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Reist P.C. Ч Aerosol Science and Technology
Reist P.C. Ч Aerosol Science and Technology

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Ќазвание: Aerosol Science and Technology

јвтор: Reist P.C.


Featuring the latest research findings and applications, this expert guide covers the fundamentals and advanced principles of aerosol technology, and provides useful problem-solving techniques in air pollution, public health, and industrial hygiene. This second edition is completely revised and expanded and features new chapters on: explosive dusts; biological aerosols; fibers as aerosols; the design and operation of aerosol clean rooms; pharmaceutical aerosols; and atmospheric aerosols. New figures, tables, and illustrations, plus numerous case studies from industry and manufacturing environments are included.

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–убрика: “ехнологи€/

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»здание: 2nd edition

√од издани€: 1993

 оличество страниц: 380

ƒобавлена в каталог: 16.11.2009

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ѕредметный указатель
50 percent Stokes number      103
Abrahamson, J.      120
Absorbance      265
Absorption      263 266Ч267
Acceleration      75Ч76 82Ч84
Acceleration, forces for      91
Acceleration, radial      91Ч92 115
Acceleration, time-dependent cases of      82
Acoustic agglomeration      316
Adiabatic expansion      351Ч352
Adsorption      241 247
Aerodynamic boundary layers      155Ч159
Aerodynamic diameters      6 71Ч72 106Ч107
Aerodynamics      31
Aerosol owl      295
Aerosol spectrometers      117
Agglomerates      8 10Ч11;
Air and thermophoretic velocity      175
Air in ducts      48
Air pressure and dust-free spaces      165
Air, coagulation constant for      305
Air, composition of      348
Air, currents in      91
Air, density of      47
Air, diffusion in      150Ч152
Air, ion concentrations in      200Ч201
Air, mean free path in      39Ч40
Air, mobility of ions in      193
Air, pollution of      225
Air, resisting force of      59Ч60 66Ч67 75
Air, scattering efficiency factor for      271
Air, spinning of      91
Air, temperatures of      225
Air, terminal velocities in      66
Air, viscosity of      41 46Ч47
Airstreams      109 150Ч152 314Ч315
Aitken nuclei      238
Aitken, J.      165 225 293
Albedo      265
Alberty, R.      32 41 351
Algae      320
Allen, M.D.      61
Alveolar region      7 125
Amelin, A.G.      226Ч227 233
American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH)      126Ч128
Angstrom units      1
Angular intensity functions      283Ч285
Angular scattering      281Ч282
Angular scattering of polydisperse particles      289Ч294
Angular scattering, applications of      294Ч299
Angular scattering, Mie theory      283Ч288
Anisokinetic sampling      121Ч124
Anterior unciliated nares      125
Apparent mean free path      142
Arithmetic mean      26
Asbestos fibers      4
Asbestos fibers, aerodynamic diameter of      71Ч72
Asbestos fibers, settling velocity of      81
Atkinson, W.R.      199
Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)      126Ч127
Attenuation coefficient      267Ч368
Attrition      4 13
Autoignitable dust      332
Automatic vents      337
Average charges per particle      206
Average diameters      13 25
Average displacement      136 140Ч141
Average kinetic energy      38
Average surface      26
Average velocity      38 116 139
Average volume      26
Avogadro's number      32 134 229
Backscatter      291Ч292
bacteria      319Ч320
Bakanov, S.P.      168
Bar charts      15Ч16
Barometric distribution      139Ч140
Barrer, R.M.      146
Bartknecht, W.      328Ч329
Baseballs      31
Berry, J.      264
Blue sky      290
Centrifugation in moving atmospheres      314Ч315
Centrifugation, nonlinear integrodifferential equations for      310Ч311
Centrifugation, nonspherical      312Ч313 105
Chains, Stokes' law with      68Ч70
Chan, T.      120
Chapman, S.J.      168Ч169
Characteristic charge      187
Characteristic length and diffusion      155
