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Reichl L.E. Ч Modern Course in Statistical Physics
Reichl L.E. Ч Modern Course in Statistical Physics

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Ќазвание: Modern Course in Statistical Physics

јвтор: Reichl L.E.


A Modern Course in Statistical Physics goes beyond traditional textbook topics and incorporates contemporary research into a basic course on statistical mechanics. From the universal nature of matter to the latest results in the spectral properties of decay processes, this book emphasizes the theoretical foundations derived from thermodynamics and probability theory that underlie all concepts in statistical physics. Each chapter focuses on a core topic and includes extensive illustrations, exercises, and experimental data as well as a section with more advanced topics and applications. Comprehensive coverage of numerous core topics and special applications gives professors flexibility to individualize course design. And the inclusion of advanced topics and extensive references makes this an invaluable resource for researchers as well as students - a textbook that will be retained on the shelf long after the course is completed.

язык: en

–убрика: ‘изика/“ермодинамика, статистическа€ физика/

—татус предметного указател€: √отов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

»здание: 2nd edition

√од издани€: 1998

 оличество страниц: 822

ƒобавлена в каталог: 27.09.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
$S^{4}$ model      448Ч462
$S^{4}$ model, critical exponents      460Ч461
$\epsilon$-expansion for $S^{4}$ model      460
$\lambda$-line in $He^{3}$-$He^{4}$ mixtures      127
$\lambda$-line in $He^{4}$      124
$\lambda$-point, $He^{4}$      125
$\lambda$-point, Fermi superfluid      416Ч417
$\lambda$-point, Ginsberg Ч Landau theory      131Ч132
$\lambda$-point, magnetic systems      134
$\lambda$-point, nickel      132
$\lambda$-point, superconductor      122
A-phase (superfluid $He^{3}$)      126
Abraham, B.M.      126 166
Abraham, R.      336
Absolute zero      32
Absorbing boundary conditions      247
Action-angle variables      293Ч294 327Ч333
Activated complex      667
Activation energy      667
Activity      86
Addition principle      174
Adiabatic compressibility      see "Compressibility"
Adiabatic process      24
Adiabatic susceptibility      see "Susceptibility"
Affinity for ideal gas      729 731
Affinity, chemical      11 78Ч85 577 579
Affinity, generalized force      577
Alder, B.J.      620 650 710 716 718
Almquist, L.      422
Alpatov, P.      279
Alpern, P.      127 166
Angular velocity autocorrelation function      653
Angular velocity autocorrelation function, long-time tail      653
Anharmonic oscillators      326Ч334
Anharmonic oscillators, antisymmetric matrices      466Ч481
Antisymmetrized states      357 359 520Ч521 777Ч781
Antoniou, I.      336
Arfken, G.      279
Aris, R.      649 773
Arnold, V.I.      330 335 336
Arrow of time      334
Ashcroft, N.W.      422 526
Asymptotic expansion      462
Autocatalytic chemical reaction      731Ч742
Average energy      see "Internal energy"
Average relative speed      661
Average speed      661
Avez, A.      335
Avogodro's number      250
Axial vector      543 622
Axilrod, B.M.      526
B-phase (superfluid $He^{3}$)      126
Baker's Map      323Ч325
Balance equation (hydrodynamic), energy balance equation, simple fluid      536
Balance equation (hydrodynamic), energy balance equation, superfluid      672
Balance equation (hydrodynamic), entropy balance equation, chemically reacting mixture      576
Balance equation (hydrodynamic), entropy balance equation, simple fluid      535Ч537 539 543
Balance equation (hydrodynamic), entropy balance equation, superfluid      632Ч635
Balance equation (hydrodynamic), general definition      644 768Ч773
Balance equation (hydrodynamic), mass balance equation (continuity equation), chemically reacting mixture      576
Balance equation (hydrodynamic), mass balance equation (continuity equation), simple fluid      534Ч535 543 692
Balance equation (hydrodynamic), mass balance equation (continuity equation), superfluid      631Ч632
Balance equation (hydrodynamic), momentum balance equation, simple fluid      535Ч536 543 693
Balance equation (hydrodynamic), momentum balance equation, superfluid      632
Balance equation (hydrodynamic), superfluid velocity balance      632
Balance equation (microscopic)      319Ч321
Balance equation (microscopic), energy balance equation      321
Balescu, R.      718
Balian, R.      649
Barber, M.N.      485
Bardeen, J.      408 417 423
Barut, A.O.      336
BBGKY hierarchy      286 310Ч313
Bellemans, A.      127 166
Belousov Ч Zhabotinski reaction      735
Belousov, B.B.      765
