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Carlson J. — iMovie HD 6 & iDVD 6 for Mac OS X (Visual QuickStart Guide Series)
Carlson J. — iMovie HD 6 & iDVD 6 for Mac OS X (Visual QuickStart Guide Series)

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Название: iMovie HD 6 & iDVD 6 for Mac OS X (Visual QuickStart Guide Series)

Автор: Carlson J.


Need to learn iMovie HD 6 and iDVD 6 fast? Try a Visual QuickStart!

This best-selling reference’s visual format and step-by-step, task-based instructions will have you up and running with these great iLife applications in no time. Best-selling author and iLife expert Jeff Carlson uses crystal-clear instructions, full-color illustrations, and friendly prose to introduce you to everything from using themes, tools, and effects to timeline editing to video podcasts and blogs. You’ll also learn about everything new in iMovie HD 6 and iDVD 6, including motion-graphics themes, real-time effects, audio enhancements, sharing options, and more!

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 295

Добавлена в каталог: 20.10.2007

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Предметный указатель
.dvdproj file extension      
.Mac service      
.Mac service, publishing movies      
.Mac service, training movies, iMovie and iDVD      
1080i HD format      2nd 3rd 4th
12-bit versus 16-bit audio      2nd
16:9 aspect ratio      
3GPP format      
4x-speed DVD burning, firmware update      
720p HD format      2nd
? (question mark button)      
AAC file format      
Add button      2nd 3rd
Adobe Photoshop, importing pictures      
ADS Technologies      
AIC (Apple Intermediate Codec)      2nd
AIFF file format      
aligning text      2nd
ambient sound      
analog camcorders      2nd
analog-to-digital conversion      
Animation      2nd [See also motion design
Animation (compressor)      
Apple H.263, VC.263 (compressors)      
Apple Pixlet Video (compressor)      
Apple, .Mac service      
Apple, feedback Web site      
Apple, iDVD Web site      
Apple, iLife Web site      2nd
Apple, iMovie Web site      
Apple, online support discussion groups      
Apple, updating software      
Apply button      
Apply button, Media pane      
Apply button, Themes pane      
archives, iDVD projects      
arrow keys      
attributes, HTML      
audio backgrounds      
audio backgrounds, iDVD slideshows      
audio backgrounds, iDVD themes      
audio backgrounds, Magic iMovies      
audio clips      [See also audio tracks extracting
audio clips, audio editing applications      
audio clips, audio effects      
audio clips, editing      [See editing audio clips audio
audio clips, exporting to QuickTime format      
audio clips, fading in or out      
audio clips, importing audio files      
audio clips, importing from GarageBand      2nd
audio clips, importing from iTunes      
audio clips, in reversed clips      
audio clips, locked audio clip icon, displaying      
audio clips, locking and unlocking      
audio clips, overlapping clips      
audio clips, playing independently of video      
audio clips, protected audio, iDVD archives      
audio clips, restoring extracted audio      
audio clips, retaining when replacing existing clips      2nd
audio clips, royalty-free audio clips      
audio clips, scrubbing audio      
audio clips, sound effects      
audio clips, voice-overs, recording      
audio clips, volume controls      2nd
audio clips, waveforms, viewing      
audio compression settings      
audio effects      [See also effects applying;
audio effects, applying      
audio effects, audio editing software      
audio effects, modifying      
audio effects, multiple effects      
audio effects, previewing      
audio effects, removing      
Audio FX button      
Audio list, importing music      2nd
audio quality settings      
audio recording      [See also shooting movies 16:9
audio recording, 12-bit versus 16-bit audio      2nd
audio recording, ambient sound      
audio recording, Belkin voice recorders      
audio recording, built-in camcorder microphones      2nd
audio recording, dubbing audio      2nd
audio recording, external microphones      
audio recording, for video podcasts      
audio recording, MiniDisc recorders      
audio recording, monitoring audio input      
audio recording, Wind Screen mode      
audio track display      
audio tracks      
audio tracks, extracting from video clips      2nd
audio tracks, playing independently of video      
audio tracks, restoring extracted audio      
audio, synchronized      
audio, synchronized, locking and unlocking clips      
audio, synchronized, out-of-sync, troubleshooting      
audio, synchronized, playing independently of video      
autofilling drop zones      
automatic focus      2nd
automatic scene detection      2nd
Automatically resize window...option      
AutoPlay movies      2nd
Autoplay slideshows      
AutoPlay well      
AV monitors, external      
axis, maintaining      
back light      2nd
background encoding      
backgrounds, DVDs      
backgrounds, DVDs, audio backgrounds      
backgrounds, DVDs, audio backgrounds, slideshows      
backgrounds, DVDs, movie backgrounds      
backgrounds, DVDs, photo backgrounds      
backgrounds, DVDs, slideshows, background audio      
backgrounds, movie titles      
backlog of editing, managing      
backups, exporting to DV tape      
backups, external hard drives      
backups, storing as DVD-ROM data      
backwards clip play      
balancing shots      
Bandpass effect      
Behind the Seen: How Walter Murch Edited Cold Mountain...      
Belkin voice recorders      
Best Performance encoding      2nd
Best Quality encoding      
binoculars, using camcorder as      
black backgrounds for titles      
black band, slideshow photos      
black borders      
black clips      2nd
black frames      2nd [See also gaps created
blank clips      2nd [See also gaps created
Blu-Ray DVD format      2nd
Blue Fusion      
