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Mindich D.T. Ч Tuned out: Why Americans under 40 Don't Follow the News
Mindich D.T. Ч Tuned out: Why Americans under 40 Don't Follow the News

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Ќазвание: Tuned out: Why Americans under 40 Don't Follow the News

јвтор: Mindich D.T.


At a rate never before seen in American history, young adults are abandoning traditional news media. Tuned Out: Why Americans Under 40 Don't Follow the News examines the reasons behind this problem and its consequences for American society. Author David T. Z. Mindich speaks directly to young people to discover why some tune in while others tune out Ч and how America might help them tune back in.
Based on discussions with young adults from across the United States, Mindich investigates the decline in news consumption over the past four decades. In 1972, 74% of Americans in their mid-30s said they read a newspaper every day. Today, fewer than 28% do so. The average viewer age at CNN is currently about 60 years old. And while many point to the Internet as the best hope for rekindling interest in the news, only 11% of young people list the news as a major reason for logging on Ч entertainment, e-mail, and Instant Messenger are ranked far higher on their list. Exploring the political, journalistic, and social consequences of this decrease in political awareness, Mindich poses the question: What are the consequences of two successive generations tuning out? He asserts that as young adults abandon the kinds of news needed to make political decisions, they have unwittingly ceded power to their elders. In an engaged and intelligent way, Mindich outlines these problems and proposes real solutions.
An indispensable resource for anyone interested in media or politics, Tuned Out: Why Americans Under 40 Don't Follow the News is also ideal for undergraduate and graduate students in journalism, media, communication, political science, American studies, sociology, andeducation.

"This is a very important book. Professor Mindich has undertaken to determine the extent of the news illiteracy of an entire generation of American young people, and to speculate with authorities in broadcasting and print as to what can be done about it. This volume is a handbook for the desperately needed attempt to inspire in the young generation a curiosity that generates the news habit. Their lack of knowledge or even interest in our government bodes a critical danger to democracy as they become the nation's voting majority." Ч Walter Cronkite
"Mindich presents a devastating analysis of how national television news panders to young viewers with 'news-as-entertainment' options. But the book's real virtue is the way Mindich marshals statistics to support his challenge to news organizations 'to create a society in which young people feel that reading quality journalism is worthwhile.'" Ч Publishers Weekly

