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Bohren C.F., Huffman D.R. Ч Absorption and Scattering of Light by Small Particles
Bohren C.F., Huffman D.R. Ч Absorption and Scattering  of Light by Small Particles

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Ќазвание: Absorption and Scattering of Light by Small Particles

јвторы: Bohren C.F., Huffman D.R.


Absorption and Scattering of Light by Small Particles Treating absorption and scattering in equal measure, this self-contained, interdisciplinary study examines and illustrates how small particles absorb and scatter light. The authors emphasize that any discussion of the optical behavior of small particles is inseparable from a full understanding of the optical behavior of the parent materialandmdash;bulk matter. To divorce one concept from the other is to render any study on scattering theory seriously incomplete. Special features and important topics covered in this book include: Classical theories of optical properties based on idealized models Measurements for three representative materials: magnesium oxide, aluminum, and water An extensive discussion of electromagnetic theory Numerous exact and approximate solutions to various scattering problems Examples and applications from physics, astrophysics, atmospheric physics, and biophysics Some 500 references emphasizing work done since Kerker's 1969 work on scattering theory Computer programs for calculating scattering by spheres, coated spheres, and infinite cylinders

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√од издани€: 1983

 оличество страниц: 539

ƒобавлена в каталог: 19.03.2006

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ѕредметный указатель
Absorption coefficient, bulk matter, defined      29
Absorption coefficient, bulk matter, measurement of      29 30
Absorption cross section, defined      71
Absorption cross section, in Rayleigh Ч Gans approximation      161 162
Absorption cross section, integrated, of ellipsoid      347
Absorption cross section, of cubes      368
Absorption cross section, of distribution of ellipsoids      353Ч356
Absorption cross section, of ellipsoids, Rayleigh limit      150Ч152 345 348
Absorption cross section, of sphere, Rayleigh limit      140
Absorption cross section, of spheroid      313
Absorption cross section, of weakly absorbing large sphere      166Ч169
Absorption edge      see УBand gapФ
Absorption efficiency, and emissivity      125
Absorption efficiency, defined      72
Absorption efficiency, greater than 1      339Ч342
Absorption efficiency, of small sphere      136
Absorption efficiency, of sphere, asymptotic limit      172 173
Absorption efficiency, of water droplets      170 171
Absorption, by atmospheric aerosols      436Ч446
Absorption, dominance of, in Rayleigh limit      309
Absorption, effect on ripple and interference structure      306 318
Absorption, mechanisms in bulk matter, summary      282
Absorption, temperature effects on      281
Aggregation of particles, and sampling of atmospheric aerosols      440
Aggregation of particles, effect on extinction spectra, aluminum      376
Aggregation of particles, effect on extinction spectra, amorphous quartz      361
Aggregation of particles, effect on extinction spectra, gold      372
Aggregation of particles, effect on extinction spectra, magnesium oxide      366Ч368
Aggregation of particles, effect on optical properties      81 315 342 258
Aggregation of particles, scattering by, spherical clusters      423Ч425
Albedo, single scattering, and global climate      435 442 443Ч446
Albedo, single scattering, defined      445
AlexanderТs dark band      177
Alignment of particles, in interstellar dust clouds      463Ч465
Alignment of particles, in noctilucent clouds      451
Alignment of particles, in ocean waters      427
Aluminum, bulk optical properties of      225 271Ч273 353
Aluminum, particles, extinction by, ellipsoids      346
Aluminum, particles, extinction by, measurements      374Ч377
Aluminum, particles, extinction by, spheres      294 295 310 338 375
Aluminum, surface plasmons in      338 339
Amorphous solids, and far-infrared emission      446
Amorphous solids, as oxide coating      376
Amorphous solids, particles of, in interstellar dust      462Ч466
Amplitude scattering matrix, and sum rule      154
Amplitude scattering matrix, defined      63
Amplitude scattering matrix, for anisotropic dipole      154
Amplitude scattering matrix, for cylinder      202 205 408
Amplitude scattering matrix, for cylinder, Rayleigh limit      208
