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Nagel R. Ч One-parameter semigroups of positive operators185, 190
Agarwal R.P. Ч Difference Equations and Inequalities. Theory, Methods and Applications.774
Taylor M.E. Ч Partial Differential Equations. Basic theory (vol. 1)191, 277, 416, 420
Taylor M.E. Ч Partial Differential Equations. Qualitative studies of linear equations (vol. 2)39, 91, 153
Nevanlinna R., Paatero V. Ч Introduction to Complex Analysis141, 237, 321
Hunter J.K., Nachtergaele B. Ч Applied Analysis72
Fritz J. Ч Lectures on advanced numerical analysis115
Reed M., Simon B. Ч Methods of Modern mathematical physics (vol. 1) Functional analysis382Ч384
Oksendal B. Ч Stochastic differential equations : an introduction with applications189
Evans L.C. Ч Partial Differential Equations10
Levin B.Ya. Ч Lectures on entire functions37
Miranker W.L. Ч Numerical Methods for Stiff Equations and Singular Perturbation Problems192
Donaldson K., Kronheimer P.B. Ч Geometry of Four-Manifolds221
Molchanov I.I. Ч Limit theorems for unions of random closed sets36
Zienkiewicz O.C., Taylor L.R. Ч The finite element method (vol. 1, The basis)76
de Branges L., Rovnyak J. Ч Square summable power series17, 29, 68Ч70
Axler S., Bourdon p., Ramey W. Ч Harmonic function theory7, 36
Porter D., Stirling D.S.G. Ч Integral equations: a practical treatment, from spectral theory to applications206, 248, 249, 250, 256Ч257
O'Malley R.E. Ч Introduction to Singular Perturbations9
Weinberger H.F. Ч First course in partial defferential equations with complex variables and transform methods55Ч57, 59, 61, 94, 97, 101, 108, 111, 265, 320, 381
Showalter R.E. Ч Monotone Operators in Banach Space and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations148
Hormander L. Ч Notions of Convexity121
Joyce D.D. Ч Compact Manifolds with Special Holonomy16, 222
Ahlfors L.V. Ч Complex analysis133Ч137, 164
Winkler G. Ч Stochastic Integrals12.2.1f
Curtain R.F., Pritchard A.J. Ч Functional Analysis in Modern Applied Mathematics247
Lojasiewicz S. Ч Introduction to Complex Analytic Geometry102, 118, 234, 236
Kythe P.K., Schaferkotter M.R. Ч Partial Differential Equations and Mathematica228ff
F.Giannessi, F.Giannessi Ч Constrained Optimization and Image Space Analysis364
Dafermos C.M. (ed.), Feireisl E. (ed.) Ч Evolutionary Equations, Vol. 19
Chipot M., Quittner P. Ч Handbook of Differential Equations: Stationary Partial Differential Equations, Vol. 3393, 423, 449, 570, 589, 590, 593
Serre D. Ч Handbook of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, Vol. 1186Ч187
Debnath L. Ч Linear Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers332
Tarantello G. Ч Self-Dual Gauge Field Vortices: An Analytical Approach76, 132, 251
Young R.M. Ч An Introduction to Non-Harmonic Fourier Series, Revised Edition62, 80, 95, 96, 174
Joyce D.D. Ч Riemannian holonomy groups and calibrated Geometry15
Powers D.L. Ч Boundary Value Problems: And Partial Differential Equations255, 278
Petersen P. Ч Riemannian Geometry58, 279
Chung K.L., Walsh J.B. Ч Markov Processes, Brownian Motion, and Time Symmetry394, see also "domination principle"
Keen L., Lakic N. Ч Table of Contents Hyperbolic Geometry from a Local Viewpoint55
George C. Ч Exercises in Integration3.72, 6.123, 11.189
Neittaanmaki P., Tiba D. Ч Optimal Control of Nonlinear Parabolic Systems: Theory, Algorithms and Applications171, 186, 210, 228, 264
Oksendal B. Ч Stochastic Differential Equations: An Introduction With Applications200
Hijab O. Ч Introduction to Calculus and Classical Analysis (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics)81
Malliaris A.G., Brock W.A. Ч Stochastic methods in economics and finance109Ч113, 124
Newman J.R. Ч The World of Mathematics, Volume 2882Ч883
Borwein J., Bailey D., Girgensohn R. Ч Experimentation in Mathematics: Computational Paths to Discovery275
Alfsen E.M. Ч Compact Convex Sets and Boundary Integrals36, 46
