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Polchinski J. Ч String theory (volume 2). Superstring theory and beyond
Polchinski J. Ч String theory (volume 2). Superstring theory and beyond

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Ќазвание: String theory (volume 2). Superstring theory and beyond

јвтор: Polchinski J.


Volume 2: Superstring Theory and Beyond, begins with an introduction to supersymmetric string theories and goes on to a broad presentation of the important advances of recent years. The book first introduces the type I, type II, and heterotic superstring theories and their interactions. It then goes on to present important recent discoveries about strongly coupled strings, beginning with a detailed treatment of D-branes and their dynamics, and covering string duality, M-theory, and black hole entropy, and discusses many classic results in conformal field theory. The final four chapters are concerned with four-dimensional string theories, and have two goals: to show how some of the simplest string models connect with previous ideas for unifying the Standard Model; and to collect many important and beautiful general results on world-sheet and spacetime symmetries.

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√од издани€: 1998

 оличество страниц: 531

ƒобавлена в каталог: 25.09.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
$A_{n-1}$      see SU(n)
$B_{k}$      see "SO(2k+1)"
$C_{k}$      see "Sp(k)"
$d_{k}$      see "SO(2k)"
$E_{6(6)}$      188Ч189
$E_{6}$      64Ч65 82 285ff 312 386Ч388 see
$E_{6}$, singlets      313 315 324Ч326 388
$E_{7}$      82
$E_{8}$      54 63Ч64 82Ч83 285 290
$E_{8}$ and anomalies      100 110 134
$E_{8}$, root lattice      74Ч75
$sin^{2}\theta_{w}$      290 346Ч354 472
$SL(2, \mathbb{R})$      91Ч92 182
$SL(2, \mathbb{Z})$      182 186Ч188 200 295Ч296 427Ч428 474
$SL(3, \mathbb{Z})$      200
$SL(n, \mathbb{R})$      61 187Ч188
$SO(4) = SU(2) \times SU(2)$      439
$[S]O(5, 5, \mathbb{Z})$      200
$[S]O(m, n, \mathbb{R})$      61 76 187Ч188 417 427Ч428
$[S]O(m, n, \mathbb{Z})$      76 187Ч188 428
$\beta_{\gamma}$ CFT      15Ч20
$\beta_{\gamma}$ CFT, bosonization      17Ч20 118Ч119
't Hooft Ч Polyakov monopole      82 187
(0, 2) compactification      324Ч326 376 472
(2, 0) (tensionless string) theory      204Ч205
(2, 2) compactification of heterotic strings      386Ч390
(2, 2) compactification of heterotic strings, constraints on spacetime action      388Ч390 473
(2, 2) compactification of type II strings      379Ч385
(2, 2) compactification, Calabi Ч Yau      311Ч312 318Ч319 323Ч325
(2, 2) compactification, Gepner models      394Ч402
(2, 2) compactification, orbifold      292 297
(p, q) string      167 176Ч177 182
(p, q)-form      307Ч309
A-D-E singularity      425
Action (D-brane)      149Ч150
Action (D-brane), D0-brane      161
Action (D-brane), Dp-Dp' system ($#_{ND} = 4$)      163Ч164 172
Action (general), Pontrjagin term      173 187 333
Action (spacetime) from (2, 2) compactification      473
Action (spacetime) from (2, 2) compactification, heterotic string      388Ч390
Action (spacetime) from (2, 2) compactification, type II string      381Ч384
Action (spacetime) from Calabi Ч Yau compactification      315Ч320 404Ч406 472
Action (spacetime) from Calabi Ч Yau compactification, higher corrections      321Ч324
Action (spacetime) from orbifold compactification      472
Action (spacetime) from orbifold compactification, threshold corrections      298Ч300
Action (spacetime) from orbifold compactification, twisted states      296Ч298
Action (spacetime) from orbifold compactification, untwisted states      292Ч296
Action (spacetime) in N = 1 heterotic string vacua      359Ч362 473
Action (spacetime), $F^{4}$ term      116 132
Action (spacetime), $F^{4}$ term and Born Ч Infeld action      152 469
Action (spacetime), $F^{4}$ term and duality      193Ч194
Action (spacetime), $R^{4}$ term      117
Action (spacetime), anomaly-cancelling terms      99Ч100 130