Amplitude scattering matrix, for optically active particles      189 408
Amplitude scattering matrix, for sphere      112
Amplitude scattering matrix, for sphere, Rayleigh limit      132 140 407
Amplitude scattering matrix, in Rayleigh Ч Gans approximation      161 407
Amplitude scattering matrix, symmetry of      406Ч412
Angle-dependent functions, in Mie theory, defined      94
Angle-dependent functions, in Mie theory, polar plots of      96
Angle-dependent functions, in Mie theory, recurrence relations for      95 119
Angular scattering, calculations, for spheres      114 115
Angular scattering, calculations, for spheres, distributed in size      387Ч389
Angular scattering, calculations, for spheres, in Rayleigh limit      133 134
Angular scattering, calculations, for spheres, of increasing size      384Ч387
Angular scattering, calculations, for spheroids      397Ч400
Angular scattering, measurements, absolute and relative      391
Angular scattering, measurements, applicability of Mie theory to      427 428
Angular scattering, measurements, for cylinder      426
Angular scattering, measurements, for nonspherical particles      399Ч401 422
Angular scattering, measurements, for spheres      420 421
Angular scattering, measurements, techniques for      389Ч392
Anisotropic cylinder, scattering by      209
Anisotropic oscillator model, applied to crystalline quartz      250 251
Anisotropic oscillator model, theory of      247Ч249
Anisotropic solids, powders of      432
Anisotropic sphere, scattering by      152 153 184 185
Asymmetry parameter, defined      72
Asymmetry parameter, for nonspherical particles      401
Asymmetry parameter, for spherical particles      119 120
Asymmetry, in absorption bands      306Ч308
Asymmetry, in scattering diagrams      115 384Ч389 398Ч400
Asymptotic limits, of absorption and scattering efficiencies      171Ч173
Asymptotic limits, of extinction efficiency      107 110 172 299
Atmospheric aerosols, absorption by      436Ч446
Atmospheric aerosols, and blue moon      129
Atmospheric aerosols, and climate      434Ч436
Atmospheric aerosols, imaginary part of refractive index of      279 436Ч439
Atmospheric aerosols, remote sensing of      442 443
Average dielectric function, theories of, Bruggeman      217 218
Average dielectric function, theories of, Maxwell Garnett      214Ч218 (see also УEffective refractive indexФ)
Average refractive index of atmospheric aerosols      433 438
BabinetТs principle      108
Backscattering cross section      see УRadar backscattering cross sectionФ
Backscattering, by nonspherical particles      422 423
Backscattering, by sphere      122
Band gap, defined      251 252
Band gap, in magnesium oxide      270
Band gap, in semiconductors      282
Band gap, superconducting      282 376
Beam width, effect of on scattering      117 118
Bessel functions, of complex order      185
Bessel functions, of integral order      195
Bessel functions, of integral order, asymptotic expansions for      93 94
Bessel functions, of integral order, computation of      492 493
Bessel functions, of integral order, expansion of trigonometric functions in      418
Bessel functions, of integral order, integral representation of      110 164 197
Bessel functions, of integral order, power series expansions for      208
Bessel functions, of integral order, recurrence relation for      197
Bessel functions, spherical (half-integral order), and Riccati Ч Bessel functions      101
Bessel functions, spherical (half-integral order), computation of      478
Bessel functions, spherical (half-integral order), integral representation of      92
Bessel functions, spherical (half-integral order), plots of      88
Bessel functions, spherical (half-integral order), power series expansions for      130 131
Bessel functions, spherical (half-integral order), recurrence relations for      86 478
Bessel functions, spherical (half-integral order), stability of recurrence relations for      127 128
Biological particles, scattering by      395 397 425 427
Birefringence, circular      46 191
Birefringence, linear      45 248
Birefringence, of ice      179
Blackbody radiation      see УPlanck functionФ
Blue moon and blue sun      107 129 318
Boundary conditions for electromagnetic fields      59Ч61 99 182
Brewster angle      36 135
Bruggeman average dielectric function      217 218
Bubble, resonance condition for      331
Bulk optical constants, applicability of to small particles      280 326 336 360 371 372
Carbon particles, absorption by small spheroids of      351Ч353
Carbon particles, and absorption by atmospheric aerosols      438 439 444Ч446
