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Kovsky S. — Absolute Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Windows XP Media Center
Kovsky S. — Absolute Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Windows XP Media Center

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Название: Absolute Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Windows XP Media Center

Автор: Kovsky S.


Absolute Beginner¿s Guide to Windows XP Media Center teaches the reader all about the technology that Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates calls the centerpiece of his vision for the home of the future. After all, why settle for just a television set, a DVD player/recorder, an MP3 audio jukebox, a game machine, a digital photo viewer or a personal video recorder when you can have all of the devices wrapped up inside a nimble Windows XP computer
with online access? Windows XP Media Center brings it all together for the first time, and adds push-button access to rich online services that transform the idea of interactive TV from a pipedream to reality. It¿s time to put away the keyboard and mouse, grab hold of Media Center¿s remote control, and hang on for the home entertainment experience of a lifetime!Absolute Beginner¿s Guide to Windows XP Media Center is your key to enjoying the home of the future ¿ today! Here¿s a small sample of what you¿ll find inside:Watch, pause, rewind and record live television with push-button ease! XP Media Center provides the functionality of standalone TiVo or Replay TV persona video recorders ¿ but with no subscription fees!Save your favorite TV shows and movies to your hard drive, then burn them onto DVDs that you can play anywhere!Shoot and edit your own home movies using XP Media Center¿s easy controls, then burn them onto DVDs that you can share with family and friends.Enjoy your favorite TV shows, DVD movies, music and more ¿ on your computer screen or your television.Rip, organize, and burn your favorite music tracks to CDs that work in any CD player.Capture, edit, and sort your own digital photos using XP Media Center¿s user friendly tools, then display them on your TV.Listen to FM Radio on your Media Center PC. You can even pause, rewind and fast forward live radio!Use your Media Center remote control to tap into all sorts of exciting online services from movie and music downloads to news, games, shopping, and more.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Руководства по программному обеспечению/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2003

