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McMurtry, Mercuri, Watling — Presenting Microsoft Communication Foundation: Hands-on!
McMurtry, Mercuri, Watling — Presenting Microsoft Communication Foundation: Hands-on!

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Название: Presenting Microsoft Communication Foundation: Hands-on!

Авторы: McMurtry, Mercuri, Watling


Microsoft developers, get ready for Windows Vista programming! Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation: Hands-on addresses an unmet need in the marketplace as there are no books, or much documentation at all, of the post-Beta 1 WCF programming model. This book contains the information you will need to work with this technology upon its release.

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to apply the Windows Communication Foundation to almost any distributed computing problem, from enterprise scale to peer-to-peer. Most importantly, after reading the book and working through the examples, you will actually have considerable experience using WCF, because the book takes you through the steps of actually building Windows Communication Foundation solutions.

Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation: Hands-on is the only book to cover capabilities comprehensively, including the facilities for building Representational State Transfer and Plain XML software services, and the extensive management interfaces.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 560

Добавлена в каталог: 22.10.2007

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Предметный указатель
.asmx extension      
.NET Framework Class Library, serviceoriented programming      
.NET, interfaces, writing      
abstract base classes      [See also COM (Component Object Model).]
Access Control Entries (ACEs)      
Access Control lists      [See ACLs (access control lists).]
AccessChecker class      
AccessChecker class, authorization mechanism (XSI example), disabling      
AccessChecker class, Woodgrove authorization mechanism, enabling      
account credentials, providing      
ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, and Durable)      
ACLs (access control lists)      
ACLs, combining with claimbased authorization      
ACLs, versus claimbased authorization      
Action parameter (OperationContract attributes)      
Action parameter (OperationContract attributes), MSMQ PGM      
Activate() method, streamed transfer mode      
Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)      
activities and XSI example, translating Fabrikam to Woodgrove claims      2nd
AD/STS (Active Directory Security Token Service)      
adding, administration facilities, Windows Communication Foundation      
adding, InfoCards to basic WCF applications      
adding, support for transport protocols      
adding, support for transport protocols, initial solution work      
adding, support for transport protocols, Internet mail protocols      
adding, transactions to solutions      
adding, transactions to solutions, creating ATM clients      
adding, transactions to solutions, creating banking services      
adding, transactions to solutions, creating electric company services      
adding, transactions to solutions, testing      
AddItem method (IQuizQuestion interface)      
AddResponse() method (Peer Channel example)      
addresses, configuring for REST RSS service      
addresses, DerivativesCalculator example      
addresses, PGM      [See also Action parameter (OperationContract attributes) MSMQ
addresses, purpose of      
AddSignedContentRating() method (REST RSS service)      
ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services)      
administration facilities      
administration facilities, purpose of      
administration facilities, purpose of adding      
administration facilities, purpose of configurable auditing of security events      
administration facilities, purpose of Configuration Editor      [See Configuration Editor.]
administration facilities, purpose of configuration systems      
administration facilities, purpose of message logging      
administration facilities, purpose of performance counters      
administration facilities, purpose of Trace Viewer      
administration facilities, purpose of traces      2nd
administration facilities, purpose of WMI      
aggregator, constructing for REST RSS service      
AmberPoint Express      
Announce message (Peer Channel example)      
Announce method (Peer Channel example)      
App.config file      
App.config file, Fabrikam STS      
App.config file, WoodgroveSecurityTokenService project      
architecture, InfoCard      
ASMX clients, creating      
ASMX Service, creating WCF clients (SvcUtil.exe)      
Assembly directive, IIS hosting      
assemblyqualified name format      
ATM clients, adding transactions to solutions      
Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, and Durable (ACID)      
