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Karp D.A., O'Reilly T., Luhn R. — Windows XP Annoyances For Geeks
Karp D.A., O'Reilly T., Luhn R. — Windows XP Annoyances For Geeks

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Название: Windows XP Annoyances For Geeks

Авторы: Karp D.A., O'Reilly T., Luhn R.


In an ideal world, an operating system would do its job inthe background, while you did yours in the foreground. In reality, though, operating systems often get in the way, fouling up the process at the most inopportune times. And Windows XP is no exception.

O'Reilly's popular series for customizing and troubleshooting Windows once again comes to the rescue with Windows XP Annoyances for Geeks. Offering dozens of on-target tips, workarounds, and warnings, Windows XP Annoyances for Geeks allows users to improve their overall experience with the Windows XP operating system in every way possible.

You'll learn how to use the Registry Editor; how to customize the interface beyond Microsoft's own intentions; and how to master Windows' built-in networking capabilities, including advanced technologies such as Internet Connection sharing, Remote Desktop sharing, and virtual private networking. And now, with this updated edition, you can also expect detailed coverage of the newly released Service Pack 2 (SP2) technology.

SP2 is designed to make your work with the Windows XP operating system even easier and safer by providing superior protection against viruses, hacker, and worms. Among the core SP2 components covered in Windows XP Annoyances for Geeks are Windows Firewall, Pop-up Blocker for Internet Explorer, and the new Windows Security Center.

David Karp, veteran author of several titles in the Windows Annoyances series, is behind the wheel of this comprehensive guide, as well. Karp points out numerous SP2-related quirks and unaccountable behaviors that are guaranteed to increase your level of perplexity and frustration. By recognizing these shortcomings, Windows XP Annoyances for Geeks arms you with the knowledge to overcome them.

Karp leaves no stone unturned in providing the ultimate resource for the ever-expanding Windows XP market. As a result, you'll be able to seize complete control of the Windows XP operating system—instead of the other way around.

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Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2004

