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Sincere M. Ч Understanding Stocks
Sincere M. Ч Understanding Stocks

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Ќазвание: Understanding Stocks

јвтор: Sincere M.


The First Book for People Who Want to Make Serious Money In the Stock Market Without Becoming an Expert

History has proven that the surest road to long-term wealth is through investing in the stock market. And while you don't have to be a financial genius to invest well, you do have to care enough about your money to learn how the market worksЧwhat you must do to get started, when the best times are to invest your money, and what you must do to keep from being an easy mark for more sophisticated investors.

Understanding Stocks tells you what you need to know. More than 50 quick, easy, and entertaining lessons on stocks and investing give you the information you need to become a solid and knowledgeable investor. Look to this engaging and no-nonsense investors' rulebook to learn:

* How to open an account, evaluate a stock, and place a trade
* Strategies for making money slow or fast, with the advantages and dangers of each
* Ten costly mistakes that are easy to makeЧand even easier to avoid

Money in the stock market flows to those who know what they are doing. Let Understanding Stocks put you on the right road to stock market wealth, and show you how to keep from losing your money before it's been given a chance to truly work for you.

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√од издани€: 2003

 оличество страниц: 196

ƒобавлена в каталог: 26.02.2008

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ѕредметный указатель
1929 stock market crash      65Ч66 144 161
1987 stock market crash      57 144 161
AAA bonds      20Ч21
advice      164Ч165 171 187
After-hours trading      53
Amazon.com      183
American Stock Exchange (AMEX)      6 7 84
Annual reports      93 95Ч96
Arbitrage      180
Ask price      51Ч52
Asset allocation      38Ч39
assets      93 94
Averaging down      72
Balance sheets      93Ч94
Bar charts      110Ч111
Bear markets      27
Bearish patterns      120Ч123
Berkshire Hathaway      40Ч41 104
Bid price      51Ч52
Bills      20
Blodget, Henry      183Ч184
Bogle, John      40
Boiler Room (film)      34
Boiler rooms      33Ч34
Bollinger bands      137Ч138
Bond rating      21
bonds      19Ч21 20
Boston Stock Exchange      7
Bottom fishing      71Ч72
Breakaway gap      126
Brokerage firms: and order types      58Ч61
Brokerage firms: discount      57Ч58
Brokerage firms: full-service      55Ч57
Brokerage firms: going on margin with      63Ч64
Brokerage firms: investment banking divisions of      184
Brokerage firms: opening account with      58
Brokerage firms: placing orders with      61Ч62
Brown, Tom      184
bubbles      168Ч169
Buffett, Warren      8Ч9 52 70 89 95 104Ч105 176
Bull markets      27Ч28
Bullish patterns      121Ч124
Buttonwood Agreement      6
Buy-and-hold strategy      70Ч71 175Ч176
Buy-on-the dip strategy      71
Call options      81Ч82
Candlestick charts      111 112
CANSLIM      75Ч76
Capital gains      5
Capital loss      5
Capitulation      144Ч145
Cash      25Ч26 166 172
Certificates of deposit (CDs)      25 152
Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options      83
Charts: bar      110Ч111
Charts: candlestick      111 112
Charts: line      109Ч110
Charts: stock      108Ч109
Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index (VIX)      142Ч143
Chicago Mercantile Exchange (the Merc)      139
Churchill (James C. Humes)      107
Churchill, Winston      107
Churning      56
Cincinnati Stock Exchange      7
Commercial paper      25
Commission-based system      56
commissions      6 56
commodities      138Ч139
Common stocks      5
Compound earnings      39
Compounding      39Ч40
Conquer the Crash (Robert Prechter)      154
Consolidating stock      114
Consumer Price Index (CPI)      153