attributes, configuring behaviors with      
attributes, purpose of      
auditing security events      
auditing services, creating      
authentication, Kerberos authentication method      
authentication, WoodgroveSecurityTokenService project      
Authorization      [See also XSI.]
authorization contexts (claims)      [See also claims.]
Authorization Manager, opening      
authorization policies      [See also claims.]
authorization policies, adding to XSI example      
authorization policies, workflows, using as (XSI example)      2nd
authorization, claimbased versus rolebased      
AuthorizationPolicy class, XSI example      
AuthorizationPolicy.cs module (Woodgrove STS)      2nd
Axis, WSDL2Java      
banking services      
banking services, creating      
banking services, creating, adding transactions to solutions      
banking services, creating, clients for the service      
banking services, testing      
banking services, testing, no sessions enabledper call instancing      
banking services, testing, sessions enabledPerSession instancing      
banking services, testing, sessions enabledsharable instancing      
base addresses      [See also addresses.]
Basic Profile 1.0 (BP1.0)      
BasicHttpBinding, streamed transfer mode      2nd
behavior extensions, creating      
behaviors, channel behaviors      
behaviors, configuring      
behaviors, contract behaviors      
behaviors, creating behaviors to inspect messages on clients      
behaviors, creating behaviors to inspect messages on clients, creating clients      
behaviors, creating behaviors to inspect messages on clients, proxy channel behavior      
behaviors, creating behaviors to inspect messages on clients, testing      
behaviors, creating behaviors to inspect messages on servers      
behaviors, creating behaviors to inspect messages on servers, auditing services      
behaviors, creating behaviors to inspect messages on servers, dispatch service behavior      
behaviors, creating behaviors to inspect messages on servers, services      
behaviors, dispatch behaviors      
behaviors, dispatch service behavior      
behaviors, endpoint behaviors      
behaviors, operation behaviors      
behaviors, proxy behaviors      
behaviors, proxy channel behaviors, creating      
behaviors, purpose of      
behaviors, service behaviors      
behaviors, service behaviors, creating      
behaviors, ServiceSecurityAudit      
behaviors, TradingService      
behaviors, transactional behaviors      
binding elements      [See also bindings.]
bindingConfiguration attribute, Woodgrove STS      
BindingElement, PlainXMLEncoderBindingElement class      
BindingElementExtensionSection class, PlainXMLEncoderBindingElementExtensionSection class      
bindings, custom bindings, transaction protocol      
bindings, DerivativesCalculator example      
bindings, endpoints      
bindings, for MSMQ      
bindings, preconfigured bindings, transaction protocol      
bindings, purpose of      
bindings, REST RSS service      
bindings, transport binding elements      
bindings, WoodgroveSecurityTokenService project      
bindings, WSDL      
bindings, wsHttpBinding      
BP1.1 (Basic Profile 1.1)
browsers, implementing InfoCards      
buffered transfer mode      [See also streamed transfer mode.]
BufferedDataSubscriptionManager class      
BufferedSubscriptionManager class      
BuildBinding() method      
BuildBinding() method (Peer Channel example)      2nd
BuildBinding() method, adding to QuizTeacher class      
BuildBinding() method, NetPeerTcpBinding      
BuildBinding() method, QuizChild class      
C++      [See also COM (Component Object Model).]
C++, abstract base classes      
C++, encapsulation      
C++, interfaces, defining      
C++, messages, defining      
CalculateDerivative() operation      
callback contracts, overview      
CallbackContract parameter, Peer Channel example      
certificates, installing for STSs      
channel behaviors      
channel factories      
Channel Layer      
Channel Layer, software executables, generating      
channel layers      2nd
ChannelFactory<T> generic
ChannelFactory<T> generic, MSMQ PGM
channels, input channels      
channels, output channels      
channels, output channels, Internet mail transport binding elements      
channels, Peer Channel      [See Peer Channel.]
Child project (Peer Channel example)      
Child project (Peer Channel example), ResolverClient class      
ChildInitialized event (XSI example)      
Claim objects, XSI example      
claim sets      [See also XSI.]
claim sets, description of      
claimbased authorization      [See also XSI.]
claimbased authorization, combining with other authorizations      
claimbased authorization, versus ACLs      
claimbased authorization, versus rolebased authorization      
ClaimMappingActivity project, translating Fabrikam to Woodgrove claims      
ClaimMappingWorkflow (XSI example)      
claims      [See also XSI.]
claims normalization      
