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Gagnt M. — Moving to Ubuntu Linux
Gagnt M. — Moving to Ubuntu Linux

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Название: Moving to Ubuntu Linux

Автор: Gagnt M.


Everyone’s talking about Ubuntu—it’s not just 100% free, it’s the most useful, practical desktop Linux ever! Now, Linux expert Marcel Gagné reveals Ubuntu’s amazing power and helps you migrate from Windows faster than you ever thought possible.

Moving to Ubuntu Linux will teach you how to do virtually anything with Ubuntu—write documents, create spreadsheets, surf the Web, use email, listen to music, watch movies, and play games.

* Install Ubuntu fast, with easy, step-by-step instructions
* Take control, with the GNOME desktop environment and Nautilus file manager
* Browse the Internet using Firefox, the powerful browser that’s quickly replacing Microsoft Internet Explorer
* Find and install all the software you’ll ever need, with Ubuntu’s powerful Synaptic package manager
* Send email, track contacts, create calendars, and manage all your personal information with Evolution
* Organize digital photos, rip music, burn and play CDs, watch movies, create graphics, and more
* Discover the world of Linux games, and learn how to run Windows games on your Ubuntu PC
* Set up an efficient, convenient network for your home or small business
* Customize your desktop so it’s perfectly comfortable and totally efficient