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»здание: 1st edition

√од издани€: 2004

 оличество страниц: 192

ƒобавлена в каталог: 26.02.2008

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A Tale of Two Cities      See Dickens Charles
ABC News      7 51Ч53
Abdul, Paula      2
Accessibility, in journalism      122Ч123
Actors, interviews in Los Angeles      See Interviews
Adams, Samuel      110
Afghanistan War      18Ч19 50 68
Age of Indifference      34
AIDS, seen by the media as a УgayФ disease      109
Aiken, Clay      2
Alford, Andrea      62Ч63 118
All in the Family      15
Allen, Woody      83
American Idol      1Ч3 3 5
Anderson, Benedict      9Ч12 103Ч109
Antique cookie cutter      59
AOL Instant Messenger      71 77 89
AOL Time Warner      50
Apathy      6
Aristotle      58
Ashcroft, John      ix 35 37 66
Axis of evil      35 37
Bagdikian, Benjamin      116
Baldwin, James      109
Barlow, John Perry      15 102
Barnes & Noble      123Ч124
Barry, Dave      120
Barthes, Ronald      58
Bartlett, Dan      30
Bauer, Gary      23Ч24
Beecher, Henry Ward      121
Bellah, Robert      98
Bender, Thomas      14
Bennett, James Gordon      45 96 99
Bennett, William      4
Berelson, Bernard      63 118
Bishop Perry Middle School      67 92Ч94. New
Blair, Selma      61
Boston Tea Party      110
Bowling      84
Bowling Alone      See Putnam Robert
Brandeis University      13 71. Waltham Mass.
Brandeis, Louis D.      15
Brinkley, David      66
Brokaw, Tom      14 99 101
Buchanan, Patrick      23Ч24
Burlington Free Press      100 102
Burlington, Vt. interviews      See Interviews Burlington Vt.
Bush, George W.      11 37 46 91 122
Bush, George W., criticized by the news media      7 98
Bush, George W., election against Gore in 2000      1
Bush, George W., extrajudicial arrests      122;
Bush, George W., public relations of his administration      29
Bush, George W., public's knowledge of candidate in 2000      23Ч24
Bush, George W., vaccinated for smallpox      105Ч106
Bush, George, H. W.      122
C-SAT, a proposal for a college entrance exam      119
Cam Ne, village of      95
Campaign finance reform      121. See also McCain Ч Feingold
Carey, James W.      16 88Ч89 104 105
Cartoon Network      14 73 116
CBS News      26 33 94 120
CBS News, children's news programming      115Ч16
CBS News, kills story about big tobacco      7
CBS News, Morley Safer's Cam Ne story and Lyndon Johnson's response      95
CD-ROMs, marketing newspapers with      113
Celebrities, knowledge of      4
Central Casting practice of centralized programming on УlocalФ radio      81
Cheers      34 41Ч42
Chicago Sun-Times      113Ч114
Chicago Tribune      113Ч114 114
Chideya, Farai      48 49 90 125
Childhood habits      66Ч68
Children's programming      115Ч116
Chretien, Jean      106
Christie, Agatha      9
Church attendance      84
Cicero      10
Citizen Kane      101
Civic involvement      69 84 87
Civic involvement, and media use      72Ч74. See also Social capital
Civil rights era, coverage of      109
Clark, Wesley      25 126
Clear Channel Communications      80Ч81
Clinton, Bill      11 46 78 126
Clinton, Bill, criticized by the news media      7 98
Clinton, Bill, on MTV      126
Clinton, Bill, public relations of his administration      29
Clinton, Bill, Whitewater      122
Clinton, Hillary      37
Clubs and organizations      84
CNBC      32
CNN      14 42 99
CNN, author's appearance on      18Ч19
CNN, median viewer age      x 3 32
CNN, network's style      48
CNN, top stories, as selected by viewers      57Ч58
CNN, viewers as more informed than those of Fox news      124Ч25
Cohort replacement      28Ч29. See also Newspaper readership
Colbert, Ann      66 75
Colchester, Vt. interviews      See Interviews Colchester Vt.
Cold media      See Hot and cold media
College admissions, and news consumption      118
Columbus (Georgia) Ledger Ч Enquirer      11 99
Commute time      See Suburbia
Competition      49Ч59
complacency      6
Congressional elections      2 22
Congressional elections, Election of 1998      2
Conversation, and news consumption      63Ч66 118
Cosby, William      96
Cosmopolitan      30 59
Countdown with Keith Olbermann      125
Cowell, Simon      2
Cozad, Kanon      35 37Ч39 38 76 90
Cozad, Kanon, followed local news closely      78
Cozad, Kanon, inspired by September 11 to deepen news knowledge      69
Credibility      See Media credibility
Cronkite, Walter      85
Cronkite, Walter, childhood influences      66
Cronkite, Walter, report from Vietnam in 1968      15 51Ч52
Cummings, Jonathon      71
Cynicism      40Ч41
Daily Show      57 125
Darnton, Robert      58
Daschle, Tom      35 59 61 113
Dateline      59
Davis, Allison      40
DDB Needham polls      19Ч21 87
Dean, Howard      91
Debates, U.S. presidential      120Ч121
Declaration of Independence in Cyberspace      15 102
Delli Carpini, Michael X.      21 24 25 86Ч88
Democratic national convention      1968 119Ч20
Demographics, television news      x 3.
Depth in the news      29Ч30
Dewey, John      15 90 121Ч122
Diana, Princess of Wales      122
Dickens, Charles      41Ч42
Dionne, E. J., Jr.      6 120
Diplomatic License      42
Disney      7 51Ч53 97 115
