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Joyce J., Moon M. — Windows Vista Plain & Simple
Joyce J., Moon M. — Windows Vista Plain & Simple

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Название: Windows Vista Plain & Simple

Авторы: Joyce J., Moon M.


Here’s WHAT You’ll Learn
• Run programs, control gadgets, and play games
• Send e-mail, browse the Web, and share your files
• Organize your photos, music, videos, and more
• Burn CDs and DVDs—even produce your own movie!
• Set up your printer and a simple home network
• Adjust security settings and perform easy tune-ups and fixes

Here’s HOW You’ll Learn It
• Jump in wherever you need answers
• Easy-to-follow STEPS and SCREENSHOTS show exactly what to do
• Handy TIPS teach new techniques and shortcuts
• Quick TRY THIS! exercises help you apply what you learn right away

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 368

Добавлена в каталог: 04.03.2007

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Предметный указатель
.avi format      2nd
.bmp files      
.contact format      2nd
.jpeg files      
.net passports      
.rtf (Rich Text format)      
.tif files      2nd
.vcf format      2nd
.wav format      
.wma files      
.wmv format      2nd 3rd 4th
.xps files      
.zip file format      
3-D effects      
3-D effects, Aero glass effects      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
3-D effects, windows      
Access control      [See parental controls; passwords; user accounts and rights]
Accessibility      [See Ease Of Access Center; Mobility Center]
accounts      [See user accounts and rights]
ActiveX controls      
ad hoc networks      2nd 3rd
Add Hardware Wizard      
Add Printer Wizard      2nd
Address Bar      2nd 3rd
Address toolbar      
addresses, adding to e-mail      
addresses, e-mail      
addresses, e-mail groups      
addresses, TCP/IP addresses      
addresses, Web pages      2nd 3rd
administrative computer tasks      
Administrator Group      
Administrator Group, adding or deleting user accounts      2nd
Administrator Group, overview      
Administrator Group, parental controls and      
Administrator Group, security issues and      
Administrator Group, User Account Control (UAC) settings and      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Administrator Group, user rights and      
advanced searching      2nd
Aero color scheme      2nd
Aero glass effect      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
album information      
alerts, from firewalls      
alerts, on taskbar      
alerts, security issues and      
alerts, sounds for      
alerts, visual cues for      
aligning, Desktop icons      
aligning, text      
allowing, pop-up windows      
allowing, Web site visits      
Alt key      
alternative input methods      2nd
animation in movies      
annotating documents      
anti-virus software      2nd 3rd
appearance, 3-D windows      
appearance, Aero color scheme      2nd
appearance, Aero glass      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
appearance, reverting to earlier Windows look      
appearance, setting visual effects      
applications      [See programs (software)]
applying choices in dialog boxes      
appointments, for meetings      
appointments, in calendars      2nd
archiving files      2nd 3rd
arrow keys      
aspect ratios for movies      
associations, program      2nd
attachments to e-mail      
attachments to e-mail, dangers of      
attachments to e-mail, in message replies      
attachments to e-mail, inspecting for viruses      
attachments to e-mail, Journal notes      
attachments to e-mail, sending files      
attachments to e-mail, sending pictures      
attachments to e-mail, vCards      
attendees at meetings      
Audio files      [See also CDs; music; sound; soundtracks]
audio files, blocking playback      
audio files, creating      
audio files, in video and movies      
audio files, playback volume      
audio files, volume adjustment      
Audio Video Interleaved format (.avi)      2nd
authentication in e-mail      
authorizations      [See permissions]
Auto Playlists      
AutoComplete feature      
automatic updates for Windows Vista      2nd
Automatic Updating feature      2nd
automatically sorting e-mail      
AutoMovie feature      2nd
AutoPlay settings      2nd
auxiliary displays      [See multiple monitors]
Averaging numbers      
Back button      2nd
Back Up Files wizard      
background colors      
background pictures      
background pictures, e-mail messages      
background pictures, illustrated      
background pictures, setting      
background pictures, Windows Journal      
backing up data      2nd 3rd
Basic editions of Windows Vista      2nd 3rd [See also Windows Vista Home Premium; Windows Vista Ultimate]
Binary numbers      
bit rates      2nd
Black-and-white images      
black-and-white printing      
blocking, DVD playback      
blocking, e-mail      
blocking, exported lists of blocked sites      
blocking, incoming connections      
blocking, pop-up windows      2nd
blocking, programs for children's accounts      
blocking, television display      
blocking, video or audio playback      