claims normalization, XSI example and allowing only Woodgrovespecific claims      
claims normalization, XSI example and overview      
claims normalization, XSI example and translating Fabrikam to Woodgrove claims      2nd
claims normalization, XSI example and workflows as authorization policy      
claims normalization, XSI example and workflows incorporating the translation policy, creating      
claims transformation, identity metasystems      
claims, description of      
class file format      
classes, Generics      
client applications      
client applications, configuring with Configuration Editor      
client applications, creating proxy code for      
Client project, streamed transfer mode      
ClientBase[brkt]T[brkt], DerivativesCalculator example      
clients, ASMX clients, creating      
clients, ATM clients, creating      
clients, creating      
clients, creating behaviors to inspect messages      
clients, creating behaviors to inspect messages, creating clients      
clients, creating behaviors to inspect messages, proxy channel behavior      
clients, creating behaviors to inspect messages, testing      
clients, creating for banking services      
clients, creating for Queued Messaging      
clients, creating WCF Web Services that integrate with MSMQ      
clients, DerivativesCalculator example      
clients, DerivativesCalculator example, coding alternatives      
clients, DerivativesCalculator example, Java clients      
clients, DerivativesCalculator example, Using      
clients, Internet mail clients      
clients, references, COM+ as WCF Web Services      
clients, WCF clients      [See WCF clients.]
clients, WCF clients, creating      
ClientViewOfData type, XmlFormatter example      
code, configuring behaviors in      
COM (Component Object Model)      
COM+ as WCF Web services      
COM+ as WCF Web services, referencing clients      
COM+ Service Model Configuration tool      
COM+ Service Model Configuration tool, flags      
COM+ Service Model Configuration tool, modes      
COM+, modifying components      
COM+, selecting hosting modes      
COM+, supported interfaces      
Common Intermediate Language      
Common Language Infrastructure Specification      
Common Language Runtime      
communication objects      2nd
communication, implementing (Peer Channel example)      2nd
Community Technical Preview (CTP)      
Component Object Model (COM)      
componentoriented programming, COM and      
ComSvcConfig utility      
Configuration Editor      
Configuration Editor, Windows Communication Foundation      
Configuration Editor, Windows Communication Foundation, configuring client applications      
Configuration Editor, Windows Communication Foundation, configuring trade recording service      2nd
Configuration files      
configuration files, configuring behaviors in      
configuration files, Peer Channel solution secutiry      
configuration systems, Windows Communication Foundation      
configuring, behaviors      
configuring, client applications with Configuration Editor      
configuring, trade recording service with Configuration Editor      2nd
ContinueReceiving() method      
contract behaviors      
contractfirst development      
contracts, callback contracts, overview      
contracts, data contracts      
contracts, defining      
contracts, defining for DerivativesCalculator example      
contracts, defining for REST RSS service      
contracts, defining, XmlFormatter example      
contracts, implementing      
contracts, implementing for REST RSS service      
contracts, interfaces, designating as      
contracts, names, altering      
contracts, purpose of      
Correct member (Peer Channel example)      
CreateBindingElement() method, PlainXMLEncoderBindingElementExtensionClass      
CreateListenSocket() method      
CreateMessageEncoderFactory() method, IMessageEncodingBindingElement      
CTP (Community Technical Preview)      
custom bindings      
custom bindings, interoperability      
custom bindings, transaction protocol      
custom streams      
custom streams, overview      
custom streams, publish/subscribe      
CustomStream class      
data contracts      2nd
data contracts, defining, XmlFormatter example      
data contracts, exception handling      
Data representation      
data representation, background on      
data representation, exception handling      
data representation, XmlFormatter      
data representation, XmlFormatter, advantages of      
data representation, XmlFormatter, contracts, defining      
data representation, XmlFormatter, data contracts, defining      
data representation, XmlFormatter, endpoints, adding programmatically      
data representation, XmlFormatter, overview      2nd
data representation, XmlFormatter, Program.cs contents      2nd
data representation, XmlFormatter, service hosting code      
data representation, XmlSerializerFormat, overview      
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