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Sornette D. Ч Critical phenomena in natural sciences
¬оройский ‘.—. Ч »нформатика. Ќовый систематизированный толковый словарь497
ќлифер ¬.√., ќлифер Ќ.ј. Ч —етевые операционные системы21
Ёйнджел Ё. Ч »нтерактивна€ компьютерна€ графика. ¬водный курс на базе OpenGL369
√уссенс ћ., ћиттельбах ‘., —амарин ј. Ч ѕутеводитель по пакету LaTeX и его расширению LaTeX2ε534
 уин Ћ., –ассел –. Ч Fast Ethernet31, 182
–оссум √., ƒрейк ‘.Ћ.ƒж., ќткидач ƒ.—.и др. Ч язык программировани€ Python355
Khosrowpour M. Ч Encyclopedia Of Information Science And Technology53, 93, 272, 331, 481, 714, 810, 822, 1293, 1452, 1612, 1640, 1858, 2051, 2481, 2546, 2719, 2809, 2836, 2973
Ћоу ƒ. Ч Internet Explorer 6 дл€ чайников23
–атбон Ё. Ч Microsoft Windows Me Millenium Edition дл€ "чайников"59, 229
–атбон Ё. Ч Microsoft Windows XP дл€ "чайников"53; 175; 7; 1
Stevens W.R. Ч Unix network programming (volume 1)5
Kisacanin B. Ч Mathematical problems and proofs. Combinatorics, Number theory, and Geometry75, 204
Minoli D. Ч A Networking Approach to Grid Computing333, 335
Tate K. Ч Sustainable Software Development: An Agile Perspective
Outmesguine M. Ч Wi-Fi Toys: 15 Cool Wireless Projects for Home, Office, and Entertainment243
Ray J., Ray W. Ч Mac OS X Tiger Unleashed
Wesseling P. Ч Principles of computational fluid dynamics4, 264, 293, 472, 560
Higham N. Ч Accuracy and stability of numerical algorithms582
Webb J. Ч Essential SharePoint
MacDonald M. Ч Excel for Starters: The Missing Manual
Acklen L., O'Brien P. Ч Special Edition Using WordPerfect Office X3
MacDonald M. Ч Creating Web Sites: The Missing Manual
Nielsen J., Loranger H. Ч Prioritizing Web Usability[See also Web.]
Gagnt M. Ч Moving to Ubuntu Linux
McMurtry, Mercuri, Watling Ч Presenting Microsoft Communication Foundation: Hands-on!
Zacker C., Steven A. Ч MCSE Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-293): Planning and Maintaining a MicrosoftЃ Windows ServerЩ 2003 Network Infrastructure
Carlson J. Ч iMovie HD 6 & iDVD 6 for Mac OS X (Visual QuickStart Guide Series)[See also Web pages, adding movies, embedding QuickTime movies.]
Graham Ч Building Web Services with Java: Making Sense of XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI
Sobell M.G., Seebach P. Ч A Practical Guide to UNIXЃ for Mac OSЃ X Users
O'Hara S. Ч Absolute Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Windows XP2nd
Miller M. Ч Absolute Beginner's Guide to Upgrading and Fixing Your PC
Kovsky S. Ч Absolute Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Windows XP Media Center
Miller M. Ч Absolute Beginner's Guide to Computer Basics
Miller M. Ч Absolute Beginner's Guide to Computer Basics
Davis H. Ч Absolute Beginner's Guide to Wi-FiЃ Wireless Networking
Branwyn G. Ч Absolute Beginner's Guide to Building Robots
Gilgen R. Ч Absolute Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
Walker A. Ч Absolute Beginner's Guide To: Security, Spam, Spyware & Viruses
Nash J.C., Nash M.M. Ч Scientific Computing with PCs2.2, 13.5
Wehrle K., Pahlke F., Ritter H. Ч Linux Network Architecture
Taylor D., Jepson B. Ч Learning Unix for Mac OS X Panther[See network access web sites]
von Seggern J. Ч Laptop Music Power!: The Comprehensive Guide[See also Web sites]
