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Allen R., Gralla P. — Windows XP Cookbook
Allen R., Gralla P. — Windows XP Cookbook

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Название: Windows XP Cookbook

Авторы: Allen R., Gralla P.


Each year, Windows XP is pre-installed on 30 million PCs sold in the U.S. — and 90 million worldwide — making it the world's most popular operating system, and proving to frustrated users everywhere that preponderance does not equate to ease of use. There are literally thousands of programs, tools, commands, screens, scripts, buttons, tabs, applets, menus, and settings contained within Windows XP. And it has only been in the last couple of years that Microsoft's documentation has actually been more of a help than a hindrance. But it still isn't enough.
Windows XP users and administrators need a quick and easy way to find answers. Plenty of books go into detail about the theory behind a particular technology or application, but few go straight to the essentials for getting the job done. Windows XP Cookbook does just that, tackling the most common tasks needed to install, manage, and support Windows XP.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Руководства по программному обеспечению/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 678

Добавлена в каталог: 05.09.2006

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Предметный указатель
802.11b standards      2nd
802.11g devices      
802.11g standards      
access, CD-ROMs, restoring      
access, events, restricting      
access, hotspots      
access, Internet, increasing speed      
access, physical (security)      
access, registry, restricting      
access, restricting      
access, screen saver locking      
access, shares, restricting      
access, Telnet      
access, Telnet, configuring      
access, Telnet, managing      
access, WPA      
access, WPA, configuring      
accounts, computer      
accounts, computer, creating      
accounts, computer, joining      
accounts, computer, renaming      
accounts, computer, resetting      
accounts, deleting      
accounts, group      
accounts, group, adding/deleting      
accounts, group, creating      
accounts, group, viewing      
accounts, passwords, requiring strong      
accounts, renaming      
accounts, SAM      
accounts, security      
accounts, services, configuring      
accounts, users      
accounts, users, creating      
accounts, users, domains      
accounts, users, enabling      
accounts, users, modifying      
accounts, users, passwords      
accounts, users, profiles      
accounts, users, searching last logon time      
accounts, users, troubleshooting      
accounts, users, unlocking      
actions, auditing      
actions, events, triggering      
actions, services, performing upon failure      
activating, TIP      
activating, Windows XP      
activation data, backing up      
Active Directory      
Active Directory, searching      
Active Directory, shares, publishing      
ActiveX, configuring      
ad hoc networks, configuring      
adapters, installing wireless networking      
Add Hardware Wizard      
Add New Hardware Wizard      
Add or Remove Programs dialog box      
adding      2nd
adding, Address Bars to Taskbars      
adding, group accounts      
adding, hardware      
adding, shortcuts to Taskbars      
Address Bar      
Address Bar, Taskbars, adding to      
addresses, IP      
addresses, IP, configuring      
addresses, IP, limiting      
addresses, IP, releasing      
addresses, MAC, filtering      
administrative account security      
administrator accounts, renaming      
Advanced Encryption System      [See AES]
AES (Advanced Encryption System)      
alarms, configuring power      
alerts, performance      
aliases, creating      
alternate credentials, running tasks with      
Alternative User Input Text Input Processor (TIP), activating      
America Online icons, deleting      
analog video cameras/videotape, capturing video      
analyzing security      
analyzing security, configurations      
analyzing security, MBSA      
anonymously surfing the web      
antecedent services, viewing      
antispyware definitions, updating      
applets (Control Panel)      
applets (Control Panel), hiding      
applets (Control Panel), recategorizing      
applets (Control Panel), viewing      
Application Compatibility Toolkit      
Application Compatibility Wizard      
Applications tab      
applications, Ad-Aware      
applications, aliases, creating      
applications, Backup      
applications, Backup, applying ASR      
applications, Backup, creating ASR      
applications, Backup, restoring files      
applications, base priority, assigning      
applications, compatibility, troubleshooting      
applications, customizing      
applications, default locations, modifying      
applications, deleting      
applications, disabling      
applications, DOS, running      
applications, Dr. Watson, troubleshooting events      
applications, EMS Free Surfer mk II      
applications, EventCombMT utility      
applications, Excel, starting      
applications, firewalls, bypassing      
applications, GhostSurf      
applications, ImageConverter .EXE      
applications, IrfanView      
applications, keyboard shortcuts      2nd
