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Hellberg Ch., Boyes T., Greene D. Ч Broadband Network Architectures: Designing and Deploying Triple Play Services
Hellberg Ch., Boyes T., Greene D. Ч Broadband Network Architectures: Designing and Deploying Triple Play Services

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Ќазвание: Broadband Network Architectures: Designing and Deploying Triple Play Services

јвторы: Hellberg Ch., Boyes T., Greene D.


The Definitive Guide to Designing and Building Triple-Play/Multi-Play Networks

Service providers are increasingly focused on delivering Уtriple-playФ bundles that incorporate Internet, video, and VoIP servicesЦas well as Уmulti-playФ bundles containing even more advanced services. Broadband Network Architectures is the first comprehensive guide to designing, implementing, and managing the networks that make triple-play services possible.

Hellberg, Greene, and Boyes present their field-tested industry best practices and objectively evaluate the tradeoffs associated with key up-front architectural decisions that balance the complexities of bundled services and sophisticated traffic policies. Broadband Network Architectures not only documents what is possible on this rapidly changing field of networking, but it also details how to divide Internet access into these more sophisticated services with specialized Quality of Service handling.

Coverage includes

Ј An in-depth introduction to next-generation triple-play services: components, integration, and business connectivity

Ј Triple-play backbone design: MPLS, Layer 3 VPNs, and Broadband Network Gateways (BNGs)/Broadband Remote Access Servers (B-RAS)

Ј Protocols and strategies for integrating BNGs into robust triple-play networks

Ј Triple-play access network design: DSLAM architectures, aggregation networks, transport, and Layer 2 tunneling

Ј VLAN-per-customer versus service-per-VLAN architectures: advantages and disadvantages

Ј PPP or DHCP: choosing the right access protocol

Ј Issues associated with operating in wholesale, unbundled environments

Ј IP addressing and subscriber session management

Ј Broadband network security, including Denial of Service attacks and VoIP privacy

Ј The future of wireless broadband: IMS, SIP, and non-SIP based fixed mobile convergence and wireless video

