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Wehrle K., Pahlke F., Ritter H. — Linux Network Architecture
Wehrle K., Pahlke F., Ritter H. — Linux Network Architecture

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Название: Linux Network Architecture

Авторы: Wehrle K., Pahlke F., Ritter H.


This unique Linux networking tutorial/reference by experts provides readers with a practical overview and understanding of the implementation of networking protocols in the Linux kernel. The book shows how networking behavior and protocols can be implemented within the Linux operating system. Introduction to the Linux kernel, mainly focusing on the upcoming kernel version 2.4 but also valid for version 2.2 kernels. The organization of the book follows the TCP/IP layering model, beginning with the kernel's network device drivers, continuing with link-layer protocols such as PPP, and finally giving a description of all core protocols of the TCP/IP protocol family. Additional supplementary protocols such as RSVP, IP Security, and Mobile IP are also covered. For anyone interested in Linux or networking, including network programmers and administrators.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Издание: First Edition

Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 715

Добавлена в каталог: 09.11.2007

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Предметный указатель
/proc directory      
10Base2 standard      
Abstract Syntax Notation (ASN.1)      
ACCEPT (branch destination)      
addbr bridge command      
addif bridge device command      
Address ranges, for use in private networks      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), arp command      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), ARP instance, implementing in the Linux kernel      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), ARP PDUs, structure of      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), creating/managing neighbour instances      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), defined      2nd
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), handling unresolved IP packets      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), handling unresolved IP packets, arp_constructor()      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), handling unresolved IP packets, arp_hash()      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), handling unresolved IP packets, arp_solicit()      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), handling unresolved IP packets, neigh_alloc()      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), handling unresolved IP packets, neigh_connect()      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), handling unresolved IP packets, neigh_connected_output()      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), handling unresolved IP packets, neigh_create()      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), handling unresolved IP packets, neigh_destroy()      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), handling unresolved IP packets, neigh_event_send()      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), handling unresolved IP packets, neigh_forced_gc()      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), handling unresolved IP packets, neigh_periodic_timer()      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), handling unresolved IP packets, neigh_resolve_output()      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), handling unresolved IP packets, neigh_suspect()      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), handling unresolved IP packets, neigh_sync()      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), handling unresolved IP packets, neigh_table_init()      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), handling unresolved IP packets, neigh_timer_handler()      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), incoming ARP PDUs      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), incoming ARP PDUs, arp_rcv()      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), incoming ARP PDUs, arp_send()      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), incoming ARP PDUs, neigh_lookup()      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), incoming ARP PDUs, neigh_update()      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), managing reachable computers in the ARP cache      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), neighbour structure      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), neigh_ops structure      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), neigh_table structure      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), operation of      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), possible states for neighbour entries      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), receiving an ARP packet and replying      
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), using      
ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) access technology      
Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller (APIC)      [See APIC timer]
Advertised window      
Apache web server      
APIC timer, defined      
APIC timer, technical basis for      
APIC timer:      
Application gateways (proxies)      
Application layer      
Application layer, ISO/OSI reference model      
Application layer, TCP/IP reference model      
Application processes      
ARP      [See Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)]
arp command      
ARP instance, implementing in the Linux kernel      
ARP PDUs, structure of      
ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency)      
Asynchronous time division multiplexing (TDM)      
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)      
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), cells      
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), configuration      
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), device drivers      
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), implementing in Linux      
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), network technology      
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), permanent virtual channels (PVCs)      
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), signaled virtual channels      
ATM      [See Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)]
ATM adaptation layer (AAL)      
atm_dev structure      
atm_trafprm structure      
Atomic operations      
Atomic operations, bit operations      
Atomic operations, semaphores      
Atomic operations, spinlocks      
Backward learning      
Basic Encoding Rules (BER)      
Basic NAT      
Berkeley sockets      [See BSD sockets]
Berkeley Software Distribution      
Berkeley UNIX operating system      
bhvr structure      
bhvr_type structure      
bidirectional NAT      
Binding type      
bind_tcf() function      
Bit operations      
Block-oriented devices      
Bluetooth core      
Bluetooth in Linux      
Bluetooth in Linux, Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol (L2CAP)      
Bluetooth profiles      
Bottom halfs      
brctl tool      
brctl tool, addbr bridge command      
brctl tool, addif bridge device command      
brctl tool, delbr bridge command      
brctl tool, delif bridge device command      
brctl tool, setaging bridge time command      
brctl tool, setbridgeprio bridge prio command      