Devaney R.L. Ч An introduction to chaotic dynamical systems263
Reed M., Simon B. Ч Methods of Functional Analysis (in 4 volumes). Volume 1: Functional Analysis382- 384
Friedlander S.J. (Ed), Serre D. (Ed) Ч Handbook of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, Vol. 3222
Chabrowski J. Ч Dirichlet Problem with L2-Boundary Data for Elliptic Linear Equations79
Egorov Y.U. (Ed), Gamkrelidze R.V. (Ed) Ч Partial Differential Equations I: Foundations of the Classical Theory24
Besse A.L. Ч Einstein Manifolds173, 327, 328, 430, 466
Fink A.M. Ч Almost Periodic Differential Equations13.1
Arnold V.I., Khesin B.A. Ч Topological methods in hydrodynamics283
Rall D. Ч Computational Solution to Nonlinear Operator Equations181
Lin C.C., Segel L.A. Ч Mathematics Applied to Deterministic Problems in the Natural Sciences123, 571Ч572
Kannan D. (ed.), Lakshmikantham V. (ed.) Ч Handbook of stochastic analysis and applications24
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Ferrera J. (Ed), Lopez-Gomez J. (Ed) Ч Ten Mathematical Essays on Approximation in Analysis and Topology11
Greenberg M.D. Ч Advanced engineering mathematics1062, 1076
Sheil-Small T. Ч Complex polynomials57
Stakgold I. Ч Green's Functions and Boundary Value Problems64, 498, 593, 610
Kozlov V., Mazya V., Rossmann J. Ч Spectral problems associated with corner singularities of solutions to elliptic equations104
Aubin T. Ч Nonlinear Analysis on Manifolds: Monge-Ampere Equations96, 97
Newman J.R. (ed.) Ч The World of Mathematics, Volume 4882Ч883
Struwe M., Rappoport M. Ч Variational Methods: Applications to Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Hamiltonian Systems42, 219 ff.
Havin V.P., Nikolski N.K. (eds.) Ч Linear and Complex Analysis Problem Book 3 (part 2)14.0
Vuorinen M. Ч Conformal geometry and quasiregular mappings127
Allaire G. Ч Numerical Analysis and Optimization: An Introduction to Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation8, 20, 38, 127, 165, 255, 262
McCoy N.H. Ч Rings and ideals101
Munkres J. Ч Topology69
Young R.M. Ч An Introduction to Nonharmonic Fourier Series62, 80, 95, 96, 174
Courant R., Hilbert D. Ч Methods of Mathematical Physics, Vol. 2255, 268, 326 Ч 331
Grimmett G., Stirzaker D. Ч Probability and Random Processes559
Abhyankar S.S. Ч Local Analytic Geometry34, 60, 61, 93, 299, 300, 418, 419
Fine B., Rosenberger G. Ч Fundamental Theorem of Algebra72
Asmar N.H. Ч Partial Differential Equations with fourier series and boundary value problems169, 187
Axellson O., Barker V.A. Ч Finite Element Solution of Boundary Value Problems. Theory and Computation257
Meyer Y. Ч Wavelets and Operators44
Egorov Y.V., Shubin M.A. Ч Partial Differential Equations I (Foundations of the Classical)24
Antia H.M. Ч Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers641
Steeb W.- H. Ч Problems and Solutions in Introductory and Advanced Matrix Calculus82
Steele M.J. Ч Stochastic Calculus and Financial Applications179
Neubrander F. (Ed), Ferreyra G.S. (Ed) Ч Evolution Equations, Vol. 1686, 269
Sequeira A., da Veiga H.B., Videman J.H. Ч Applied Nonlinear Analysis355
Baldi P., Mazliak L., Priouret P. Ч Martingales and Markov Chains: Solved Exercises and Elements of Theory82, 102
Kigami J. Ч Analysis on Fractals45, 52, 76, 77, 81
Lelong P., Gruman L. Ч Entire functions of several complex variables234
Browder A. Ч Mathematical Analysis: An Introduction316
Denn M. Ч Optimization by variational methodssee Minimum principle
Cordes H. Ч Elliptic Pseudo-Differential Operators - An Abstract Theory125
Ortega J.M. Ч Numerical analysis: a second course96ff
Nehari Z. Ч Conformal mapping119
Runst T. Ч Sobolev Spaces of Fractional Order, Nemytskij Operators, and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations137, 441, 456
Zhang B. G., Yong Z. Ч Qualitative analysis of delay partial difference equations326
