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Preppernau J., Cox J. — Windows Vista™ Step by Step
Preppernau J., Cox J. — Windows Vista™ Step by Step

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Название: Windows Vista™ Step by Step

Авторы: Preppernau J., Cox J.


The smart way to learn the latest version of Microsoft Windows®one step at a time! Build exactly the skills you need by working at your own pace through easy-to-follow lessons and hands-on practices files on CD.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 464

Добавлена в каталог: 01.12.2007

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Предметный указатель
3-D view of open windows      
access to files and folders, limiting      
Accessibility dialog box      
accessibility features      [See also Ease Of Access center]
accessibility features, defined      
accessibility features, recommendations on      
accounts      [See user accounts]
activating Windows      2nd
activating Windows, checking status of      
activating Windows, defined      
activating Windows, grace period for      
ActiveX controls      
activity reports      2nd
ad hoc wireless networks      
ad windows, blocking      [See Internet Explorer Pop-up Blocker]
Add A Favorite dialog box      
Add button (Sidebar)      2nd
Add Folder To Gallery button      2nd
Add Input Language dialog box      
Add Or Change Home Page dialog box      
Add Printer Wizard      
Add to Favorites button      
Address Bar      
Address Bar, defined      2nd
Address Bar, displaying      
Address book      [See Windows Contacts]
addresses, Web site      [See URLs]
administrative privileges      
administrative privileges, defined      
administrative privileges, software installation and      
Administrator account      
administrator account, defined      
administrator account, permissions      
administrator tasks      
Advanced Sharing dialog box      2nd
Aero      [See Windows Aero]
animations, turning off      
Antivirus programs      
Appearance And Personalization window      
Appearance Settings dialog box      
applications      [See software]
appointments (Windows Calendar)      
approved sites in Content Advisor      
arranging shortcuts and icons      
arranging windows      
aspect ratio for viewing movies on screen      2nd
assistance, remote      
assistance, remote, chatting during      2nd
assistance, remote, defined      
assistance, remote, disabling      
assistance, remote, disconnecting      2nd
assistance, remote, initiating      
assistance, remote, limiting access to      2nd
assistance, remote, requesting control      
assistance, remote, setting up      2nd
assistance, remote, settings, displaying      2nd
assistance, remote, starting      2nd
assistance, remote, Windows Live Messenger and      
Audio Description      2nd
audio devices      
audio devices, portable, syncing with Windows Media Player      
audio devices, speakers      2nd
audio files, sharing      
audio input jack      
AutoComplete for Tablet PCs, turning on/off      
automatically starting software      
AutoPlay dialog box      2nd
autorun files      2nd [See also software installation]
Back button      2nd 3rd
Back button, (Windows Explorer)      2nd 3rd
Back button, (Windows Help And Support)      2nd
Back Up Files wizard      
background colors on Web pages      
background tabs      2nd [See also tabbed browsing]
Background, desktop      
background, desktop, changing      2nd
background, desktop, default      
background, desktop, pictures as      
background, desktop, pictures as, turning off      
background, desktop, solid color as      
backing up      [See also Windows Backup]
backing up, before upgrading to Windows Vista      
backing up, changed files only      
backing up, defined      
backing up, frequency of      
backing up, system files      
Backup And Restore Center      2nd
backup sets, restoring files from      2nd
backups, locations for      
backups, scheduling      2nd 3rd
balloons      [See ScreenTips]
BitLocker Drive Encryption      
bitmap (BMP) files      
bitmap (BMP) files, as user account pictures      
bitmap (BMP) files, creating      2nd
bitmap (BMP) files, defined      
bitmap (BMP) files, editing      
blank page as home page      
blocking Internet content      [See parental controls]
blogs, defined      
blogs, viewing updates      [See RSS feeds]
BMP files      
BMP files, as user account pictures      
BMP files, creating      2nd
BMP files, defined      
BMP files, editing      
boom microphones      [See microphones]
broadband connections      
Browse For Files Or Folders dialog box      
Browse For Folder dialog box      
Browse Help button      2nd
Browsers      [See Internet Explorer Web
browsing history      
browsing the Internet      
browsing, defined      
browsing, folders      
Burn A Disc dialog box      
Burn button      
burning CDs      2nd
burning CDs, defined      
burning CDs, of media files      
business cards, electronic      [See Windows Contacts]
buttons, margin icons for      
buttons, taskbar      [See taskbar buttons]
bytes      2nd
cable Internet connections      
cable Internet connections, connecting with      
cable Internet connections, defined      