Continuation gap      126
Contrarian investing      74 142Ч144
Coolidge administration      65
Corporate bonds      20
Corporate insiders      92Ч93
Corporations      5 8
Cost, stock      13
coupons      20
Covered calls, writing      83Ч84
Covering your position      79
CPI (consumer price index)      153
Crash(es), market: of 1929      65Ч66 144 161
Crash(es), market: of 1987      57 144 161
Crowd, following the      165Ч166
Day traders / trading      9 57 77Ч78
Debt      154
Decimalization      52
Deflation      153Ч154
Detailed stock quotes      50Ч52
Dia      see Dow 30
discipline      163
Discount brokerages      57Ч58
Divergence      136
Diversification      22 26 37Ч38 55 162
Dividend stocks      30
Dividends      32
DJIA      see Dow Jones Industrial Average
Dollar      151
Dollar-cost averaging      72
Double bottom pattern      122Ч124
Double top pattern      122 123
Dow 12      176
Dow 30 (DIA)      16Ч17 85
Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)      10Ч11
Dow Jones Transportation Average      10Ч11
Dow, Charles      10Ч11
Downtrends      112Ч113
Dutch tulip bulb mania      168Ч169
Earnings estimates      173
Earnings per share (EPS)      99Ч100
ECNs      see Electronic Communication Networks
Economic indicators      153
EDGAR database      see Electronic Data Gathering Analysis and Retrieval database
Edgar Online      93
Electronic Communication Networks (ECNs)      62 64
Electronic Data Gathering Analysis and Retrieval (EDGAR) database      92 93
Emotional involvement      160Ч161 172Ч173
Environment      149Ч155
Environment, and economic indicators      153
Environment, and Federal Reserve System      150Ч151
Environment, and stock prices      155
Environment, deflationary      153Ч154
Environment, inflationary      152
Environment, of dollar      151
Environment, political      154
EPS      see Earnings per share
Equities      4
Ericsson      159
Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)      79Ч80
Exercising your right to buy      82
Exhaustion gap      127
Famous Financial Fiascos (John Train)      168
Fast trading strategy(-ies)      77Ч85
Fast trading strategy(-ies), and options      81Ч84
Fast trading strategy(-ies), day trading as      77Ч78
Fast trading strategy(-ies), ETFs in      79Ч80
Fast trading strategy(-ies), market timing as      78Ч79
Fast trading strategy(-ies), news-based      80
Fast trading strategy(-ies), shorting the rallies as      79
Fast trading strategy(-ies), with QQQ      84Ч85
Fast trading strategy(-ies), writing covered calls as      83Ч84
Fear      161 167
Federal Reserve Board (FRB)      150
Federal Reserve System      21 65 150Ч152
Filling the gap      127
finances      166Ч167 175
Fixed-income investments      19Ч20
flexibility      163
Float shares      44
Following the crowd      165Ч166
Foreign investors      151
Forward P/E      101 401(k) plans 22Ч23 180 183
Fraud      34Ч35
FRB (Federal Reserve Board)      150
Full-service brokerage firms      55Ч57
Fundamental analysis      89Ч96
Fundamental analysis, and company managers      92
Fundamental analysis, and earnings estimates      100
Fundamental analysis, and insiders      92Ч93
Fundamental analysis, and technical analysis      173Ч174
Fundamental analysis, annual report in      95Ч96
Fundamental analysis, balance sheet in      93Ч94
Fundamental analysis, concepts behind      90Ч95
Fundamental analysis, definition of      89
Fundamental analysis, earnings per share in      99Ч100
Fundamental analysis, income statement in      97Ч99
Fundamental analysis, industry knowledge for      90Ч91
Fundamental analysis, industry leaders identification for      91Ч92
Fundamental analysis, overview of      90
Fundamental analysis, problems with      104
Fundamental analysis, stock ratios in      100Ч103
Futures exchanges      138Ч139
gaps      125Ч127
GARP (growth at a reasonable price)      73
GDP (gross domestic product)      153
General Electric      176