Carbon particles, and complex refraction index of carbon      431
Carbon particles, in India ink      288
Causality      19 22 56 116
Charged sphere, scattering by      118
Christiansen effect      292
Cigarette smoke, blue moon demonstrated with      129
Circular cylinder      see УCylinders scattering
Circular dichroism, defined      46 191
Circular dichroism, in particulate media      192Ч194
Circumstellar dust shells      457 462 463
Clausius Ч Mosotti relation      221
Climate changes      434Ч436
Clusters of spheres, scattering by      423Ч425
Coated ellipsoid, scattering by in Rayleigh limit      148 150
Coated sphere, scattering by, and immunological slide      470Ч472
Coated sphere, scattering by, and invisible particles      149
Coated sphere, scattering by, and surface modes      329 330
Coated sphere, scattering by, computer program for      483Ч489
Coated sphere, scattering by, in Rayleigh limit      149
Coated sphere, scattering by, theory of      181Ч183
Cole-Cole plots      265 351 352
Colloids, optical properties of      369Ч374
Color centers      271 282 283
Color, of copper      259
Color, of gemstones      271
Color, of glacial crevasses      276
Color, of Grand Canyon      271
Color, of metal colloids      369 371
Color, of noctilucent clouds      448
Color, of old bottles      271
Color, of rainbow      177 188
Color, of sky      42
Color, of swimming pools      274
Computer programs for scattering and absorption      475 476
Computer programs for scattering and absorption, by coated sphere      483Ч489
Computer programs for scattering and absorption, by homogeneous sphere      477Ч482
Computer programs for scattering and absorption, by normally illuminated infinite cylinder      491Ч497
Conductivity      13 15 19 186
Conductivity, surface      118
Convergence criteria in scattering calculations      126 477 485
Convolution theorem      17
copper      259 337 352 353
Core electrons      267 273
Cross polarization, and depolarization ratio      403
Cross polarization, and particle shape      423
Cross polarization, defined      383
Cross polarization, in Rayleigh Ч Gans approximation      407
Cross polarization, of sphere      408
Cross sections      see also УAbsorptionФ УExtinctionФ УScatteringФ
Cross sections, and surface modes      343
Cross sections, computation of, for spheres      126Ч129
Cross sections, in Rayleigh Ч Gans approximation      162
Cross sections, normalization of      289
Cross sections, of anisotropic sphere      184
Cross sections, of arbitrary particle      71 73
Cross sections, of cylinder      202Ч204
Cross sections, of ellipsoid, Rayleigh limit      151 152 343 350
Cross sections, of optically active sphere      190
Cross sections, of sphere      103
Cross sections, of sphere, Rayleigh limit      140
Cross sections, of weakly absorbing large sphere      166- 171
Cube, absorption by, randomly oriented      386
Cube, surface modes in      365Ч369
Cylinders, scattering by, finite, according to diffraction theory      209Ч213
Cylinders, scattering by, finite, in Rayleigh Ч Gans approximation      163Ч165
Cylinders, scattering by, infinite      194Ч213
Cylinders, scattering by, infinite, amplitude scattering matrix for      206
Cylinders, scattering by, infinite, anisotropic      209
Cylinders, scattering by, infinite, efficiencies for      204Ч207
Cylinders, scattering by, infinite, scattering matrix for      206
Debye relaxation mode      259Ч265
Debye relaxation mode, and microwave absorption by macromolecules      472Ч474
Debye relaxation mode, and water      264
Debye relaxation mode, dielectric function for      263 264
Degree of polarization      see УPolarizationФ
Depolarization factors      147
Depolarization of scattered light      67 403
Depolarization ratio      403
Detailed balance      125
Dichroism, circular      46 191
Dichroism, linear      46
Dielectric function tensor      152 247 249
Dielectric function, complex, and refractive index      227
Dielectric function, complex, anisotropic model for      247Ч250
Dielectric function, complex, average      see УAverage dielectric function theories
Dielectric function, complex, Cole-Cole plots of      353
Dielectric function, complex, Debye mode for      263 264
Dielectric function, complex, Drude free-electron model for      252Ч256
Dielectric function, complex, high- and low-frequency limits of      234
Dielectric function, complex, Lorentz oscillator model for      230- 232 241
Dielectric function, complex, multiple oscillator model for      245
Dielectric function, complex, of aluminum      255 272 346
