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Agarwal R.P. Ч Difference Equations and Inequalities. Theory, Methods and Applications.38
 ормен “., Ћейзерсон „., –ивест –. Ч јлгоритмы: построение и анализ45, 76
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Small Ch.G. Ч Functional Equations and how to Solve Them20
Roman S. Ч The Umbral Calculus149
Velleman D.J. Ч How to Prove It: A Structured Approach291Ч293,296, 297
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Bauer F.L. Ч Decrypted Secrets: Methods and Maxims of Cryptology176
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Comtet L. Ч Advanced Combinatorics. The Art of Finite and Infinate Expansions45t, 86
Smith L.A. Ч Chaos: A Very Short Introduction26Ч27
Pickover C.A. Ч Mobius Strip: Dr. August Mobius's Marvelous Band in Mathematics, Games, Literature, Art, Technology, and Cosmology85
Koblitz N. Ч A course in number theory and cryptography16Ч17, 77Ч78, 159, 211Ч212, 223
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Niven I. Ч Mathematics of Choice: How to Count Without Counting50
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Kingston J.H. (ed.) Ч An Introduction to Computer Programming with Java243
Murphy J.J. Ч Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications212Ч213, 322Ч323, 334Ч335
Turnbull H.W. Ч An Introduction to the Theory of Canonical Matrices75
Neukrich J. Ч Algebraic number theory53
Gonnet G.H., Baeza-Yates R. Ч Handbook of algorithms and data structures196
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Char B.W. Ч First Leaves: A Tutorial Introduction to Maple Vix, 131
Tucker ј. Ч Applied Combinatorics276, 281, 308, 315
Hans-Jürgen Stöckmann Ч Quantum Chaos: An Introduction179Ч181
Lichtenberg A.J., Liebermen M.A. Ч Regular and Chaotic Dynamics530
Touretzky D.S. Ч Common LISP: a gentle introduction to symbolic computation244, 246, 262, 281, 355 File i/o 294,295
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Souza P., Silva J., Souza P. Ч Berkeley Problems in Mathematics11, 119, 392
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