Action (spacetime), d = 10, N = 1 Yang Ч Mills theory      443
Action (spacetime), d = 4, N = 1 supergravity      446 474
Action (spacetime), d = 4, N = 1 supersymmetry      443 474
Action (spacetime), d = 4, N = 4 Yang Ч Mills theory      443
Action (spacetime), eleven-dimensional supergravity      85 453 468 474
Action (spacetime), p-form gauge field      451Ч452
Action (spacetime), R-R tadpole term      39
Action (spacetime), singularities in      411
Action (spacetime), type I supergravity      92Ч94
Action (spacetime), type I supergravity, type I-heterotic relation      93 192
Action (spacetime), type IIA supergravity      87Ч88
Action (spacetime), type IIA supergravity, massive      89Ч90
Action (spacetime), type IIB supergravity      90Ч92
Action (spacetime), type IIB supergravity, SL(2, $\mathbf{R}$) symmetry      91 181Ч182
Action (world-sheet), BC SCFT      4 106
Action (world-sheet), heterotic string      49
Action (world-sheet), Landau Ч Ginzburg      270 392
Action (world-sheet), linear dilation      5
Action (world-sheet), linear sigma model      398Ч399
Action (world-sheet), N = 2 free SCFT      48
Action (world-sheet), nonlinear sigma model      106Ч107
Action (world-sheet), superfield form      105Ч107
Action (world-sheet), superstring      2
Action (world-sheet), WZNW      247Ч250
Affine Lie algebra      66
Annulus      see "Cylinder"
anomalies      94Ч103 468 see
Anomalies in six dimensions      417 420
Anomalies in two dimensions      94Ч96 107
Anomalies, anomaly polynomial      97Ч101 374
Anomalies, cancellation for SO(32) and $E_{8}\times E_{8}$      99Ч101
Anomalies, gauge      95ff
Anomalies, global gravitational      34
Anomalies, gravitational      95ff
Anomalies, mixed      95ff
Anti-de-Sitter space      223
Antisymmetric tensor gauge field      see "p-form gauge field"
Atiyah Ч Drinfeld Ч Hitchin Ч Manin (ADHM) construction      174
Auxiliary field      442Ч444
Axion      79 286 315 373Ч374
Axion and strong-CP problem      333Ч335
Axion, field (a)      293Ч294
bc CFT, bosonization      15
BC SCFT      4Ч5
Beta function and scale transformation      261 264Ч266
Beta function for gauge coupling      298 346 367
Beta function for gauge coupling, vanishes for d = 4, N = 4      460
Beta function, nonlinear sigma model      247 321
Betti numbers      305 308
Bianchi identity for R-R vertex operators      88
Bianchi identity in Calabi Ч Yau compactification      304 324 418
Bianchi identity, Chern Ч Simons term in      86 88 91
Bianchi identity, related to field equation by Poincare duality      141 451Ч452
Black hole, entropy      219Ч225 227 470
Black hole, information paradox      225Ч226
Black hole, produced in graviton-graviton scattering      209
Black p-brane      183Ч185 201 219Ч220 227 470
Blow up (a fixed point)      297 309Ч311 388 471
Bosonization      11Ч15 279Ч280 467
Bosonization and refermionization      131Ч132
Bosonization of U(1) current      68
Bosonization, $\beta_{\gamma}$ CFT      17Ч20 118Ч119
Bosonization, bc CFT      15
Bosonization, current algebra fermions      54Ч55 74Ч75
Bosonization, higher genus      13
Bosonization, kink operator      12
Bosonization, Ramond states      13 15
Bosonization, twisted fermions      13Ч14
Bound states, D0-D0      168Ч169 469
Bound states, D0-D0 and M-theory      198
Bound states, D0-D0 and matrix theory      212Ч214
Bound states, D0-D2      169Ч170
Bound states, D0-D2, U-dual to FD-string      189
Bound states, D0-D4      170Ч175 176 469Ч470
Bound states, D0-D4 and instantons      172Ч175
Bound states, D0-D4, U-dual to winding string      189
Bound states, D0-D6      175
Bound states, D1-D5 black hole      220Ч223
Bound states, F-string-D-string      164Ч167 176 469
Bound states, F-string-D-string, SL(2, $\mathbb{Z}$) duality      182
Bound states, F-string-D-string, U-dual to D0-D2 state      189
BPS bound      449
BPS bound, D0-Dp system      168
BPS bound, F-string-D-string system      164 176 182
BPS states      449 474
BPS states, behavior at strong coupling      180Ч181
