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Jackson J.D. — Classical electrodynamics
Jackson J.D. — Classical electrodynamics

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Название: Classical electrodynamics

Автор: Jackson J.D.


A revision of the defining book covering the physics and classical mathematics necessary to understand electromagnetic fields in materials and at surfaces and interfaces. The third edition has been revised to address the changes in emphasis and applications that have occurred in the past twenty years.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Физика/Электромагнетизм/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 1962

Количество страниц: 641

Добавлена в каталог: 11.09.2005

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Предметный указатель
"Electric" waves      243 545
"Magnetic" waves      243 545
4-vector character of radiation      390
4-vectors and tensors      374
Aberration of star light      348 361
Abraham — Lorentz equation of motion      582
Abraham — Lorentz equation of motion, Dirac's relativistic generalization of      609
Abraham — Lorentz model of electron      584
Abraham — Lorentz model of electron, difficulties with      589
Absorption of radiation by oscillator      602
Absorption or total cross section of radiation by oscillator      605
Absorption or total cross section of radiation by oscillator, integral over all frequencies      606
Acceleration fields of particle      467
Acceleration, relativistic transformation of      388
Addition of velocities, relativistic      360
Addition theorem for spherical harmonics      67
Adiabatic invariance      419
Adiabatic invariance, of flux through orbit      421
Adiabatic invariance, of magnetic moment of particle      421
Airy integrals      484
Alfven velocity      331
Alfven waves      330 331 344
Alfven waves, attenuation of      333
Alfven waves, with displacement current      334
Ampere's law, differential form of      138
Ampere's law, integral form of      139
Ampere's observations on forces between currents      135
Angular distribution of radiation by accelerated charge      473 see “Multipole “Radiation”
Angular momentum operator, L      542
Angular momentum, conservation of, for particles and fields      200
Angular momentum, in cylindrical wave guide      576
Angular momentum, of circularly polarized plane wave      201 569
Angular momentum, of multipole radiation      549
Angular momentum, of photon      569
Angular momentum, selection rules for multipole radiation      549
Anisotropic dielectrics, waves in      233
Antenna, center-fed linear      277
Antenna, circular loop      575
Antenna, half-wave and full-wave      279 566
Antenna, multipole expansion for      562
Antenna, radiation resistance of      280
Antenna, short linear      272
Associated Legendre polynomials      see “Legendre polynomials”
Attenuation constant in wave guide      251
Attenuation, general method of handling      240
Attenuation, in cavity      255
Attenuation, in wave guide      249
Attenuation, of waves in conducting medium      224
Attenuation, of waves in plasma      333 341
Babinet's principle, for scalar diffraction      288
Babinet's principle, for vector fields      291
Bessel functions      69
Bessel functions, connection of, with Airy integrals      484
Bessel functions, definitions of ${I}_{\nu},\;{K}_{\nu}$      75
Bessel functions, definitions of ${j}_{l},\;{n}_{l},\;{h}_{l}^{\;(1)},\;{h}_{l}^{\;(2)}$      539
Bessel functions, definitions of ${J}_{\nu},\;{N}_{\nu},\;{H}_{\nu}^{\;(1)},\;{H}_{\nu}^{\;(2)}$      71
Bessel functions, expansions involving      76 86 96 97 484 501 502 535
Bessel functions, Fourier transforms of ${K}_{0}$ and Klt      437
Bessel functions, Fourier — Bessel series      73 95
Bessel functions, integral representation of ${J}_{m}$      96 294
Bessel functions, integral representations involving      86 92 96 295
Bessel functions, Kapteyn series      74 501
Bessel functions, limiting forms      72 75 540
Bessel functions, Neumann series      74
Bessel functions, orthogonality on finite interval      73 74 95
Bessel functions, orthogonality on infinite interval      77 96
Bessel functions, recursion formulas      71 540
Bessel functions, Schloemilch series      74
Bessel functions, series for ${J}_{\nu}$      71
Bessel functions, spherical      539
Bessel functions, spherical, asymptotic forms      540
Bessel functions, spherical, Wronskians      541
Bessel functions, zeros of ${J}_{n}'(x)$      255
Bessel functions, zeros of ${J}_{n}(x)$      72
Beta decay, radiation emitted during      526
Bethe — Heitler bremsstrahlung formula      512
Biot and Savart law      133
Birefringence of the ionosphere      229
Bohr, N-, energy-loss formula of      438
Boundary conditions, and inconsistency of Kirchhoff approximation      282
Boundary conditions, and types of partial differential equations      17
Boundary conditions, at surface of good conductor      236
Boundary conditions, Cauchy, Dirichlet, Neumann      15 16
Boundary conditions, for D and E      110
Boundary conditions, for dielectric wave guide      260