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√од издани€: 2007

 оличество страниц: 557

ƒобавлена в каталог: 11.12.2007

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1x Radio Transmission Technology (1xRTT)      371
3GPP (Third-Generation Partnership Project)      366Ч367 370
3GPP (Third-Generation Partnership Project), architecture      379Ч380
3GPP (Third-Generation Partnership Project), QoS      380
3GPP (Third-Generation Partnership Project), Release 99 (R99)      379
3GPP (Third-Generation Partnership Project), structure      377
3GPP (Third-Generation Partnership Project), WLAN integration      390
A-IMS (Advances to IMS)      388Ч389
A-servers (Acquisition servers)      43
AAL5 (ATM Adaptation Layer 5)      185
AC (Attachment Circuit)      126
AC System Error      191
Accept All Requests, authentication and      482
Access node (AN)      233
Access Node Control Protocol (ANCP)      357 467
Access, bit stream      249Ч259
Access, enhanced Internet      62
Access, GAN      391Ч392
Access, high-availability, broadband      170Ч181
Access, high-availability, Ethernet architecture      175Ч176
Access, IGMP proxy      102Ч103
Access, last mile broadband      219
Access, last mile broadband, ADSL      220 227
Access, last mile broadband, ADSL2      227Ч230
Access, last mile broadband, ADSL2+      227Ч230
Access, last mile broadband, SHDSL      235
Access, last mile broadband, VDSL/VDSL2      230Ч235
Access, POTS to DSLAMs      64
Access, protocols      186
Access, protocols, DHCP      196Ч207
Access, protocols, IPv6 environments      216
Access, protocols, PPP      186Ч196
Access, protocols, selecting      207Ч216
Access-Accept packet      282
Access-Request packet      274
Accounting-Alive packet      274
Accounting-Start packet      274
Accounting-Stop packet      274
Acknowledgment (ACK)      314
Acquisition servers (A-Servers)      43
Address Resolution Protocol      See ARP
Address-pool-name command      410Ч411
Addresses, allocation      198Ч207
Addresses, assigning      454 456
Addresses, compatibility      414
Addresses, customer LANs      427Ч430
Addresses, DA      71
Addresses, DHCP, assigning      414Ч417
Addresses, DHCP, static      417Ч419
addresses, IP      See also IP
Addresses, IP, Framed-IP-Addresses      420
Addresses, IP, ranges      414
Addresses, local pools      407Ч411
Addresses, MAC, pseudowires      127
Addresses, MAC, resolving      418
Addresses, MAC, scaling      154
Addresses, NAPT      158
Addresses, NAT      158
Addresses, PPP      412Ч419
Addresses, remote pools      411Ч412
Addresses, SAs      489
Addresses, single source      107Ч108
Addresses, static PPP      420Ч421
Addresses, subscribers      421Ч427
ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line)      3 5 220 227
ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line), Ethernet DSLAMs      121
ADSL2      227Ч230
ADSL2+      31 227Ч230
Advanced dynamic service provisioning      459Ч467
Advances to IMS (A-IMS)      388Ч389
Advantages of DHCP      211Ч213
Advantages of PPPoE      207Ч209
Advertising, targeted      54
Aggregation networks      169Ч170
Aggregation routes      426
Aggregation, BNGs      469
Aggregation, DSLAM      122 145Ч146
Alcatel      8
Algorithms, EPD PPD      308
Algorithms, GCRA      309
Algorithms, WRR      319Ч322
ALGs (Application Layer Gateways)      302
Allocating addresses      198Ч207
Amati      8
American National Standards Institute      See ANSI
American Telephone and Telegraph Company      See AT&T
AN (Access node)      233
ANCP (Access Node Control Protocol)      357 467
Annexes implementations      239
Annexes series      17
Annexes systems      230
ANSI (American National Standards Institute)      6 220
Anycast LNS      281
Application Layer Gateways (ALGs)      302
Application Layer, proxies      475Ч477
Application Layer, SBCs as proxies      475Ч477
Application servers (ASs), IMS      387
Applications, data rates      31
Applications, wireless broadband      365
Applications, wireless broadband, CDMA evolution/3GPP2      370Ч372
Applications, wireless broadband, GSM evolution/3GPP      367Ч370
Applications, wireless broadband, IMT-2000      365Ч366
Architecture routers      342Ч346
Architecture, 3GPP      379Ч380
Architecture, BNG      173Ч175
Architecture, dialup provider-Hosted L2TP      263
Architecture, DiffServ      296Ч299
Architecture, DSL      21Ч29
Architecture, end-to-end VoIP      65
Architecture, head-end, video      41
Architecture, high-availability, BNG element      178Ч181
Architecture, high-availability, Ethernet access      175Ч176
Architecture, IMS      366
Architecture, IPTVe      44
Architecture, provider      162Ч168
Architecture, service VLANs      157
Architecture, triple-play QoS      346
Architecture, triple-play QoS, centralized BNGs      351Ч355
Architecture, triple-play QoS, distributed BNGs      356Ч357
Architecture, triple-play QoS, L2CP      357
Architecture, triple-play QoS, trust boundaries      346Ч351
Architecture, UMTS      374Ч375
Architecture, VLANs      156Ч162
ARIB (Association of Radio Industries and Businessmen, Japan)      370
ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)      431 418
ARPU (Average Revenue Per User)      3
ARQ (Automatic Retransmission reQuest)      401
ASs (Application servers), IMS      387
Assigning addresses      414Ч417 454Ч456
Assigning addresses, DHCP      414Ч417
Assigning addresses, static DHCP      417Ч419
Assigning addresses, static PPP      420Ч421
Assigning BNG addresses      407
Assigning services      454 456
Association of Radio Industries and Businessmen, Japan (ARIB)      370
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line      See ADSL
Asynchronous Transfer Mode      See ATM
AT&T (American Telephone and Telegraph Company)      246
ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode)      2
ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode), bridged IP over      198
ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode), DSLAMs      13
ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode), interconnects      249Ч253
ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode), PPPoA      186 188Ч190
ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode), PPPoE      190Ч196
ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode), pseudowires      123Ч144
ATM Adaptation Layer 5 (AAL5)      185
Attachment Circuit (AC)      126
attacks, DDoS      488
Attacks, DoS      470Ч473
Attribute 242 filters      456
Authentication      481
Authentication subscriber      272Ч276
Authentication, Accept All Requests      482
Authentication, DSLAM-To-BNG      272Ч274
Authentication, LAC-to-LNS      274Ч276
Authentication, optimizing      482Ч483
Authentication, RADIUS      448
