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Abraham W. Ч Chinese Phrases For Dummies
Abraham W. Ч Chinese Phrases For Dummies

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Ќазвание: Chinese Phrases For Dummies

јвтор: Abraham W.


Hundreds of useful phrases at your fingertips

Speak Chinese - instantly!

Traveling to China but don't know Chinese? Taking Chinese at school but need to kick up your conversation skills? Don't worry! This handy little phrasebook will have you speaking Chinese in no time.

Discover how to

* Get directions, shop, and eat out
* Talk numbers, dates, time, and money
* Chat about family and work
* Discuss sports and the weather
* Deal with problems and emergencies

язык: en

–убрика: –азное/

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√од издани€: 2005

 оличество страниц: 216

ƒобавлена в каталог: 11.12.2007

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ѕредметный указатель
Action verbs, aspect markers      28
Active voice      20
Addresses in small talk      73Ч74
Addressing others      61Ч62
Adjectives, as predicate, verbs and      26
Adjectives, numeral followed by classifier      26
Adjectives, syllables, number of      26
Adverbs      31
Air travel, boarding      144Ч145
Air travel, check in      144
Alphabet      6
Animals, Chinese zodiac      48Ч49
Answering machine, work telephone calls      133Ч134
Antique shopping      100Ч101
Articles, definite      24
Articles, indefinite      24Ч25
Aspect markers      27
aspects      20
ATM access      56
banking      54Ч56
Basic phrases      17
Boarding airplane      144Ч145
Body language, bowing, hands clasped      18
Body language, shaking hands      18
Body parts      181
Bowing, body language and      18
Bowing, hands clasped      18
Breakfast      75
Browsing instead of buying while shopping      95
Bus transportation      150Ч152
Business discussions      139Ч140
Cab travel      148Ч150
Calendar, Chinese zodiac      48Ч49
Calendar, hoilidays      47Ч50
Calendar, months      46Ч47
Calendar, seasons      47
Calling for help, basic phrases      179Ч180
Calling for help, police      189Ч190
Car travel, taxi cabs      148Ч150
Cardinal numbers, 1 through 19      38
Cardinal numbers, 20s and higher      39
Cardinal numbers, 99 and higher      39Ч40
Cardinal numbers, introduction      37
Cardinal points indirections      163Ч165
Characters      6
Chatting, family      70
Chatting, place of origin      68Ч69
Chatting, weather      66Ч67
Check cashing      53Ч54
Check in at airport      144
Check in at hotel      170Ч172
Classifiers, clothing      100
Classifiers, natural objects      22Ч23
Classifiers, numbers      38
Classifiers, numeral followed by, adjectives and      26
Classifiers, pairs      23
Classifiers, pronouns      22
Classifiers, time      41
Clothes shopping, articles of clothing      97Ч98
Clothes shopping, color      98Ч99
Clothes shopping, sizes      95Ч97
Clothing, classifiers      100
COLOR      98Ч99
Complex ideographs in the written word      6
Compliments on learning language      62
Cost of items, introduction      53Ч54
Cost of items, negotiation      105Ч106
Cost of items, shopping and      105
Counting, cardinal numbers      37Ч40
Counting, ordinal numbers      40Ч41
Coverbs      29 163Ч165
Currency      50Ч51
Customs, introduction      154
Customs, items to have ready      154
Days, calendar      46Ч50
Days, dates      46Ч50
Days, time and      42
Days, week      44Ч45
Definite articles      24
Destination words, directions and      157
Diagnosis, medical      186Ч187
Dim sum, ordering      82Ч84
Dining out, bill      90
Dining out, Chinese menu      79Ч80
Dining out, dim sum      82Ч84
Dining out, drinks      85
Dining out, favorite dishes      81Ч82
Dining out, menu      78Ч85
Dining out, ordering      86Ч89
Dining out, restrooms      89
Dining out, sauces      82
Dining out, seasonings      82
Dining out, tea      91
Dining out, tipping      90
Dining out, utensils, dishes      77
Dining out, vegetarians      80Ч81
Dining out, Western food      84Ч85
Dinner      75
Directions, cardinal points      163Ч165
Directions, destination words      157
Directions, directional coverbs      163Ч165
Directions, directional words      158Ч159
Directions, distance      158 161Ч163
Directions, giving      160Ч161
Directions, where      157
Distance, directions and      158 161Ч163
Doctors, locating      182
Ease of Chinese      19Ч20
Elders, pronouns for      21Ч22
Electronics shopping and      101Ч102
Emergencies, calling for help      179Ч180
Emergencies, introduction      179
Emergencies, legal help      190
Emergencies, medical care      180Ч189
Emergencies, police      189Ч190
Exchanging money      51Ч52
Family, chatting about      70
Family, introductions      58Ч59
Favorite expressions      191Ч194
Finals, sounds      11Ч13
First time introduction      58
First tone      13
Food, shopping      102Ч104
Fourth tone      14
friends      58Ч59
Gender-specific nouns      20
Goodbye      62Ч63
Grammar, active voice      20
Grammar, aspects      20
Grammar, coverbs      29
Grammar, ease of      19Ч20
Grammar, particles      20
Grammar, passive voice      20
Grammar, tense      20
Grammar, verbs      27Ч31