Boundary conditions, for TE and TM waves in guide      243
Boundary conditions, magnetostatic, on H and B      155
Boundary conditions, mixed Dirichlet and Neumann      90
Boundary conditions, normal and tangential E in free space      9 10
Boundary-value problems      see also “Diffraction” “Resonant “Wave
Boundary-value problems, Green's-function solution of      19
Boundary-value problems, image method of solution of      26 f.
Boundary-value problems, in cylindrical coordinates      75 f.
Boundary-value problems, in dielectrics      110 f. 217
Boundary-value problems, in rectangular coordinates      47 f.
Boundary-value problems, in spherical coordinates      60 f.
Boundary-value problems, magnetostatics      156 f.
Bremsstrahlung photon cross section      513
Bremsstrahlung, angular and polarization distributions      507 509 516
Bremsstrahlung, as energy-loss mechanism      519
Bremsstrahlung, as scattering of virtual quanta      525
Bremsstrahlung, classical      510 512
Bremsstrahlung, effect of screening on      516
Bremsstrahlung, frequency spectrum      511 515 517
Bremsstrahlung, nonrelativistic      509
Bremsstrahlung, relativistic      513 f.
Brewster's angle      220
Capacitance      24
Cauchy boundary conditions      15 17 221
Causality      185 234
Causality, in special relativity      371
Causality, lack of, with radiative reaction      599
Cavities      see “Resonant cavity”
Charge, effective magnetic      158
Charge, electric      2
Charge, Lorentz invariance of      377
Cherenkov angle ${\theta}_{C}$      495 498
Cherenkov radiation      494
Cherenkov radiation, angular and frequency distribution of      498
Cherenkov radiation, connection of, with energy loss      448
Cherenkov radiation, Fourier transforms of fields of      445
Cherenkov radiation, potentials of      497
Classical electron radius      490 589
Clausius — Mossotti relation      119
Closure      see “Completeness relation”
Collision time      507
Collision time, for fields of relativistic particle      382
Collisions, between charged particles as energy-loss mechanism      430
Collisions, relativistic kinematics of      400 see “Scattering”
Complementary screens      288
Completeness relation, for Bessel functions on an infinite interval      96
Completeness relation, for complex exponentials      47 84
Completeness relation, for spherical harmonics      65
Completeness relation, general      45
Compton scattering      490
Conduction in a moving fluid      312
Conductivity, effect of, on fields      222
Conductivity, fluid motion with infinite      312
Conductivity, model of      225
Conductivity, of plasma      459
Conductivity, tensor, in plasma      345
Conductor, attenuation in      224
Conductor, boundary conditions at      236
Conductor, definition of      23
Conductor, fields at surface of      236
Conductor, fields inside      222 238
Conductor, penetration depth in      225
Conductor, surface resistance of      240
Conservation laws in covariant form      385
Conservation, of angular momentum of particles and fields      200
Conservation, of electromagnetic energy      189
Conservation, of energy and momentum of particles and fields      190 386
Constitutive relations      179
Continuity equation, for charge and current      133 613
Continuity equation, for electromagnetic energy flow      190 386
Continuity equation, for fluid      311 330
Continuity equation, in covariant form      378
Contour integration for retarded Green's function      184
Contraction of length      see “FitzGerald — Lorentz contraction”
Convective derivative      172 311
Conversion tables for electromagnetic quantities between Gaussian and mks units      619 620
Correspondence principle of Bohr      502
Cosine integral      279
Coulomb gauge      181
Coulomb gauge, use of, in Darwin interaction      409
Coulomb's law      1
Covariance, of conservation laws      385
Covariance, of electrodynamics      377
Covariance, of equations of physics      376
Covariance, of force equation      384 405
Covariance, of Lagrangian      406
Covariance, of Maxwell's equations      379
Cross section      see also “Bremsstrahlung” “Scattering”
Cross section, classical, for bremsstrahlung      512
Cross section, classical, for scattering of radiation by a sphere      572
Cross section, classical, relation of, to impact parameter      452
Cross section, for scattering by screened potential      453
Cross section, Rutherford      452
Cross section, Thomson      489
Cross section, total, for scattering and absorption of radiation by oscillator      602
Cross section, total, for scattering of particles by atoms      455
Curl, operating on vector spherical harmonic      570
Curl, operator relation involving L      546
Current density, continuity equation for      133
Current density, force on, in magnetic field      137
Current density, magnetization caused by      146
Current flow in plasma column      320
Current loop, vector potential and fields of      141
Current, international unit of      612
Cutoff frequency, in dielectric wave guide      263
Cutoff frequency, in hollow wave guide      245
Cutoff modes in wave guide      245
Cylinder functions      see “Bessel functions”