Authorization, CoA      413 457 480
Authorization, line-based      273
autodiscovery      191
Automated P2MP LSP provisioning      93Ч96
Automatic pool configuration      412
Automatic protection switching      257
Automatic Retransmission reQuest (ARQ)      401
Availability      See also HA
Availability, core networks      106Ч115
Availability, Ethernet architecture      175Ч176
Availability, measuring      171Ч173
Availability, pseudowires      177
Availability, troubleshooting      171Ч173
Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)      3
B-RAS (Broadband Remote Access Server)      13 38
Backbones (Triple-Play networks), design      67Ч68
Backbones (Triple-Play networks), highly available core networks      106Ч115
Backbones (Triple-Play networks), MPLS      68Ч79
Backbones (Triple-Play networks), multicast protocols      79Ч96
Backbones (Triple-Play networks), running MPLS on BNGs      96Ч106
Backhaul networks, troubleshooting      173
backplanes      344
Backward explicit congestion notification      See BECN
Band plans, VDSL2      233
Bandpass filters      4
Bandwidth, CAC      462Ч467
Bandwidth, commands      313
Bandwidth, QoS      291
Base tunnel signaling      142
Basic dynamic service provisioning      452Ч459
BE (best-effort) traffic      292
BECN (backward explicit congestion notification)      298
Bell Telephone Company      246
Bell, Alexander Graham      245
Bellcore      5
Best-effort (BE) traffic      292
BFD (Bidirectional Forwarding Detection)      97 110 213
BGCF (Breakout Gateway Control Function)      388
BGP (Border Gateway Protocol), route reflection      153
Bidirectional Forwarding Detection      See BFD
Billing platforms      446
Bit shifters      29
Bit streams, access      249Ч259
Blackhole routing      489
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways)      13 469
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), architecture      173Ч175
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), centralized      351Ч355
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), connections      97Ч99 406Ч427
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), control plane security      486Ч488
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), DHCP      199 206 412Ч419
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), distributed      356Ч357
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), DSLAMs      38 272Ч274
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), dual-stack models      437
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), hardware      178
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), high-availability element architecture      178Ч181
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), IGMP proxy      102Ч103
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), interface triggers      480
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), L3VPNs      69
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), Layer 3 wholesale networks      260
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), local address pools      407Ч411
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), MPLS      96Ч106
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), packet filters      489
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), PPP      187
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), PPPoE AutoDiscovery      191
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), rate-limiting L2TP      265
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), remote address pools      411Ч412
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), RPF checking      472
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), SFD      487
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), software      179
BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), VoIP      70
BOOTP (Bootstrap Protocol)      196
Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), route reflection      153
Boundaries, trust      346Ч351
Breakout Gateway Control Function (BGCF)      388
Bridged IP over ATM      198
Bridged mode      192Ч193 429
Bridged RGs, DHCP with      213
Bridged virtual interface (BVI)      198
Bridging traffic      269
Broadband access networks, L2TP      263Ч269
Broadband Network Gateways      See BNGs
Broadband Remote Access Server (B-RAS)      13 38
Broadcast channels      484Ч485
BSR (Bootstrap router)      84
BT (U.K.)      389
buckets      306
Business connectivity      59Ч63
Business strategies, need for QoS      292
BVI (Bridged virtual interface)      198
C-Flow      488
C-VLAN shaping      328
Cable patches      248
CAC (Call Admission Control)      49 300 453 462Ч467
Call Admission Control      See CAC
Call Session Control Function (CSCF)      386
Calling-Station-IDs      448
CAP (Carrier Amplitude Phase)      220
Carrier-Supporting-Carrier VPNs      78
Catalogs, media      54
CBR (Constant bit rate) circuits      197
CBWFQ (Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing)      329
CCC (Circuit Cross Connect)      124
CCSA (China Communications Standards Association)      370
CDM (Code Division Multiplexing)      371
CE (Customer Edge) routers      70
Central office      See CO
Centralized BNGs      351Ч355
CGw/CCF (Charging Gateway/Charging Collection Function)      390
Challenge handshake authentication protocol      See CHAP
Change of Authorization (CoA)      457 480
Channels, broadcast      484Ч485
Channels, SD-TV      44
Channels, Whale Channel      485
CHAP (Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol)      186
Charging Gateway/Charging Collection Function (CGw/CCF)      390
China Communications Standards Association (CCSA)      370
Churn (Routing), reducing      423
Circuit Cross Connect (CCC)      124
Circuit-Switched Data (CSD)      367
Circuits, AC      126
Circuits, CBR      197
Circuits, crosstalk      221
Circuits, LAD      9
Circuits, pseudowires      125. See also pseudowires
Circuits, services      374Ч375
Cisco      19
Cisco 10000 policing and shaping overheads      337
Cisco IOS, classification configuration      305
Cisco IOS, configuration      410Ч411
Cisco IOS, hierarchical rate-limiting      312
Cisco IOS, policy forwarding      72
Cisco IOS, PPPoA      190
Cisco IOS, scheduler hierarchies      330
Class of Service      See CoS
Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing (CBWFQ)      329
Classes, traffic (UMTS)      380
Classification, QoS      306
CLECs (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers)      9
CLI (command-line interface)      340 480
Clients, BNG as DHCP      206
clients, Dhcp      414Ч417
CLP (Cell Loss Priority)      298
Clusters, distributed video      48
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