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Slater J.C. Ч Introduction To Chemical Physics
Slater J.C. Ч Introduction To Chemical Physics

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Ќазвание: Introduction To Chemical Physics

јвтор: Slater J.C.


It is probably unfortunate that physics and chemistry over were separated. Chemistry is the science of atoms and of the way they com bine. Physics deals with the interatomic forces and with the large-scale properties of matter resulting from those forces. So long as chemistry was largely empirical and nonmathematical, and physics had not learned how to treat small-scale atomic forces, the two sciences seemed widely separated. But with statistical mechanics and the kinetic theory on the one hand and physical chemistry on the other, the two sciences began to come together. Now that statistical mechanics has led to quantum theory and wave mechanics, with its explanations of atomic interactions, there is really nothing separating them any more. A few years ago, though their ideas were close together, their experimental methods were still quite different chemists dealt with things in test tubes, making solutions, pre cipitating and filtering and evaporating, while physicists measured every thing with galvanometers and spectroscopes. But even this distinction has disappeared, with more and more physical apparatus finding its way into chemical laboratories. A wide range of study is common to both subjects. The sooner we realize this the better. For want of abetter name, since Physical Chemistry is already preempted, we may call this common field Chemical Physics. It is an overlapping field in which both physicists and chemists should be trained. There 4 seems no valid reason why their training in it should differ. This book is an attempt to incorporate some of the material of this common field in a unified presentation. What should be included in a discussion of chemical physics Logi cally, we should start with fundamental principles. We should begin with mechanics, then present electromagnetic theory, and should work up to wave mechanics and quantum theory.