Kythe P.K., Puri P. Ч Partial differential equations and Mathematica228ff
Hille E. Ч Methods in classical and functional analysis256, 272
Davis H. F., Snider A. D. Ч Introduction to Vector Analysis22
Munkres J.R. Ч Topology: A First Course69
Vladimirov V. S. Ч Equations of mathematical physics283, 285, 405
Fluegge S. (ed.) Ч Encyclopedia of physics. Vol. 9. Fluid dynamics III380
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Adams D.R., Hedberg L.I. Ч Function spaces and potential theory40, 82, 279
Rudin W. Ч Function theory in polydiscs21
Carroll R.W. Ч Mathematical physics20, 24
Neuenschwander D. Ч Probabilities on the Heisenberg Group: Limit Theorems and Brownian Motion, Vol. 16322
Stakgold I. Ч Green's functions and boundary value problems64, 498, 593, 610
Beckenbach E.F., Bellman R. Ч Inequalities132, 133
Joyce D.D. Ч Compact manifolds with special holonomy16, 222
Rubinstein I. Ч Electro-diffusion of ions26, 29, 45, 73
Luenberger D.G. Ч Introduction to dynamic systems394, 400, 407, 411
Lane S.M. Ч Mathematics, form and function341
Hinrichsen D., Pritchard A. Ч Mathematical Systems Theory I: Modelling, State Space Analysis, Stability and Robustness588, 592
Chung K.L., Walsh J.B Ч Markov Processes, Brownian Motion, and Time Symmetry394, see also "Domination principle"
Thirring W., Harrell E.M. Ч Quantum Mathematical Physics. Atoms, Molecules and Large many-body Systems397
Strang G. Ч Introduction to Applied Mathematics195, 355, 365, 533
Veselic I. Ч Integrated density of states and Wegner estimates for random Schrodinger operators26
Intriligator M.D. Ч Mathematical optimization and economic theory344Ч369
Morel J.-M., Solimini S. Ч Variational Models for Image Segmentation: with seven image processing experiments (Progress in Nonlinear Differential Equations and Their Applications)(13.5)
Kozlov V., Mazya V., Rossmann J. Ч Elliptic boundary value problems in domains with point singularities136
Collatz L. Ч Functional analysis and numerical mathematics383
Lemm J.M., Meurant G. Ч Computer Solution of Large Linear Systems24
Fritzsche K., Grauert H. Ч From Holomorphic Functions To Complex Manifolds22
Henry D. Ч Geometric Theory of Semilinear Parabolic Equations60, 61, 109
John F. Ч Partial Differential Equations101Ч106, 112, 210, 215, 216, 229
Achdou Y., Pironneau O. Ч Computational methods for option pricing35, 190
Friedman A., Littman W. Ч Industrial Mathematics: A Course in Solving Real-World Problems74, 75, 78, 114, 118, 129
Flanders H. Ч Differential Forms with Applications to the Physical Sciences85
Joyce D. Ч Riemannian Holonomy Groups and Calibrated Geometry (Oxford Graduate Texts in Mathematics)15
Samarskii A.A. Ч The Theory of Difference Schemes15, 20, 260
Fuchssteiner B., Lusky W. Ч Convex Cones (North-Holland Mathematics Studies)20, 40, 256, 267
Lin C., Segel L. Ч Mathematics Applied to Deterministic Problems in the Natural Sciences123, 571Ч572
Lin C., Segel L. Ч Mathematics Applied to Deterministic Problems in the Natural Sciences123, 571Ч572
Logan J. Ч Applied Mathematics: A Contemporary Approach168
Lin C., Segel L. Ч Mathematics applied to deterministic problems in the natural sciences123, 571Ч572
Morrey C. Ч Multiple integrals in the calculus of variations40, 61
Beckenbach E., Bellman R. Ч Inequalities (Ergebnisse der Mathematik und ihrer Grenzgebiete. 2. Folge)132, 133
Cholewa J., Dlotko T. Ч Global Attractors in Abstract Parabolic Problems (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series)211, 216
Lyndon R., Schupp P. Ч Combinatorial Group Theory (Classics in Mathematics)129
Gripenberg G., Londen S.O., Staffans O. Ч Volterra integral and functional equations494, 497, 513
Jost J. Ч Bosonic Strings: A mathematical treatment38
Mangasarian O. Ч Nonlinear programmingsee "Minimum principle"
Ferziger J.H., Kaper H.G. Ч Mathematical theory of transport processes in gases134, 181
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