Cylindrical coordinates, boundaryvalue problems in      75 89
Cylindrical coordinates, delta function in      84
Cylindrical coordinates, Green's function in      84 96
Cylindrical coordinates, Laplace's equation in      69
Cylindrical coordinates, separation of variables in      69
Cylindrical coordinates, waves in      241
Damping      see also “Radiative reaction”
Damping, of magnetohydrodynamic waves      333
Damping, of oscillations in cavity      255
Damping, of plasma oscillations      340
Darwin — Breit interaction      411
Debye wave number      340
Debye — Hueckel screening radius or Debye length      342
Decay, of particle, relativistic kinematics of      394
Decay, of pi mesons, time dilatation in      359
Delta function, charge densities in terms of      4 36 82 83
Delta function, current densities in terms of      141 278 563
Delta function, definition of      3
Delta function, equal to ${\nabla}^{2}(1/r)$      13
Delta function, in arbitrary coordinates      79
Delta function, integral representations for      47 84 96
Delta function, properties of      4
Delta function, three-dimensional, in cylindrical coordinates      84
Delta function, three-dimensional, in spherical coordinates      79
Density effect in energy loss      443
Density effect in energy loss, connection of, with Cherenkov radiation      448
Dielectric constant, classical result for      234 446
Dielectric constant, for Alfven waves      334
Dielectric constant, for plasma      227 451
Dielectric constant, for plasma in magnetic field      228
Dielectric wave guide      259
Dielectric wave guide, at optical frequencies      264
Dielectric wave guide, cutoff frequency in      263
Dielectric wave guide, possible modes of propagation      260
Dielectrics      108
Dielectrics, anisotropic, waves in      233
Dielectrics, boundary conditions      110
Dielectrics, boundary-value problems with      110 f.
Dielectrics, electrostatic energy in      123
Dielectrics, method of images for      111
Differential operator relations      see “Gradient” “Laplacian” etc.
Diffraction, Babinet's principle in      288
Diffraction, by circular aperture      292 307
Diffraction, by half-plane      306
Diffraction, by rectangular opening      307
Diffraction, by small apertures      297 307 308
Diffraction, by sphere in short wavelength limit      299
Diffraction, comparison of scalar and vector approximations      296
Diffraction, Fresnel and Fraunhofer      292
Diffraction, Kirchhoff approximation in      282
Diffraction, scalar Huygens — Kirchhoff theory of      280
Diffraction, Smythe's vector theorem for      287
Diffraction, use of Green's theorem in      281 283
Diffraction, vector Kirchhoff approximation      285
Diffusion of magnetic fields      313
Diffusion time of magnetic fields      313
Dilatation of time      see “Time dilatation”
Dimensions, discussion of      611
Dipole approximation, in energy loss      435
Dipole approximation, in radiation problems      271 274 507
Dipole fields, electrostatic      100
Dipole fields, magnetostatic      143 147
Dipole fields, of conducting sphere      34
Dipole fields, of dielectric sphere      115
Dipole fields, of electrostatic dipole layer      9
Dipole fields, of magnetized sphere      157
Dipole fields, oscillating electric      271
Dipole fields, oscillating magnetic      274
Dipole moment, electrostatic      100
Dipole moment, induced      120
Dipole moment, interaction between two      102
Dipole moment, magnetostatic      132 146
Dipole moment, magnetostatic, energy of      150
Dipole moment, magnetostatic, force on      149
Dipole moment, magnetostatic, of current loop      143 147
Dipole moment, magnetostatic, relation of, to angular momentum      148
Dipole moment, magnetostatic, torque on      132 150
Dipole moment, oscillating electric      271
Dipole moment, oscillating magnetic      274
Dipole sum rule for absorption of radiation      606
Dirac delta function      see “Delta function”
Dirac's relativistic force equation      609
Dirichelet boundary conditions      16
Disc, potential of charged conducting      89
Discontinuity, of electric field      9
Discontinuity, of potential      12
Dispersion relation, for index of refraction      234
Dispersion relation, for plasma oscillations      337 339
Dispersion, and causality      234
Dispersion, and propagation      208 f.
Dispersion, anomalous      211
Dispersion, in dielectrics      208
Dispersion, in ionosphere      229
Dispersion, in plasmas      337
Displacement current      178
Displacement, definition of      108
Dissipative effects, in cavities      255
Dissipative effects, in plasma oscillations      332 340
Dissipative effects, in wave guides      248
Dissipative effects, in wave propagation      208
Divergence theorem      6
Doppler shift, relativistic      363
Doppler shift, transverse      364
Drift of charged particles, in crossed E and B      413
Drift of charged particles, in inhomogeneous magnetic fields      417
Drift of lines of force in conducting fluid      314
Drift velocity, caused by curvature of lines of force      418
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