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Lutz M., Ascher d. — Learning Python
Lutz M., Ascher d. — Learning Python

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Название: Learning Python

Авторы: Lutz M., Ascher d.


Learning Python is an introduction to the increasingly popular Python programming language. Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented scripting language. Python is growing in popularity because:

* It is available on all important platforms: Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98, Linux, all major UNIX platforms, MacOS, and even the BeOS.
* It is open-source software, copyrighted but freely available for use, even in commercial applications.
* Its clean object-oriented interface makes it a valuable prototyping tool for C++ programmers.
* It works well with all popular windowing toolkits, including MFC, Tk, Mac, X11, and Motif.

Learning Python is written by Mark Lutz, author of Programming Python and Python Desktop Reference; and David Ascher, a vision scientist and Python user.

This book starts with a thorough introduction to the elements of Python: types, operators, statements, functions, modules, and exceptions. By reading the first part of the book, the reader will be able to understand and construct programs in the Python language. In the second part of the book, the authors present more advanced information, demonstrating how Python performs common tasks and presenting real applications and the libraries available for those applications.

All the examples use the Python interpreter, so the reader can type them in and get instant feedback. Each chapter ends with a series of exercises. Solutions to the exercises are in an appendix.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Издание: second edition

Год издания: 2003

Количество страниц: 591

Добавлена в каталог: 29.06.2007

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Предметный указатель
% (remainder/format) operator      
& (bitwise and) operator
' (quotation mark) for strings      
* (multiplication) operator      2nd
+ (addition/concatenation) operator      
... prompt      
/ (division) operator      
: (colon)      
<< (shift left operator)      
== (comparison operator)      
>> (shift right operator)      
>>> (input prompt)      
abs function      
abstract superclasses      
adding tests      
AI programming      
and operator      2nd
append method      2nd 3rd
applications, internationalization of      
apply function      
arguments, apply function      
arguments, default values      
arguments, matching      2nd
arguments, mutable changes      
arguments, passing      2nd 3rd 4th
arguments, shared references      
argv attribute (sys module)      
assert statement      
assignment statements      2nd 3rd 4th
assignment statements, forms      
assignment statements, implicit      
assignment statements, object references      
assignment statements, variable name rules      
assignments, C      
assignments, functions by      
assignments, in-place object changes      
assignments, lists      
assignments, names, classifying      
assignments, references      
attributes, architecture      
attributes, classes      
attributes, construction      
attributes, inheritance searches      
attributes, pseudo-private class      
attributes, qualification      
augmented assignment statements      
automatic extensions, Windows      
automatic memory management      
backslashes      2nd
binary files      
Bitwise operator      2nd
bitwise shift, numbers      
blank lines      
blocks, delimiters      
blocks, strings      
Boolean operators      
Boolean operators, lambdas      
Boolean operators, numbers      
bound instance methods      
break statement      
built-in apply functions      
built-in docstrings      
built-in exceptions      
built-in exceptions, catching      
built-in exceptions, classes      
built-in functions      
built-in functions, number tools      
built-in modules      
built-in modules, binary files      
built-in modules, cgi module      
built-in modules, debugging      
built-in modules, Internet data processing      
built-in modules, Internet protocols      
built-in modules, profiling      
built-in modules, string constants      
built-in modules, string functions      
built-in modules, time module      
built-in modules, urllib      
built-in modules, urlparse      
built-in object types      
built-in scope      
built-in string methods      
built-in tools      
built-in types      
built-in types, categories      
built-in types, extending      
built-in types, hierarchies      
built-in types, iterators      
built-in types, troubleshooting      
byte code      
byte code, compiling      
byte code, escape sequences      
C++ language      2nd
C, assignments      
C, integration with      
call-by-reference argument passing      
callback functions      
callback functions, bound methods      
calls, apply function      
