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Verdeyen J.T. — Laser electronics
Verdeyen J.T. — Laser electronics

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Название: Laser electronics

Автор: Verdeyen J.T.


This is a practical approach to introductory laser electronics that emphasizes real-world applications and problem-solving skills over theory, providing a clear understanding of both optical and microwave frequencies

Язык: en

Рубрика: Физика/Электромагнетизм/Оптика/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Издание: 3rd edition

Год издания: 1995

Количество страниц: 778

Добавлена в каталог: 08.10.2005

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Предметный указатель
"Johnson" noise      714
$Al_2O_3$      see “ruby or Ti:sapphire lasers”
$Al_xGa_{1-x}As$ lasers      394 396
$Al_xGa_{1-x}As$ lasers, heterobarriers in      476
$Al_xGa_{1-x}As$ lasers, material dependence on x      469
$Ar^+Cl^-$, $Ar^+F^-$ lasers      412—414 (see also “eximer lasers”)
$A_{21}$, classical value      597
$A_{21}$, derivation from Schroedinger's equation      624
$A_{21}$, Einstein's coefficient for spontaneous emission      178
$A_{21}$, relation to $B_{21}$, $B_{21}$      182
$A_{21}$, relation to the oscillator strength      594
$B_{21}$ ($B_{12}$), Einstein coefficient for stimulated emission (or absorption)      179—180
$B_{21}$ ($B_{12}$), Einstein coefficient for stimulated emission (or absorption), from Schroedinger's equation      623
$B_{21}$ ($B_{12}$), Einstein coefficient for stimulated emission (or absorption), relation to $A_{21}$      182
$B_{l, v}$ rotational constants      685
$CO_2$ lasers      405—11
$CO_2$ lasers, discharge excitation      748—758
$CO_2$ lasers, electron beam excitation      758—761
$CO_2$ lasers, physical data      408
$CO_2$ lasers, vibration structure      406
$Er^{+}Cl^{-},Kr^{+}F^{-}$ lasers      414 (see also “excimer lasers”)
$g(\nu)$=line shape such that $\int g(\nu)d\nu=1$      184—185
$g=\gamma l_{g}$, single pass, line integrated gain      275
$g_0=\gamma_0 l_g$ (small signal value)      307 520
$g_{1,2}=1-d/R_{1,2}$, cavity parameters      43
$g_{1,2}=2J_{1,2}+1$ statistical weights of the states 1 and 2      181
$k=\omega n/c$, uniform plane wave phase constant      10
$N_2$ (nitrogen) electronic transition laser      692
$N_2$ (nitrogen) energy storage in      400
$N_2$ (nitrogen) molecular data      408
$N_2$ (nitrogen) role in $CO_2$ laser vibrational levels      406
$N_p$, number of photons in a cavity      152 288
$N_{tr}$, density at optical transparency      487
$O_2$, collisions (in density matrix)      633—641
$O_2$, collisions (in density matrix)effect on density matrix      635
$O_2$, collisions (in density matrix)on line width      641
$TEM_{00}, TEM_{mp}$ modes      63 66 73
$\alpha$, symbol for distributed loss      208
$\alpha$, symbol for distributed loss or Townsend ionization coefficient      753
$\alpha_l$, correction to rotational constant      685
$\delta$, fraction of excess energy lost per collision      738
$\delta$, secondary emission coefficient      700
$\overline {g}(\nu)$ such that $\overline {g}(\nu_0)=1$      220
ABCD law, applied to a graded index fiber      100
ABCD law, applied to a thin lens      77
ABCD law, applied to free space      76
ABCD law, applied to stable cavities      135
ABCD law, definition      76
ABCD matrix, definition      36
ABCD matrix, of a curved mirror      39
ABCD matrix, of a dielectric discontinuity      56
ABCD matrix, of a gas lens      54
ABCD matrix, of a GRIN fiber      53
ABCD matrix, of a homogeneous length      37
ABCD matrix, of a periodic sequence of lens      40
ABCD matrix, of a tapered minor      562—563 (see also “prob. 3.19”)
ABCD matrix, of a thin lens      38
Absorption, 3-photon absorption      645
Absorption, cross-section      189
Absorption, Einstein coefficient for $B_{12}$      179
Absorption, in a semiconductor      452
Absorption, in GaAs      461
Absorption, oscillator strength for      594
Absorption, relation to gain coefficient      189
Active cavity      157 240
Active mirrors      528
Additive mode locking      321
Alexandrite lasers      394—396
Algebraic form of Maxwell's equations      10
Amplification coefficient      see "gain coefficient"
Amplified spontaneous emission, effect on Q switching      295
Amplified spontaneous emission, limitation on gain      237
Amplitude oscillations, in gain switch lasers      282
Angular momentum, relation to degeneracies $g_1$, $g_2$      181
Angular momentum, relation to L, S      682
Angular spread, in terms of integral equation      573
Angular spread, of a Gaussian beam      70
Anisotropic media      16—19
Anisotropic media, ordinary, extraordinary waves      18 19
Anisotropic media, wave propagation in uniaxial crystal      16
Anomalous dispersion in a fiber      114
Anomalous dispersion near an atomic resonance      595