Bluetooth, exporting videos      
blurriness, automatic versus manual focus      2nd
blurriness, camera motion      
blurriness, electronic image stabilization      
blurriness, optical image stabilization      
blurriness, shutter speed      
blurriness, shutter speed and      
blurriness, software stabilization      
BMP (compressor)      
book, companion Web site      2nd
books, recommended      
Bounce Across title      
bounce cards      
Bounce In To Center title      
bugs, iMovie      [See also troubleshooting audio
built-in camcorder microphones      2nd
Burn button      2nd
Burn Project to Disc command      
burning DVDs      [See also DVDs AutoPlay
burning DVDs, 4x-speed discs, damaging      
burning DVDs, audio quality settings      
burning DVDs, burn speed      
burning DVDs, burn times      
burning DVDs, disc images      
burning DVDs, duplicating burned DVDs      
burning DVDs, DVD-ROM content      
burning DVDs, encoded assets      2nd
burning DVDs, encoding projects      
burning DVDs, Energy Saver preferences      
burning DVDs, from disc images      
burning DVDs, Magic iDVD projects      
burning DVDs, media problems      
burning DVDs, missing assets      
burning DVDs, Motion button      
burning DVDs, naming burned discs      
burning DVDs, nighttime versus daytime processing      
burning DVDs, non-IDVD projects      
burning DVDs, on other computers      
burning DVDs, OneStep DVD projects      
burning DVDs, project archives, creating      
burning DVDs, stages of burn process      
burning DVDs, SuperDrives      2nd 3rd
burning DVDs, test burns      
burning DVDs, testing burned discs      
burning DVDs, troubleshooting      
burning DVDs, writeable DVD discs, non-iDVD projects      
Burns, Ken      2nd [See also Ken Burns Effect applying.]
buttons, iDVD      
buttons, iDVD, aligning text      
buttons, iDVD, button styles      2nd
buttons, iDVD, formatting text      
buttons, iDVD, highlight color      
buttons, iDVD, motion buttons      2nd 3rd
buttons, iDVD, positioning buttons      2nd
buttons, iDVD, positioning text      
buttons, iDVD, resizing      
buttons, iDVD, submenu appearance, changing      
buttons, iDVD, text blocks      2nd
cables, FireWire      
calculating timecode      
camcorder features      
camcorder features, analog versus digital camcorders      
camcorder features, automatic versus manual focus      2nd
camcorder features, built-in microphones      2nd
camcorder features, CCDs      
camcorder features, date stamp display      
camcorder features, digital zoom      
camcorder features, DVD camcorders      
camcorder features, electronic image stabilization      
camcorder features, FireWire connections      
camcorder features, HD versus DV format      
camcorder features, i.Link connections      
camcorder features, LCD viewfinders      
camcorder features, lens optics      
camcorder features, low-light settings      
camcorder features, MicroMV tape format      
camcorder features, MiniDV tape format      
camcorder features, night-vision mode      
camcorder features, non-useful features      
camcorder features, optical image stabilization      
camcorder features, progressive-scan images      
camcorder features, remote control      
camcorder features, S-Video port      
camcorder features, shutter speed      
camcorder features, size of camcorders      
camcorder features, special effects capabilities      
camcorder features, still photo capability      
camcorder features, three-CCD camcorders      
camcorder features, useful features      
camcorders      [See also shooting movies 16:9
camcorders, exporting movies to DV tape      
camcorders, exporting movies to videotape      
camcorders, features      [See camcorder features analog
camcorders, importing footage      [See importing footage automatic
camcorders, motion      [See camera motion camcorder
camcorders, shooting movies      [See shooting movies 16:9
camcorders, using as binoculars      
Camera Mode      2nd 3rd
camera motion      
camera motion, camcorder size and      
camera motion, design considerations      
camera motion, dolly shots      
camera motion, image stabilization      2nd
camera motion, panning      
camera motion, shutter speed      
camera motion, Steadicam, building      
camera motion, zooming      
canceling Ken Burns Effect      
Canon Digital Camcorders      
Castro, Elizabeth      
CCDs      2nd
CD-ROM format, QuickTime exports      
CDs, burning iMovie projects      
cell phones, sharing videos      
centering elements in frames      
channels, 12-bit versus 16-bit audio      2nd
Chapter (theme term)      
chapter markers      
chapter markers, adding in Final Cut      
chapter markers, adding in iMovie      
chapter markers, adding to iDVD projects      
chapter markers, importing to iDVD      
chapter markers, moving      
chapter markers, Scene Selection submenu, iDVD      
chapter markers, submenus, iDVD      
Chapters pane      
characters, special      2nd
charge-coupled devices (CCDs)      2nd
children, pictures of      
Cinepak (compressor)      
cleaning SuperDrives      
Clip Info dialog box      2nd
Clip Speed Slider      [See also Fast/Slow/Reverse effect.]
Clip viewer      2nd 3rd 4th
Clip Viewer button      
CLIPS      [See also media files clips
Clips pane      2nd 3rd
clips, adding to movies      
clips, adding transitions      2nd
clips, audio      [See audio clips audio
clips, automatic scene detection      
clips, backlog of editing, managing      
clips, blank clips      2nd
clips, bookmarking scenes      
clips, color clips      
clips, combining movie segments      
clips, converted from earlier versions      
clips, date and time recorded      
clips, deleting      2nd 3rd 4th
clips, deselecting      
clips, displayed on Clips pane      
clips, duration, viewing      
clips, editing      [See editing audio clips audio adding
clips, effects      [See effects applying.]
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