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Walker A. — Absolute Beginner's Guide To: Security, Spam, Spyware & Viruses
Walker A. — Absolute Beginner's Guide To: Security, Spam, Spyware & Viruses

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Название: Absolute Beginner's Guide To: Security, Spam, Spyware & Viruses

Автор: Walker A.


Batten down the hatches! Hackers, spammers and thieves (oh my!) are after you! The mere act of turning on an Internet-connected computer can put you, your family, and your personal finances at risk by exposing you to viruses, scam artists, hackers, identity thieves, and spammers. How do you fight back? Absolute Beginner's Guide to Security, Spam, Spyware and Viruses is your first line of defense.

Clear, easy-to-understand definitions of viruses, spyware, and hackers will help you understand what you're up against everytime you go online. Then, you'll learn about other threats, such as identity theft, phishing, and other potential dangers you'll face in your everyday computing. Find out how to search out and destroy spyware, malware and other viscious programs that could potentially harm your computer. Then find out how to lock out hackers, spammers, and theives for good.

We'll tell you how to immediately cut the risk of being attacked in half in less than 10 minutes! Protect your bank accounts, digital photos, digital music collection, masters thesis, and everything you hold near and dear on your computer with the help of the Absolute Beginner's Guide to Security, Spam, Spyware and Viruses.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 384