Anti-Stokes emission      652
Antiguiding      579 (see also “prob. 12.11”)
Area, of a pulse      665
Area, theorem      670
Argon, elastic scattering cross-section      739
Argon, ion laser      403—5
Argon, ionization potential      414
Argon, metastable levels      414
Arrays of lasers      568—574
Astigmatism      49
Astigmatism, astigmatic distance in gain guided lasers      582
Astigmatism, from Brewster angle windows      50
Astigmatism, from spherical mirrors      50
Astigmatism, in cavities      51
Astigmatism, in gain guided lasers      514
Atomic response to external field, classical analysis      591
Atomic response to external field, density matrix      628
Atomic response to external field, Schroedinger's description      624—627
Atomic transitions, in $Cr^{3+}$ (ruby laser)      352
Atomic transitions, in argon ion laser      403
Atomic transitions, in Erbium      373
Atomic transitions, in Nd:glass      370
Atomic transitions, in Nd:YAG      360
Atomic transitions, in Neon      399
Atomic transitions, isotope shift, in hydrogen (deuterium)      224
Atomic transitions, isotope shift, in mercury      695
Atomic transitions, isotope shift, in neon      223
Attachment in excimer discharges      416
Attachment laser discharges      754
Attachment, in $CO_2$      2
Attenuation coefficient      see “absorption coefficient”
Attenuation coefficient, evanescent decay of fields      93
Attenuation coefficient, relation to the atomic susceptibility      593
Avalanche photodiode      721
Average electron      734
Background radiation      717
Bandgap, discontinuity in heterojunctions      476
Bandgap, engineering      473
Bandgap, of various semiconductors      444
Beam slicer      538
Beams, guided      85
Beams, Hermite — Gaussian      63—79 (see also “Gaussian beams”)
Beat note      727
Bernard and Duraffourg condition for gain      454
Bistable cavity      608
Blackbody radiation, Planck's law      173—178
Blackbody radiation, Planck's law, background radiation      717
Blackbody radiation, Planck's law, Rayleigh-Jean's limit      177
Bleaching      see “saturation”
Bohr orbits (relation to spectroscopic notation)      682
Boltzmann distribution and relations      177
Boltzmann distribution and relations, distribution with a band      376
Boltzmann distribution and relations, for rotational state on a molecule      686
Boltzmann distribution and relations, for thermal population      235
Bound electron      591
Boundary value problems in electromagnetics elementary      20
Bragg reflectors      see “distributed feedback”
Bragg wavelength      518 528
Branching ratio      262
Brewster's angle      21—23
Brewster's angle in semiconductor cavity      508
Brewster's angle, astigmatism from      50
Brewster's angle, prisms to compensate for dispersion      321
Broadening, homogeneous (lifetime, collision, natural)      191
Broadening, inhomogeneous (Doppler, isotope, phonon)      196
Built-in potential      703
c axis of ruby      351
Cathode dark space (CDS)      732
Causality      774
Cavities, confocal geometry      43
Cavities, folded      61
Cavities, stable      42
Cavities, unstable      44 534—542
Cavity, definition of a mode      133
Cavity, linewidth, relation to $\tau_p$      153
Cavity, linewidth, relation to Q, F      150
Characteristic energy of electrons for a Maxwellian      737
Characteristic energy of electrons for any distribution      752
Characteristic energy of electrons in $CO_2$ mixtures      749
Characteristic energy of electrons relation to E/N      738
Child — Langmuir law      761
Chirp due to dispersion in fibers      113
Chirp in semiconductor lasers      494
Chirp in soliton propagation      117
Chirp phase modulation in modelocking      607
Chirped grating      533
Chromium as a dopant in $Al_2O_3$      353
Chromium as a dopant in chrysoberyl ($BeAl_2O_4$)      392
Classical model of an atom      591
CO lasers, rotational data      686
CO lasers, vibrational data      687
CO lasers, VR spectra on 7—6 band      689
Coherence      23—31
Collision broadening      193
Collisions, effect on density matrix      632
Collisions, inelastic, superelastic      735 772
Collisions, line broadening      193
Collisions, of electrons      744
Commutator notation      634
Complex beam parameter q(z) relation to      66
Complex beam parameter q(z) relation to cavities with tapered mirrors      565
Complex beam parameter q(z) relation to differential equation for      66
Complex beam parameter q(z) relation to radius of curvature      68
Complex beam parameter q(z) relation to spot-size      68
Complex beam parameter q(z) relation to stable cavity parameters      135
Complex beam parameter q(z) relation to transformation      76 (see also “distributed feedback”)
Complex dielectric constant in an active medium      511
Complex dielectric constant relation to the susceptibility      592