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√од издани€: 1939

 оличество страниц: 521

ƒобавлена в каталог: 18.08.2009

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a priori probability      36 38 127
Absorption of radiation      309Ч310 322Ч333
Absorptivity      309Ч310 325Ч326
Acetic acid, data regarding melting point      259
Acetic acid, heat of vaporization      434
Acetic acid, structure of molecule      427
Acetic acid, Van der Waals constants      408
Acetylene, structure of molecule      428
Acetylene, Van der Waals constants      408
Activation, energy of      159Ч164 257
Adiabatic processes      13 17Ч19
Aliphatic compounds      420Ч428
Alkali halides, data regarding crystals      381 393 395
Alkali halides, data regarding melting point      259
Alkali halides, equation of state      390Ч396
Alkali halides, residual rays      254Ч255
Alkali halides, specific heat      253
Alloys      270Ч290 458Ч459
Aluminum, crystal structure      447
Aluminum, data regarding melting point      259 261
Aluminum, Debye temperature      237
Aluminum, equation of state and crystal structure      451 454
Aluminum, molecular volume      261
Aluminum, specific heat      236
Aluminum, thermal expansion      261
Ammonia, data regarding melting point      259
Ammonia, formation of ammonium complex      272Ч273
Ammonia, heat of vaporization      414
Ammonia, valence structure of molecule      401
Ammonia, Van der Waals constants      408
Ammonium bromide, data regarding crystals      382
Ammonium bromide, rotation of ions      300
Ammonium chloride, data regarding crystals      381
Ammonium chloride, rotation of ions      293 300
Ammonium iodide, data regarding crystals      382
Ammonium ion      357 378
Angular momentum, quantization      40 135 339
annealing      282
Antimony, crystal structure      447 449
Antimony, data regarding melting point      259
Argon, atomic volume      384
Argon, data regarding crystals      416
Argon, data regarding melting point      259
Argon, specific heat      130
Argon, Van der Waals constants      408
Aromatic compounds      428Ч432
Arsenic, crystal structure      447 449
Assembly, canonical      46Ч53
Assembly, canonical, fluctuations in      101Ч111
Assembly, in molecular phase space      69Ч72
Assembly, microcanonical      46
Assembly, statistical      32Ч35
Atomic number      336
Atoms, structure      321Ч351
Attractive forces between molecules      130Ч133
Attractive forces between molecules and atomic theory      352Ч376
Attractive forces between molecules and Van der Waals' equation      182Ч184 194Ч196
Attractive forces between molecules Avogadro's law      60
Attractive forces between molecules in solutions      271Ч277
Avogadro's number      60Ч61 128
Barium chloride, data regarding melting point      259
Barium oxide, sulphate, selenide, telluride, data regarding crystals      381
Barium, crystal structure      447
Barium, equation of state      451
Barometer formula      62Ч64
Benzene, data regarding melting point      259
Benzene, structure of molecule      428Ч431
Benzene, Van der Waals constants      408
Beryllium oxide, sulphide, selenide, telluride, data regarding crystals      382
Beryllium, crystal structure      447
Beryllium, equation of state      451
Binary systems, phase equilibrium      270Ч290
Bismuth, crystal structure      447Ч449
Bismuth, data regarding melting point      259
Black-body radiation      307Ч320 325Ч326
Black-body radiation and Einstein Ч Bose statistics      85
Body-centered cubic structure, and metals      445Ч447
Body-centered cubic structure, and molecular vibrations      232
Body-centered cubic structure, and order-disorder      293
Bohr, frequency condition      323
Bohr, hydrogen atom      340
Boiling point      166Ч169 171Ч180
Boiling point of chain compounds      422
Boltzmann factor, and thermionic emission      468
Boltzmann statistics, and kinetic method      86Ч96
Boltzmann statistics, application to perfect gas      115Ч129
Boltzmann statistics, fluctuations      101Ч104 109
Boltzmann statistics, relation to Fermi Ч Dirac and Einstein Ч Bose statistics      68Ч72
Boltzmann's constant      33 61
Boltzmann's H theorem      90
Boltzmann's relation between probability and entropy      34
Boundary conditions, vibrating chain of atoms      244
Boundary conditions, vibrating solid      227Ч228
Boyle's law      30 60
Boyle's law, deviations from      190Ч198
Brass, phase equilibrium      270 287Ч288
Bridgman      24 181 201 220
Brillouin zone, and electrons in metals      493Ч501
Brillouin zone, and molecular vibrations      233
Bromine, characteristic temperature, and homopolar bonds      400Ч408
Bromine, characteristic temperature, and organic compounds      425Ч426