Graham, Benjamin      105
Greed      160Ч161
Greenspan, Alan      141
Gross domestic product (GDP)      153
Growth at a reasonable price (GARP)      73
Growth investors/investing      73 101
Growth stocks      31
Head and shoulders pattern      120Ч121
Head fakes      124
Hedge      81
Hedge funds      180
Home ownership      26
Hoover, Herbert      65
HOPE      161 171Ч172
How to Make Money in Stocks (William OТNeil)      75Ч76
Humes, James C.      107
In-and-out trading      180Ч183
Income statements      97Ч99
Income stocks      30Ч31
Index funds      24Ч25
Industry knowledge      90Ч91
Industry leaders      91Ч92
Inflation      15 152 153Ч154
Initial public offerings (IPOs)      45Ч47
Insider trading      146
Insiders      92Ч93
Intel      184Ч185
Interest rates      21 150Ч151 152
International funds      180
Internet      105 169
Intrinsic value      31
Investment banking      184
Investolator      74
Investors, individual      4 8Ч9 176Ч177
InvestorТs Business Dail y      91 144
IPOs      see Initial public offerings
IRAS      23
Japan      154
Junk bonds      21
Kumar, Ashok      184Ч185
Learning from mistakes      163Ч164 174Ч175
Lebed, Jonathon      160
Lefevre, Edwin      128
Level II software      62
Leveraging      63
Levitt, Arthur      176
Liabilities      93 94
Limit order      59Ч60
Line charts      109Ч110
Livermore, Jesse      128Ч129 161
Load funds      24
Losing stock, selling      158
MA      see Moving average
Managers, company      92
Manipulation      33
Margin calls      63Ч64
margins      63Ч64
Market capitalization      44Ч45
Market crash(es): of 1929      65Ч66 144 161
Market crash(es): of 1987      57 144 161
Market makers      14Ч15
Market orders      58Ч61
Market timing      78Ч79 180Ч183
Maturity date      20
Maturity date, The media      143Ч144
Meeker, Mary      101 184
Minis      139
Mistake(s)      157Ч169
Mistake(s), learning from      174Ч175
Mistake(s), of bad advisors      164Ч165
Mistake(s), of emotional involvement      160Ч161
Mistake(s), of following the crowd      165Ч166
Mistake(s), of lack of discipline/flexibility      163
Mistake(s), of lack of diversification      162
Mistake(s), of lack of preparation for the worst      166Ч167
Mistake(s), of letting winning stocks lose      159Ч160
Mistake(s), of missing out/mismanaging money      167Ч168
Mistake(s), of not learning from mistakes      163Ч164
Mistake(s), of not selling losing stocks      158
Momentum investors      73Ч74
Money management      167Ч168
Money market funds      25Ч26
Moving average (MA)      132Ч133
Munis      20
Mutual fund money market accounts      180
Mutual fund redemptions      144
Mutual funds      22Ч25 180Ч183
NASD (National Association of Securities Dealers)      7
NASDAQ      see National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System
Nasdaq 100 index (QQQ)      84Ч85
Nasdaq Composite Index      12
National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD)      7
National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System (Nasdaq)      6Ч8 14Ч15 33 57 78 84Ч85 150
Net asset value (NAV)      23Ч24 180
Net worth      93
Netscape      46
New York      5Ч6
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)      6 10 14
News-based trading      80
Niles, Dan      185
No-load funds      24
notes      20
On-balance volume (OBV)      134Ч135
Online brokerage divisions      56
Online investing      58
Online traders / trading      58 78
Opportunities      167Ч168
options      81Ч84
Orders, market: going on margin with      63Ч64
Orders, market: placing      61Ч62
Orders, market: routing of      62Ч63
Orders, market: types of      58Ч61
oscillators      137Ч138
OTC (over-the-counter) market      33
Outstanding shares      43Ч44
Over-the-counter (OTC) market      33
Overbought      135
Oversold      135
OТNeil, William      75Ч76 158
P/E ratio      see Price earnings ratio
1 2
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