Benda, Th.      127 166
Benettin, G.      336
Berne, B.J.      649
Bernoulli shift      323
Berthelot equation      169
Bessel function      524
Betts, D.S.      166
Biel, J.      335 336
Binary mixture      100
Binary mixture, $He^{3}-He^{4}$      123 126 127
Binary mixture, classical      153Ч162 168
Binary mixture, phase transition in      123
Binary mixture, transport in      551
Bingen, R.      127 166
Binomial distribution      188Ч197
Binomial distribution, characteristic function      190
Binomial distribution, Gaussian limit      191
Binomial distribution, Poisson limit      192
Binomial distribution, random walk      194Ч197
Bird, R.B.      526
Birkhoff, G.D.      297 335
Birth and death processes      260Ч266
Birth and death processes, chemical reactions      264Ч266
Birth and death processes, populations      260Ч264
Bixon, M.      620 631 630 650
Black body radiation      90 92 379Ч380
Black body radiation, dispersion relation      379
Bloch equations      652
Bochner, S.      225
Bogoliubov, N.N.      335 410 423 711 718
Bogolons      410Ч416
Bohm, H.V.      417 423
Boiling point of water      28
Boissonade, J.      766
Boltzmann collision operator      685
Boltzmann collision operator, eigenfunctions      697
Boltzmann collision operator, eigenvalues      685
Boltzmann collision operator, expectation value      686Ч688
Boltzmann collision operator, scalar product for      685
Boltzmann constant ($k_{B}$)      342
Boltzmann equation      657
Boltzmann equation (linearized)      683Ч684
Boltzmann equation (linearized), hydrodynamic equations      692Ч696
Boltzmann equation (linearized), perturbation expansion      697Ч700
Boltzmann equation (linearized), shear viscosity      700
Boltzmann equation (linearized), thermal conductivity      700
Boltzmann equation, derivation      679Ч680
Boltzmann Equation, H-theorem      680Ч682
Boltzmann equation, shortcomings      710Ч717
Boltzmann equation, two-component fluid      683Ч684
Boltzmann, L.      657 680 682 710 717
Borckmans, P.      766
Born, M.      335
Bose Ч Einstein condensation      388Ч392
Bose Ч Einstein gas      343 382Ч392
Bose Ч Einstein statistics      123 381Ч382
Bosons      357
Boundary conditions, Benard instability      746
Boundary conditions, Brusselator      738
Boundary conditions, hydrodynamic flow around Brownian particle      622Ч623 630
Boussinesq approximation      745
Bragg reflection from sound waves      593
Bram, J.      798
Brazovskii, S.A.      766
Bridgeman, P.N.      166
Brillouin peaks (scattered light)      561 599
Brillouin peaks (scattered light), experimental measurement      600
Broken symmetry      128
Broken symmetry, ferromagnetic system      128 648
Broken symmetry, general definition      645Ч646
Broken symmetry, liquid $He^{3}$      128
Broken symmetry, source of hydrodynamic equations      644Ч649
Broken symmetry, spectral density matrix      644Ч649
Broken symmetry, superconductors      409
Broken symmetry, superfluids      128 648Ч649
Bromwich contour      627
Brown, R.      230 250 279
Brownian motion      230 250Ч257
Brownian motion, Fokker Ч Planck equation      270
Brownian motion, friction coefficient      253 620 624
Brownian motion, friction coefficient with memory      625
Brownian motion, harmonic forces      253 254 257
Brownian motion, hydrodynamic drag force      624
Brownian motion, Langevin equation      251Ч252 268 271
Brownian motion, phase space      266Ч270
Brownian motion, power spectrum      254Ч257
Brownian motion, relaxation time      275Ч276
Brownian motion, strong friction limit      270Ч271
Brownian motion, variance      252Ч254
Brownian motion, velocity autocorrelation function      252Ч254
Brusselator chemical reaction      722 735Ч742
Brusselator chemical reaction, boundary conditions      738Ч739
Brusselator chemical reaction, linear stability theory      737 739Ч742
Brusselator chemical reaction, rate equations      736
Bulk viscosity $\zeta$      see "Transport coefficients"
Burnett approximation (hydrodynamic equations)      717
Burnett, D.      717 718
Byrd, P.F.      486
Byrd, R.B.      89
Callen, H.B.      89 90
canonical ensemble      342Ч343 354Ч377
Canonical ensemble, energy fluctuations in      356
Canonical ensemble, relation to microcanical ensemble      356
Canonical momentum      163
Canonical transformation      293
Carnot cycle, ideal gas      28
Carnot engine      24Ч30
Carnot, S.      25
Case, K.M.      650
Casimir, H.B.G.      649
Castets, V.      766
Cauchy distribution      209 224
Cauchy principal part      566
Causality      563Ч567
Causality, Kramers Ч Kronig relations      565
Causality, linear response theory      562Ч567 592
Center of mass coordinates      672
Center of mass frame of reference      672Ч677
Central limit theorem      174
