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Orloff J. Ч How to Do Everything: Ubuntu
Orloff J. Ч How to Do Everything: Ubuntu

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Ќазвание: How to Do Everything: Ubuntu

јвтор: Orloff J.


Now it's easier than ever to get the most out of this wildly popular version of Linux. How to Do Everything: Ubuntu leads you through the interface, the built-in applications, and the process of installing software and peripherals. You'll get details on the full-featured OpenOffice.org productivity suite, as well as the fun side of Ubuntu, including graphics, photos, music, videos, and games. Maximize the power of Ubuntu-on PCs or Macs-with help from this practical guide.

- Install Ubuntu and navigate the GNOME desktop
- Add hardware, software, and peripheral devices
- Secure your computer with Firestarter, anti-virus programs, and backup/restore software
- Use the OpenOffice.org suite components-Writer, Calc, Base, Impress, Math, and Draw
- Set up a network and connect to the Internet via Firefox
- Create and publish your own website
- Use Windows applications in Ubuntu
- Play games and enjoy multimedia applications
- Work with Linux shell commands
- Learn to use the vi and Emacs text editors

язык: en

–убрика: –уководства по программному обеспечению/

—татус предметного указател€: √отов указатель с номерами страниц

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√од издани€: 2008

 оличество страниц: 328

ƒобавлена в каталог: 18.10.2010

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ѕредметный указатель
absolute paths      284
Accelerated Graphics Port      see "AGP"
Accessibility, login screen      48
Add/Remove tool      77Ч79
Adobe Flash      244
Adobe Flash, exporting Impress presentations to      146
Adobe Shockwave      244
AGP      90
airflow      86
Alerts, updates      56
alien      216
Antivirus software, installing      100Ч103
Art Manager      30Ч31
artwork      12
Authentication      176
awards      4
Background, changing      33Ч36
backing up data      103Ч106 see
Base      112 149
Base, creating forms      156Ч158
Base, creating queries      158Ч159
Base, creating reports      159Ч162
Base, creating tables      152Ч156
Base, Database Wizard      150Ч151
Base, Form Wizard      156Ч158
Base, opening a new database      149Ч152
Base, Query Wizard      159
Base, registering a database      151
Base, Report Wizard      159Ч162
Base, Table Wizard      153Ч155
bash shell      281Ч282
Bash shell, adding new users      288Ч289
Bash shell, case sensitivity      283
Bash shell, changing directory and file permissions      289Ч291
Bash shell, controlling processes      293Ч295
Bash shell, copying and moving files      287Ч288
Bash shell, directory tree      284Ч286
Bash shell, grep command      291Ч292
Bash shell, making directories      286Ч287
Bash shell, navigating the terminal      282Ч284
Bash shell, root directory and subdirectory      285
Bash shell, searching from      291Ч293
Bash shell, shortcuts      295
Bash shell, system administrator tools      288Ч291
Beryl      50
blanks      89
Blogs      13
Booting Ubuntu      24Ч25
Booting Ubuntu, dual booting      215Ч217
Botnet      94
Burning Ubuntu files      20Ч21
calc      112 125Ч126
Calc, adding numbers in rows or columns      131
Calc, alignment      129
Calc, arithmetic      131Ч132
Calc, background      129
Calc, borders      129
Calc, calculating averages      131
Calc, cell addresses      127
Calc, charts      134Ч136
Calc, fonts and font effects      128
Calc, formatting      128Ч130
Calc, resizing rows and columns      129Ч130
Calc, sorting data      132Ч134
Calc, starting a new spreadsheet      126Ч127
Calc, Sum button      131
Calc, toolbars      126Ч127
Calc, working with Excel files      136Ч137
Canonical, Ltd.      15
Card slots      89Ч91
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)      213
Case, opening      87Ч88
CD drives, installing      88Ч89
CDs, burning Ubuntu files to      20Ч21
CDs, installation CD      81
CDs, Live CDs      23Ч24 31
CDs, playing music from      250
CDs, requesting an Ubuntu CD      21Ч22
CDs, ripping music from      246Ч248
Cedega      237Ч240
Cedega, installing games with      240Ч242
Cedega, TransGaming      237
Celestia      271
ClamAV      103
ClamTk      100
ClamTk, installing      101
ClamTk, scanning the computer      102Ч103
ClamTk, updating signature files      101Ч102
Code of conduct      13
Codecs, installing extra      256
Collins, Richard      11
communications      189
Communications, e-mail      195Ч201
Communications, instant messaging      201Ч202
Community, contributing      12Ч13
Community, GNU/Linux      16
Community, help and information      13
Community, structure      13Ч14
components      77
Components, managing      78
Computer case, opening      87Ч88
Content filters      95 see
Cookies      194
crackers      5 66 94
crontab files      57
databases      see "Base"
Definition files      100 see
Dependency packages      61
desktop environment      24 26Ч31
Desktop environment, changing the background      33Ч36
Desktop environment, effects      49Ч50
Desktop environment, fonts      49
Desktop environment, GNOME      30Ч31
Desktop environment, installing new wallpaper      36Ч39
Desktop environment, login screen      46Ч49
Desktop environment, placing icons      44Ч45
Desktop environment, screensavers      45Ч46
Desktop environment, themes      41Ч44
Desktop environment, visual effects      50
Desktop switcher      29
Development      12
device drivers      7
