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Taylor D., Jepson B. — Learning Unix for Mac OS X Panther
Taylor D., Jepson B. — Learning Unix for Mac OS X Panther

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Название: Learning Unix for Mac OS X Panther

Авторы: Taylor D., Jepson B.


Introducing the basic concepts of Unix to Macintosh users, this slim guide explains how to work with the command line and file system, and some of the most useful utility commands. Instructions are provided for customizing the shell environment, remotely accessing a Mac from other computers, copying files between computers, and installing open source software with Fink. This edition covers the Panther version of Mac OS X.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Издание: First Edition

Год издания: 2003

Количество страниц: 184

Добавлена в каталог: 09.11.2007

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Предметный указатель
! escape sequence      
"" (quotes)
"" (quotes), around filenames with spaces
"" (quotes), around pathnames with spaces
"d", indicating directory in listing
"l", indicating link in listing
# (hash mark), at end of prompt      
$ (dollar sign)      
$ (dollar sign), at end of prompt      2nd
$ (dollar sign), command, vi      
$$ (dollar sign, double), PID of current shell      
% (percent sign) prompt      
& (ampersand), specifying background process
* (asterisk)      
* (asterisk), in regular expressions      
* (asterisk), indicating executable file      
* (asterisk), wildcard      
- (dash)      
- (dash), in command line      
- (dash), indicating plain file in listing      
-- (dash, double) in command line      
. (dot), indicating working directory      
.. (dot dot), indicating parent directory      
.bashrc file      
.profile file      
.term files      2nd
/ (slash)      
/ (slash), in pathname      
/ (slash), indicating directory in listing      
/ (slash), indicating root directory      2nd
/ (slash), starting pattern in vi      2nd
/Users/Shared directory      
/Volumes directory      2nd 3rd
0 command, vi      
1 command, vi      
: (colon)      
: (colon), in filenames or directory names      
: (colon), prompt for less command      
:q command, vi      2nd 3rd
:q! command, vi      
:w command, vi      2nd
:wq command, vi      
; (semicolon), on command line      
< (less-than symbol), getting input from a file      
> (greater-than symbol), sending output to file      2nd
>> (greater-than symbol, double), as append redirection operator      
? (help) command, Pine      
? (question mark) wildcard      
a command, vi      
absolute pathnames      
access modes      [See permissions]
accounts, default      
accounts, listing accounts logged on      
accounts, password for      
accounts, switching from superuser to personal account      
ADC (Apple Developer Connection)      
Admin user, running sudo command      2nd
AirPort Base Station, remote access and      2nd
alias command      2nd
Aliases      2nd [See also links]3rd
aliases, creating      
aliases, listing      
aliases, relationship to links      
ampersand (&), specifying background process
Anonymous ftp      2nd
ANSI escape sequences      [See escape sequences]
append redirection operator      
Apple Developer Connection (ADC)      
Apple User Groups      
AppleScript commands, running at shell prompt      
AppleTalk printers      
apropos command      
apt-get install command, Fink      2nd
apt-get update command, Fink      
ascii command, ftp      
asterisk (*)      
asterisk (*), in regular expressions      
asterisk (*), indicating executable file      
asterisk (*), wildcard      
atprint command      
at_cho_prn command      
audio, preferences for      
b command, vi      
background process      
background process, canceling      2nd
background process, checking status of      2nd
background process, moving to foreground      
background process, PID for      2nd
background process, running commands as      
background process, viewing system log for      
backslash (\)      
backslash (\), before spaces in pathname      
backslash (\), prefacing spaces and special characters      
Barrett, Daniel J. (SSH: The Secure Shell)      
bash shell      
bash shell, books about      
bash shell, customizing      
bash shell, default prompt for      2nd
bash shell, Terminal application using      
BBEdit text editor      
BEL character      
bg command      
binary command, ftp      
bitmap application, X11      
Books      [See also documentation]
books, about bash shell      
books, about GIMP      
books, about Mac OS X      2nd
books, about shell scripts      
books, about SSH      
books, about Unix      
books, about Unix security      
books, about vi text editor      
books, choosing      
brackets ([]) wildcards      
Buffer settings in Terminal Inspector      
C (compose) command, Pine      
C (Config) command, Pine      
c-. (cancel) command      2nd 3rd
c-C (copy selection) command, X11      
c-D (find previous) command      
c-Down Arrow (down one line) command      
c-E (find with selection) command      
c-F (find in scroll buffer) command      
c-G (find next) command      
c-J (jump to selection) command      
c-N (open window) command      
c-Q (quit) command, X11      
c-Up Arrow (up one line) command      
c-W (close window) command      
c-~ (next window) command      
carriage returns      
carriage returns, pasting newlines as      