Lapoorte L. Ч Leo Laporte's 2006 Gadget Guide
Hassell J. Ч Learning Windows Server 2003
Lutz M., Ascher d. Ч Learning Python
Rankin K., Knopper K. Ч Knoppix Hacks: 100 Tips and Tricks
Bautts T., Dawson T., Purdy G.N. Ч Linux Network Administrator's Guide
Kern S., Lynd D., Penny D. Ч Lotus Notes and Domino 6 Development
McCarty B. Ч Learning Red Hat Linux
Fiore F., Tank L. Ч Launching Your Yahoo! Business
Glass G., Ables K. Ч Linux for Programmers and Users
¬атолин ƒ., –атушн€к ј., —мирнов ћ. Ч ћетоды сжати€ данных278
Pogue D. Ч Windows XP for Starters: The Missing Manual
Gralla P. Ч Windows XP Power Hound
Karp D.A., O'Reilly T., Luhn R. Ч Windows XP Annoyances For Geeks
Pinter L. Ч Visual Fox Pro to Visual Basic.NET
Mathers T.W. Ч WindowsЃ ServerЩ 2003/2000 terminal server solutions
Langer M. Ч Visual QuickStart Guide: Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger
Allen R., Gralla P. Ч Windows XP Cookbook
Deitel H.M. Ч Visual C# How to Program
Hellberg Ch., Boyes T., Greene D. Ч Broadband Network Architectures: Designing and Deploying Triple Play Services70
Fehily C. Ч Windows XP: Visual Quickstart Guide[See also instant messaging, internet connections, web sites]
Preppernau J., Cox J. Ч Windows VistaЩ Step by Step
Stanek W.R. Ч Windows Vista Administrator's Pocket Consultant
Joyce J., Moon M. Ч Windows Vista Plain & Simple
Lee W. Ч Windows XP Unwired: A Guide for Home, Office, and the Road
Karp D.A., Mott T., O'Reilly T. Ч Windows XP in a Nutshell
Morris B., Davies Ch., Day W. Ч The Symbian OS Architecture Sourcebook: Design and Evolution of a Mobile Phone OS5, 9, 11, 16, 29, 142Ч143, 146Ч149, 161Ч163, 168, 208, 212, 376Ч377, 482, 487, 502, 513, 516Ч519 see also emails; Wap; web
Cowart R., Knittel B. Ч Special Edition Using Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Valade J. Ч Spring Into Linux2nd
Wallingford T. Ч VoIP Hacks
Rizzo J. Ч Visual QuickProject Guide: Customizing Windows XP
Tulloch M. Ч Windows Server 2003 in a Nutshell
Lessig L. Ч Code: Version 2.0See also Cyberspace
Abraham W. Ч Chinese Phrases For Dummies141Ч142
Regan Sch., White K. Ч Mac OS X Server 10.4 Tiger: Visual QuickPro Guide
Criddle L., Muir N. Ч Look Both Ways: Help Protect Your Family on the Internet[See also surfing the Web, Web sites]
Pogue D. Ч Mac OS X: The Missing Manual
Forta B. Ч Macromedia ColdFusion MX 7 Certified Developer Study Guide2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Dornfest R., Hemenway K. Ч Mac OS X Hacks
Maier R. Ч Knowledge Management Systems: Information and Communication Technologies for Knowledge Management125, 490
Ferrari E. Ч Web and Information Security34, 41, 113, 287
Boyer R. Ч Modern Experimental Biochemistry212, 225
Brin M., Stuck G. Ч Introdution to dynamical system103
Hilyard J., Teilhet S. Ч C# Cookbook
Hilyard J., Teilhet S. Ч C# Cookbook
Swart B., Cashman M., Gustavson P. Ч C++ Builder Developer's Guide
Deitel H.M. Ч C++ How to Program2nd
Rea S.M. Ч Building Intelligent .NET Applications: Agents, Data Mining, Rule-Based Systems, and Speech Processing
Lee K.-K. Ч Building Resilient IP Networks
Schloss D. Ч Blue Pixel Guide to Travel Photography, The: Perfect Photos Every Time
Ballew J., Slack S.E. Ч Breakthrough Windows VistaЩ: Find Your Favorite Features and Discover the Possibilities