BPS states, black p-branes      183 220
BPS states, bound states      164Ч175
BPS states, D-branes      140Ч145
BPS states, Kaluza Ч Klein states      456
BPS states, macroscopic strings      81 226 468
BPS states, stretched strings      186Ч187 226
BPS states, winding states      79Ч80
BPS states, wrapped branes      404 411Ч412
BPS states, zero-force property      146
BRST charge      15Ч16 24 43 50
BRST charge and picture changing      118Ч121 125
BRST charge in topological string theory      385
BRST quantization      24Ч25 43 45 50
C invariance      330Ч331
C-map      382
c-theorem      262Ч263
c-theorem and supersymmetry multiplets      441Ч442 447
Calabi Ч Yau compactification      302Ч324 472Ч474
Calabi Ч Yau compactification and Gepner models      397Ч402
Calabi Ч Yau compactification as special case of (2, 2) compactification      311Ч312 386Ч390
Calabi Ч Yau compactification of type II string      379Ч386
Calabi Ч Yau compactification, field theory approximation      315
Calabi Ч Yau compactification, low energy field theory      315Ч320
Calabi Ч Yau compactification, massless spectrum      312Ч315
Calabi Ч Yau manifold      309Ч312
Casimir energy      145
Casimir invariant      60
Central charge (conformal)      3Ч5 15 43
Central charge (conformal) and BRST nilpotence      24
Central charge (conformal) and density of states      222 236
Central charge (conformal) and rank of gauge group      421
Central charge (conformal) and renormalization group      262Ч266 271
Central charge (conformal) in heterotic string      49Ч50
Central charge (conformal) in rational CFT      258Ч259
Central charge (conformal) in topological string theory      385
Central charge (conformal) in unitary CFT      228Ч233
Central charge (conformal) of ghosts      46Ч48
Central charge (conformal), specific, coset models      250Ч254
Central charge (conformal), specific, current algebra      70Ч72
Central charge (conformal), specific, N = 0 minimal models      231
Central charge (conformal), specific, N = 1 minimal models      254Ч255
Central charge (conformal), specific, N = 2 minimal models      391
Central charge (conformal), specific, superconformal current algebra      340Ч342
Central charge (conformal), specific, WZNW      247Ч248
Central charge (supersymmetry) and BPS states      449 456
Central charge (supersymmetry) from dimensional reduction      454 456Ч457 466
Central charge (supersymmetry) in extended supersymmetry      448Ч449
Central charge (supersymmetry) in heterotic string      79Ч82
Central charge (supersymmetry) in type I/II string      144Ч145 475
Central extension      67
Chan Ч Paton degrees of freedom      30
Chan Ч Paton degrees of freedom for type I D5-brane      195Ч197
Chan Ч Paton degrees of freedom, reinterpreted as D-brane label      141Ч142
Chan Ч Paton factor      73 109 468
CHARACTER      235Ч236 245Ч246
Charge conjugation matrix CFH      434
Chern class (first)      309 366 402
Chern Ч Simons 3-form      92 100
Chern Ч Simons 3-form and modified gauge transformation      92 107 469
Chern Ч Simons terms      86 453
Chern Ч Simons terms and anomaly cancellation      99Ч100
Chern Ч Simons terms from string perturbation theory      113Ч114 127Ч130
Chern Ч Simons terms in D-brane action      150
Chern Ч Simons terms in D-brane action and induced R-R charge      170 173 203
Chiral gauge couplings      282 325 330
Chiral gauge couplings in (2, 2) models      386Ч388
Chiral gauge couplings in Calabi Ч Yau models      313
Chiral gauge couplings in orbifold models      288Ч289 291
Chiral gauge couplings, constraints from      337 340Ч342 351Ч352 447Ч448
Chiral multiplet      315 441Ч442
Chiral primary fields      378Ч379 384Ч385
Chiral primary fields in Landau Ч Ginzburg models      394Ч395 397
Chiral ring      384Ч395 473
Chiral superfields      442Ч447
Chirality and anomalies      96Ч98 101
Chirality of NS5-branes      204
Chirality, effect of T-duality on      137Ч138
Chirality, IIA vs IIB      27Ч29 415Ч416 453Ч454
Chirality, matrix ($\Gamma$)      10 432