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 496

Добавлена в каталог: 22.10.2007

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Предметный указатель
#ubuntu discussion channel      
#ubuntu IRC channel      
#wftlchat channel      
$HOME environment variable      2nd
.bashrc file      
.deb prefix      
.html extension      
.jpg file      
.mp3 format extension      
.odt extension      
.swp extension      
.tif file      
.wav format extension      
/bin directory      
/dev/modem symbolic link      
/dev/null file      
/etc/bashrc file, adding alias command      
/help command      
/help command_name command      
/join #channel command      
/list command      
/me Some_action command      
/mnt/music partition      
/nick new_name command      
/part command      
/sbin/lspci command      
/usr/bin directory      
/usr/local/bin directory      
<Ctrl> key and selecting multiple files
<Esc> key and vi
<Shift> key      
Abiword Web site      
About Me command      
About Me dialog      
Accessories menu      2nd
Account Management screen      
Accounts window      2nd
Actions, Purge command      
Actions, Send/Receive command      
AdBlock extension      
Add a Printer dialog      
Add Account window      2nd
Add Alarm dialog      
Add dialog      
Add Repository dialog      
Add to Address Book command      
Add to Panel command      
Add/Remove Applications dialog      2nd
Add/Remove command      
Address books      2nd
Addresses table      2nd
Administering system      
Administration submenu      
Administrative mode      
Administrative prompt (#)      
Administrator, functions and passwords      
Administrator, installing software and software packages      
Advertising rings      
AIM/ICQ protocol      
Airbrush tool      
AisleRiot Solitaire      
Alacarte Menu Editor      
Alarms window      
alias command      
Aliases      2nd
Alternate keyboard      2nd
Always on Visible Workspace command      
Ampersand (&) and commands      2nd
anchor points      
Apache Software Foundation      
APIC controllers (Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller)      
applications      [See also Programs.]
Applications menu      2nd
Applications menu, Accessories menu      
Applications menu, Add/Remove menu item      
Applications menu, Games submenu      
Applications menu, Graphics submenu      
Applications menu, Internet submenu      
Applications menu, Office submenu      
Applications menu, Sound & Video submenu
Applications starter      
Applications, accessing      
Applications, Accessories, Calculator command      
Applications, Accessories, Terminal command      2nd
Applications, Add/Remove command      
Applications, as default type of launcher      
Applications, automatic updates      
Applications, availability      
Applications, categories      
Applications, closing      
Applications, core set      
Applications, default for files      
Applications, dependency checks      
Applications, description      2nd
Applications, desktop      
Applications, distributions      
Applications, embedded      
Applications, Games command      
Applications, Graphics, GIMPImage Editor command      
Applications, iconified      
Applications, identifying by category      
applications, installing      2nd 3rd
Applications, Internet, Evolution Mail command      
Applications, Internet, Firefox Web Browser command      
Applications, Internet, Gaim Internet Messenger command      
Applications, listing      2nd
Applications, menu bar      
Applications, not part of Ubuntu release      
Applications, Office, OpenOffice.org Base command      
Applications, Office, OpenOffice.org Impress command      
Applications, Office, OpenOffice.org2 Calc command      
Applications, Office, OpenOffice.org2 Writer command      
Applications, personal information      
Applications, resizing windows      
Applications, running      
Applications, searching for      
Applications, simplest way of adding      
Applications, Sound & Video, Rhythmbox command
Applications, Sound & Video, Serpentine command
applications, starting      
Applications, Ubuntu Linux live DVD      
applications, updating      
Appointment dialog      
Appointments, alarms      
Appointments, creation      2nd
Appointments, defining      
Appointments, exceptions to      
Appointments, information about      
Appointments, location      
Appointments, recurrence      
Appointments, reminders      
Appointments, times      
apt-cache command      
apt-get command      
Attachments      2nd
Audio CDs, playing      
Audio formats      
Authentication Required dialog      
AutoFormat Chart dialog      
Automatic style      
AVERAGE function      
Averaging numbers      
Background, centering images      
Background, colors      
Background, desktop      
Background, filling with image      
Background, gradients      
Background, logos      
Background, slides      2nd
Background, solid color      
Background, tiling images      
Backups, burning CDs      
Backups, deleting files and      
Backups, hard drives      
Backups, hidden files      
Backups, system      
BASE home page      
bash (Bourne Again Shell)      
bash, version      
Basic math      
Bauer, Travis      2nd
Beizer tool      
bg command      
BIOS, changing settings      
bit bucket      
Blackjack      2nd
Blank files      
Blue Screen of Death      
bluez-utils package      
Bookmarking, Firefox      
Bookmarking, folders      
Bookmarking, sites      
Bookmarks <Ctrl+D> keyboard shortcut
Bookmarks sidebar      
Bookmarks sidebar >Ctrl+B> keyboard shortcut
Bookmarks, Add Bookmark command      
Boot level options      
Boot parameters      
Boot screen      
Bork Bork Bork! extension      
Bottom panel      2nd
Bricklin, Daniel      
broadband connections      
Brush selector      
Brushes dialog      
Buddies, Join a Chat command      
Buddy list      
BugMeNot extension      
Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest Web site      
Bulwer-Lytton, Edward George      2nd
Burning, backups      
Burning, data CD      
Burning, music CDs      
Burning, permissions      
Burning, speed      
Business letters      
Buttons and tooltips      
Cable Modem HOWTO      
cable modems      2nd
cal command      
Calc sheets      
Calculator      2nd
Calendar view      
Calendars      2nd 3rd
Call for Help      
Carr, Scott      2nd
cat command      2nd
cat command, piping into sort command      
cat command, redirecting input      
cat command, redirecting output      
CD burners      2nd
cd command      2nd
CD player      2nd
CD ripper and Sound Juicer      
CDs, burning      
Cell Attribute window      
Cells, centering text      
Cells, changing font style or size      
cells, formatting      
cells, formulas      
cells, merging      
Cells, range of      
Cells, stretching to fit text      
Change Desktop Background command      
Change Password dialog      
Changes Applied message      
Chapter Styles style      
Character Map      
Charts      2nd
Chat <Ctrl+C> keyboard shortcut
chgrp command      
chmod command      2nd
chown command      
Click Here to Hide All Windows and Show the Desktop tooltip      
Clone tool      
Cloning graphics      
Color Picker      
Color selection tool      
Color, background and foreground      
Color, directories      
Color, files      
Color, images      
color, slides      
color, text      
Columns      2nd
command line      2nd 3rd
Command line, accessing      
Command line, changing password      
Command line, network-admin $ command      
Command prompt ($) and commands      
Command shell, running commands inside      
Commands      2nd
Commands, -- option      
Commands, administrative mode      
Commands, aliases      
Commands, ampersand (&) and      2nd
Commands, as processes      
Commands, background      
Commands, command prompt ($)      
Commands, directories      
Commands, error output      
Commands, executing with root privileges      
Commands, files      
Commands, foreground      
Commands, line break      
Commands, listing of      
Commands, no quiet switch      
Commands, piping      
Commands, preceding with sudo      
Commands, root privileges      
Commands, running inside terminal session or command shell      
Commands, shortcut icon      
Commands, starting from shell prompt      
Commands, verbose      
Comments (#)      
Communication      2nd
comp.os.minix Usenet group      
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