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Sornette D. Ч Critical phenomena in natural sciences
Dietterich T.G., Becker S., Ghahramani Z. Ч Advances in neural information processing systems 14 (Vol. 1 and vol. 2)463, 479, 495, 519
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Dill K.A., Bromberg S. Ч Molecular Driving Forces: Statistical Thermodynamics in Chemistry and Biology171
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Planck M. Ч Introduction to Theoretical Physics364Ч371, 454Ч470
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Fishbane P.M. Ч Physics For Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics491Ч492
Wolf-Gladrow D.A. Ч Lattice-gas cellular automata and lattice Boltzmann models36
Bethe H.A., Jackiw R. Ч Intermediate Quantum Mechanics26
Reist P.C. Ч Aerosol Science and Technology31
Hofstadter D.R. Ч Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braidsee УGasesФ
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Per Bak Ч How nature works11
Elze H.-T. (ed.) Ч Decoherence and entropy in complex systems180, 194, 349, 351, 362
Barrow J.D., Tipler F.J. Ч Anthropic Cosmological Principle460
Bogolubov N.N., Logunov A.A., Todorov I.T. Ч Introduction to Axiomatic Quantum Field Theory625
Gardiner C.W.W., Haken H. Ч Handbook of Stochastic Methods: For Physics, Chemistry and the Natural Sciences6
Aldrovandi R. Ч Special matrices of mathematical physics (stochastic, circulant and bell matrices)227
Schulman L.S. Ч Techniques and applications of path integration237Ч241
Slater J.C. Ч Introduction To Chemical Physics14, 32Ч85
Ambjorn J., Durhuus B., Jonsson T. Ч Quantum Geometry: A Statistical Field Theory Approach251
Mazo R.M. Ч Brownian Motion: Flucuations, Dynamics, and Applications127
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Reeves C.R., Rowe J.E. Ч Genetic Algorithms: Principles and Perspectives. A Guide to GA Theory174
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Shu F.H. Ч The Physical Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy64Ч67, 75Ч80
Ashby W.R. Ч An introduction to cybernetics62
Dembo A., Zeitouni O. Ч Large deviations techniques and applicationssee "Gibbs"
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