Charging mechanisms      179
Charging mechanisms and force      179Ч180
Charging mechanisms and mobility      180Ч181
Charging mechanisms collisions with ions      185
Charging mechanisms contact electrification      182Ч183
Charging mechanisms diffusion      185Ч189 195
Charging mechanisms field charging      185 189Ч195
Charging mechanisms flame ionization      184Ч185
Charging mechanisms spray electrification      183
Charging mechanisms static electrification      182
Charging mechanisms, corona discharge      195Ч198
Charging mechanisms, electric      179Ч183
Charging mechanisms, equilibrium with      200Ч201
Charging mechanisms, equilibrium with, steady-state theory of      201Ч207
Charging mechanisms, equilibrium with, transient approach to      207Ч208
Charging mechanisms, frictional      184
Charging mechanisms, ionization      181Ч182 184Ч189 195Ч198 213Ч214
Charging mechanisms, maximum charge with      198Ч200
Charging mechanisms, speed of      187 194
Charlson, R.J.      278
Charts, histograms      15Ч19
Chatigny, M.A.      320Ч321 323
Chemical groups, explosions with      330
Cheng, Y.-S.      81 153
Chilton, C.H.      41 176
Cigarette smoke particles      136 150
Ciliated nasal passages      125
Circular jet impactors      96
Circular paths      91Ч92 115
Circulation of particles      66Ч67 86
Clark, W.E.      165 312
Clausius Ч Clapeyron equation      227
Cloud chambers      226 236
Cloud condensation nuclei (CCN)      239
Clouds and cloud droplets      225
Clouds and cloud droplets, formation of      236
Clouds and cloud droplets, turbidity coefficient for      269
CN (condensation nuclei)      226 238Ч241
Coagulation      301
Coagulation and particle size      306Ч309 315Ч316
Coagulation constant      304Ч307
Coagulation with ordered motion      315
Coagulation, differential equation form for      309Ч310
Coagulation, electrical effects in      313Ч314
Coagulation, external factors in      313Ч316
Coagulation, monodisperse spherical      301Ч306
Coagulation, rate of      308
Coagulation, sonic      316
Coagulation, turbulent      316
Coastlines, length of      9Ч10
Collection efficiency      94 96Ч100 221Ч222
Collisions      32 38
Collisions and thermal diffusion      302
Collisions with ions      185
Collisions, elastic      32 49
Colloidal solutions      301
Colony-forming units (CFUs)      320
Color of sky      290 293Ч295
Combustion sources      337; see also УExplosions and explosive aerosolsФ
Concentration boundary layers      157Ч159
Concentration change      149
Concentration gradient      145
Condensation and evaporation      3 13 225
Condensation and evaporation and isokinetic sampling      124
Condensation and evaporation and nucleation      226
Condensation and evaporation and nucleation, formation rate of      232Ч233
Condensation and evaporation and nucleation, heterogeneous      238Ч248
Condensation and evaporation and nucleation, homogeneous      228Ч232
Condensation and evaporation and nucleation, ions for      233Ч238
Condensation and evaporation and saturation ratios      227Ч231
Condensation and evaporation in Langmuir's equation      257Ч259
Condensation and evaporation of liquid drops      225
Condensation and evaporation of moving droplets      260Ч262
Condensation and evaporation, concentrations of      64
Condensation and evaporation, hysteresis in      246Ч248
Condensation and evaporation, Maxwell's equation for      251Ч256
Condensation and evaporation, observations of      225Ч226
Condensation and evaporation, surface for      226
Condensation and evaporation, time of, in saturated media      259Ч260
Condensation nuclei (CN)      226 238Ч241
Conductivity, thermal      40Ч42 168 171
Confined sedimentation      65
Constant field strength      213
Constant velocity      75 81 92
Contact electrification      182Ч183
Continuous curves      17
Continuous medium      31 60Ч63
Continuum      45
contrast      264 276Ч279
Convection currents      165 171
Convective diffusion      150Ч152
Conversion factors      348 350
Cooper, D.G.      185 208
Coordinate systems for motion      76 79Ч80
Corona discharge      195Ч198 214Ч217
