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von Seggern J. — Laptop Music Power!: The Comprehensive Guide
von Seggern J. — Laptop Music Power!: The Comprehensive Guide

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Название: Laptop Music Power!: The Comprehensive Guide

Автор: von Seggern J.


Using computers in live music performance is more popular than ever. More and more, musicians and bands working in a wide variety of musical styles are making great music with computers and today's powerful software. Laptop Music Power! provides comprehensive and much-needed information on this broad cutting-edge topic, including comparisons of various hardware and software setups, the musical advantages and disadvantages of each, and tips on getting started using computers to perform your own music live. The book includes numerous interviews with musicians - ranging from experimental underground electronica performers to big-budget rock and pop acts - that provide in-depth explanations of their gear and tell how they use computers as part of their music performance. Primarily focusing on the practical side of using computers to perform, this book also explores how the music creation process is changing and how computers and the Internet are affecting our relationship with music. This book provides in-depth coverage on:
* using computers in today's live music scene
* choosing the right computer - Mac or PC
* choosing an audio interface and a MIDI controller
* DJing digitally using Traktor DJ Studio, Virtual DJ, and others
* performing with Ableton Live and other looping software
* sequencing with today's various applications
* and much more!

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 392

Добавлена в каталог: 07.09.2007

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Предметный указатель
Ableton Live      2nd 3rd 4th
Ableton Live, Activator switches      
Ableton Live, Activator switches, audio effects and      
Ableton Live, Activator switches, Device Activator button      
Ableton Live, Activator switches, Track Activator control      
Ableton Live, AIF files with      
Ableton Live, Arrangement View      
Ableton Live, Arrangement View, Live Mixer in      
Ableton Live, Arrangement View, recording from Session View into      
Ableton Live, assigning MIDI and keyboard controls      
Ableton Live, audio effects in      
Ableton Live, augmenting live bands with      
Ableton Live, Beats Mode      
Ableton Live, benefits of      
Ableton Live, Browser windows      
Ableton Live, built-in MIDI instruments      
Ableton Live, Chord effect      
Ableton Live, Clip Quantization Chooser      
Ableton Live, Clip View      
Ableton Live, Clip View, Clip box in      
Ableton Live, Clip View, Launch box      
Ableton Live, Clip View, MIDI Clips in      
Ableton Live, Clips      
Ableton Live, Clips, Follow Actions for      
Ableton Live, Clips, in Session View      
Ableton Live, Compressor I effect      
Ableton Live, Computer Keyboard input      2nd
Ableton Live, configuring inputs      
Ableton Live, CPU speed      
Ableton Live, CPU speed, and audio effects      
Ableton Live, CPU speed, MIDI effects and      
Ableton Live, crossfader in      
Ableton Live, Cue Out chooser box      
Ableton Live, Cue Volume controls      
Ableton Live, cueing with      2nd
Ableton Live, demo copy, downloading      
Ableton Live, DestroyFX Buffer Override      2nd 3rd 4th
Ableton Live, Device Activator button      
Ableton Live, Device Browser      
Ableton Live, Digital Cutup Lounge, solo setup for      
Ableton Live, DJ Haul and Mason using      
Ableton Live, DJing with      
Ableton Live, effects      
Ableton Live, effects, MIDI effects      
Ableton Live, effects, order of effects      
Ableton Live, effects, plug-in effects      
Ableton Live, Evolution X-Session with      
Ableton Live, external MIDI controllers, syncing to      2nd
Ableton Live, FaderFox      
Ableton Live, FaderFox, LV1 and LX1 controllers      
Ableton Live, FaderFox, micromodul DJ1      
Ableton Live, File Browsers      
Ableton Live, flexibility of      
Ableton Live, Flux control      
Ableton Live, Follow Actions      
Ableton Live, Gate Mode in      
Ableton Live, Gibson, Ken using      
Ableton Live, Global Quantization menu      
Ableton Live, Grain Delay effect      2nd
Ableton Live, Hard Disk Overload indicator      
Ableton Live, High Quality audio mode      
Ableton Live, Impulse      2nd 3rd
Ableton Live, iZotope's Ozone 3 VST plug-in
