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McCarty B. — Learning Red Hat Linux
McCarty B. — Learning Red Hat Linux

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Название: Learning Red Hat Linux

Автор: McCarty B.


Learning Red Hat Linux walks the reader through the process of installing, configuring, and using Red Hat Linux 6 and some of its most popular applications. Networking coverage includes essential local area network configuration, plus excellent coverage of Samba setup and the process of establishing a Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) connection to the Internet. The book would be better with some information on setting up a local Domain Name Service (DNS) server to improve Internet connectivity, but what's here is commendable. The author includes basic coverage of the Apache Web server, plus sendmail and File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Издание: 3-rd

Год издания: 2003

Количество страниц: 312

Добавлена в каталог: 05.03.2007

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Предметный указатель
! (bang)      
" (double quote)      
# (hash mark)      2nd
$ (dollar sign)      
$ (dollar sign), and shell variables      
& (ampersand)      2nd
&> (redirection operator)
' (backquote)      
' (single quote)      2nd
* (asterisk)      2nd
. (dot)      
. (dot), in filenames      
. (dot), working directory      
.. (parent directory)      
./ (dot-slash)      
/ (forward slash)      2nd
/ (root directory)      
/ (root directory), partition, creating      
/boot partition, creating      
1023 cylinder limit      
2> (redirection operator)      2nd
2>& (redirection operator)
; (semicolon)      
< (redirection operator)      
> (redirection operator)      
? (question mark)      
aborting the installation      
absolute pathnames      
access modes (permissions)      2nd
active windows      
Address Book (Writer)      
Addresses      [See IP addresses]
adduser command      
alias directive      
alias name= command      
Alt-Fn keystroke      
AMD processors      
ampersand (&)      2nd
Animation (Impress)      
Anonymous ftp      
anonymous FTP, security and      
Apache Configuration Tool      
Apache Configuration Tool, Main tab      
Apache Configuration Tool, Performance Tuning tab      
Apache Configuration Tool, Server tab      
Apache Configuration Tool, Virtual Hosts tab      
Apache, configuring      
Apache, installing      
Apache, starting and stopping      
Apache, Testing      
append redirection operators      
application links      
apropos command      2nd 3rd
apropos command, creating the database      
arguments to commands      
ascii command (ftp)      
Assembly language      
asterisk (*)      2nd
at command      
at command, -f option      
Athlon processor      
atq command      
atrm command      
authentication, default options      
Automatic Partitioning      
AutoPilot (Writer)      
autotune option      
auxiliary buses      
backquote (')      
backslash (\)      2nd
backup and recovery, Linux under Samba      
backups, importance of      
bang (!)      
bash shell      [See also shells]2nd
bash shell, command-line editing      
bash shell, commands, issuing      
bash shell, control keystrokes      
bash shell, history list      
bash shell, prompts      
bash shell, system commands      
Berkeley Internet Name Daemon (BIND)      
bg command      
binary or bin command (FTP)      
BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Daemon)      
BIOS, LBA (logical byte addressing)      
BIOS, limitations of some versions      
BIOS, settings      
boot floppies      
boot floppies, creating      2nd
boot floppies, creating, for install      
boot loader      
Boot sector      
booting, boot drive order, configuring      
booting, boot parameters      
booting, boot parameters, general arguments      
booting, boot parameters, RAM Disk arguments      
booting, boot parameters, SCSI host adapter arguments      
booting, boot prompt options      
booting, bus mouse support arguments      
booting, enabling from the floppy drive      
booting, floppy drive arguments      
booting, from a floppy disk      
booting, GRUB      
booting, IDE hard drive arguments      
booting, information sources      
booting, loadable Ethernet drivers      
booting, loading of modular drivers      
booting, MBR (Master Boot Record)      
booting, non-IDE CD-ROM drive arguments      
booting, parallel port printer arguments      
break command      
BSD (Berkeley Systems Division) Unix      
built-in commands      
burning CDs      
buslogic= boot argument      