Количество страниц: 664

Добавлена в каталог: 30.06.2007

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Предметный указатель
$ (dollar sign), in share names      
% (percent sign) in variable names      
& (ampersand) concatenation operator (VBScript) 2nd
+ (plus sign), running batch files from Address Bar      
.dmp files, reading      
.NET passwords      
.wdl (WatchDog Log) file      
10base-2 and 10base-T cables, connectors
802.11b and 802.11g standards      
802.11g routers      
@ (at sign), turning off command echoing      
AATools Port Scanner web site      
AC Power Recovery (BIOS setting)      
access points, wireless      
Accessibility command      
accounts (user), types      
ACPI Aware O/S (BIOS setting)      
Active Connections utility (netstat.exe)      
Active Connections utility (netstat.exe), information columns      
Active Connections utility (netstat.exe), scanning for open ports      
Active Connections utility (netstat.exe), starting      
ActiveX Cache Folder (CLSID)      
Ad-Aware Personal Edition      
Adaptec/Roxio Easy CD Creator      
Adapters and Bindings options (network connections)      
adaptive palettes, problems caused by      
Add Hardware Wizard      
Add/Remove Programs (Control Panel), removing Windows components      
AddOn ROM Display Mode (BIOS setting)      
Address Bar      
Address Bar, as command prompt      
Address Bar, batch files, running from      
Address Bar, history settings      
Address Bar, search settings      
Address Bar, show full path of current folder      
Address Bar, show in Explorer      
Address Bar, show on taskbar      
Address book      
Address Book, make default contact list      
Address Book, profile assistant (enable/disable)      
Address Book, set default profile for AutoComplete      
Address Range Shadowing (BIOS setting)      
Administrative Tools, show in Start Menu      
Administrator account, logging in      
Adobe Photoshop [See Photoshop]      
Advanced button (File Types window)      
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI)      
Advanced Power Management [See APM]      
Adware Report      
Agnitum Outpost      
AGP 2X/4X Mode (BIOS setting)      
AGP Aperture/Device Address Space Size (BIOS setting)      
AGP video cards      
AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)      
AirNet card      
AlreadyMapped function (VBScript)      
Alt Key, making it OstickyO      
AlwaysShowExt value (Regisrty)      
Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing setting      
animated screen characters, Search tool      
animation, enable/disable selectively      
animation, fading between web pages      
animation, show animated GIFs in web pages      
animation, smooth scrolling of lists      
animation, smooth scrolling of web pages      
animation, turning off      
Anonymous ftp      
Anti-Virus Protection (BIOS setting)      
antispyware software      
antivirus software 2nd      
antivirus software, autoprotect software      
antivirus software, disabling for startup      
antivirus software, troubleshooting      
AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)      
APM (Advanced Power Management)      
APM Enable (BIOS setting)      
APM, additional settings      
APM, automatic shutdown      
APM, effect on Offline files      
APM, effect on Scheduled Tasks      
APM, enable/disable      
APM, shutdown issues      
Application Data folder      
application icons, adding to taskbar tray      
application installers, INI files      
applications, Compatibility Mode      
applications, crashes, error messages      
applications, custom styles, forcing update      
applications, ending      
applications, ending background processes      
applications, file types      
applications, file types, protecting      
applications, file-type associations, protecting      
applications, frozen, closing      
applications, icons, customizing      
applications, launching      
applications, launching, Prefetch and      
applications, launching, Start Menu alternatives      
applications, list loaded DLLs      
applications, loading at startup, performance issues      
applications, locating information about      
applications, not found (startup error)      
applications, overwriting DLLs      
applications, prevent from running      
applications, running with VBScript      
applications, shutdown timeout, reducing      
applications, Windows components running in background      
applications, Windows components, removing      
Apply to All Folders option (Explorer Folder Options)      
Arrange Icons By option (Explorer)      
ASP program for IIS web server      
Assign IRQ For USB (BIOS setting)      
Assign IRQ For VGA (BIOS setting)      
attachments (email), viruses and      
Attempted Write To Readonly Memory (BSoD error)      
attrib command (DOS)      
attrib command (DOS), Folder Shortcuts, creating 2nd      
attrib command (DOS), hidden files and      
ATX systems, shutdown      
audio, deleting WAV files      
audio, sound cards      
audio, sound cards, digital signal processors (DSPs)      
audio, sound cards, troubleshooting      
audio, volume control icon (taskbar), deleting      
auditing object access      
Authentication tab (network connections)      
Auto Power On (BIOS setting)      
auto-insert notification feature      
AutoComplete, edit data      
AutoComplete, enable/disable      
AutoComplete, Profile Assistant (enable/disable)      
AutoComplete, settings      
autodetect hardware setting      
Autoexec.bat, parse at logon      
autohide setting (Taskbar Properties)      
automatic expiration (user passwords)      
automatic shutdown      
Automatic Windows Update settings      
automation and scripting      
automation and scripting, DOS batch files 2nd      
automation and scripting, ideas for scripts      
automation and scripting, Scheduled Tasks      
automation and scripting, Windows Script Host      
AutoPlay 2nd 3rd      
AutoPlay, CD polling, disabling      
AutoPlay, disabling      
