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Fiore F., Tank L. — Launching Your Yahoo! Business
Fiore F., Tank L. — Launching Your Yahoo! Business

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Название: Launching Your Yahoo! Business

Авторы: Fiore F., Tank L.


You've made the decision to take your business online, but where do you go from here? Launching Your Yahoo! Business helps you do everything from creating a business plan to using basic marketing strategies to promote your business to managing a Yahoo! store. It also includes tips and warnings on how to avoid common pitfalls, as well as terms and directions to web resources for additional information. This book will show you how to put the "e" in e-commerce with a successful Yahoo! store.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Экономика и финансы/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 288

Добавлена в каталог: 14.11.2006

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10 Ways to Drive Customers Away From Your Site article (MyEcommerceSuccess.com)      
1st American Card Service website      
24-hour rule (customer service)      
able modem Internet connections      
about us pages      
Abstract field (Add Item forms)      
accountants, problem-solving strategies      
accounting software      2nd
acquiring products (business plan development)      
activity reports      
Ad-Aware (Lavasoft)      
Add Item button (Catalog Manager)      
Add Item form      
Add Item form, information, entering      
Add Item form, optional fields      
Add Item form, required fields      
Add Rule button (Shipping Rates page)      
Add Section forms      
Address Verification Service (AVS)      
addresses, verifying      2nd
Adobe Photoshop Elements      
Advanced Editor Toolbar (Store Editor)      
advantages (unique), developing USP (Unique Selling Positions)      
advertising discounts, Yahoo! Merchant Solutions packages      
advisors (eCommerce)      
Alerts section (Database Inventory setting)      
alternative domain names      
Amazon domain name      
American Demographics Magazine website      
answer strategies (customer questions)      
answering machines, home/small office configurations      
anti-virus software      
AntiSpyware (McAfee)      
AntiVirus (Norton)      
Apple computers, marketing      
Apply for Paymentech link (Payment Method page)      
ART      [See photos; editing software.]
attorneys, problem-solving strategies      
auto responders (customer service)      
Auto Setup Wizard (Tax Rates page)      
automation (merchandising strategies)      
AVS (Address Verification Service)      
backups (data files)      
Bank of Hawaii website      
Bank Rate Monitor website      
Barnes & Noble domain name
BBB (Better Business Bureau), website security      
belonging needs (customers), selling to      
Best Internet Marketing Forums website, The      
bills, paying (problem-solving strategies)      
Blogger.com website      
blogs, marketing strategies      2nd
blogs, websites      
blogs, Yahoo!      
Boardwatch Magazine website      
bookkeeping, accounting software      
bookkeeping, customer records      
bookkeeping, data, exporting      
bookkeeping, financial records      
bookkeeping, inventory records      
boxes, packaging tips (shipping)      
broadband Internet connections      
Broadband Reports website      
browsers (web)      
business associations, marketing strategies      
Business cards      
business checking accounts      
business news websites      
Business Owners Idea Cafe website      
business plans      
business plans, businesses, defining      
business plans, Capital Requirements section      
business plans, Company Mission and Objective section      
business plans, Company Overviews      
business plans, customer demographics      
business plans, Distribution Channels section      
business plans, employees      
business plans, Executive Summaries      
business plans, failed businesses, reasons for      
business plans, financing      
business plans, Get a Plan Man! Part 2 article (MyEcommerceSuccess.com)
business plans, goals of      
business plans, implementation plans      2nd
business plans, marketing      
business plans, Marketing Strategies      
business plans, Marketplace analyses      
business plans, office space      
business plans, pricing strategies      
business plans, problem-solving strategies      
business plans, product acquisitions      
business plans, Product or Service Description section      
business plans, products, choosing      
business plans, reasons for      
business plans, startup costs      
business plans, suppliers      
business plans, Write a Business Plan In No Time      2nd
business plans, writing      2nd
businesses, developing      
businesses, developing, addresses      
businesses, developing, image, developing      2nd
businesses, developing, model, choosing      
businesses, developing, naming      
businesses, developing, phones      
businesses, developing, starting      
businesses, developing, stationery      
Button Properties section (variables page)      
Buttons option (Edit page)      
buyers, advantages of      
buyers, disadvantages of      
buyers, gender demographics      
buyers, income statistics      
buyers, market statistics      
buyers, media habits of      
buyers, motivations, selling to      
buyers, needs, selling to      
buyers, needs, selling to, belonging needs      
buyers, needs, selling to, esteem needs      
buyers, needs, selling to, physical needs      
buyers, needs, selling to, safety needs      
buyers, reaching      
buyers, revenue/sales statistics      
buying computers/software      
cameras (digital), home/small office configurations      
canceling orders      
Cancelled radio button (Order Manager)      
Capital Requirements section (business plans)      
Caption field (Add Item forms)      
Card Service International website      
cash flow, problem-solving strategies      
CataList(Lsoft website)      2nd
Catalog Manager (Store Manager)      
Catalog Manager (Store Manager), Add Item button      
Catalog Manager (Store Manager), advantages of      
Catalog Manager (Store Manager), Inventory tool      
Catalog Manager (Store Manager), Items tool      
Catalog Manager (Store Manager), Manage Your Items link      2nd