calls, built-in string methods      
calls, classes      
calls, embedding      
calls, functions      
calls, indirect      
calls, instances      
calls, list methods      
calls, methods      
calls, signatures      
calls, superclasses constructors      
case sensitivity, names      
case-independent sort      
catching, built-in exceptions      
catching, exceptions      2nd
catching, user-defined exceptions      
categories, exceptions      
categories, types      
CGI (Common Gateway Interface)      
CGI, modules      2nd
CGI, scripts      2nd
characters, encoding large sets      
characters, lists      
chr function      2nd
chunk sizes, selecting      
Class statement      
classes, as records      
classes, calling      
classes, designing with OOP      
classes, documentation strings      
classes, exceptions      
classes, generic object factories      
classes, inheritance      2nd 3rd
classes, instances      
classes, interfaces      
classes, iteration      
classes, methods      2nd
classes, modules      2nd
classes, multiple instance objects      
classes, name mangling      
classes, namespaces      
classes, nested scope      
classes, new style      2nd
classes, operator overloading      2nd 3rd 4th
classes, persistence      
classes, properties      
classes, pseudo-private attributes      
classes, reasons for      
classes, subclasses      
classes, superclasses      
classes, trees      
classes, troubleshooting      
classes, __add__ method      
classes, __getattr__ method      
classes, __getitem__ method      
classes, __init__ constructor      2nd 3rd
classes, __repr__ method      
classic division      
classifying names      
clauses, try statement      
clauses, try/else      
clear-screens, IDLE      
Close function      
cmp function      
Code      [See also modules]
code, architecture      
code, C, Python and      
code, class trees      
code, column 1      
Code, comments      
code, compiling      
code, documentation      
code, dynamic typing model      
code, embedding      
code, escape sequences      
code, exceptions      2nd
Code, executing      
code, functions      
code, hello world      
code, hexadecimal notation      
code, IDLE      
code, interactive      
code, modules      2nd
code, names      
code, octal notation      
code, OOP      
code, reuse      2nd
code, strings      2nd
code, subexpressions      
code, termination actions      
code, testing      
code, tools      
code, troubleshooting      
code, usage notes      
colons, compound statements      
COM (Microsoft Common Object Model)      2nd
COM framework      2nd
COM framework, finding information on      
COM framework, formletter.py      
command-line arguments      2nd
commands, interactive prompt      
Comments      2nd
comments, documentation      
Common Gateway Interface      [See CGI]
commutative style operators      
comparisons, classes/modules      
comparisons, imports/scopes      
comparisons, languages      
comparisons, numbers      
comparisons, objects      
comparisons, operators      
compile function      
compiling, byte code      
compiling, extensions      
compiling, modules      
compiling, Psyco Just-in-Time compiler      
Complex function      
complex numbers      2nd
components, Integration      
components, merging      
components, Psyco Just-in-Time compiler      
components, PVM      
composition      2nd
compound object types      
compound statements      2nd
concatenation, + (addition/concatenation)      
concatenation, strings      
concept hierarchy      
configuration, dictionaries      
configuration, exceptions      2nd 3rd
configuration, functions      
configuration, modules      
configuration, search path settings      
conflict resolution      
constants, lists      
constants, tuples      
constraints, trapping      
constructors, classes      2nd 3rd 4th
continue statement      
control flows      
control flows, nesting      
control flows, statements      
control flows, unusual      
control language      
conventions, naming      2nd
conversion, strings      2nd 3rd
copying, copy module      
copying, dictionaries      
Copying, directories      
copying, files      
copying, objects      2nd
copying, references versus      
counter loops      2nd
cross-file name changes      
csh shell      
customization, classes      
customization, dictionaries      
customization, IDLE      
customization, inheritance      
customization, sorts      
customization, text editors      
cyclic data, printing      
Data hiding      
data structure manipulation      
dbm files      
Debugging      2nd 3rd 4th [See also troubleshooting]
debugging, IDLE      
debugging, modules      
debugging, outer try statements      
declared global      
def statement      2nd
def statement, at runtime      
default arguments      2nd 3rd 4th
default exception handler      
defining modules      
del statement      2nd 3rd 4th
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