Cosmic radiation      201
Coulier, M.      225
Coulomb effect      188
Coulomb's law      211
Counting rate in particle counters      298
Crawford, M.      52
Creep flow      170
Critical drop size      230
Critical nuclei      232Ч233
Critical Stokes number      113
Critical temperature      331
Cross, J.      329Ч331
Cross-sectional diameter of fibers      71
Crystallization      248
Cumulative distribution percentages      106
Cumulative lognormal distributions      24
Cunningham correction factor      60Ч64 69
Cunningham correction factor and coagulation      307
Cunningham correction factor and thermophoretic velocity      169
Cunningham correction factor for settling velocity      81Ч82
Cunningham, E.      60
Currents, air      91
Currents, convection      165 171
Currents, corona      215
Currents, density of      193
Currents, diffusion      135 145 303
Currents, ion      190 192Ч193
CURVES      17 19
Curvilinear motion      75 91Ч92
Cyclone particle collectors      117Ч120
Cylinders, diffusion in      133Ч136
Cylinders, settling in      86Ч87
Cylinders, thermophoresis in      167
Daniels, F.      32 41 351
Davies, C.N.      61 122 155 158 255 257
Debye Ч Huckel model      314
Deceleration of particles      75 83Ч84
definitions      2Ч3 347Ч350
Definitions of average diameters      26
Definitions of force      179Ч180
Definitions of means      25Ч29
Deflagration      328Ч329
Deformation drag      50Ч51
Deirmendjian, D.      266 272
Denman, H.H.      283 288
Dennis, R.      296
Density and toxicity      125
Density of air      47
Density of currents      190 192Ч193
Deposition      121
Deposition by diffusion      149 152Ч160
Deposition by inertia      121Ч122
Deposition in boilers      165
Deposition in coagulation      311Ч312
Deposition in respiratory system      125
Deposition on walls      102 146Ч148
Deposition, velocity of      160
Derjaguin, B.V.      168 172Ч175
Detonation      328Ч329
Deutsch, W.      222
Diameters      4Ч7
Diameters and saturation ratios      230
Diameters for air      175
Diameters for settling particles      55
Diameters of average mass      25
Diameters of cyclones      119
Diameters of gases      39
Diameters of respirable dust      126
Diameters of small particles      103
Diameters, aerodynamic      6 71Ч72 106Ч107
Diameters, equilibrium      234
Diameters, geometric      23
Diameters, mean and median      13Ч15 23Ч29 106Ч107
Dielectric constants of liquids      182
Diffraction      294Ч296
Diffusion      131
Diffusion and Brownian displacement      136Ч138
Diffusion and collisions      302
Diffusion and tube deposition      152Ч160
Diffusion coefficients      132 155 304
Diffusion coefficients for water vapor      252Ч253
Diffusion coefficients, effects of mass on      140Ч141
Diffusion coefficients, gas      40Ч41
Diffusion constants      136
Diffusion in cylinders      133Ч136
Diffusion of gases      40Ч42 132Ч133 253
Diffusion, charging by      185Ч189 195
Diffusion, convective      150Ч152
Diffusion, current in      135 145 303
Diffusion, deposition by      149
Diffusion, Fick's laws of      132Ч133 135 137 145Ч147 151
Diffusion, force of      134 159
Diffusion, non-steady-state      146Ч150
Diffusion, steady-state      145Ч146
Diffusion, velocity of      158Ч160
Dimensional analysis      46
Direction of motion      75
Disintegration of droplets      198Ч200
Dissipation by wind      68
Distance between molecules      33
Distance in cyclones      118
Distance, stop      83 95 142
Distributions in respirable sampling      125
Distributions of charges      201Ч207
Distributions of mean and median diameters      13Ч15 25Ч29
Distributions with coagulation      312
Distributions, barometric      139Ч140
Distributions, cumulative      24 106
Distributions, histograms for      15Ч19
Distributions, log probability paper for      24Ч25
Distributions, lognormal      20 22Ч24 27 106Ч107
Distributions, mathematical representation of      19Ч24
Distributions, Maxwell Ч Boltzmann      35Ч37 139
Distributions, Normal      20Ч22
Doherty, D.J.      207
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