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Wesseles D. — Web Caching
Wesseles D. — Web Caching

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Название: Web Caching

Автор: Wesseles D.


On the World Wide Web, speed and efficiency are vital. Users have little patience for slow web pages, while network administrators want to make the most of their available bandwidth. A properly designed web cache reduces network traffic and improves access times to popular web sites—a boon to network administrators and web users alike.

Web Caching hands you all the technical information you need to design, deploy, and operate an effective web caching service. It starts with the basics of how web caching works, from the HTTP headers that govern cachability to cache validation and replacement algorithms.

Topics covered in this book include:

# Designing an effective cache solution
# Configuring web browsers to use a cache
# Setting up a collection of caches that can talk to each other
# Configuring an interception cache or proxy
# Monitoring and fine-tuning the performance of a cache
# Configuring web servers to cooperate with web caches
# Benchmarking cache products

The book also covers the important political aspects of web caching, including privacy, intellectual property, and security issues.

Internet service providers, large corporations, or educational institutions—in short, any network that provides connectivity to a wide variety of users—can reap enormous benefit from running a well-tuned web caching service. Web Caching shows you how to do it right.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

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Год издания: 2001

Количество страниц: 318

Добавлена в каталог: 19.08.2007

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Предметный указатель
Abuses, hierarchies and      
Access logs, 2nd      
Access.log file      
Access.log file, content types and      
Access.log file, protocols and      
Access.log file, reply size and object size distributions and      
Access.log file, service times and      
ACKs, delayed      
Acronyms used in this book (list)      
Active Server Pages (ASP), uncachable      
Address hashing, layer four switches and      
Address-based authentication, cachability and      
ADVERTISE opcode (ICP)      
Advertising, access statistics and      
Algorithms for cache replacement      
Apache module, manipulating headers with      
Apache server      See : products for caching appliances
Application layer, interception caching and      
ARP requests, layer four switches and      
ASP (Active Server Pages), uncachable      
AUTH header (HTCP)      
Authentication, address-based, cachability      
Authentication, and responses and      
Auto-configuration technique for proxies      
Bandwidth, considering for different users worldwide      
Bandwidth, ICP and      
Bandwidth, improving with cache clusters      
Bandwidth, monitoring      
Bandwidth, NIC      
Bandwidth, reducing      
Benchmarking, bottlenecks/problems with, 2nd      
Benchmarking, caching proxies      
Benchmarking, caching proxies, tools for      
Benchmarking, duration of      
Bits-per-entry field (Cache Digests)      
Blast benchmarking tool      
Bloom filters      
Bloom filters, sizing      
Body (of HTTP message)      
Bottlenecks, 2nd      
BPE field (Cache Digests)      
Browser caches      
Browsers, configuring      
Browsers, configuring, other options for      
Browsers, interception caching and      
Byte hit ratio, 2nd availability of computer systems, designing a caching system and      
Cachability, data analysis of      
Cachable responses      See : CARP Cache Array Routing Protocol
Cachable responses vs. expiration time      
Cachable responses, codes for      
Cache busting      
Cache clusters      
Cache consistency      
Cache Digests, 2nd      
Cache Digests, 2nd vs. ICP      
Cache Digests, 2nd, message formats for      
Cache Digests, 2nd, version 5, as implemented in Squid      
Cache hit ratio, 2nd      
Cache replacement      
Cache-control header      
Cache-control header, copyrighted material and      
Cache-control header, directives of, 2nd      
Cache-friendliness, illustrated with Apache server      
Cache-friendliness, ten steps in building      
CacheFlow products      See : caching proxies caches
