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Schloss D. — Blue Pixel Guide to Travel Photography, The: Perfect Photos Every Time
Schloss D. — Blue Pixel Guide to Travel Photography, The: Perfect Photos Every Time

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Название: Blue Pixel Guide to Travel Photography, The: Perfect Photos Every Time

Автор: Schloss D.


When it comes to learning how to take great travel photographs, who better to learn from than the pros whose work graces the pages of all those travel magazines and brochures you've examined longingly? These are exactly who you get as instructors when you purchase this bookthe world-famous photojournalists, commercial and fine-art photographers, and trainers who make up the Blue Pixel team (which instructs thousands of students annually through the highly respected Nikon School of Photography). Drawing on years of in-the-trenches experience, the Blue Pixel authors outline everything you need to know to take great travel shots using the digital tools available today. Offering clear, concise instruction plus practical advice, real-world examples and anecdotes, and loads of beautiful photos, this beautiful full-color guide offers everything you need to get the right shot every time. From what equipment to buy to how to set up the perfect shot (plus more advanced topics like lighting and composition), you'll learn how to capture the magic of locales both local and exotic.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Разное/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 224

Добавлена в каталог: 27.06.2007

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Предметный указатель
"35mm digital" SLR cameras
"35mm digital" SLR cameras, meaning of
"environmental portraits," significance of
"Learning About Searching" page
"Learning About Searching" Web page
"WeatherSites" (University of Michigan)      2nd
.jpg format, saving photos as      
100 PPI screen versus 240 PPI print      
11-megabyte photos, downsizing      
1GB versus 16MB storage cards      
35mm cameras, lenses used with      
3x zoom      
5-megapixel cameras      
66-second exposure      [See also accidental photography digital photos shots]
75-300mm Canon compact telephoto zoom lens      
80-400mm Vibration Reduction zoom      
8x10 printing, resolution considerations for      
AA batteries, using      
absorbing water with disposable diapers      
accessing autoplay when burning discs      
accidental photography, occurrence of,      2nd 3rd 4th
accommodating family during      [See also researching travel]
adapters      [See also camera gear packing
adapters, traveling with      2nd 3rd 4th
adding information to      
Adirondack Mountains (New York)      
advantages of      [See also cameras SLR
advisory about warming up of      
African safaris, shooting      2nd
and apertures      
and focal length      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
and focal-length multipliers      
and indoor photography      
Animals      2nd
animals, shooting      2nd
aperture, significance of      2nd 3rd 4th
APO (apochromatic) lens, significance of      
APO lenses      
approach toward travel resources      
archiving      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
archiving photos      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
archiving photos with Google GMail      
asking permission from subjects      
astronomical conditions      
astronomical conditions, considering      
avoiding camera heatstroke      
backing up photos      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
backing up photos on      2nd
backing up photos on CDs or DVDs      
Badlands sunset      
baggage, reducing amount of      
battery packs, using in cold weather      2nd
Berber guide photos      2nd
big lens      
billing emergencies      
blogs, researching travel with      
blower bulb      
blue boat and tree      2nd
board-certified help for      2nd
boats on beach      
BookMaker by MyPublisher.com, interface for      
books, researching travel with      2nd
Bridge Day festival (West Virginia)      
browsing images      
burning CDs and DVDs      2nd
cables, traveling with      
camera bags      
camera cases, features of      
camera gear      
camera heatstroke, avoiding      
camera vendors, examples of      2nd
camera-bag contents of      
camera-generated slideshows, connecting to      
Canon cameras, EOS Digital Rebel      
captioning files, explanation of      
capturing cultural icons      2nd
capturing visions with      2nd
car inverters      
car inverters, traveling with      
card readers, using      
carry bags      [See camera bags]
carry-on items      
cat shot with wide-angle lens      
CDC (Center for Disease Control) Web site      
chambers of commerce, consulting      2nd
chargers for accessories      
chargers for accessories, traveling with      2nd
church interior      
CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) The World Factbook Web site      
circular polarizer effect      2nd 3rd
circular polarizers      
cleaning sensors      
close-up of subject      
close-up of subject with telephoto      
close-ups of wildlife, using long telephotos for      
clothing, traveling with technical clothing      
coatings on      
cold weather, shooting in      2nd
collecting images for CDs or DVDs      
color palettes      
color palettes, differences in      
compact cameras      
comparative views      
composition, improving      2nd
compressed air, traveling with      
compressed market scene in Eastern Europe      
computer bags      