Disturbed causality      58
Dole, Bob      56
Dominion Post (West Virginia)      81Ч82
Donley, Jon      74Ч75
Douglass, Frederick      104
Downie, Len Jr.      80 85Ч86 112
Ducks Unlimited      62Ч63 118
e-mail      71 77
Economist      38
Editor and Publisher      79Ч80
Edwards, John      113
Eisner, Michael      52 115
elections      See Presidential Elections Congressional Voting
Entertainment      13Ч14 39Ч59 118
Entman, Robert      54 78
ER      57
ESPN      14 25 113 125
ESPN ( Magazine)      30
F Troop      51
Far Side      107 107
FCC (Federal Communications Commission)      52 80 101 103 115Ч116
FEC (Federal Election Commission)      120
Federal Matching Funds      120Ч121
Fisher, Amy      56Ч57
Fishkin, James      116
Food network      14
Forbes, Steve      23Ч24
Fourth Estate      96
Fox News      14 32 54Ч55 124Ч25
Frankel, Max      58 66Ч67 98Ч100 123
Frasier's dilemma      41Ч43
Free newspapers aimed at youth      113Ч115
Friedland, Lewis      14 91
Friedman, Thomas      14 89 105
friends      47Ч48
Galston, William A.      91
Gannett      100
Garrison, William L.      104
Gatekeeper function of the press      50Ч51
General Social Survey      28Ч29
Ginsburg, Ruth B.      68
Gitlin, Todd      97
Google News      117 117
Gore, Al      1
Graham, Katherine      97
Greatest democracy for the greatest numbers, test      123
Greeley, Horace      77Ч79 97Ч98
Greenhouse, Linda      98
Gulf War (1991)      6
Gunther, Marc      107
Gutenberg, Johannes      43
Habermas, Jurgen      11
Halbert, R. Lance      72
Hallin, Daniel      98
Hapathy      6
Harper, Aaron      59Ч63 62 68 76 79 90
Hatch, Orrin      23Ч24
Hear it Now      85
Hearst, William R.      45 101
Heyward, Andrew      26
Homelessness      49
Hot and cold media      73
Hudson, Rock      109
Humanity in the news      47Ч48 125
Hustler (online)      33
I Love Lucy      15 51
Imagined communities      See Anderson Benedict
In the News      115Ч16
Independent journalism      96Ч101
Independent voters      23
Instant Messenger      See AOL Instant Messenger
InStyle      30
Intellectual arbitrage      103Ч5
Internet      32Ч33 38 70Ч76
Internet, making choices on      73Ч76
Internet, online communities and real ones, compared and contrasted      89Ч94
Internet, rising popularity of      70 89
Internet, tuning in on the Сnet      76
Interviews with young people      See also Alford Andrea; Allison; Cory; Lizzie; Joel; Chris
Interviews with young people: Burlington, Vt.      40Ч42
Interviews with young people: Colchester, Vt.      66Ч68 119
Interviews with young people: Kansas City      37Ч39 61 65 68 78Ч79
Interviews with young people: Los Angeles      59Ч63 65 68Ч69 78Ч79 82
Interviews with young people: New Orleans      35 65 67Ч70 67 74 82 92Ч93 117
Interviews with young people: Waltham, Mass. (Brandeis University)      47Ч48 65 69 71 86 118 124
Iraq War      106 124
Iraq War, misperceptions about      124
Iverson, Allen      59 61
Jackass      See MTV
Jackson, Jesse      46
Jackson, Michael      44 122
Jackson, Randy      2
James, Clive      45
Jefferson, Thomas      6
Jennings, Peter      14 47Ч48 51 53
Johnson, Lyndon B.      95
Jones, David      72
Kaelin, Kato      60
Kaiser, Robert G.      80 85Ч86 112
Kaniss, Phyllis      79
Kansas City interviews      See Interviews Kansas
Katz, Jon      67
Keeter, Scott      21 24 25 86Ч88
Kennedy, John F. Jr.      122
Kerry, John F.      91
Keyes, Alan      23Ч24
Keys, Alicia      39 59 61
King, Larry      48
Knowledge of political facts      See News knowledge
Knowledge of political facts during 2000 campaign      23Ч25
Koppel, Ted      51Ч52 97
Kovach      110 122
Kraut, Robert      65 71 72 75 89
Kuralt, Charles      89
Kwak, Nojin      72
L. A. Pierce Junior College      60 68
Larson, Gary      107
Late Show with David Letterman      56
Late-night comedians as news source      57
Law and Order      57
Lay, Kenneth      50
Lenin, Vladimir I.      40
Lennon, John      40
Leno, Jay      107
Letterman, David      52 56 97
Lewinsky, Monica      46 48
Liberator      104
Limbaugh, Rush      14 31 55
Lincoln, Abraham      97Ч98
Lincoln-Douglas debates      56
Lippmann, Walter      85
Lippmann, Walter, debate with Dewey      121Ч122
Lippmann, Walter, stages of press history      96Ч97
Lippmann, Walter, story about Pacific island      9Ч11
Literacy      5
Livingston, John      110
Local news      77Ч94
Local news, and ethical lapses      79Ч81
Local news, and its poor business practices and coverage      79Ч83
Local news, and violence      81
Local news, decline in local and statewide political coverage      81Ч82
Local news, declines in viewership      83
London plan      45
Long Island Lolita / Slobodan Milosevic inverse correlative      56Ч57
Long, Mike      66
Los Angeles Times      7 54 79Ч80 100
Lynching      16
Maher, Bill      125
Marketplace of ideas      103Ч105
Martin, Ricky      47
Mass public and mass private, birth of      74
Massification      88Ч89
Maxim      30 59
McCain Ч Feingold      24Ч25 37
McCain, John      2 23Ч25 33
McLeod, Jack M.      87
McLuhan, Marshall      73
Media consumption by media type      27Ч33
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