applications, Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware      
applications, Most Frequently Used Programs List, customizing      
applications, moving      
applications, MusicMatch Jukebox      
applications, NTBACKUP      
applications, older versions      
applications, older versions, formatting styles      
applications, older versions, running      
applications, PerfectDisk      
applications, Pinned Programs List, customizing      
applications, Pop-Up No-No!      
applications, PowerDesk Pro      
applications, PowerPoint      
applications, QFixApp      
applications, RegSpy      
applications, remote installation      
applications, remote redeployment      
applications, remote uninstallation      
applications, services, running as      
applications, Spybot Search & Destroy
applications, startup, shutting down unnecessary at      
applications, SymmTime      
applications, System Restore      
applications, System Restore, applying      
applications, System Restore, disabling      
applications, uninstalling      
applications, uninstalling, deleting from Add or Remove Programs dialog box      
applications, WAVClean      
applications, WaveCorrector      
applications, Webroot Spy Sweeper      
applications, WinZip      
applications, ZoneAlarm      
applications, ZoneAlarm firewalls      
applying, ASR      
applying, Dr. Watson      
applying, EFS      
applying, Last Known Good Configuration      
applying, Recovery Console      2nd
applying, System Restore      
applying, system standby      
applying, TweakUI      
applying, VGA Mode      
applying, XCOPY      
archiving events      
ASR (Automated System Recovery)      
ASR (Automated System Recovery), applying      
ASR (Automated System Recovery), creating      
assigning, base priority      
assigning, packages      
attacks, taking action against      
audio      [See sounds]
Auditing Entry dialog box      
auditing, actions      
auditing, backups      
auditing, enabling      
auditing, policies, configuring      
auditing, restoring      
auditpol command      
authentication, networks      
auto-restart, Automatic Updates installations      
Autoexec.bat files      
AUTOEXEC.NT errors      
Automated System Recovery      [See ASR]
automatic updates, configuring      
automatically synchronizing time      
automating Windows XP deployment      
autorun, troubleshooting CDs      
AUTORUN.INF files      
backgrounds, modifying Internet Explorer      
backing up      
backing up, activation data      
backing up, auditing      
backing up, maintaining      2nd
backing up, Registry      
backing up, systems      
backing up, systems, applying ASR      
backing up, systems, creating ASR      
backing up, systems, restoring files      
backing up, XCOPY, applying      
BackupEventLog method      
balloon tips, turning off      
bandwidth, USB      
base priority, assigning to applications/processes      
basic disks, converting to dynamic disks      
batch conversions, images      
batteries, extending life of      
BIOS, devices, resolving conflicts      
BIOS, editing      
BIOS, firmware, updating      
BIOS, hardware      
BIOS, parameters, troubleshooting      
bit rates for music files      
blocking pop-ups      
blue screen error messages      
boosters, installing      
Boot Delay      
Boot Up Floppy Seek      
boot.ini file      
boot.ini file, switches      
booting, clean boots      
booting, defragmenting      
booting, Last Known Good Configuration      2nd
booting, logging, enabling      2nd
booting, multiboot menus, creating      
booting, screens, modifying      
booting, System Restore      
booting, troubleshooting      
booting, troubleshooting, applying Recovery Console      
Browsers      [See also interfaces]
browsers, Firefox      
browsers, IE      
browsers, Internet Explorer      
browsers, Navigator and Mozilla, deleting cookies      
burning, CDs      
burning, CDs, troubleshooting      
burning, DVDs      
bypassing firewalls      
cables, changing      
caches, DNS, flushing      
caches, troubleshooting      
capturing video      
CD-ROMs, access, restoring      
CD-ROMs, troubleshooting      
CDs, autorun software installation      
CDs, installing from      
CDs, music      
CDs, music, burning      
CDs, music, ripping      
CDs, music, troubleshooting burning      
Chkdsk utility      
Choose Programs dialog box      
class ID (CLSID)      
clean boots      
clean installations      2nd
cleaning, desktop icons      
cleaning, Disk Cleanup tool      
cleaning, hard disks      
cleaning, registry      
cleaning, Scheduled task folders      
cleaning, Startup folders      2nd
cleaning, volumes      
clearing, events      
clearing, paging files      
ClearType, optimizing resolution      
Client Installation Wizard      
clients, Dhcp      
clocks, configuring      
cloning installations      
CLSID (class ID)      
columns, Windows Firewall logs      
Commands, aliases      
commands, auditpol      
commands, dir      
commands, diruse      
commands, DISABLE      
commands, DISKPART      
commands, DSadd      
commands, dsmove.exe      
commands, enable      
commands, FIXBOOT      
commands, FIXMBR      
commands, help      
commands, inuse      
commands, linkd.exe      
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