Caching proxies, 2nd, 3rd      
Caching proxies, 2nd, 3rd, benchmarking      
Caching proxies, 2nd, 3rd, benchmarking, tools for      
Caching proxies, 2nd, 3rd, clustered      
Caching proxies, 2nd, 3rd, designated (WCCP)      
Caching proxies, 2nd, 3rd, forcing to refresh      
Caching proxies, 2nd, 3rd, full, measurements and      
Caching proxies, 2nd, 3rd, inline      
Caching proxies, 2nd, 3rd, measurements of      
Caching proxies, 2nd, 3rd, monitoring      
Caching proxies, 2nd, 3rd, products for, 2nd      
Caching proxies, 2nd, 3rd, replacement algorithms for      
Caching proxies, 2nd, 3rd, where to place them on network      
Caching, controversies surrounding      
Caching, copyrights and      
Caching, design considerations for      
Caching, how it works      
Caching, HTTP headers important for      
Caching, products for (software or appliances), 2nd      
Caching, reasons for performing 2nd      
Caching, reasons not to perform      
Caching, resources for further information      
Calamaris utility      
CAPACITY field (Cache Digests)      
CARP (Cache Array Routing Protocol), 2nd      
CARP (Cache Array Routing Protocol), 2nd, membership table for      
CARP (Cache Array Routing Protocol), 2nd, membership table for, examples of      
CARP (Cache Array Routing Protocol), 2nd, routing function for      
CDA (Communications Decency Act)      
CDN providers      
CGI scripts      
CGI scripts, avoiding      
CGI scripts, setting headers from      
Child caches      
Cidera, 2nd      
Cisco Cache Engine      
Cisco policy routing      
Cisco, Web Cache Control Protocol and      
Clear opcode (HTCP)      
Client request rate, monitoring      
Client-side response time, monitoring      See : browsers clients
Clocks, synchronizing, 2nd      
CLR opcode (HTCP)      
Communications Decency Act (CDA)      
Computer systems, availability of      
Conditional requests      
Configuring browsers      
Configuring browsers, other options for      
Configuring interception caching      
Configuring interception caching with Linux      
Configuring Internet Explorer      
Configuring Internet Explorer, manually      
Configuring Netscape Navigator      
Configuring Netscape Navigator, manually      
Configuring proxies      
Configuring proxies, manually      
Configuring servers, to work with caches      
Connect method      
Connection capacity      
connection hijacking      
Connections, long-lived      
Connections, persistent, measuring with Web Polygraph      
Content distribution network (CDN) providers      
Content integrity      
Content negotiation, avoiding      
content types      
Content types, data analysis of      
Content types, measuring with Web Polygraph      
Content, assigning default expiration time to      
Content, static mixed with dynamic, providing separate HTTP servers for      
content-length header (HTTP)      
control channels      
Cookie header      
Copyrights, caching and      
Copyrights, liability for infringement of, outlined in U.S.Code      
Cost, as benchmarking metric      
COUNT field (Cache Digests)      
COUNTSTR data type (HTCP)      
CPU power      
CPU usage, monitoring      
CURRENT field (Cache Digests)      
Data channels      
DATA section (HTCP)      
Data types for HTCP      
Data, analysis of      
Date header      
DECHO opcode (ICP)      
Delayed ACKs      
Delays, ICP and      
Delays, server, measuring with Web Polygraph      
DEL_COUNT field (Cache Digests)      
DENIED opcode (ICP)      
Designated caching proxies (WCCP)      
DETAIL data type (HTCP)      
Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)      
disk space      
Disk space, designing a caching system and      
Disk space, monitoring      
Disk throughput      
DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)      
DNS response time, monitoring      
DNS round-robin      
Documents vs. objects      
Dumb echo opcode (ICP)      
Dynamic content, mixed with static content      
Dynamic resources      
Dynamic responses      
dynamic Web pages      
Electronic commerce      
Electronic Freedom Foundation      
Embedded objects, modeling with Web Polygraph      
End-to-end headers      
End-to-end revalidation      
Entity tags      
ERR opcode (ICP)      
Error messages, hierarchies and      