Добавлена в каталог: 08.08.2007

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Предметный указатель
419 scams      
419 scams, avoiding      2nd
activating (Windows)      
activating (Windows), importance of      2nd
ActiveX, description of      
Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition      
Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition, description of      
Ad-Watch      [See real-time protection]
Administrator accounts      
administrator accounts, description of      
administrator accounts, hidden administrator accounts      
administrator accounts, hidden administrator accounts, password protecting      2nd
administrator acounts      
administrator acounts, privacy snoops      
administrator acounts, privacy snoops, preventing      2nd
advanced fee fraud      
advanced fee fraud, avoiding      2nd
adware, description of      [See also pop-ups]
affiliate links      
affiliate links, browser hijackers      
affiliate links, browser hijackers, description of      
Anti-Phishing Working Group      
Anti-Phishing Working Group, website      
anti-spam filters      
anti-spam filters, Cloadmark Desktop      
anti-spam filters, Cloadmark Desktop, description of      2nd
anti-spam laws      
anti-spam laws, description of      
anti-spam programs      
anti-spam programs, Cloudmark Desktop      
anti-spam programs, must-have features      2nd
anti-spam programs, overview      2nd
anti-spam programs, recommended programs      2nd
anti-spam programs, SpamCop.net      
anti-spam programs, SpamCop.net, utilizing      
anti-spyware programs      [See also Microsoft AntiSpyware]
anti-spyware programs, Ad-Aware SE Personal      
anti-spyware programs, Ad-Aware SE Personal, installing      2nd
anti-spyware programs, description of      
anti-spyware programs, doubling up      
anti-spyware programs, failed cleanings      2nd
anti-spyware programs, full scans      
anti-spyware programs, full scans, importance of      
anti-spyware programs, installing more than one      
anti-spyware programs, Microsoft AntiSpyware      
anti-spyware programs, Microsoft AntiSpyware, description of      
anti-spyware programs, Microsoft AntiSpyware, downloading      2nd
anti-spyware programs, must-have features      2nd
anti-spyware programs, pay products      
anti-spyware programs, pay products, recommendations      
anti-spyware programs, real-time portection      
anti-spyware programs, real-time portection, activating      2nd
anti-spyware programs, recommended freeware      2nd
anti-spyware programs, recommended payware      2nd 3rd
anti-spyware programs, scans      
anti-spyware programs, scans, running      
anti-spyware programs, updating      
anti-spyware programs, updating, importance of      
anti-spyware programs, websites      
anti-spyware scanners      
anti-spyware scanners, cookie scans      
anti-spyware signatures      
anti-spyware signatures, updating      2nd 3rd 4th
anti-spyware, tips      
anti-virus programs      
anti-virus programs, recommended payware      2nd 3rd
AntiVir, overview      
Antivirus programs      
antivirus programs, failure updating      2nd
antivirus programs, free trials      
antivirus programs, Grisoft's AVG      
antivirus programs, Grisoft's AVG, advantages of      2nd
antivirus programs, heuristics      
antivirus programs, heuristics, description of      
antivirus programs, importance of      
antivirus programs, installing      2nd
antivirus programs, Macs      
antivirus programs, must-have features      2nd
antivirus programs, quarantine areas      
antivirus programs, recommended freeware      2nd
antivirus programs, system scans      2nd
antivirus programs, virus signatures      
antivirus programs, virus signatures, updating      2nd
antivirus signatures      
antivirus signatures, updating      2nd 3rd 4th
Apple      [See also Macs]
AutoComplete, disabling      2nd
AutoComplete, Windows Search      
AutoComplete, Windows Search, disabling in      
Automatic Updates      
Automatic Updates, activating      
avast! Antivirus      
avast! Antivirus, description of      
AVG Anti-Virus      
AVG Anti-Virus, Free Edition      
AVG Anti-Virus, Free Edition, description of      
AVG Anti-Virus, updating      2nd
AVG, scanning for viruses      
backdoor spyware      [See Trojan horses]
bandwidth theft      
bandwidth theft, description of      2nd
BHOs, removing      
BHOs, removing, with HiJackThis      
BIOS, accessing      
BIOS, dangers      
black-hat hackers      
black-hat hackers, description of      [See also hackers]
Blaster worm      
Blaster worm, description of      
bleepingcomputer.com, HiJackThis entries      
bombes (virues)      
bombes (virues), description of      2nd
bookmarks, Firefox      
bookmarks, Firefox, backing up      
boot viruses      
boot viruses, effects of      
boot viruses, overview      
browser hijackers      
browser hijackers, Cool Web Search      
browser hijackers, Cool Web Search, description of      
browser hijackers, CWShredder      
browser hijackers, CWShredder, description of      2nd
browser hijackers, description of      2nd
browser hijackers, fixing      [See also HiJackThis]
browser hijackers, fixing, overview      2nd
Cabir virus      
Cache      [See web cache]
chat logs      
chat logs, disabling      2nd
chipset/motherboard drivers      
chipset/motherboard drivers, preserving during wipes      2nd
Claria, Microsoft's connection with      2nd
CleanCache, description of      
clipboards, clearing      2nd
Cloadmark Desktop      
Cloadmark Desktop, overview      
Cloudmark Desktop      
Cloudmark Desktop, description of      2nd
Cloudmark Desktop, overview      2nd
commercial email lists      
commercial email lists, description of      
contest, dangers      
contest, dangers, spam      
cookies, anti-spyware scanners      
cookies, as spyware      2nd
cookies, cleaning      
cookies, cleaning in Firefox      
cookies, cleaning in Internet Explorer      
cookies, clearing      2nd
cookies, deleting      
cookies, Internet Explorer      
cookies, Internet Explorer, backing up      
cookies, privacy      
cookies, privacy, importance of deleting      
Cool Web Search      
Cool Web Search, CWShredder      
Cool Web Search, CWShredder, description of      
Cool Web Search, description of      
crackers, description of      [See also hackers]
credit reports      
credit reports, checking      
credit reports, checking in Australia      
credit reports, checking in Canada      
credit reports, checking in the UK      
credit reports, checking in USA      
credit reports, checking, importance of      2nd
CWS hijacks      
CWS hijacks, description of      [See also browser hijackers]
CWShredder, description of      2nd
DDoS attacks      
DDoS attacks, description of      2nd 3rd
deep scans      
deep scans (anti-spyware)      
deep scans (anti-spyware), importance of      
deep scans, running      2nd
default, definition of      
deleted items folder (email)      
deleted items folder (email), emptying      
deleting, files      
deleting, files, permanently      2nd
desktops, clearing      
DHCP logs      
DHCP logs, assesing      2nd
DHCP logs, overview      2nd
dialers, description of      
dictionary spamming      
dictionary spamming, description of      2nd
Discussion forums      
discussion forums, dangers      
discussion forums, dangers, spam      
DNS servers      
DNS servers, description of      
downloading files      
downloading files, dangers of      
downloading files, types to avoid      
drive-by downloading      
drive-by downloading, description of      
driver rollbacks      
driver rollbacks, setting      
drivers, description of      
drivers, preserving during wipes      2nd 3rd
drivers, re-installing      2nd
drivers, required drivers      
drivers, required drivers, Ethernet ports      
drivers, required drivers, motherboard/chipset drivers      2nd
drivers, required drivers, video drivers      
drivers, troubleshooting      2nd
droppers, definition of      
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol logs      [See DHCP logs]
Email      2nd [See also spam]
email addresses      
email addresses, guarding      
email addresses, guarding, importance of      
email addresses, spoofing      
email addresses, spoofing, description of      2nd
email Nigerian 419 scams      
email Nigerian 419 scams, avoiding      2nd
email, deleted items folder      
email, deleted items folder, empyting      
email, images      
email, images, disabling      2nd
email, privacy      
email, privacy, overview      2nd
email, saved sent items, disabling      2nd
email, servers      
email, servers, deleting from      2nd
email, unsubscribing      
emails, forwarding      
emails, forwarding, safety tips      
emails, phishing scams      
emails, phishing scams, description of      
emails, phishing scams, identifying      2nd
End User License Agreements (EULA)      
End User License Agreements (EULA), adware warnings      [See EULA]
Eset NOD32      
Eset NOD32, overview      
Ethernet ports      
Ethernet ports, drivers      
Ethernet ports, drivers, preserving during wipes      
eTrust PestPatrol      
eTrust PestPatrol, overview      
EULA, adware warnings      
executables, definition of      
extensions, cautions      
external hard drives      
external hard drives, description of      
external hard drives, USB keys      
F-Secure, overview      
farming      [See pharming]
favorites, Firefox      
favorites, Firefox, backing up      
favorites, Internet Explorer      
favorites, Internet Explorer, backing up      
Federal Trade Commision      
Federal Trade Commision, complaints      
Federal Trade Commision, complaints, filing      
File and Settings Transfer Wizard      
File and Settings Transfer Wizard, utilizing      2nd
file infector viruses      
file infector viruses, effects of      
file infector viruses, overview      
file sharing      
file sharing, dangers      2nd
file sharing, dangers of      
file sharing, disabling      
file sharing, disabling, Windows 98      
file sharing, disabling, Windows XP home      
file sharing, disabling, Windows XP professional      
file sharing, Guest accounts      
file sharing, Guest accounts, disabling      
file sharing, Security bar      
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