Bromine, characteristic temperature, for rotation      136
Bromine, characteristic temperature, for vibration      142
Bromine, characteristic temperature, heat of dissociation, interatomic distance, Morse constant      132
Butane, heat of vaporization      434
Butane, structure of molecule      421
Butane, Van der Waals constants      408
Cadmium oxide, sulphide, selenide, telluride, data regarding crystals      382
Cadmium, crystal structure      447
Cadmium, data regarding melting point      259 261
Cadmium, Debye temperature      237
Cadmium, equation of state and energy      451 454
Cadmium, molecular volume      267
Cadmium, thermal expansion      261
Caesium bromide, fluoride, iodide, data regarding crystals      381
Caesium chloride, crystal structure      378Ч379 381
Caesium, compressibility      202
Caesium, compressibility, crystal structure      447
Caesium, compressibility, data regarding melting point      259
Caesium, compressibility, equation of state and energy      451 454
Calcite structure      397Ч398
Calcium carbonate, structure      397Ч398
Calcium chloride, data regarding melting point      259
Calcium oxide, sulphide, selenide, telluride, data regarding crystals      381
Calcium, crystal structure      447
Calcium, crystal structure, equation of state and energy      451 454
Calcium, crystal structure, phase equilibrium in alloys      274
Caloric theory of heat      4Ч6
Calorie      6
Calorie numerical value      8
Canonical assembly      46Ч51
Canonical assembly and Maxwell Ч Boltzmann distribution      52Ч53
Carbon bisulphide, Van der Waals constant      408
Carbon dioxide, data regarding melting point      259
Carbon dioxide, heat of vaporization      414
Carbon dioxide, triple point      167
Carbon dioxide, valence structure of molecule      405
Carbon dioxide, Van der Waals constants      408 411
Carbon dioxide, vapor pressure and latent heat of vaporization      188Ч189
Carbon monoxide, characteristic temperature, for rotation      136
Carbon monoxide, characteristic temperature, for vibration      142
Carbon monoxide, crystal structure      417
Carbon monoxide, data regarding melting point      259
Carbon monoxide, dissociation      133
Carbon monoxide, heat of dissociation, interatomic distance, Morse constant      132
Carbon monoxide, heat of vaporization      414
Carbon monoxide, Van der Waals constants      408 411
Carbon monoxide, vibrational specific heat      144Ч145
Carbon tetrachloride, boiling point      426
Carbon tetrachloride, data regarding melting point      259
Carbon, (diamond), crystal structure      379 424
Carbon, (diamond), crystal structure Debye temperature      237
Carbon, (diamond), crystal structure energy bands      500
Carbon, (diamond), crystal structure energy constants      455
Carbon, (graphite), crystal structure      429
Carbon, (molecule), characteristic temperature, of rotation      136
Carbon, (molecule), characteristic temperature, of vibration      142
Carbon, and homopolar bonds      400Ч407
Carbon, and organic compounds      420Ч434
Carbon, heat of dissociation, interatomic distance, Morse constant      132
Carbonate ion, valence structure      406
Carboxyl group      427
Cells in phase space      38Ч43
Cells in phase space and Fermi Ч Dirac and Einstein Ч Bose statistics      65Ч85
Cells in phase space and interatomic forces      369
Cells in phase space and kinetic method      86Ч100
CH, characteristic temperature, for rotation      136
CH, characteristic temperature, for vibration      142
CH, heat of dissociation, interatomic distance, Morse constant      132
Change of phase      23 166Ч190 256Ч269
Characteristic temperature, for atomic vibrations in crystals, Debye      235Ч236
Characteristic temperature, for ionization      322 335
Characteristic temperature, for rotation      136
Characteristic temperature, for vibration, diatomic molecules      141Ч142
Charles's law      60
Chemical constant, and chemical equilibrium      155Ч156
Chemical constant, and thermionic emission      463Ч464
Chemical constant, and vapor pressure      178Ч180
Chemical constant, of diatomic gas      140
Chemical constant, of monatomic gas      118 120 128
Chemical equilibrium      150Ч165
Chlorine, and homopolar bond      400Ч408
Chlorine, and organic compounds      425Ч426
Chlorine, characteristic temperature, for rotation      136
Chlorine, characteristic temperature, for vibration      142
Chlorine, data regarding melting point      259
Chlorine, heat of dissociation, interatomic distance, Morse constant      132
Chlorine, Van der Waals constants      408
Chloroform, boiling point      426
Chloroform, heat of vaporization      434
Chloroform, Van der Waals constants      408
Chromium, crystal structure      447