Caching      [See also Temporary Internet Files folder]
caching, defined      
caching, turning off      
Caps Lock key audio signal      
Cascading windows      
casual copying      
CD companion to book      
CD companion to book, how to use      
CD companion to book, practice files on      
CD companion to book, resources available on      
CD icon      
CD keys      2nd
CDs, burning      2nd
CDs, playing      [See Windows Media Player]
CDs, ripping music from      
centering background pictures      
Certificate Of Authenticity sticker      
Change Your Picture window      
chapter thumb tabs, how to use      
characters, non-standard      
Chat button (Remote Assistance)      2nd
chatting      2nd
chatting during remote assistance      2nd
Check boxes      
check boxes, defined      
check boxes, selecting items with      
checkpoints      [See System Restore]
Choose Details dialog box      
Classic Start menu      2nd
cleaning computer interior      
cleaning up hard disk      [See Disk Cleanup]
clearing Internet Explorer history      
clearing system cache      
Clicking      2nd
clock      [See also system time]
Clock dialog box      
Clock gadget (Sidebar)      2nd
clock, hiding      
clock, time zones, adding      
Close button      2nd 3rd 4th
Close button (Windows Explorer)      
CLOSE paragraphs      
Close Tab button      
closing, Favorites Center      
closing, Internet Explorer 7      
closing, lists, without making selection      
closing, Sidebar      
closing, tabs, in Internet Explorer      
closing, windows      2nd
closing, Windows Explorer      
closing, windows, all in group      
Color depth      
Color schemes      [See also themes Windows
color schemes, changing      2nd
color schemes, high-contrast      
Colors dialog box      
colors on Web pages      
Combo Boxes      
Command buttons      
Commands      2nd
compact mode (Windows Media Player)      
companion CD      
companion CD, how to use      
companion CD, practice files on      
companion CD, resources available on      
compressed files      2nd 3rd
compressed folders      
compressed folders, creating      
compressed folders, defined      
Computer folder, renaming      2nd
computer name      
Computer system      
Computer window      
conferences online      [See Windows Meeting Space]
configuring, Content Advisor      
configuring, Windows Media Center      
Connect To A Network wizard      2nd
connecting, devices      [See also devices]
connecting, to a workgroup      2nd
connecting, to domains      2nd [See also domains]
connecting, to network connections      
connecting, to network resources      
connecting, to the Internet      2nd
contact program      
Content Advisor      
Content Advisor dialog box      
Content Advisor, approved or denied sites, adding      
Content Advisor, blocked content, viewing      
Content Advisor, categories, setting restriction levels for      
Content Advisor, configuring      2nd
Content Advisor, supervisor password, creating      
Content Advisor, turning off      2nd
content pane      2nd
content, restricting      
context-sensitive help      
Control Panel      
controlling access to files and folders      
copying, files      2nd
copying, files, for backup      [See backing up]
copying, software      [See software piracy]
Create Basic Task wizard      
Create Shortcut Wizard      2nd
Create Supervisor Password dialog box      
Credentials      [See passwords network user
critical updates      
cursor, moving with keyboard      
custom security zones      [See also Internet security zones]
Customize Start Menu dialog box      
customizing, for ease of use      
customizing, notification area      
customizing, Start menu      
customizing, user interface      2nd
customizing, Windows Aero      
customizing, Windows Explorer      
customizing, Windows Mail      
customizing, Windows Media Player      
cutting files      
daisy-chaining devices      
Datacastle data backup service      
date and time      
Date and Time dialog box      
Date And Time Settings dialog box      
date and time, changing      
date and time, defined      
date and time, display of, turning off      
deactivating      [See turning off]
default folder view, setting      
default printer      
default programs      [See middleware]
Default Programs window      
Defender      2nd
Defender, automatic scanning, setting options for      
Defender, configuring      
Defender, defined      
Defender, opening      
Defender, options, setting      
Defender, starting      
Defender, startup programs, managing      
defragmentation      [See also Disk Defragmenter]
Delete Home Page dialog box      
deleting, browsing history and cookies      
deleting, bypassing Recycle Bin when      
deleting, columns, from views      
deleting, files      2nd 3rd
deleting, folders      
deleting, home page      
deleting, Internet Explorer history      
deleting, programs      
deleting, shortcuts      2nd 3rd
deleting, software      
deleting, unused files      
deleting, user accounts      2nd
denied sites in Content Advisor      
desktop background      
Desktop Background page      
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