cat command      
cd command      
cd command, ftp      
chgrp command      
child directories      [See subdirectories]
chmod command      2nd
chown command      
colon (:)      
colon (:), in filenames or directory names      
colon (:), prompt for less command      
Color settings in Terminal Inspector      
Command Key option, in title of window      
Command mode, vi      
commands, aliases for      2nd
commands, AppleScript commands      
commands, arguments of      
commands, background, running command in      [See background process]
commands, canceling      2nd
commands, case sensitivity of      
commands, editing      
commands, ending input for      2nd 3rd
commands, entering      
commands, executing in configuration files      
commands, exiting shell while running      
commands, filename arguments of      
commands, filtering output of      
commands, foreground, moving command to      
commands, history number of, displaying in prompt      
commands, history of, navigating      
commands, in scroll buffer      2nd
commands, input from a file      
commands, interrupting      
commands, keyboard input to      
commands, multiple, entering on command line      2nd
commands, options of      2nd
commands, output as input of another command      2nd
commands, output to a file      2nd
commands, output to screen      
commands, pausing output from      
commands, programs started by, controlling      
commands, recalling previous commands      
commands, restarting after pausing      
commands, restarting after suspending      
commands, shell functions for      
commands, suspending      2nd
commands, wrapping long lines of      
Common Unix Printing System (CUPS)      
Configuration files      2nd [See also .term files]
Connect To Server feature      
control characters, set encoding for      
Control-C (cancel)      2nd 3rd
Control-D (end of input)      2nd 3rd
Control-H (erase)      
Control-L (clear screen)      
Control-Q (restart)      2nd
Control-S (pause)      
Control-U (erase line)      
Control-Z (suspend)      2nd
Copy command      
cp command      2nd 3rd [See also rcp command; scp command]
CpMac command      2nd 3rd
csh (C shell)      
CUPS (Common Unix Printing System)      
curl command      
Current directory      [See working directory]
cursor, color of      
cursor, option click positioning for      
cursor, shape of      
D (delete) command, Pine      
d$ command, vi      
d0 command, vi      
d1G command, vi      
Darwin project      2nd 3rd
DarwinPorts project      
dash (-)      
dash (-), in command line      
dash (-), indicating plain file in listing      
date command      2nd 3rd
dd command, vi      2nd
Delete key      
df command      
dG command, vi      2nd
dir command, ftp      
directly executable programs      
Directories, changing      
directories, completing name while typing      
directories, creating      
directories, group owner of      
directories, hierarchical structure of      
directories, home directory      2nd
directories, indicated in listings      
directories, links to      
directories, modification date of      
directories, naming      2nd
directories, navigating      
directories, owner of      2nd
directories, parent directory      
directories, pathname for      
directories, permissions for      2nd 3rd 4th
directories, removing      
directories, root directory      2nd
directories, shared among users      
directories, shared directories      
directories, size of      2nd
directories, subdirectories      
directories, wildcards in name of      
directories, working directory      [See working directory]
disks, external, listing      
disks, free space on, calculating      
Display settings in Terminal Inspector      
Documentation      [See also books; web sites]
documentation, man command      
documentation, on the Internet      
Dollar sign ($)      
dollar sign ($), at end of prompt      2nd
dollar sign ($), command, vi      
dollar sign, double ($$), PID of current shell      
dot (.), indicating working directory      
dot dot (..), indicating parent directory      
Down Arrow key      
DropScript utility (Sanchez)      
du command      
dw command, vi      2nd
E (exit) command, Pine      
editors      [See text editors word processors]
email application, Pine      
Emulation settings in Terminal Inspector      
encoding, control character set      
encoding, string      
end of input, signal for      2nd 3rd
end-of-line character sequences      2nd
Enscript command      2nd
Errors      [See troubleshooting]
ESC character      
ESC key, vi      
escape sequences      
escape sequences, for prompts      
escape sequences, for Terminal title      
EXECUTE permission      
execute permission, for directory      
execute permission, for files      
Exit command      
export command      
F (forward) command, Pine      
fg command      2nd
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)      
filenames, spaces in      
filenames, wildcards in      
Files      2nd
files, accessing from other operating systems      
files, accidentally overwriting with output redirection      
files, appending another file to      
files, archiving      
files, commands getting input from      
files, commands sending output to      2nd
files, completing name while typing      
files, compressing      
Files, concatenating      
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