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Dornfest R., Hemenway K. — Mac OS X Hacks
Dornfest R., Hemenway K. — Mac OS X Hacks

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Название: Mac OS X Hacks

Авторы: Dornfest R., Hemenway K.


Offers tips, techniques, and tools to help readers take advantage of Mac OS X, covering topics including user accounts, working with audio and video, running a mail server, and networking with Windows desktops.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Год издания: 2003

Количество страниц: 406

Добавлена в каталог: 07.03.2007

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Предметный указатель
! (bang), in history substitution command      
! (history substitution) command      
"" (double quotes), enclosing directory names that contain spaces
#, prefacing comment lines in Apache      
$ (dollar sign), end-of-line pattern indicator      
* filename wildcard      
-al (listing all files)      
-al options      
-f (force) option      
-LO flags      
-ol (o for show file flags, and l for long listing)      
-ol options      
-r combination, warning about      
. (dot)      
.. (referring to parent directory)      
.. and /, moving up multiple levels with      
.app extension      
.app files      
.bash_profile (startup) file      
.Mac membership      
.psync.db file      
.tcshrc file      
.tcshrc startup file      
.term file, editing      
/ (slash)      
/etc directory      
/etc files      
/etc/hostconfig file      
/etc/httpd/dav/ directory      
/etc/httpd/httpd.conf file      
/etc/httpd/users/ files      
/etc/inetd.conf file      
/etc/init.d directory, lacking in Mac OS X      
/etc/mail/access file      
/etc/mail/config.mc file      
/etc/mail/local-host-names file      
/etc/mail/sendmail.cf file      
/etc/mail/update file      
/etc/modules file      
/etc/network/interfaces, configuring for wireless      
/etc/passwd and etc/group files      
/Library/Webserver/CGI-Executables/      2nd
/Users directory      
/Users/Shared/PostgreSQL/data/pg_hba.conf file      
/usr/local/src directory (Apache and mod_perl sources)      
802.11b networks      
802.11b networks, using with      
: (colon), in the prompt      2nd
< > (angle brackets)      
<< for here documents      
> (redirection) operator      
>> (append) operator      
absolute or full      
absolute or full path      
accelerating/decelerating frames      
acceleration/deceleration of movie frames      
Access control      
access control for web server, configuring      
Account Directory (Mail)      
Account Path Prefix      
accounts      [See user accounts]
ACGI Dispatcher      
ACGI Dispatcher, adding      
active and configurable nature of      
adapters for Bluetooth      2nd
adapters for Macs      
AddHandler directive (Apache)      
adding airport to      
adding Ericsson T68 with Bluetooth      
adding features with iMovie and iTunes      
adding names to      
adding Palm m515      
adding Palm m515 to iSync      
adding shadow to      
adding shadow to the Dock      
adding titles to      
adding to CVS repository      
Address book      
AddType directive (Apache)      
Adium (instant messaging service)      
Admin user      
administrative (root) user      2nd
administrative privileges      
advanced image manipulation and drawing tools      
aggregators for syndicated weblog content      
AIFF format for audio files      
AIM      [See AOL Instant Messenger]
AirPort networks      2nd 3rd
airport wireless access      
Aladdin Systems, Stuffit compression      
albums (custom), creating for iPhoto      2nd 3rd
Aliases      2nd
aliases and      
aliases and links      
aliases created on      
aliases for      
aliases, creating      
aliasing for Apache server      
allowing remote login      
allowing/denying access to web server      
alternatives to      
anonymous FTP shares      
antiword (shell utility)      
AOL client, alternatives to      
AOL Instant Messenger      
AOL-style, creating or joining      
Apache error log      
Apache mod_dav, installing      
Apache running CGI script      
Apache server, starting up      
Apache startup bundle      
Apache web server      
Apache web server and      
Apache web server and mod_perl      
Apache web server enabled      
Apache web servers      
Apache::iTunes module      
Apache::Status module      
APE (Application Enhancer)      
appending text to a file      
Apple Menu, adding items with FruitMenu      
Apple System Profiler      
Apple X11 system (beta version)      
Apple.url Internet shortcut      
Apple.url shortcut      
AppleScript CGI      
AppleScript in contextual menus      
AppleScript scripts for      
AppleScript, using as      
AppleScript-based CGI, controlling with      