buson and busoff options      
bzip2 command      
C programming language      
cable modem configuration      
caching name servers      
cal command      
case command      
cat command      
cd command      2nd
cd command, in FTP      
CD Writer      
CD-ROM drives      
CD-ROM drives, installing, information required for      
CD-ROM drives, mounting      
CD-ROM drives, Windows device manager and      
CD-ROM install media, booting from      
cdrom option      
Celeron processors      
chainloader command (GRUB)      
chgrp command      
chmod command      2nd 3rd
chown command      2nd
CIFS (Common Internet File System)      
Clear command      
CLI (command-line interface)      
CLI, command-line editing      
CLI, error messages      
CMOS and drive boot order configuration      
cmp command      
command completion      
command-line interface      [See CLI]
commands, conditional commands      
compression of files      
Configuration files      
configuration, information required for      
conflicting files      
continue command      
Control Panel (MS Windows)      
Copy and Paste      
cp command      2nd
CPUs (central processing units)      
cross-platform operating systems      
ctl option      
Ctrl-Alt-Backspace command      
Ctrl-Alt-Delete, aborting the install      
Ctrl-Alt-Fn command      
Ctrl-D      2nd
curly braces ( {} )      
Custom Graphics Configuration screen      
custom installation      
cyl,head,sect option      2nd
Cyrix 6x86 processors      
date command      2nd
Debian GNU/Linux      
default operating system, setting at install      
default routes      
delete command (FTP)      
desktop environments      2nd
desktop environments, GNOME      [See GNOME]
desktop environments, KDE      [See KDE]
desktop environments, selection      
desktop environments, virtual desktops      
desktop sounds, enabling      
desktop, pager      
Detective (Calc)      
Device Manager (MS Windows)      
devices, specification at boot      
dev_id option      
df command      2nd
DHCP servers      
dial-up networking and Red Hat installation      
Dialog boxes      
diff command      
dir command (FTP)      
directives for booting      
directories      2nd 3rd
directories, associated commands      
directories, contents, displaying      
directories, creating      
directories, naming rules      
directories, removing      
directories, web pages, location in      
Disk Druid      
disk druid, automatic partitioning      
Disk Management tool      
Disk Management tool, Win 2000/XP      
disks      [See hard disks]2nd [See floppy disks]3rd
dma option      
dmaspeed option      
dmesg command      
DNS (Domain Name Services)      
DNS, BIND      
DNS, configuring      
DNS, servers      
do/while scripts      
Dollar sign ($)      
dollar sign ($), and shell variables      
Domain names      
dot (.)      
dot (.), in filenames      
dot (.), working directory      
dot-slash (./)      
double quote (")
Draw (OpenOffice.org)      
drive icons (GNOME)      
drives      [See also hard disks]2nd
drives, mounting and unmounting      
DSL configuration      2nd
DSL configuration, ADSL configuration      
DSL configuration, xDSL device type      
du command      2nd
echo command      2nd
echo command, and shell variable values      
Effects (Impress)      
email clients      
email clients, Evolution      
email clients, pine, installation      
emergency boot floppy, creating      
end-of-file character      
Environment variables      [See shell variables]
Ethernet adapters      
Ethernet adapters, configuring Linux for multiple cards      
Evolution mail client      
Excel, compared to Calc      
exit codes      
export command      
ext3 filesystem      2nd
ext3 filesystem, partitioning      
extended option      
external commands      
failed dependencies      
FAQ (Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers)      
FAT and FAT32 filesystems      
FAT and FAT32 filesystems, partitions, splitting with fips      
fdformat command      2nd
FDISK      2nd
fdisk command      
fdisk, menu      
fdomain= boot argument      
fg command      
file command      
filename completion      
filename globbing      
filename metacharacters      
Files      2nd
files, archiving      
files, compressing      
files, conflicts      
files, copying      
files, finding      
Files, groups      
files, important files, names of      
files, launching executables      
Files, links      
files, moving      
files, ownership      
files, permissions      2nd
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