Central limit theorem, general case      211Ч214
Central limit theorem, special case      197Ч198
Chamois, S.      485
Chandler, D.      526
Chandrasekhar, S.      743 766
Chaos      274 333 335
Chapman Ч Kolmogorov equation      233 234
Chapman, S.      717
Characteristic functions      182
Characteristic functions for binomial distribution      190 194
Characteristic functions for Cauchy distribution      209
Characteristic functions for Gaussian distribution      191 196 208
Characteristic functions for jointly distributed variables      186
Characteristic functions for Levy distribution      210 218
Characteristic functions for Poisson distribution      209
Characteristic functions for random walks (1-d)      201
Characteristic functions for random walks, (2-d and 3-d)      204Ч206
Characteristic functions for Weierstrauss random walk      215
Characteristic functions, multi-variant Gaussian      351
Characteristic functions, self-similarity in      217
Characteristics (method of)      263
Chemical clock      735
Chemical equilibrium      80 82 85
chemical potential      35
Chemical potential, binary mixture      607
Chemical potential, Bose Ч Einstein gas      383
Chemical potential, chemical reaction      579
Chemical potential, condition for equilibrium      57
Chemical potential, Fermi Ч Dirac gas      396Ч399
Chemical potential, gas phase molecules      81
Chemical potential, ideal classical gas      36
Chemical potential, regular binary mixture      153Ч155
Chemical potential, superfluid      632Ч635
Chemical potential, table of      81
Chemical reactions      78Ч89 667Ч670
Chemical reactions, master equation      264Ч266
Chemical reactions, spontaneous process      578
Chemical stability      61 155
Chemical thermodynamics      78Ч85
Chemical waves      735
Choh, S.T.      711 718
Chow, T.S.      650
CIMA chemical reaction      761
Clausius Ч Clapeyron equation      96 105Ч110
Clausius Ч Clapeyron equation, fusion curve      108
Clausius Ч Clapeyron equation, ideal Bose Ч Einstein gas      425
Clausius Ч Clapeyron equation, sublimation curve      108
Clausius Ч Clapeyron equation, superconductor      121
Clausius Ч Clapeyron equation, superfluid $He^{3}$      126
Clausius Ч Clapeyron equation, vaporization curve      107
Clementi, E.      766
Closed systems      22 342
Clusius, K.      649
Cluster functions (Ursell functions)      488 494Ч498
Cluster functions (Ursell functions), grand potential      494
Cluster integral      498
Coexistence curves      103Ч114
Coexistence curves, $He^{3}$      125Ч126
Coexistence curves, $He^{4}$      123Ч124
Coexistence curves, binary mixture      155Ч162
Coexistence curves, Bose Ч Einstein ideal gas      389Ч390 425
Coexistence curves, classical fluids      112
Coexistence curves, fusion curve      103Ч105 108
Coexistence curves, magnetic systems      149Ч151
Coexistence curves, sublimation curve      104 108Ч110
Coexistence curves, superconductor      121
Coexistence of phases      see "Coexistence curves" "Gibbs
Cohen, E.G.D.      336 716 718
Coherence length in superconductors      164
Collision frequency      659Ч661
Collision operator      see "Boltzmann collision operator" "Lorentz
Combination      175Ч176
Commutation relations      319
Commutation relations, creation and annihilation operators, bosons      782Ч788
Commutation relations, creation and annihilation operators, fermions      785Ч786
Commutation relations, field operators      788Ч789
Commutation relations, phase space operators      319
Complete elliptic integral of the 1st kind      206 483 485
Completeness of states      236
Compressibility equation      509Ч510 512
Compressibility, adiabatic      54 546
Compressibility, adiabatic, speed of sound      546
Compressibility, classical interacting gas      510
Compressibility, critical point      138 380
Compressibility, isothermal      54 380
Compressibility, radial distribution function      510
Compressibility, water      77
Concave function      63
Condensation energy for superconductors      122
Conditional average      555 557 568 616
Conditional probability      177 232Ч233
Conditional probability for fluctuations      553Ч555
Conditional probability, joint conditional probability      232Ч233
Conditional probability, time dependent      232Ч233 243
Conductance      534 see
Configuration integral      418 489 493 498
Conjugate variables      13
Conservative dynamical system      287
Conserved quantities, hydrodynamic equations      533Ч536 642Ч644
Conserved quantities, microscopic      656
Contact potential      600
Continuity equation      534Ч535
Continuous phase transition      96 103
Continuous phase transition in $He^{3}$      126
Continuous phase transition in binary mixtures      152
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