Ableton Live, Key switch      
Ableton Live, Key-mapping mode      
Ableton Live, keyboard as controller in      2nd
Ableton Live, later versions, options in      
Ableton Live, Launch Box, Clip View      
Ableton Live, Launch Box, Clip View, playback settings      
Ableton Live, Launch Mode chooser box      
Ableton Live, Legato Mode      
Ableton Live, Live Mixer      
Ableton Live, Live Mixer, In/Out section      
Ableton Live, Live Mixer, Mixer controls for tracks      
Ableton Live, Live Mixer, returns in      
Ableton Live, Live Mixer, sends in      
Ableton Live, live music generation with      
Ableton Live, Live Sets, opening      
Ableton Live, Lysloff, Rene T. A. using      
Ableton Live, M-Audio FireWire Audiophile and      2nd
Ableton Live, Master Out chooser box      
Ableton Live, Master track      
Ableton Live, Master track, CPU resources, conserving      
Ableton Live, Master track, plug-ins, host for      
Ableton Live, Meter control      
Ableton Live, metronome for syncing in      
Ableton Live, MicroTonic with      
Ableton Live, MIDI Clips      
Ableton Live, MIDI Clips, in Clip View      
Ableton Live, MIDI clock      2nd
Ableton Live, MIDI clock, syncing to      
Ableton Live, MIDI controllers      2nd
Ableton Live, MIDI controllers, external MIDI controllers, working with      2nd
Ableton Live, MIDI effects      2nd
Ableton Live, MIDI Input Sync Type menu      
Ableton Live, MIDI instruments      
Ableton Live, MIDI Map Mode switch      
Ableton Live, MIDI Overdub (OVR) button      
Ableton Live, MIDI/Sync preferences, setting      
Ableton Live, Mixer controls for tracks      
Ableton Live, monitoring options      
Ableton Live, Operator      2nd
Ableton Live, Pan control      
Ableton Live, Ping Pong Delay      2nd 3rd 4th
Ableton Live, Piper, Matt, performance setup of      
Ableton Live, pitch      
Ableton Live, pitch, Re-Pitch Mode      
Ableton Live, playback      
Ableton Live, playback, Launch Box settings      
Ableton Live, playback, position indicator      
Ableton Live, Plug-in Device Browser      
Ableton Live, Plug-in preferences page      
Ableton Live, plug-ins      
Ableton Live, plug-ins, Master track hosting      
Ableton Live, PowerBooks with      
Ableton Live, preferences, setting up      
Ableton Live, Preview button, File Browser      
Ableton Live, RAM mode      
Ableton Live, Random effect      
Ableton Live, RD using      
Ableton Live, Re-Pitch Mode      
Ableton Live, Reaktor in      
Ableton Live, Reason and      
Ableton Live, Remote Control section controls      
Ableton Live, Remote Viewing using      
Ableton Live, renaming files in File Browser      
Ableton Live, Repeat Mode in      
Ableton Live, Resampling input option      
Ableton Live, Return tracks      
Ableton Live, Reverb      2nd
Ableton Live, Reverse button      
Ableton Live, ReWire applications with      
Ableton Live, Sample box      
Ableton Live, Sample View, Simpler in      
Ableton Live, Scale effect      
Ableton Live, Sends and Returns      
Ableton Live, Sends control      
Ableton Live, Sends Only option      
Ableton Live, sequencing      
Ableton Live, sequencing, Arrangement View for      
Ableton Live, Session View      
Ableton Live, Session View, Clips in      
Ableton Live, Session View, Live Mixer in      
Ableton Live, Session View, recording into Arrangement View      
Ableton Live, signal routing in      
Ableton Live, Simpler      2nd 3rd
Ableton Live, Simpler, Fade control in      
Ableton Live, Simpler, Snap button      
Ableton Live, solo setup with      
Ableton Live, Solo switch      
Ableton Live, Solo/Cue button      
Ableton Live, Sound Designer files with      
Ableton Live, STG using      
Ableton Live, SupaTrigga effect      2nd
Ableton Live, switching between patches      
Ableton Live, syncing      
Ableton Live, syncing, by ear      
Ableton Live, syncing, delay preferences      
Ableton Live, syncing, for DJing      
Ableton Live, syncing, live syncing      
Ableton Live, syncing, preferences, setting      2nd
Ableton Live, syncing, samples      
Ableton Live, syncing, Sync Delay preference      
Ableton Live, syncing, tempo problems while      
Ableton Live, syncing, to external MIDI devices      
Ableton Live, syncing, troubleshooting      
Ableton Live, TAP button      
Ableton Live, tempo      
Ableton Live, tempo, calculation of      
Ableton Live, tempo, syncing and      
Ableton Live, tempo, warping and syncing clips in      