AutoPlay, enabling based on content      
AutoPlay, selective control of      
autoprotect software (virus scanners)      
Autorun.inf file      
Avast Home Edition      
AVI files, deleting      
backdoors (security), eliminating      
background applications      
background, create and modify      
background, select and configure      
Backup Exec (Seagate)      
backups, as scheduled tasks      
backups, complete 2nd      
backups, costs involved in      
backups, data storage media      
backups, Microsoft Backup, installing      
backups, Registry      
backups, Registry, data      
backups, Registry, patches and      
backups, simple      
backups, tips and strategies      
backups, unattended      
backups, utilities for      
backups, with tape drives 2nd      
Bad Pool Caller (BSoD error)      
BAK files, deleting      
balloon tips (big tooltips that pop up from taskbar notification area)      
bandwidth-testing web sites      
batch files      
batch files, command-line parameters      
batch files, compared to WSH 2nd      
batch files, conditional statements      
batch files, flow control      
batch files, loops      
batch files, running from Address Bar      
batch files, simulating subroutines      
batch files, variables      
binary values (Registry Editor)      
BIOS, accessing      
BIOS, automatic system shutdown      
BIOS, enabling USB controllers      
BIOS, fine-tuning/upgrading motherboards      
BIOS, flashing (updating)      
BIOS, SCSI controllers      
BIOS, settings      
BIOS, settings, list of      
BIOS, settings, working with      
BIOS, The Definitive BIOS Optimization Guide      
BIOS, troubleshooting Windows XP installation problems      
BIOS, upgrading      
BIOS, video card priority, selecting      
Bitmap files      
bitmap files, creating icon previews for      
bitmap files, deleting      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), errors      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), errors, Attempted Write To Readonly Memory      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), errors, Bad Pool Caller      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), errors, Data Bus Error      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), errors, Driver IRQL Not Less Or Equal      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), errors, Driver Power State Failure      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), errors, Driver Unloaded Without Cancelling Pending Operations      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), errors, Driver Used Excessive PTEs      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), errors, Hardware Interrupt Storm      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), errors, Inaccessible Boot Device      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), errors, Kernel Data Inpage Error      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), errors, Kernel Stack Inpage Error      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), errors, Kmode Exception Not Handled      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), errors, logging      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), errors, Mismatched Hal      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), errors, No More System PTEs      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), errors, NTFS filesystem      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), errors, Page Fault In Nonpaged Area      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), errors, Status Image Checksum Mismatch      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), errors, Status System Process Terminated      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), errors, Thread Stuck In Device Driver      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), errors, Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap      
Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), errors, Unmountable Boot Volume      
Bluetooth SD card      
boot delays      
Boot Device Priority/Boot Sequence (BIOS setting)      
boot disks      
boot manager configuration file, editing      
Boot Other Device (BIOS setting)      
Boot Sector Virus Protection (BIOS setting)      
Boot to OS/2 (BIOS setting)      
bootable, CDs, enabling bootup from      
bootable, floppy disks, creating      
Bootup CPU Speed (BIOS setting)      
Bootup Numlock Status (BIOS setting)      
branches, Registry [See Registry, branches]      
Bridge Connections      
Briefcase (CLSID)      
broadband Internet connections      
broadband Internet connections, PPPoE      
Browse folders option (Explorer Folder Options)      
browser, setting default      
bugs, compared to poor feature design      
button color      
C000/C400/C800/CC00 16k Shadow (BIOS setting)      
cables, protecting hardware      
cables, SCSI devices      
cables, setting up a workgroup      
cabling tips      
cache settings, optimizing      
caches, DNS, increasing size      
call command (DOS)      
Call statement (VBScript)      
cameras, creating an Internet fish tank      
cameras, troubleshooting      
Cascading Style Sheets      
categories (Control Panel)      
categories (Control Panel), removing      
categories (Control Panel), turning off      
CD burning      
CD burning, folder location      
CD burning, software      
cd command (DOS)      
CD drives      
CD drives, auto-insert notification feature      
CD drives, AutoPlay feature 2nd      
CD drives, troubleshooting      
CD drives, troubleshooting, Windows XP installation problems      
CD drives, writers      
CD drives, writers, backups      
CDs, autoplay      
CDs, bootable, enabling bootup from      
certificates, check for revocation in Internet Explorer      
certificates, Internet Explorer settings for secure sites      
certificates, warn about invalid certificates in Internet Explorer      
CGI program for IIS web server      
CGI programs, produced by WSH scripts      
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