Ethernet, bad cables and      
Ethernet, designing a caching system and      
Excelerator product      
expiration times      
Expires header, 2nd      
extension methods      
False hits, 2nd      
False hits, 2nd, Cache Digests and      
False hits, 2nd, ICP and      
False positive      
FIFO (first-in first-out)      
File descriptor usage, monitoring      
File size, popularity and      See : FTP transport protocol File Transfer Protocol
File types, data analysis of      
Filtering requests/responses      
Forwarding loops      
Fraud, hierarchies and      
FreeBSD, configuring for interception caching      
Fresh responses, 2nd, 3rd      
From header      
FTP transport protocol, 2nd      
FTP transport protocol, 2nd, data analysis of      
GDS (GreedyDual-Size)      
get method      
GET method, ICP and      
GET method, using instead of POST method      
Gopher transport protocol      
GreedyDual-Size (GDS)      
Harvest project      
Hash functions, 2nd      
Hash functions, 2nd, Cache Digests and      
HEADER section (HTCP)      
Headers (of HTTP messages)      
Headers (of HTTP messages), manipulating with Apache module      
HFC field (Cache Digests)      
Hierarchies, 2nd      
Hierarchies, 2nd, designing a caching system and      
Hierarchies, 2nd, freshness between members of      
Hierarchies, 2nd, optimizing      
Hierarchies, 2nd, reasons for joining      
Hierarchies, 2nd, reasons not to join      
HIT opcode (ICP)      
Hit ratios      
Hit ratios, as benchmarking metric      
Hit ratios, data analysis of      
Hit ratios, low, hierarchies and      
Hit ratios, monitoring      
Hit ratios, popularity and      
Hit ratios, sample benchmarking results for      
HIT_OBJ feature (ICP)      
HIT_OBJ opcode (ICP)      See : false hitshits
HIT_OBJ opcode (ICP), false      
HIT_OBJ opcode (ICP), predicting, ICP and      
HIT_OBJ opcode (ICP), validated vs. unvalidated      
Hop-to-hop headers      
Hot spare      
HTCP (Hypertext Caching Protocol), 2nd      
HTCP (Hypertext Caching Protocol), 2nd, data types      
HTCP (Hypertext Caching Protocol), 2nd, message format for      
HTCP (Hypertext Caching Protocol), 2nd, opcodes for      
HTCP (Hypertext Caching Protocol), 2nd, query rate of, monitoring      
HTTP headers      
HTTP headers, data analysis of      
HTTP headers, important for caching      
HTTP requests      See : status codes HTTP server response codes/HTTP status codes
HTTP requests, layer four switches and      
HTTP transport protocol      
HTTP transport protocol, data analysis of      
HTTP transport protocol, interoperation problems with      
HTTP/1.1 draft standard document      
HTTP/1.1 draft standard document, copyrights and      
httperf benchmarking tool      See : HTCP Hypertext Caching Protocol. See : entries at HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol
ICMP echo requests, layer four switches and      
ICP (Internet Cache Protocol), 2nd      
ICP (Internet Cache Protocol), 2nd, advantages/disadvantages of      
ICP (Internet Cache Protocol), 2nd, background of      
ICP (Internet Cache Protocol), 2nd, features of      
ICP (Internet Cache Protocol), 2nd, implementations of, interoperation and      
ICP (Internet Cache Protocol), 2nd, message format of      
ICP (Internet Cache Protocol), 2nd, multicasting      
ICP (Internet Cache Protocol), 2nd, opcodes of      
ICP (Internet Cache Protocol), 2nd, query rate of, monitoring      
ICP (Internet Cache Protocol), 2nd, uncachable responses and      
ICP (Internet Cache Protocol), 2nd, unwanted queries and      
ICP (Internet Cache Protocol), 2nd, vs. Cache Digests      
ICP_FLAG_DONT_NEED_URL experimental opcode      
ICP_FLAG_HIT_OBJ option flag      
ICP_FLAG_MD5_KEY experimental opcode      
ICP_FLAG_POINTER experimental opcode      
ICP_FLAG_PREADVERTISE experimental opcode      
ICP_FLAG_PREFETCH experimental opcode      
ICP_FLAG_SRC_RTT option flag      
ICP_NOTIFY_HIT experimental opcode      
ICP_NOTIFY_IMS experimental opcode      
ICP_NOTIFY_MISS experimental opcode      
ICP_NOTIFY_REFRESH experimental opcode      
ICP_OP_ADVERTISE experimental opcode      
ICP_OP_DECHO opcode      
ICP_OP_DENIED messages      
ICP_OP_DENIED opcode      
ICP_OP_ERR opcode      
ICP_OP_HIT opcode      
ICP_OP_HIT_OBJ opcode      
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