Количество страниц: 384

Добавлена в каталог: 05.09.2007

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Предметный указатель
2-foot interface customization      
2-foot interface customization, video backgrounds      2nd 3rd
2-foot interface customization, Window Always on Top setting      2nd 3rd
2-foot interface naviation      2nd 3rd
2-foot interface naviation, desktop      
2-foot interface naviation, keyboard      
2-foot interface naviation, keyboards      
2-foot interface naviation, keyboards, hard-wired buttons      2nd
2-foot interface naviation, keyboards, shortcuts      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th
2-foot interface naviation, mouse      2nd
2-foot interface naviation, mouse, launching Media Center      2nd 3rd
2-foot interface naviation, mouse, menu bar      2nd 3rd
2-foot interface naviation, mouse, Transport Controls toolbar      2nd
610 Gateway Media Center      2nd 3rd
About Guide Data screen      
About Guide Data screen, EPG (electronic program guide)      2nd
access, DVD menus      
accessing, EPG (electronic program guide)      2nd
accessing, menus      2nd
accessing, menus, DVD      2nd
accessing, menus, TV      2nd
Acquire Licenses option (Privacy Settings screen)      2nd
adapters, media cards      
adapters, media cards, digital cameras      
adapters, S-video-to-composite-video      
Add menu commands      
Add menu commands, By Searching Computer      
Add Missing Channels command (Televsion Settings menu)      
Add to Media Library, Add Currently Playing Playlist command (File menu)      
Adjust Display Settings command (Appearance Settings menu)      
Advanced Record features      2nd 3rd 4th
Advanced Tag Editor      2nd
Alarm Clock option (Microsoft PowerToys)      
Album tab      
albums, music collections      
albums, music collections, sorting      2nd
albums, thumbnails      
All Calls option (Telephone Call Notifications)      
all-in-ones systems      
all-in-ones systems, hardware options      2nd
Allow For option (Advanced Recording)      
alphanumeric input mode      
alphanumeric input mode, EPG (electronic program guide)      
analog cable      2nd
analog connections      
analog connections, camcorders      
animated slideshows      
animated slideshows, Windows XP guided tours      
animations, turning on/off      2nd
antennas, external      
antennas, external, Radio      
antique option      
antique option, special effects (Microsoft Picture It!)      
Appearance Settings menu      
Appearance Settings menu, Adjust Display Settings      
appearance, caller ID notifications      
appearance, caller ID notifications, turning on/off      2nd
appearance, display settings      
appearance, display settings, Display Calibration Wizard      2nd 3rd
appearance, modifying      
appearance, modifying, backgrounds      
appearance, modifying, backgrounds, colors      2nd
appearance, modifying, display devices      2nd
applications, adding      
applications, adding, Start menu      
applications, managing      
applications, managing, remote control      
applications, Paint      
applications, Paint, opening      
Artists tab      
artists, music collections      
artists, music collections, sorting      2nd
associated icons      
associated icons, adding      
audio cables      2nd
audio cables, camcorder connections      
Audio Lossless codec (Windows Media)      
audio options      
audio options, My Music      
audio options, My Music, Repeat      
audio options, My Music, Visualize      2nd
audio playback      
audio playback, controlling via keyboard shortcuts      2nd
Audio Variable bit rate codec (Windows Media)      
Audio, adding      
audio, adding, slide shows      2nd
audio, CD collections      
audio, CD collections, sorting      2nd
audio, CD collections, sorting, albums      2nd
audio, CD collections, sorting, artists      2nd
audio, CD collections, sorting, genres      2nd
audio, CD collections, sorting, keywords      2nd
audio, CD collections, sorting, playlists      2nd 3rd
audio, CD collections, sorting, songs      
audio, CDs      
audio, CDs, playing      2nd
audio, CDs, playing, default CD players      2nd
audio, CDs, ripping      2nd
audio, CDs, ripping;desktop      
audio, CDs, ripping;My Music      2nd
audio, CDs, shuffling selections      
audio, DVD playback settings      2nd
audio, DVDs      
audio, DVDs, troubleshooting      2nd 3rd 4th
audio, file formats      2nd
audio, Internet radio stations      
audio, Internet radio stations, adding to My Music      2nd
audio, Internet radio stations, Radio presets      2nd
audio, Internet radio stations, Radio presets, creating      2nd
audio, metatags      2nd
audio, metatags, editing      2nd
audio, My Music      2nd
audio, playlists      2nd
audio, playlists, creating via Playlist Editor      2nd
audio, playlists, creating via Windows Media Player      2nd
audio, Radio tab      
audio, saving to My Music      
audio, saving to My Music, importing from networks      2nd
audio, saving to My Music, importing from Web      2nd 3rd
audio, speakers      