brctl tool, setfd bridge time command      
brctl tool, setgcint bridge time command      
brctl tool, sethello bridge time command      
brctl tool, setmaxage bridge time command      
brctl tool, setpathcost bridge port cost command      
brctl tool, setportprio bridge port prio command      
brctl tool, stp bridge [en|dis] command      
Bridge ID      
bridge protocol data units (BPDUs)      
bridges      [See also Transparent bridges]
Bridges, basics of      
Bridges, configuring in Linux      
Bridges, configuring in Linux, checking the bridge functionality      
Bridges, configuring in Linux, configuring the kernel and network adapter      
Bridges, configuring in Linux, sample configuration      
Bridges, configuring in Linux, using the brctl tool to configure Linux bridges      
Bridges, defined      
Bridges, filtering concept supported by      
Bridges, forwarding functions      
Bridges, forwarding functions, br_fdb_get()      
Bridges, forwarding functions, br_flood()      
Bridges, forwarding functions, br_forward()      
Bridges, forwarding functions, br_handle_frame()      
Bridges, forwarding functions, br_pass_frame_up()      
Bridges, implementation of bridge functionality      
Bridges, implementation of bridge functionality, architecture of      
Bridges, implementation of bridge functionality, building/linking important data structures      
Bridges, implementation of bridge functionality, path of a packet through the kernel      
Bridges, implementing the spanning-tree protocol      
Bridges, learning new MAC addresses      
Bridges, learning new MAC addresses, br_fdb_cleanup()      
Bridges, learning new MAC addresses, br_fdb_insert()      
Bridges, local (remote) bridges      
Bridges, local transparent translation bridges      
Bridges, source-routing (transparent) bridges      
Bridges, translation (nontranslation) bridges      
Bridges, types of      
Broadcast communication      
BSD sockets      2nd
BSD sockets, sock_alloc()      
BSD sockets, sock_create()      
BSD sockets, sock_map_fd()      
BSD sockets, sys_socket()      
BSD sockets, sys_socketcall()      
Busy wait locks      [See Spinlocks]
Busy wait loop      
Byte ordering methods      
Byte ordering methods, htonl()      
Byte ordering methods, htons()      
Byte ordering methods, ntohl()      
Byte ordering methods, ntohs()      
CBCP (Call Back Configuration Protocol)      
CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripts      
change() function      2nd 3rd
CHAP (Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol)      
Character device      
Character stuffing      2nd
Character-oriented devices      
Checksum field, IP packet header      
Class A IP addresses      
Class B IP addresses      
Class C IP addresses      
Class D IP addresses      
Class E IP addresses      
Classes, bind_tcf() function      
Classes, change() function      
Classes, delete() function      
Classes, get() function      
Classes, graft() function      
Classes, leaf() function      
Classes, put() function      
Classes, qdisc_graft() function      
Classes, tcf_chain() function      
Classes, unbind_tcf() function      
Classes, walk() function      
Classical IP      
classify() function      
Code transparency      
Codepoint field, IP packet header      
Command packets      
Command packets, hci_send_cnd()      
Command packets, hci_send_frame()      
Communication over sockets, example for      
Communication protocols      
Communication system architecture      
Communication system architecture, ISOOSI reference model      
Communication system architecture, layer-based communication models      
Communication system architecture, services and protocols      
Communication system architecture, TCPIP reference model      
Computer or host part, IP addresses      
Configuration BPDUs      
Configuration: ip_forward_options()      
Configuration: ip_options      
Configuration: ip_options_build()      
Configuration: ip_options_compile()      
Configuration: ip_options_echo()      
Configuration: ip_options_fragment()      
Configuration: ip_options_get()      
Configuration: ip_options_rcv_srr()      
Configuration: ip_options_undo()      
Congestion avoidance algorithm      
Congestion window      
Congestion window, in the congestion-avoidance phase      
Connection management functions      
Connection management functions, int accept      
Connection management functions, int bind      
Connection management functions, int close      
Connection management functions, int connect      
Connection management functions, int listen      
Connection management functions, int socket      
Connection tracking      
Connection-oriented service (LLC type 2)      
Connection-tracking module      
Connection-tracking module, connection entries      
Connection-tracking module, connection entries, ip_conntrack structure      
Connection-tracking module, connection entries, ip_conntrack_tuple structure      
Connection-tracking module, connection entries, ip_conntrack_tuple_hash structure      
Connection-tracking module, defined      
Connection-tracking module, expect_list      
Connection-tracking module, functions      
Connection-tracking module, functions, conntrack_iterate()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, death_by_timeout()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, destroy_conntrack()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, find_proto()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, fini      
Connection-tracking module, functions, get_tuple()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, hash_conntrack()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, icmp_error_track()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, init()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, init_conntrack()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, init_or_cleanup()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, invert_tuple()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, invert_tuplepr()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, ip_conntrack_alter_reply()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, ip_conntrack_cleanup()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, ip_conntrack_find_get()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, ip_conntrack_get() function      
Connection-tracking module, functions, ip_conntrack_helper_register()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, ip_conntrack_helper_unregister()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, ip_conntrack_in()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, ip_conntrack_init()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, ip_conntrack_local()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, ip_conntrack_protocol_register()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, ip_conntrack_protocol_unregister()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, ip_conntrack_put() function      
Connection-tracking module, functions, list_conntracks()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, print_conntrack()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, print_expect()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, print_tuple()      
Connection-tracking module, functions, resolve_normal_ct()      
Connection-tracking module, global variables      
Connection-tracking module, helper modules      
Connection-tracking module, helpers      
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