Sincere M. Ч Understanding Stocks105, 169
Mindich D.T. Ч Tuned out: Why Americans under 40 Don't Follow the News32Ч33, 38, 70Ч76
Bigus J.P. Ч Data mining with neural networks118
Dreman D. Ч Contrarian Investment Strategies in the Next Generation54, 55, 326, 365Ч368
Aynsley J. Ч A Century of Graphic Design203
Resnick S.I. Ч Heavy-Tail Phenomena: Probabilistic and Statistical Modeling238, 316
Cunningham L.A. Ч How To Think Like Benjamin Graham and Invest Like Warren Buffett8Ч9
Kohonen T. Ч Self-organizing maps288
Gershenfeld N. Ч The Nature of Mathematical Modelling-Neil Gershenfeld250
Wesseles D. Ч Web CachingSee : ICP Internet Cache Protocol
Rockmore D. Ч Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis: The Quest to Find the Hidden Law of Prime Numbers16, 265Ч266
Siegfried T. Ч A Beautiful Math John Nash, Game Theory, and the Modern Quest for a Code of Nature146, 149, 158, 160
Knuth D.E. Ч The art of computer programming (vol. 2 Seminumerical Algorithms)iv, x
Jacob N. Ч Intercultural Management165Ц168, 173
Recktenwald D. (ed.), Radbruch A. (ed.) Ч Cell Separation Methods and Applications238
Patterson D.A., Hennessy J.L. Ч Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software InterfaceCD8.11:7
Lerner K.L., Lerner B.W. Ч The gale encyclopedia of science (Vol. 6)3:2173Ч2176
Mattison R. Ч Data Warehousing and Data Mining for Telecommunications8
Berrar D.P., Dubitzky W., Granzow M. Ч Practical approach to microarray data analysis49
Higham N.J. Ч Accuracy and Stability of Numerical Algorithms574
Lesk A.M. Ч Introduction to Protein Architecture16
Sugiyama K. Ч Graph Drawing and Applications for Software and Knowledge Engineers3
von zur Gathen J., Gerhard J. Ч Modern computer algebra16, 77, 491, 506, 549
Bucki L.A. Ч Mac OS X Version 10.2 Jaguar Fast & Easysee also УWebФ
Brookshear J.G. Ч Computer Science: An Overview18, 169, 174
Bergmann R., Althoff K.-D., Breen S. Ч Developing Industrial Case-Based Reasoning Applications4, 15Ч16, 31, 48, 60, 77, 81Ч82, 105, 140
Kennedy D. Ч Academic Duty190, 268Ч269
Ћебедев ј.Ќ. Ч —амоучитель по Visual FoxPro 9.016, 17, 36, 224, 279, 302
ќлифер ¬. √., ќлифер Ќ. ј. Ч  омпьютерные сети. ѕринципы, технологии, протоколы: ”чебник дл€ вузов.33, 138, 145, 177Ч178, 689, 786, 873
Attwood T.K., Parry-Smith D.J. Ч Introduction to bioinformatics19Ч21, 204
Knuth D.E. Ч The art of computer programming (vol. 3 Sorting and Searching)iv, x
Rockmore D. Ч Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis16, 265Ч266
ћюллер —. Ч ћодернизаци€ и ремонт ѕ 1007
Bishop O. Ч Electronics: A First Course29, 63, 98, 113, 211
–ассел —., Ќорвиг ѕ. Ч »скусственный интеллект: современный подход67
Ѕрукшир ƒ.√. Ч ¬ведение в компьютерные науки. ќбщий обзор161, 182, 184, 193
ќлифер ¬. √., ќлифер Ќ. ј. Ч  омпьютерные сети. ѕринципы, технологии, протоколы77, 81, 306, 404, 417, 419, 433, 441Ч442, 447, 615
Hubbard J.R. Ч Theory and Problems of Fundamentals of Computing with C++3
Olver P.J., Shakiban C. Ч Applied linear. algebra510
Knuth D.E. Ч The art of computer programming (vol. 1 Fundаmental algorithms)iv, xvi
Berquist K., Berquist A. Ч Managing Information Highways: The PRISM Book: Principles, Methods, and Case Studies for Designing Telecommunications Management Systems3