audio, speakers, connecting      2nd
audio, speakers, connecting, surround sound      2nd
audio, streaming      
audio, surround sound      2nd
audio, turning on/off      2nd
audio, video      
audio, video, adding      2nd 3rd
audio/video controls (remote control)      2nd
Auto Playlists      2nd 3rd 4th
Auto Sort button      
auto-recording TV      2nd 3rd
Automatic Update features      
Automatic Updates Setup Wizard      2nd
AutoMovie command (Tools menu)      
AutoMovie, video      
AutoMovie, video, creating      2nd
AVerMedia external tuner      
Back arrow button      
background colors      
background colors, slide shows      
backgrounds, digital photos      
backgrounds, digital photos, setting as      2nd
backgrounds, modifying      
backgrounds, modifying, colors      2nd
backgrounds, video      
backgrounds, video, adding      2nd 3rd
backups, registry files      2nd
black and white option      
black and white option, special effects (Microsoft Picture It!)      
blurring, digital photo edges (Microsoft Picture It!)      
blurring, Sharpen or Blur option (Microsoft Picture It!)      
Brightness and Contrast option (Microsoft Picture It!)      
brightness, DVDs      
brightness, DVDs, troubleshooting      
broadband connections      
broadband connections, setting up      
broadband, satellite Internet connections      
Browse Playlists button      
buffers, memory (Radio)      
buffers, memory (Radio), erasing      
bundled DVD authoring software      
burning CDs      
burning CDs, CD Writing Wizard      2nd
burning DVDs      2nd 3rd
burning DVDs, data DVDs      2nd
burning DVDs, recorded TV programs      
burning DVDs, recorded TV programs, My DVD      2nd
burning DVDs, recorded TV programs, PrimeTime      2nd
burning DVDs, video files      2nd 3rd 4th
burning, DVDs      
burning, DVDs, troubleshooting      2nd
buttons, Fwd      
buttons, green (remote control)      
buttons, Guide      
buttons, hard-wired (keyboards)      2nd
buttons, Live TV      
buttons, Media Center      
buttons, Media Center menu      
buttons, Media Center menu, activating      
buttons, More Info      2nd
buttons, MY TV      
buttons, Pause      
buttons, power (remote control)      2nd
buttons, Rec      
buttons, Replay      
buttons, restoring      2nd
buttons, Rew      
buttons, Skip      2nd
buttons, Stop      
Buy Music option      2nd
By Searching Computer command (Add menu)      
cable modem Internet connections      
cable modems      
cable modems, setting up      
cable, analog      2nd
cable, digital      
cables, audio      2nd
cables, audio, camcorder connections      
cables, coaxial      
cables, composite video      
cables, crossover      
cables, digital audio      2nd 3rd
cables, extension      
cables, extension, SVGA      
cables, extension, USB      2nd
cables, RCA-type      
cables, S-video      
cables, video      2nd
calibrating displays      2nd 3rd
caller ID notifications      
caller ID notifications, turning on/off      2nd
camcorders, connecting      2nd 3rd
camcorders, connecting, analog      
camcorders, connecting, audio cables      
camcorders, connecting, video capture      2nd 3rd 4th
camcorders, FireWire (IEEE-1394) connectors      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
capturing video      2nd 3rd 4th
cards, media      
cards, media, digital cameras      2nd 3rd
cards, NIC (network interface card)      
cards, NIC, installing      
cards, tuner      
cards, tuner, Radio      
Categories option      
Categories option, remote control searches      2nd
CD players      
CD players, default      2nd
CD Writing Wizard      2nd
CDs, burning      
CDs, burning, CD Writing Wizard      2nd
CDs, collections      
CDs, collections, sorting      2nd
CDs, collections, sorting, albums      2nd
CDs, collections, sorting, artists      2nd
CDs, collections, sorting, genres      2nd 3rd 4th
CDs, collections, sorting, playlists      2nd 3rd
CDs, collections, sorting, songs      
CDs, digital photos      
CDs, digital photos, copying to      
CDs, playing      2nd
CDs, playing, default CD players      2nd
CDs, ripping      2nd
CDs, ripping, desktop      
CDs, ripping, My Music      2nd
CDs, shuffling selections      
CDs, tracks      
CDs, tracks, repeating      
Ch+ button      
Ch- button      
channels, changing      2nd 3rd
channels, EPG (electronic program guide)      
channels, EPG, adding      
channels, EPG, clearing      
channels, EPG, conflicts      
channels, EPG, editing      2nd
channels, EPG, hiding      2nd 3rd 4th
channels, EPG, lineup      2nd 3rd
checking versions      2nd
checking versions, updates      
checking versions, upgrades      2nd
CinemaNow Web site      2nd
clearing, EPG (electronic program guide) channels      
clips, video      
clips, video, combining      
clips, video, editing      2nd 3rd
clips, video, selecting      
clips, video, splitting      
clips, video, trimming      2nd
Close button      
closed captioning      
closed captioning, toggling      
coaxial cables      
codec (compressor/decompressor)      
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