computer bags, features of      
computer systems      
condensation, occurrence in cold weather      2nd
connecting to camera-generated slideshows      
considering time of day and weather      
consulting local photo desks      
contrasts between light and dark      
converters, traveling with      
Coolpix LCD      
Copius Snaperitis Syndrome, explanation of      
copying photos to      2nd 3rd 4th
cost of      
Costa Rican carvings      
creating custom photo books      
creating labels for CDs and DVDs with      
crop, explanation of      
cultural icons, capturing      2nd
cultures, observing personal space considerations of      2nd
daylight shooting, setting f-stops for      
daylight white balance      
dealing with human subjects      
dealing with rain      2nd
deciding on      [See also packing for travel travel
Digital Camera Battery      
Digital Camera Battery Web site      
digital image files, copying      
Digital Image Library 10, interface for      
digital photos, hidden information in,      [See also accidental photography Figures photos shots]
digital processing steps      
digital sensors      
digital wallet by SmartDisk, traveling with      
disadvantage of      
discretionary use of      
disposable diapers, absorbing water with      
downloading during travel      
Dubrovnik, Croatia      2nd
duct tape, traveling with      
Durrence, Bill      
dust, protecting gear from      
Eastern European colors for painting      
effect of      2nd
electrical adapters, traveling with      
Elements Organizer interface, example of      
Elements, features of      
emailing      2nd
emailing photos      2nd
embarking on      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
European town with power lines and satellite dish      
example of      
EXIF data, explanation of      
experimenting with      
experimenting with lenses      
explanation of      
exposure time, shooting with long exposure time      
Extensis Portfolio, features of      2nd 3rd
external card reader      
external card readers, using      
f/11 aperture      
f/2.8 aperture      
Fallesen family in Rockies      
family, accommodating during travel      
faulty umbrella      
features of      2nd
file structure, creating for photos      2nd
film shooters      
film shooters, tip for      
film versus digital media      
filter quality      
filter vendors, examples of      
filters, effects of      2nd 3rd
finding foreign tourist boards      
five-megapixel cameras      
flashes, traveling with      
flashlight and headlamp      
flashlights, traveling with      
Flashtrax digital wallet by SmartDisk      
Flashtrax digital wallet by SmartDisk, traveling with      
flower market      
Focal length      
focal length associated with      
focal length of      
for health information      
for safaris      
foreign tourist boards, finding      
galleries, creating      
garbage bags      
garbage bags, traveling with      
giraffe and baby      
glare, reducing with polarizers      
gloves, using in cold weather      
GMail, archiving photos with      
Google GMail      
Google GMail, archiving photos with      
Google's Picasa interface, example of      
GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation gear      2nd
GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation gear, traveling with      2nd
Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, BC, Canada      
guidebooks, researching travel with      
hard cases      
hard drives for storing photos      
hard-shell cases      2nd
hard-shell cases, features of      2nd
headlamps, traveling with      
health information, Web resources for      
heat, working in      2nd 3rd
hip packs      
hip packs, features of      
hot shoe, explanation of      
hotels, shipping packages to      
image files created by      
Images      [See photos]
importing      2nd
importing photos      2nd
improved view and interesting foreground      
improving composition      2nd
Indian spires at sunset      
Indian woman and child      
indoor photography, guidelines for      2nd
inkjet printer      
inkjet printers      
insuring camera gear      
interface for      2nd
Internet cafe      
iPhoto package      
IPTC captioning, importance of      
IPTC data, explanation of      2nd
IS (Image Stabilization) systems, explanation of      
itemizing      2nd
iView Media-Pro, features of      2nd 3rd
Joshua Tree National Park      
keeping away from camera gear      
keeping dry      2nd 3rd
keeping out of direct sunlight      
keeping water away from      
kids, asking for permission to take pictures of      
kiosks, quality of      
La Placita Village, Tucson      
labeling in folders      
labels, creating for CDs and DVDs      
lag time, significance of      
laptop used in travel      
laptops, traveling with      
large battery packs, features      
large shoulder bag      
laws regarding photography      
LCD screens      
lens aperture, significance of      2nd 3rd 4th
lens cleaners      
lens cleaners, traveling with      
libraries, researching travel with      2nd
light meters, functionality of      2nd
local events      
local events, considering      
local laws      
local laws, considering      
local resources      
local resources, considering      
long exposure time, shooting with      
long telephoto and wildlife close-up      
long telephoto lenses, features of      
look at what you're shooting      2nd 3rd
magazines, researching travel with      2nd
MagLites, traveling with      
making panoramas      2nd
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