Catalog Manager (Store Manager), online stores, adding product to      
Catalog Manager (Store Manager), product pages      
Catalog Manager (Store Manager), product pages, adding options to      
Catalog Manager (Store Manager), product pages, customizing      
Catalog Manager (Store Manager), Publish Your Changes tool      
Catalog Manager (Store Manager), Save button      
Catalog Manager (Store Manager), Tables tool      
Catalog Manager (Store Manager), Upload tool      
charge-backs (credit cards)      
Chase Merchant Services website      
checking accounts (business)      
Checkout Manager (Store Manager)      2nd
checkout pages      2nd
ClickZ website      2nd
CNET website      2nd
Code field (Add Item forms)      
Colors and Typefaces section (variables page)      
Columns option (Edit page)      
commerce, Three Cs of eCommerce      2nd
commerce, USP worksheet      
community, Three Cs of eCommerce      2nd
community, USP worksheet      
Company Mission and Objective section (business plans)      
Company Overviews (business plans)      
competition, developing USP (Unique Selling Positions)      
computers, data file backups      
computers, hard drives, disk space      
computers, home/small office configurations      
computers, OS (operating systems)      
computers, purchasing      
computers, RAM (Random Access Memory)      
computers, spyware      
computers, viruses      
Config button (Store Editor)      
Configure Inventory option (Store Manager)      
confirmations (email), customer service      
Constant Contact website      
contact forms/email links (customer service)      
contact information (customer service)      
contact us/about us pages      
content, Three Cs of eCommerce      
content, USP worksheet      
Contents button (Store Editor)      2nd
context providers (eCommerce)      
Controls button (Store Editor)      2nd
convenience, Three Cs of eCommerce      
convenience, USP worksheet      
copiers, home/small office configurations      
copyrights, product photos      
Corel Paint Shop Pro      
Corporate Creations website      
costs (startup), business plan development      
Coupon Manager      
Create Address button (Email Control Panel link)      
Create Mailbox button (Email Control Panel link)      
Credit button (Order Manager)      
credit cards      
credit cards, charge-backs      
credit cards, fee information phone numbers      
credit cards, fraud      
credit cards, merchant accounts      
credit cards, MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order)      
credit cards, payment gateways      
credit cards, payment, accepting as      
credit cards, PayPal      
credit cards, website security      
credit ratings, problem-solving strategies      
crediting orders      
cushioning, packaging tips (shipping)      
customer demographics, business plan development      
customer lists (email marketing)      
customer niches (USP)      
customer niches (USP), motivations, selling to      
customer niches (USP), needs, selling to      
customer niches (USP), needs, selling to, belonging needs      
customer niches (USP), needs, selling to, esteem needs      
customer niches (USP), needs, selling to, physical needs      
customer niches (USP), needs, selling to, safety needs      
Customer Ratings      
Customer service      
customer service, 24-hour rule      
customer service, auto responders      
customer service, contact forms/email links      
customer service, email addresses      
customer service, email confirmations      
customer service, fax numbers      
customer service, feedback      
customer service, mailing addresses      
customer service, personal communication      
customer service, problems, resolving      
customer service, questions      
customer service, return policies      
customer service, sales guarantees      
customer service, strategies for      
customer service, telephone numbers      
customer service, Three Cs of eCommerce      
customer service, under-promise, over-deliver      
customer service, Yahoo! Merchant Solutions      
customers, advantages of      
customers, belonging needs, selling to      
customers, disadvantages of      
customers, esteem needs, selling to      
customers, gender demographics      
customers, income statistics      
customers, market statistics      
customers, media habits of      
customers, merchant ratings      
customers, motivations      
customers, motivations, buying (USP worksheet)      
customers, motivations, selling to      
customers, needs, meeting (USP worksheet)      
customers, physical needs, selling to      
customers, reaching      
customers, record keeping      
customers, revenue/sales statistics      
customers, safety needs, selling to      
customers, shipping/handling charges, informing of      
customers, support      
customers, support, live support      
customers, support, Yahoo! Merchant Solutions packages      
daily tasks do list      
data files (computers), backups      
Database Inventory setting (inventory management)      
Database Upload button (Store Editor)      
Delphi Forums website      2nd
demographics (customer), business plan development      
descriptions (products)      
descriptions (products), photos      
descriptions (products), photos, copyrights      
descriptions (products), photos, file formats      
descriptions (products), photos, Store Editor, uploading via      2nd
descriptions (products), photos, zip files      
descriptions (products), search engine optimization strategies      
dial-up Internet connections      
digital cameras, home/small office configurations      
digital photos      
digital photos, editing software      
digital photos, file formats      
digital photos, product descriptions      
digital photos, product descriptions, copyrights      
digital photos, product descriptions, Store Editor, uploading via      2nd
digital photos, zip files      
direct marketing email      
directories, Open Directory Project website      
directories, registering with      
directories, search engines, differences between      
directories, websites      
disapprovals (merchant accounts)      
discount rates (merchant accounts)      
discussion lists      
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