Dielectric function, complex, of ice      275
Dielectric function, complex, of magnesium oxide      246 269
Dielectric function, complex, of silicon carbide      243
Dielectric function, complex, of silver      257 258 373
Dielectric function, complex, of water      264 275
Dielectric function, complex, quantum mechanical expression for      245
Dielectric function, complex, relationship of real and imaginary parts of      266
Dielectric function, static      267
Differential scattering cross section, defined      72 383
Differential scattering cross section, measurement of      391 392
Diffraction, by aperture      109
Diffraction, by cylinder      209Ч213
Diffraction, by obstacle      109
Diffraction, by sphere      110 111
Diffraction, theory of      107Ч111
Dipole, potential of      138 139
Dipole, radiation by      99 139 236Ч238
Disk, absorption by      350 353
Disk, as oblate spheroid      146
Disk, scattering diagram for, diffraction theory      111
Dispersion relations      see УKramers Ч Kronig relationsФ
Dispersion, anomalous      232 235 242
Dispersion, normal      177 232 239
Dispersion, spatial      22
Doppler shift, wind velocity measurements by      447
Drude free-electron model      251Ч257
Drude free-electron model, and surface plasmons      335 345
Drude free-electron model, dielectric function for      252 254
Drude free-electron model, for aluminum      255 256 272 273
Drude free-electron model, for semiconductors      256
Eccentricity of spheroids      146
Effective optical constants      see УAverage dielectric function theories
Effective refractive index, of atmospheric aerosols      443Ч446
Effective refractive index, of slab of particles      78 79 theories
Efficiency factor, defined      72
Efficiency factor, for radiation pressure      120 (see also УAbsorptionФ УCross УExtinctionФ УScatteringФ)
Efficiency factor, greater than 1      125 333 334 339Ч342
Electromagnetic waves, plane      25Ч27
Electron energy bands      239 251 252 270
Electrons, free and bound      257Ч259
Electrostatics approximation      136Ч154
Electrostatics approximation, and surface modes      327
Electrostatics approximation, for anisotropic sphere      152Ч154
Electrostatics approximation, for coated ellipsoid      148 149
Electrostatics approximation, for cube      342 356 368
Electrostatics approximation, for ellipsoid      141Ч149
Electrostatics approximation, for sphere      136Ч141
Ellipsoidal coordinates      141
Ellipsoids, aluminum      346
Ellipsoids, as disks, needles, and spheres      348Ч353
Ellipsoids, coated      148Ч150
Ellipsoids, continuous distribution of      353Ч356
Ellipsoids, in electrostatics approximation      141 Ч149
Ellipsoids, metallic      345Ч347
Ellipsoids, polarizability tensor for      150
Ellipsoids, randomly oriented      151 152 346
Ellipsoids, surface modes in      342Ч356
Ellipsometric parameters of polarized light      46
Ellipsometric parameters of polarized light, and Stokes parameters      50
Ellipsometry      41 56
Ellipsometry, and light-scattering measurements      416
Emissivity of sphere      125
Emissivity of sphere, greater than 1      126
Exciton      269 270
Exciton, pressure dependence of      468 469
Extinction calculations, for cylinders      314Ч316
Extinction calculations, for distribution of ellipsoids      356
Extinction calculations, for distribution of ellipsoids, of aluminum      375
Extinction calculations, for distribution of ellipsoids, of magnesium oxide      367 368
Extinction calculations, for distribution of ellipsoids, of quartz      363
Extinction calculations, for distribution of ellipsoids, of silicon carbide      364
Extinction calculations, for spheres, and ripple structure      300 301 302
Extinction calculations, for spheres, effect of absorption on      307
Extinction calculations, for spheres, effect of size distribution on      296Ч299
Extinction calculations, for spheres, of aluminum      294 295 310 338 375
Extinction calculations, for spheres, of electron-hole droplets      377 378
Extinction calculations, for spheres, of gold      370 371
Extinction calculations, for spheres, of magnesium oxide      290Ч292 308 367
Extinction calculations, for spheres, of quartz      361 363
Extinction calculations, for spheres, of silicon carbide      333 334
Extinction calculations, for spheres, of water      104Ч107 292 297 309
Extinction calculations, for spheroids      311Ч314
Extinction cross secton defined      71 (see also УCross sectionsФ УScattering
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