blocking, Web sites      2nd
bold text      
bookmarked Web sites (favorites)      
boot logging      
booting from discs      
brightness, photos      
brightness, videos      
bulleted lists      
Burn To Disc Wizard      
burning, CDs      2nd
burning, DVDs      2nd 3rd 4th
business cards, virtual      2nd
Business edition of Windows Vista      2nd
buttons, activating with voice commands      
buttons, on pointing devices      
buttons, power-management options      
cable cards      
Cables      2nd
Calculator program      2nd
Calendars      [See also Windows Calendar]
cameras, downloading photos from      
cameras, downloading videos from      2nd 3rd
cameras, recording videos from      
cameras, uploading movies to      
cameras, viewing information about      
canceling, dialog boxes      
canceling, print jobs      
captions, for events      
captions, for photos      
capturing screen images      
card games      
card games, FreeCell      
card games, game information and compatibility      
card games, Hearts      
card games, Solitaire      
card games, Spider Solitaire      
case-sensitivity of passwords      
categories, of files      
categories, of photos      2nd
cautions      [See also troubleshooting]
cautions, account precautions      
cautions, Administrator accounts and parental controls      
cautions, compressed folders      
cautions, default printers      
cautions, deleting files on removable disks      
cautions, deleting photos from Photo Gallery      
cautions, driver software      
cautions, file and folder names      
cautions, file extensions      
cautions, gadgets      
cautions, Information bar security alerts      
cautions, locking Media Player      
cautions, Meeting Space meetings      2nd
cautions, newsgroup message formats      
cautions, Password Reset disks      
cautions, password-protecting shared folders      
cautions, passwords as case-sensitive      
cautions, pasting multiple pictures      
cautions, plain Text documents and formatting      
cautions, preventing spam with fake e-mail addresses      
cautions, Public folders      
cautions, running older programs in Windows Vista      
cautions, saving Web-page text      
cautions, shared folders      2nd 3rd
cautions, sharing Desktop      
cautions, sharing files      2nd
cautions, speech-recognition tutorial      
cautions, viewing .xps files      
cautions, viruses in e-mail attachments      
cautions, Web-site copyright violations      
cautions, wireless networks      
cd command      
CdS      [See also music]
CDs, copying      
CDs, copying files to      2nd
CDs, creating      2nd 3rd
CDs, formats for      
CDs, importing photos from      
CDs, Media Center features      
CDs, opening CD drives      
CDs, playing      2nd
CDs, saving movies on      
CDs, saving photos on      
CDs, starting actions for      
centering pictures      
Character Map      2nd
Character Pad      
chatting during Remote Desktop Assistance      
checking e-mail      
Chess Titans game      
children, controlling Web content for      
children, Purble Place games      
children, restricting DVD playback      
children, restricting game access      
children, setting computer time limits      
city time-zone clocks      
classifying, files      
classifying, photos      2nd
clearing Web-site browsing history      
clicking, mouse settings      
clicking, voice commands for      
ClickLock feature      
clipboard      2nd
clips, audio for movies      
clips, creating movies from      
clips, customized movies      
clips, downloading from cameras      
clips, editing      
clips, Movie Maker features      
clips, rearranging      
clips, selecting the best      
clips, transitions between      
clocks      2nd
closing, dialog boxes      
closing, documents      
closing, Sidebar      
closing, tabbed Web pages      
cls command      
Co-Owner permission      2nd
collapsing folder list      
collating print jobs      
collections of media items      
Color schemes      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
color, color schemes      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
color, Desktop      2nd
color, movie titles and credits      
color, multiple calendars      
color, overdue tasks      
color, Paint tools      
color, photo adjustments      
color, printing      
color, text      
color, video settings      
color, video special effects      
color, Windows Journal      
columns in folders      
combining clips for movies      
Comfy Cakes game      
Command Prompt window      2nd
commands, Command Prompt window      
commands, help and information      
commands, switches for      
commands, voice      2nd
communicating      [See e-mail]
Communities feature      
comparing calendars      
compatibility settings for programs      
completing tasks      
compressed files      2nd 3rd
compressed folders      2nd
compression, video      
Computer folder      
Computer Management console      
computers, checking for compatibility with advanced features      
computers, Computer Management Console      
computers, connecting to Internet      
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