device drivers, defined      66
Device drivers, finding      67Ч71
Device manager      91
Distributions      7
distros      7
Documentation      12 13
Domain names      204Ч205
Downloading Ubuntu      18Ч20
draw      112 163Ч164
Draw, Area      167
Draw, changing colors      166Ч167
Draw, customizing toolbars      164
Draw, Drawing toolbar      165Ч166
Draw, flowcharts      170Ч171
Draw, gradients      167Ч168
Draw, hot keys      164
Draw, line width      168Ч169
Draw, screenshots      169Ч170
Draw, shadows      167
drivers      see "Device drivers"
dual booting      215Ч217
DVD drives, installing      88Ч89
e-mail      195Ч201
e-mail and Emacs      306
Editor wars      297 298
Edubuntu      14Ч15 269 275Ч277
Educational software, Celestia      271
Educational software, finding in the repositories      269Ч270
Educational software, finding on the Web      273Ч274
Educational software, GCompris      270Ч271
Educational software, GConjugate      273
Educational software, KTouch      271Ч272
Educational software, View Your Mind      272
Educational software, web apps      274Ч275
effects      49Ч50
EMACS      297
Emacs for e-mail      306
Emacs, buffers      299 301
Emacs, creating new files      301Ч302
Emacs, editing buffer      299
Emacs, editing files      302Ч304
Emacs, Emacs window      298Ч299
Emacs, frames      300
Emacs, Gnus news reader      304Ч305
Emacs, installing      298
Emacs, key bindings      301
Emacs, keystrokes      301
Emacs, message area      299
emacs, META key      301
emacs, Mode Line      299
emacs, Point      300
emacs, Region      299
Emacs, running programs      302
Emacs, vs. Vi      298
Emacs, windows      300
emblems      44Ч45
Encrypting files      107
Ethernet cards      177
Ethernet settings      178Ч182
Evolution e-mail      196Ч201
Ewing, Larry      6
Excel      see "Calc" "Microsoft
exploits      94
F-Spot      259Ч262
Files      61Ч62 see
Files, adding to your iPod      264
Files, copying iPod files to your computer      266Ч267
files, file extensions      216
files, permissions      289Ч291
files, saving      63
Files, saving and sharing      123Ч124
Files, transferring to Ubuntu      35Ч36
FileZilla      225Ч227
Filters, e-mail      199
FIRE Linux      23
Firefox      190
Firefox, customizing      191Ч195
Firefox, disabling pop-up blockers      194
Firestarter, installing      95Ч100
Firewalls      94 95 see
Firmware      71
Flash      see "Adobe Flash"
Folders      see also "Files"
Folders, adding to your iPod      264
folders, creating      61Ч62
Folders, Windows shared folders      184Ч186
Fonts, desktop environment      49
Forums      15
Free Software Foundation      71 274
free software movement      4Ч6
fsck      60
FTP      212Ч213
Games      231Ч233
Games, Cedega      237Ч242
Games, GGZ Gaming Zone      235
Games, GNU/Linux      242Ч243
Games, installing from the repositories      235Ч236
Games, installing third-party games      243
Games, multiplayer      233Ч235
Games, Nibbles      233Ч235
Games, playing in Wine      236
Games, playing online      244
Games, SuperTux      236
Games, TransGaming      237
Games, ZSNES Emulator      236
GCompris      270Ч271
GConjugate      273
gedit      297
Gnash      244
GNOME, applications      79
GNOME, Art Manager      39Ч41
GNOME, desktop environment      30Ч31
GNOME, games      232Ч233
GNU      6
GNU Emacs      298
GNU/Linux, Bash shell      281Ч295
GNU/Linux, community      16
GNU/Linux, games      242Ч243
GNU/Linux, history of      6Ч8
GNU/Linux, security      95
Gnus news reader      304Ч305
Gnus news reader and e-mail      306
Gobuntu      15
Governance      13
Graphics      see also "Pictures"
Graphics, inserting in Impress      144Ч145
Graphics, inserting in Writer      119Ч122
gtkpod      264 265
hackers      5 94
Hacking      4 5 66
hard disk drives      88Ч89
Hardware support page      86Ч87
Hardware, card slots      89Ч91
Hardware, CD, DVD, and hard disk drives      88Ч89
Hardware, identifying what hardware you have      91
Hardware, jumpers      89
Hardware, opening the computer case      87Ч88
Hardware, selecting      85Ч87
Hardware4Linux      87
Heat      86
help and information      see also "Support"
Home User Restore      106
HTML      190 206 207
HTTP      212
Hyperlinks      210Ч212
Icons, placing on the desktop      44Ч45
ifconfig command      186
Im      201Ч202
Images      see also "Graphics" "Pictures"
Images, finding in the public domain      121
Images, inserting in documents      119Ч122
Images, inserting in web pages      208Ч209
Impress      112 139
Impress, animation      146
Impress, backgrounds      140
Impress, Drawing toolbar      144
Impress, exporting presentations to Flash      146
Impress, Impress window      142
Impress, inserting graphics      144Ч145
Impress, sizing handles      143
Impress, Slides window      142
Impress, starting a presentation with the Presentation Wizard      139Ч142
Impress, Tasks window      143Ч144
Impress, tips for effective presentations      146Ч147
Impress, transitions      141 145
Impress, workspace window      142Ч143
Installation CD      81
Installing, antivirus software      100Ч103
Installing, CD, DVD, and hard disk drives      88Ч89
Installing, ClamTk      101
Installing, Emacs      298
Installing, extra codecs      256
Installing, Firestarter      95Ч100
installing, games      235Ч236
Installing, modules      222
Installing, music players      255
Installing, OpenOffice.org      112
Installing, peripheral devices      71Ч73
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