Pavičić M. Ч Quantum Computation and Quantum Communication: Theory and Experiments35, 65
Garfinkel S., Weise D., Strassmann S. (eds.) Ч The UNIX-HATERS Handbook63, 88
Roads —.(ed.) Ч Musical signal processing120
Rob P., Coronel C. Ч Database systems: Design, Implementation, and Management(see also World Wide Web)
Hatch B., Lee J., Kurtz G. Ч Hacking linux exposed: linux security secrets & solutionsSee also "Web sites"
Chase R.B., Jacobs E.R. Ч Operations management for competitive advantage18, 20, 374
Rogers L. Ч Its ONLY Rocket Science. An Introduction in Plain English (Astronomers Universe)167, 226, 230, 231, 312, see also "Web sites"
Schneider D.I. Ч Computer programming concepts and visual basic280Ч281, 392Ч397, 399Ч402, 409
Gallavotti G. Ч Foundations of fluid mechanics365
Elden L. Ч Numerical Linear Algebra and Applications in Data Mining5, 137, 153
Murray R.M. Ч Control in an Information Rich World: Report of the Panel on Future Directions in Control, Dynamics, and Systems3, 4, 14, 18, 20, 36, 39
Franzén T. Ч G #246 del's Theorem: An Incomplete Guide to Its Use and Abuse1
Higham N. Ч Handbook of writing for the mathematical sciences210Ч212
Brookshear J. Ч Computer Science18, 169, 174
Conen W., Neumann G. Ч Coordination Technology for Collaborative Applications: Organizations, Processes, and Agents1, 9Ч11, 14, 22, 49, 50, 60, 158, 159, 220, 231
Abraham A., Baets B. Ч Applied Soft Computing Technologies: The Challenge of Complexity785
Higham N.J. Ч Handbook of writing for the mathematical sciences210Ч212
Bryant R., O'Hallaron D.R. Ч Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective805
Stevens W.R. Ч Unix: Network Programming. Volume 15
Connell J. Ч Beginning Visual Basic 6 Database Programming653
Jurik M. (ed.) Ч Computerized Trading: Maximizing Day Trading and Overnight Profits368Ч369, 383
Hamacher C., Vranesic, Zaky S. Ч Computer Organization 5th Edition2
¬оройский ‘.—. Ч »нформатика. Ёнциклопедический словарь-справочник: введение в современные информационные и телекоммуникационные технологии в терминах и фактах471
Brown S.M. Ч Bioinformatics: A Biologist's Guide to Biocomputing and the Internet3Ч4, 29, see also "World Wide Web"
Witten I.H., Moffat A., Bell T.C. Ч Managing Gigabytes: Compressing and Indexing Documents and Images433Ч436, 449
Back T., Fogel D.B., Michalewicz Z. Ч Evolutionary computation (Vol. 2. Advanced algorithms and operators)132
Grimaldi R.P., Rothman D.J. Ч Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics: An Applied Introduction12, 13, 575
Clarke E.M., Grumberg O., Peled D.A. Ч Model checking2
Coutinho S. Ч The mathematics of ciphers: number theory and RSA cryptography2, 176
Orloff J. Ч How to Do Everything: Ubuntu189
’ерн ƒ., ѕаулин Ѕ.ћ. Ч  омпьютерна€ графика и стандарт OpenGL121
‘ридланд ј.я., ’анамирова Ћ.—., ‘ридланд ».ј. Ч »нформатика и компьютерные технологии. ќсновные термины. “олковый словарь240
’опкрофт ƒ., ћотвани –., ”льман ƒ. Ч ¬ведение в теорию автоматов, €зыков и вычислений85
Grimaldi R.P. Ч Student Solutions Manual for Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics12, 13, 575
Zelkowitz M. Ч Advances in Computers, Volume 551, 3Ч5, 11, 12, 49, 50, 127
 огаловский ћ. –. Ч ѕерспективные технологии информационных систем38, 71
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