Christoffel connection      106
Clifford (Dirac matrix) algebra      2 193 430
Cocycle      19Ч20 83
Cohomology and homology      306 317
Cohomology, BRST      25 385Ч386
Cohomology, de Rham      305
Cohomology, Dolbeault      307
Cohomology, Dolbeault of K3      416Ч417
Cohomology, ring      385
Coleman Ч Weinberg formula      31 156
Collective coordinate      139Ч140 149
Collective coordinate for eleventh dimension      202 204
Commutators and anticommutators      see also "Supersymmetry algebras"
Commutators and anticommutators, $[E_{\alpha}, E_{\beta}]$      61
Commutators and anticommutators, $[H^{i}, E_{\alpha}]$      61
Commutators and anticommutators, $[j^{a}_{m}, j^{b}_{n}]$      66
Commutators and anticommutators, $[L_{m}, G_{r}]$      7
Commutators and anticommutators, $[L_{m}, j^{a}_{m}]$      66
Commutators and anticommutators, $[L_{m}, L_{n}]$      7
Commutators and anticommutators, $[Q_{B}, \beta_{r}]$      24
Commutators and anticommutators, $[T^{a}, T^{b}]$      59
Commutators and anticommutators, $[\alpha^{\mu}_{m}, \alpha^{\nu}_{n}]$      6
Commutators and anticommutators, $\{b_{m}, c_{n}\}$      16
Commutators and anticommutators, $\{G_{r}, G_{s}\}$      7
Commutators and anticommutators, $\{Q_{B}, b_{n}\}$      24
Commutators and anticommutators, $\{\beta_{r}, \gamma_{s}\}$      16
Commutators and anticommutators, $\{\psi^{\mu}_{r}, \psi^{\nu}_{s}\}$      6
Commutators and anticommutators, $\{\psi_{r}, \bar{\psi}_{s}\}$      14
Commutators and anticommutators, N = 2 superconformal      376
Compactification      274 see 2) "(2 2) "Calabi "Gepner "Orbifold "Toroidal
Compactification, scale      344 350
Complex manifold      306Ч307
Complex structure      306Ч307
Complex structure moduli      291 314Ч315 381
Complex structure moduli, conifold singularity      409Ч415
Complex structure moduli, effective action      319Ч320 472
Complex structure moduli, K3      416
Complex structure moduli, moduli space      296 383Ч384 402Ч409
Complex structure moduli, orbifold      291 296 299
Complex structure moduli, quintic      310
Complex structure, hyper-Kaehler manifold      463
Complex structure, large      403 405
Conformal block      235 272
Conformal block in rational CFT      255Ч257
Conformal block, differential equation      237Ч238
Conformal bootstrap      233Ч236
Conformal family      229
Conformal family, degenerate      232 239
Conformal field theory (CFT)      see also "bc CFT" " " "Coset "Landau "Parafermion "Current "Minimal "Superconformal
Conformal field theory (CFT), c = 1      35Ч37
Conformal field theory (CFT), c<1      236Ч242
Conformal field theory (CFT), density of states      222 236
Conformal field theory (CFT), irrational      258Ч259 471
Conformal field theory (CFT), nonunitary      232
Conformal field theory (CFT), rational      255Ч258 471
Conformal field theory (CFT), unitary      45 228Ч232
Conformal gauge      20
Conformal invariance vs scale invariance      260 262Ч263
Conformal invariance, constraints on correlators      233Ч235
Conformal perturbation theory      263Ч266
Conifold      405 409Ч410 474
Conifold, massless 3-brane      411Ч412
Conifold, singularity in CFT      410Ч411
Conifold, transition      412Ч415
Constraint algebra      3 20 24 45Ч49
Coset CFT      250Ч254 272 471
Coset CFT from gauged world-sheet symmetry      251
Coset CFT, minimal models      250Ч251
Coset CFT, N = 1 minimal models      255
Coset CFT, parafermion CFTs      251Ч252
Coset CFT, W algebras      253Ч254
Cosmological constant      226 372Ч373 473
Coupling constants, gauge      298 361
Coupling constants, gauge, unification      314 345Ч352
Coupling constants, relations among      107Ч110 150Ч152 335Ч336 472
Coupling constants, string vs M-theory      199
Coupling constants, Yukawa      317 331
CP invariance      331 333Ч335 472
CPT invariance      331Ч332
Critical dimension      4 47Ч48 198
Critical phenomena      266Ч271 393 400
Current algebra      66Ч73 243Ч250 272 468 471
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