Ableton Live, Texture Mode      
Ableton Live, third-party plug-ins, parameters of      
Ableton Live, time-stretching features      
Ableton Live, Toggle Mode in      
Ableton Live, Tones Mode      
Ableton Live, Track Activator control      
Ableton Live, track to track routing      
Ableton Live, Track View      
Ableton Live, Track View, attributes of instruments in      
Ableton Live, Track View, audio effects, adding      
Ableton Live, Track View, MIDI instruments in      
Ableton Live, Transport Control Bar      
Ableton Live, Transport Control Bar, Key-mapping mode      
Ableton Live, Trigger Mode in      
Ableton Live, user interface, layout of      
Ableton Live, Velocity effect      
Ableton Live, Virant, Christiaan on      
Ableton Live, virtual instruments in      
Ableton Live, VST format      
Ableton Live, VST format, compatibility      
Ableton Live, VST format, instruments      2nd
Ableton Live, VST format, iZotope's Ozone 3 VST plug-in
Ableton Live, Warp Markers      
Ableton Live, Warping feature      2nd
Ableton Live, WAV files with      
Ableton Live, Web site      
Ableton Live, with Edirol UA-1000 USB      
Ableton Live, X-Y controllers      
Acid, VST compatibility      
ACPI-Compliant system, disabling      
Adaki MPD16 controller      
Afrodisiac Soundsystem      
AIF files with Ableton Live      
Aiken, Clay      
Akai, MPC controllers      2nd 3rd 4th
Akai, S3000 samplers      
Alesis, AXYZ controller dome      
Alesis, Photon X49 keyboard controller      
amateur CDs      
ambient breakdown for DJing      
American Music Awards      
anti-virus software      
Apple Computers      [See also iBooks Logic Mac Mac PowerBooks]
Apple Computers, Audio Units (AU) format      2nd
Apple Computers, GarageBand      
Apple Computers, mini Macs      
Apple Computers, portable Mac desktops      
Apple Computers, updates and patches, installing      
Arrangement View      [See Ableton Live]
Arular (Arulpragasam)      
Arulpragasam, Maya      
asd files      
Asian tour of Digital Cutup Lounge      2nd
ASIO drivers      
ASIO drivers, latency issues and      
ASIO drivers, with Ableton Live      
ASIO drivers, with Numark DXM01 USB DJ Mixer      
asynchronous transfers      
ATA controllers, disabling      
Atomix Productions      [See Atomixmp3 Virtual
Atomixmp3      2nd
Atomixmp3, on Compaq Presario 700 laptop      
Atomixmp3, on Hewlett-Packard laptop      
Atomixmp3, with IBM ThinkPad      
Attali, Jacques      
audio interfaces      2nd [See also CardBus FireWire inputs USB] FireWire inputs USB]
audio interfaces, Ableton Live Lite bundled with      
audio interfaces, electrical grounding problems      
audio interfaces, headphones, testing with      
audio interfaces, MIDI controllers, integrated audio interfaces with      
audio interfaces, quality of audio      
audio interfaces, reliability of      
audio interfaces, software driver support      
audio interfaces, troubleshooting tips      
audio interfaces, types of      
Audio Units (AU) format      2nd
AudioMulch      2nd
AudioMulch, as production means      
AudioMulch, downloading      
AudioMulch, looping with      
Audiotrak's Maya44 USB      
Automatic Update feature, turning off      
AVG Anti-Virus      
AXYZ controller dome      
background applications      [See PC laptops]
backing up for Madonna's Re-Invention tour      
backspins with Traktor DJ Studio      
Baker, Vincent      
bassline in DJing      
beatmatching, with Virtual DJ      
bedroom electronica scene      
Behringer, B-Control Deejay BCD2000      
Behringer, B-Control Fader BCF2000      
Behringer, B-Control Rotary      
Best Buy electronics store      
Billboard Music Awards      
BIOS updates, checking for      
Blu Monkey Bar, Hollywood      
Blue Bongo club, Los Angeles      
Boon, Teng      2nd
Booth, Sean      
Brainstorm Distripilyzer      
breakout box on PCI cards      
Buffer size      
buffer size, Ableton Live, settings for      
buffer size, for Mac laptops      
buffer size, PC laptops, increasing on      
Burroughs, William S.      
cables, checking on      
Cakewalk      [See Sonar]
CardBus      2nd 3rd
CardBus, description of      
CardBus, Digigram Cardbus devices      
CardBus, Echo Indigo DJ      
CardBus, for PC laptops      
CardBus, on Compaq Presario 700 laptop      
Carli, Fabio      
Carter, Nick      
Cascone, Kim      2nd
CCRMA (Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics)      
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