Greetings, addresses      61Ч62
Greetings, asking names      60Ч61
Greetings, first meeting      58
Greetings, introductions      57
Greetings, questions      66
Greetings, time-specific      58
Half, numbers      40
Half-third tone      14
Help, calling for      179Ч180
Hi-tech items, shopping      101Ч102
holidays      47
Home, describing      73Ч74
Homophones, tones and      14
Hotels, check in      170Ч172
Hotels, checkout      176Ч177
Hotels, employees      174
Hotels, introduction      167
Hotels, reservations      168Ч170
Hotels, services      173Ч176
Hotels, types of rooms      169
Humidity, weather      67
Hunger, expressing      76
Ideographs in written word      6
Idioms, frequently used      15Ч17
Illnesses, medical care and      185Ч186
Indefinite articles      24
Industries represented      139Ч140
Initials, sounds      10Ч11
Internet      141Ч142
Interrogative pronouns      35Ч36
Introductions, asking names      60Ч61
Introductions, family      58Ч59
Introductions, friends      58Ч59
Introductions, people to each other      59
Introductions, pronouns      59
Introductions, questions      66
Introductions, self      57
Legal help      190
Local expressions      195Ч198
Logographs      7
Lunch      75
Mandarin, introduction      5
Mandarin, tones      13Ч15
Markets, food      102Ч104
Markets, night markets, negotiating      105Ч106
Markets, quality comparison      107Ч110
Markets, refunds      106Ч107
Meals      See also food; shopping
Meals, dining out      76Ч78
Meals, hunger, expressing      76
Meals, names for      75
Meals, serving      76
Medical care, body parts      181
Medical care, diagnoses      186Ч187
Medical care, doctor, locating      182
Medical care, illnesses      1&5Ч186
Medical care, introduction      180
Medical care, medical history      185Ч186
Medical care, medications      187Ч189
Medical care, symptoms      183Ч185
Meetings at work, conducting      135Ч136
Meetings at work, ending      139
Meetings at work, planning      136
Meetings at work, scheduling      136
Meetings at work, starting      137Ч138
Money, ATM access      56
Money, banking      54Ч56
Money, check cashing      53Ч54
Money, cost of items      53Ч54
Money, currency      50Ч51
Money, exchanging      51Ч52
Months of year      46Ч47
Morphemes      9
Names, asking at meeting      60Ч61
Natural objects, classifers      22Ч23
Negation      31 32Ч33
Negotiation at night markets      105Ч106
Neutral tones      14Ч15
Night markets      105Ч106
Nose, pointing to, body language and      18
Nouns, classifiers      22Ч23
Nouns, gender-specific      20
Nouns, object      20
Nouns, ordinal numbers and      41
Nouns, plural      20 23Ч24
Nouns, pronouns      21Ч22
Nouns, singular      20 23Ч24
Nouns, subject      20
Numbers, cardinal numbers      37Ч40
Numbers, days of week      44^15
Numbers, half      40
Numbers, money      50Ч56
numbers, ordinal numbers      40Ч41
Numbers, time      41Ч44
Numbers, tone      40
Numerals, followed by classfier, adjective and      26
Object, subject and      20
Occupational phrases      71Ч73
Occupational titles      61Ч62
Office items      134Ч135
Ordering in restaurant      86Ч89
Ordinal numbers      40Ч41
Pairs, classifier      23
Particles, de      33Ч34
Particles, grammar      20
Particles, questions      34
Passive voice      20
Personal information, small talk      74
Phone numbers, small talk      73Ч74
Phonetic compounds, written word      7
Phrases, basic      17
Pictographs, written word      6
Pinyin radicals      7
Pinyin sounds      8Ч9
Plural      21
Plural nouns      20 23Ч24
Plural pronouns      21
Police, calling      189Ч190
Possessives, particle de      33Ч34
Predicates, adject as, verbs and      26
Prescriptions for medical issues      187Ч189
Presentations at work      138
Pronouns, classifiers      22
Pronouns, elders      21Ч22
Pronouns, interrogative      35Ч36
Pronouns, introductions      59
Pronunciation, sounds overview      9Ч15
Pronunciation, tones and      7 13Ч15
Pronunciation, vowels      11Ч13
Quality      107Ч110
Questions, basics      63Ч66
Questions, particle ma      34
Questions, repeating verb in negative      34Ч35
Radicals in written word, number of      7
Reading      See written word
Refunds while shopping      106Ч107
Republic of China, years and      49
Reservations, hotels      168Ч170
Restaurants      See dining out
Restrooms, dining out and      89
Room reservations, hotels      168Ч170
Sauces, dining out and      82
Seasonings, dining out and      82
Seasons      47
Second tone      13
Serving during meals      76
Shaking hands, body language      18
Shi      30
Shopping, antiques      100Ч101
Shopping, browsing      95
Shopping, clothes      95Ч100
Shopping, cost      105
Shopping, food markets      102Ч104
Shopping, hi-tech items      101Ч102
Shopping, refunds      106Ч107
Shopping, store hours      94Ч95
Shopping, store types      93Ч95
Shopping, weights and measures      104
Singular nouns      20 23Ч24
Sizes of clothing      95Ч97
Small talk, addresses      73Ч74
Small talk, at work      71Ч73
Small talk, family      70
Small talk, phone numbers      73Ч74
Small talk, place of origin      68Ч69
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