Conductivity, electrical free electron in terms of the distribution function      746
Conductivity, electrical free electron, average electron approach      736
Conductivity, electrical relation to photon lifetime      603
Confocal cavity stable by ABCD law      44
Confocal cavity stable by integral equation      550
Confocal parameter      70
Confocal unstable analysis      540
Confocal unstable burn pattern      542
Constitutive relations      9 592
Continuous lens      51
Coupled mode analysis      520
Coupling coefficient (e)      520
Coupling, electromagnetic coupling loss      290
Coupling, electromagnetic efficiency ($\eta_{cpl}$)      261
Coupling, electromagnetic optimum, for a ring laser      267
Coupling, electromagnetic switch laser      290—294
CPM (colliding pulse modelocked laser)      317
Critical fluorescence power for an excimer      415
Critical fluorescence power for ruby      357
Current amplification in avalanche photodiodes      707
Current amplification in photomultipliers      700
Current spreading in semiconductor lasers      510
D, delay time dispersion      111
Damping constant (of a driven oscillator)      591
Debye (a measure of dipole moment)($1D = 3.33\times10^{-30}$10cm)      626
Degeneracy of atomic levels(2J+l)      181
Degeneracy of cavity resonant frequencies      155
Density matrix definition (Sec.14.5)      627
Density matrix equation of motion for      634
Density of electorn/hole states, area density of      472
Density of electorn/hole states, for a quantum well, finite barrier      481
Density of electorn/hole states, for a quantum well, infinite barrier      472
Density of electorn/hole states, joint or reduced      455
Density of electron/hole states      445
Density of electrons/holes, relation to Fermi level      450
Density vector form of      668
Density, optical      28
Detachment (in excimers)      416
Detailed balancing      770
Detectors, quantum      698—707
Detuning      see “mode pulling”
Detuning from passive cavity resonance      605
Diatomic molecules rotational, vibration, electronic transitions      685—691
Dielectric constant, complex      82
Dielectric constant, relation to susceptibility      10
Difference equation (for a ray)      41
Diffraction losses      155
Diffraction losses, hole coupling      157
Diffraction losses, in a planar mirror system      549
Diffraction losses, in stable cavities      157
Diffraction losses, in unstable cavities      541
diffusion length      466
Diffusion, transverse      752
Dipole antenna      596
Dipole moment for unpolarized light      623
Dipole moment, relation to gain coefficient      642
Direct bandgap semiconductors      443
Discharge of excimer lasers      416
Discharge pumping of $CO_2$ lasers      748
Dispersion D, delay time dispersion      111
Dispersion in fibers      106—108
Dispersion in prisms      321
Dispersion modal      99
Dispersion normal, anomalous      114
Displacement current      9
Displacement current for uniaxial crystal      17
Dissociation energy      684
Distributed feedback laser      517—531
Distributed feedback laser, Bragg reflector for VCSEL      484
Distribution function      741
Divergence, transverse ($\nabla_t$)      64
Donut mode      81 567
Doppler effect, line shape for      198
Doppler effect, saturation in      232
Drift velocity      735
Driven oscillator      591
Dye lasers      386
Dye lasers, absorption/emission      390
Dye lasers, cavities for      395
Dye lasers, cw configuration      390
Dye lasers, molecular model      389
Dynodes      700
E-beam, excitation of excimer lasers      415
E-beam, in FEL lasers      417
E-beam, sustained operation of $CO_2$ laser      758
E/N, characteristic parameter of a discharge      738
E/N, characteristic parameter of a discharge of $CO_2$ laser mixture      749
E/N, characteristic parameter of a discharge of He/Ne laser      399
Effective focal length      50 (see also “astigmatic cavities”)
Effective index in fibers/heterojunctions      92 107 516
Effective index in uniaxial crystal      19
effective mass      444
Efficiency      see “quantum coupling
Efficiency factors in      261
Efficiency stimulated emission      292
EH, HE modes in step index fibers      91
Einstein coefficients $A_{21}, B_{21}, B_{12}$ as defined by rate equations      179
Einstein from Schroedinger's equation      617 621—624
Einstein relation      752
Elastic collision frequency      735 744
Electric current, average electron approach      735
Electric current, from distribution function      746
Electrical length of a cavity      145
Electron affinity (of halogens)      414
Electron gas      734
Electron lifetime      746
Electron mobility average electron approach      735
Electron mobility in $CO_2$ mixtures      752
Electron oscillator model      591
Electron temperature in a fluorescent lamp      740
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