Chromium, data regarding melting point      259
Chromium, equation of state and crystal structure      451 454
Clapeyron's equation      174Ч181 220
Clay, structure      440
Cobalt, crystal structure      447
Cobalt, data regarding melting point      259
Cobalt, equation of state and energy      451 454
Cold-working      457
Collisions, and chemical reactions      150Ч154 158Ч165
Collisions, and electrical resistance      487Ч489
Collisions, and radiation      326Ч333
Collisions, effect on approach to equilibrium      86Ч92 96Ч100
Collisions, elastic      327
Collisions, inelastic      327
Collisions, of electron and metal      460Ч467
Collisions, of second kind      331
Complexion      33Ч43
Complexion and Fermi Ч Dirac and Einstein Ч Bose statistics      65Ч85
Compressibility, and entropy of melting      261
Compressibility, and fluctuations      110
Compressibility, and thermal expansion      238Ч240
Compressibility, and thermodynamics      19
Compressibility, of alkali halides      392Ч395
Compressibility, of metals      452Ч454
Compressibility, of solids      200Ч205 218Ч221
Compressibility, of water and ice      170
Concentration, and chemical equilibrium      153Ч154
Concentration, and mixtures of gases      121Ч124
Concentration, and phase equilibrium in binary systems      270Ч290
Conductivity, electrical      456 484Ч489 495Ч501
Configuration, atomic      342
Configuration, table of      346Ч347
Conservation of energy      3Ч9
Conservative force      3
Contact difference of potential      467Ч471 480Ч482
Copper, alloys with nickel      458
Copper, crystal structure      447
Copper, data regarding melting point      259
Copper, Debye temperature      237
Copper, energies of electrons in atom      341
Copper, equation of state and energy      451 454
Copper, order-disorder in alloys      293Ч304
Copper, phase equilibrium in alloys      270 279Ч282 287Ч288
Corresponding states, and Van der Waals' equation      187
Coulomb energy      353 361Ч363 368Ч369
covalent bond      373Ч376 400Ч407
Covalent bond and organic compounds      420Ч434
Covalent bond and silicates      435Ч443
Cristobalite structure      441
Critical point      166Ч169
Critical point and phase changes of second order      291
Critical point and Van der Waals equation      184Ч187
Crystals, and liquid      256Ч258
Crystals, electric field in      473 489Ч501
Crystals, equation of state      211Ч221
Crystals, ionic      375 377Ч399
Crystals, molecular      414Ч419
Crystals, of metals      444Ч451
Cuprous chloride, bromide, iodide, data regarding crystals      382
Curie point      292 297Ч304
Cyclohexane, structure of molecule      424
Debye, ionic crystals      390Ч393
Debye, specific heat of solids      222Ч240 245 253Ч255
Decane, heat of vaporization      434
Decane, Van der Waals constants      408
Degeneracy, in space quantization      139 339
Degradation of energy      12
Degree of order      294Ч304
dependent variables      17Ч18
Detailed balancing      91
Detailed balancing and radiation      324
Diamond, crystal structure      379 424 444Ч447
Diamond, energy bands      500
Diamond, melting point      449
diatomic molecules      130Ч145 400Ч414
Diatomic molecules, comparison with metals      455
Dichlorbenzene, structure of molecule      431
dielectric constant      365
Dielectric constant and Van der Waals forces      411
Diffusion      12Ч13
Dimethylamine, structure of molecule      427
Dimethylamine, Van der Waals constants      408
Dipoles      354Ч361
Dipoles moment of HC1 and HBr      404Ч405
Dipoles moments of molecules, table      408
Disorder      10Ч12 32Ч38 43Ч46
Disorder in alloys      293Ч304
Dispersion of elastic waves      223 234 244
Dissociation      152Ч154
Distribution function      33Ч35 46Ч51
Distribution function for fluctuations      104Ч107
Distribution function in Fermi Ч Dirac and Einstein Ч Bose statistics      65Ч85
Distribution function in Maxwell Ч Botzmann statistics      52Ч64
Double bonds      401Ч402 428 431
Ductility      456
Dulong and Petit's law      213
Dulong and Petit's law, deviations from      222Ч240
Effective volume of molecules, and Van der Waals' equation      183 195Ч196
Einstein Ч Bose statistics      52 65Ч85
Einstein Ч Bose statistics and black-body radiation      326
Einstein Ч Bose statistics and fluctuations      108Ч109
Einstein Ч Bose statistics and kinetic method      96Ч100
Einstein Ч Bose statistics and perfect gas      126
Einstein, black-body radiation      324Ч326
Einstein, photoelectric effect      316Ч320
Einstein, specific heat functions, for gases      144 147
Einstein, specific heat functions, for solids      214-215 253
Elastic collisions      327
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