, 61, 69ff, 121ff, 138ff, 143, 171
Davies P. Ч The Cosmic Blueprintsee also "Causation", "Determinism"
Davies J.H. Ч The physics of low-dimensional semiconductors : an introduction372, 417
Griffits D.J. Ч Introductions to electrodynamics421, 425, 467, 506
HarrisR. Ч Nonclassical physics: beyond Newton's view47Ч51
Schutz B.F. Ч A first course in general relativity262, 263, 264
Bell E.T. Ч Men of mathematics. Volume 2336
Anderson J.L. Ч Principles of Relativity Physics191
Allen J. Ч Natural language understanding326
Boyd R.W. Ч Nonlinear Optics54, 56, 59
Synge J.L. Ч Relativity: The Special Theory393
Schiff L.I. Ч Quantum Mechanics344
Adler S.L. Ч Quaternionic Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Fields182, 499, see also "Dispersion relations, Kramers Ч Kronig"
Ticciati R. Ч Quantum field theory for mathematicians19, 20
Haag R. Ч Local quantum physics: fields, particles, algebras9, 57
Blomberg H.( ed.) Ч Algebraic theory for multivariable linear systems, Volume 16649, 52, 66, 73, 284
Morel J.-M., Solimini S. Ч Variational Models for Image Segmentation: with seven image processing experiments (Progress in Nonlinear Differential Equations and Their Applications)1.2
Chandler D. Ч Introduction to modern statistical mechanics256
Pan G.W. Ч Wavelets in Electromagnetics and Device Modeling31, 194
Brown L., Dresden M., Hoddeson L. Ч Pions to quarks: Particle physics in the 1950s570, 580Ч582, 585Ч587, 601, 669, 682
Vidyasagar M. Ч Nonlinear systems analysis275
Hodges J. L., Lehmann E. L. Ч Basic Concepts Of Probability And Statistics100
Gerald C.H. Ч ElectroЦoptical imaging iystem performance67
Hopf L., Nef W. Ч Introduction To The Differential Equations Of Physics2
Bunge M. Ч Foundations of Physics20, 87, 100, 190, 191, 206, 249, see also "Antecedence principle"
Bode A., Cin M.D. Ч Parallel Computer Architectures: Theory, Hardware, Software, Applications134
Davies P. Ч The New Physics76Ч79, 387, 388, 448
Muir J. Ч Of Men and Numbers: The Story of the Great Mathematicians198Ч199, see also "Determinism"
Reichl L.E. Ч Modern Course in Statistical Physics563Ч567
Stamatescu I., Seiler E. Ч Approaches to Fundamental Physics62, 63, 67, 79, 400, 412
Ichimaru S. Ч Statistical Plasma Physics, Volume I: Basic Principles (Frontiers in Physics, Vol 87) (v. 1)56, 148, 236
Jackson J.D. Ч Classical electrodynamics330f
Russel B. Ч Principles of Mathematics474Ч479, 481
Davies B. Ч Integral Transforms and their Applications121
Kittel C. Ч Introduction to solid state physics329
Plischke M., Bergersen B. Ч Equilibrium statistical physics471, 474
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