application switchers      
application switching capabilities      
Applications folder      
applications, installing with Fink      
applications, types of      
AppSwitcher application      
apt-get utility      
Aqua applications      
archive mode (rsync)      
archiving technologies      
archiving utilities      
archiving web pages      
arrow keys, navigating previous commands      
arrows, removing from folder in Column View      
as an administrative user      
as folders      
as root user      
associating Internet Shortcut with      
AT&T mMode
AT&T Wirless Services GPRS (mMode) service
attributes, file      
Audio Hijack      
Audio In application      
audio tracks, recording with Audio Hijack      
audio, recording      
authenticated FTP shares      
authenticating for port forwarding      
authentication as      
authentication realm      
authentication schemes, use with      
authentication to remote machine      
autogenerated by Apache, customizing      
autogenerated listings, customizing      
autogenerated, customizing      
backing up      
Backup application      2nd
Backup application with      
bandwidth, calculating for radio webcast      
bash shell      
basic authentication, risks of      
basic, security and      
BBEdit      2nd 3rd
BBEdit (Bare Bones Software)      2nd
beginning-of-line pattern indicator      
BigCat utility      
BigCat utility, running Applescripts in contextual menus      
bigger memory cards for your camera      
Billionton USB Bluetooth adapter      
binary files, identifying for CVS      
bitmapped TIFF image, printing to      
blocking booting from another device      
Blogs      [See weblogs]
Bluetooth functionality      
Bluetooth, using for SMS and phonecall handling      
boot manager (yaboot)      
Boot ROM version      
booting from another device      
bootstrapping Debian Linux on iBook      
Bourne shell script for startup/shutdown      
brightness and contrast, altering for photos      
brightness key      
brightness keys (Linux on iBook)      
brushed-metal appearance of Cocoa applications, changing      
BSD Software Developer's Kit (SDK)      
buddy icon (iChat), changing      
buddy list status messages      
Buddy Lists      
buddy lists, adding names to      
building Apache web server      
building library with descriptive titles      
building with all descriptive filenames      
building your own with mod_perl      
built-in capabilities      
built-in screen capture tool      
by hostname or IP address      
by username and group      
bypassing privileged ports      
bypassing with sudo command      
bzip2 compression      
cable Internet connections, dynamic IP addresses with      
caching IMAP Mail account messages      
cal (calendar)      
cal (calendar) command      
calculating bandwidth      
calendars (iCal)      
calendars, displaying      
Calling iTunes script      
camera data and time settings, checking      
Carbon applications      
carriage return (<CR>), represented as \r
cat (concatenate)      
cat (concatenate) command      
cataloging software (CDFinder)      2nd
cd (change directory)      
cd (change directory) command      
CD archives      
CDFinder      2nd
CDs (Linux on iBook)      
Cell phones      
certificates for IMAP and POP mail servers      
certificates for servers      
certificates, SSL      
CESoft, Quickeys application      
CGI (Common Gateway Interface)      
CGI configuration      
CGI script to control      
CGI, turning on      
CGI, using as      
CGIs, enabling      
changing (cd command)      
changing brushed-metal appearance of      
changing file and directory permissions with chmod      
changing for an account      
changing from vi to pico      
changing owner and group with chown and chgrp      
changing window color      
changing with AppleScript      
changing with chgrp      
changing with chmod      
changing with chown      
channels for web traffic, POP mail, and SSH      
chat rooms      
chat rooms, creating      
chat rooms, creating or joining      
chatting with Rendezvous      
checking email via fetchmail      
checking for IMAP service      
checking out CVS repository on      
checking out on remote machines      
checkout (initial), from CVS repository      
chflags utility      
chgrp      2nd
chgrp (change group) command      2nd
chmod (change mode) command      2nd
chown      2nd
chown (change owner) command      2nd
CIFS (Common Internet File System)      
classes (Java), connectPostgreSQL class      
Classic applications      
Classic Finder Windows      
Classic Finder Windows option (LiteSwitchX)      
Clear command      
clear or Control-l      
clear or Control-l command      
Cocoa applications      
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