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Murphy J.J. Ч Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications
Murphy J.J. Ч Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications

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Ќазвание: Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications

јвтор: Murphy J.J.


John J. Murphy has now updated his landmark bestseller Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets, to include all of the financial markets.

"If one could read only one book on technical analysis, this should be the one." Ч Knight-Ridder Financial Products and News (on the first edition, Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets, 0-13-898008-X)

This outstanding reference has already taught thousands of traders the concepts of technical analysis and their application in the futures and stock markets. Covering the latest developments in computer technology, technical tools, and indicators, the second edition features new material on candlestick charting, intermarket relationships, stocks and stock rotation, plus state-of-the-art examples and figures. From how to read charts to understanding indicators and the crucial role technical analysis plays in investing, readers gain a thorough and accessible overview of the field of technical analysis, with a special emphasis on futures markets. Revised and expanded for the demands of today's financial world, this book is essential reading for anyone interested in tracking and analyzing market behavior.

"One way to get started in technical analysis is to read a good book on the subject. One of my favorites is Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications by John J. Murphy. It's an easy read." Ralph J. Acampora, CMT, Managing Director, Prudential Securities Inc.

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»здание: 2nd

√од издани€: 1999

 оличество страниц: 576

ƒобавлена в каталог: 26.11.2006

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ѕредметный указатель
2 day rule      71Ч72
2 week rule      212
28 day trading cycle      362
3 box reversal point and figure chart      277Ч282
3 box reversal point and figure chart, chart patterns      280Ч282
3 box reversal point and figure chart, construction of      278Ч282
3 box reversal point and figure chart, measuring techniques      286
3 box reversal point and figure chart, trendlines      282Ч286
3% penetration criterion      71
30 line, using to generate signals      245Ч246
4 week rule      212 215Ч219 362
4-9-18 day moving average combination      204
4-9-18 day moving average combination, how to use      205Ч207
50% retracement      85Ч87
70 line, using to generate signals      245Ч246
Abandoned Baby candle pattern      312
ABC of Stock Speculation, The (Nelson)      24
Acampora, Ralph      457
Adaptive moving average (AMA)      222
Advance Block candle pattern      315
Advance-decline (AD) line      436
Advance-decline (AD) line, AD divergence      437
Advance-decline (AD) line, daily vs. weekly AD lines      437
Advance-decline (AD) line, variations in      437Ч438
Advanced technical indicators      463Ч473
Advanced technical indicators, Demand Index (Dl)      463Ч466 473
Advanced technical indicators, Herrick Payoff Index (HPI)      466Ч468
Advanced technical indicators, Keltner channels      470Ч472
Advanced technical indicators, stare bands      469Ч470
Allen, R.C.      204
Alpha cycles      359
Analysis vs. timing      6Ч7
Appel, Gerald      252
Arithmetic scale      39Ч40
Arms Index (TRIN)      444 445
Arms Index (TRIN), Open Arms      446
Arms Index (TRIN), smoothing      445Ч446
Arms Index (TRIN), TICK vs.      444
Arms, Richard      444 448
Art charting      11
Art of Contrary Thinking, The (Neill)      258
Ascending triangle      130 131 136Ч138 331
Ascending triangle, as bottoming pattern      138
Ascending triangle, bullish breakout      136Ч137
Ascending triangle, measuring technique      137Ч138
Ascending triangle, volume pattern      140
Asset allocation      409Ч410
Average, True Range      469
Bar charts      35 40Ч46
Bar charts, compared to point and figure charts      266Ч270
Bar charts, futures open interest      35 42Ч44
Bar charts, volume      35 41Ч42
Barker, David Knox      359
Behavioral Finance, use of term      21 459
Belt Hold candle pattern      310
Beta cycles      359
Blowoffs      175
Bollinger bands      209Ч211 221
Bollinger Bands, and volatility      211
Bollinger Bands, using as targets      210
Bollinger, John      209
Bolton, A. Hamilton      319
Bottom failure swings      242Ч243
Bottom reversal day      91 92
Breakaway candle pattern      313
Breakaway gaps      94Ч95
Breakouts, tactics on      400Ч401
Bressert, Walt      359 374 375
Broadening formation      130 140Ч141
Brooks, John      457
Bull trap      122
Bullish speedline, constructing      88Ч89
Buy limit order      403Ч404
Buy stop order      404
Buy-and-hold strategy and futures      7
Buy-and-hold strategy and Random Walk Theory      16
Call open interest      177
Candle pattern analysis      301Ч306
Candle pattern analysis, computerized      306
Candle pattern analysis, continuation candle patterns      304Ч305
Candle pattern analysis, reversal candle patterns      301Ч304
CandlePower charting      448Ч449
Candlestick charts      37Ч39 297Ч299 309Ч317
Channel line (return line)      80Ч85
Channel line (return line), measuring implications      85
Chart construction      35Ч47
Chart construction, arithmetic vs. logarithmic scale      39Ч40
Chart construction, candlestick charts      37Ч39
Chart construction, intraday chart      35
Chart construction, line charts      36Ч37
Chart construction, of daily bar charts      36 40Ч41
Chart construction, of daily bar charts, futures open interest      35 42Ч44
Chart construction, of daily bar charts, volume      35 41Ч42
Chart construction, point and figure charts      37 38 278Ч282
Chart construction, types of charts available      36Ч37
Chart construction, weekly and monthly charts      35 45Ч46
Chart patterns      185
Chartcraft Method of Point and Figure Trading, The (Cohen)      277
Chartered market technician (CMT)      456Ч457
Charting      9 10Ч12
charting software      378Ч379
Charting, purpose of      3
Charting, subjectivity of      11 16
Chartist      10Ч12
Closing prices      30Ч31
Cohen, A.W.      277
Coil      see УSymmetrical triangleФ
Collins, Charles J.      319
Commitments of Traders (COT) Report      175Ч176
Commitments of Traders (COT) Report, and large commercial hedgers      176
Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)      175
Commodity Channel Index (CCI)      237Ч239 374
Commodity market analysis      15
Commodity markets, chart of      10
Commodity Research Bureau Futures      15
Commodity Systems, Inc.      184
Commodity Trend Service      177
Complex head and shoulders patterns      113Ч115
Complex head and shoulders patterns, tactics      113
Computers, and trading systems      377Ч391
Computers, charting software      378Ч379
Computers, Directional Movement System (Welles Wilder)      378 380 384Ч387 390
Computers, Directional Movement System (Welles Wilder), and ADX      384Ч387
Computers, Parabolic System (Welles Wilder)      378 380 381Ч384 390
Computers, system trading pros/cons      387Ч389
Computers, tools/indicators      380
Computers, tools/indicators, using      380
Computers, TradeStation (Omega Research)      389Ч390
Concealing Baby Swallow candle pattern      314
Concentration, diversification vs.      396Ч397
Confirmation      155Ч156
Congestion area      147Ч150 274
Consensus National Commodity Futures Weekly      258
Constant Forward Contracts vs. Continuous Contracts      508Ч510
Continuation candle patterns      304Ч305
Continuation charts for futures, construction of      182Ч183
Continuation head and shoulders      153Ч155
Continuation patterns      100Ч101 129Ч156
Continuation patterns, confirmation      155Ч156
Continuation patterns, continuation head and shoulders      153Ч155
Continuation patterns, divergence      155Ч156
Continuation patterns, triangles      130Ч147 (see also УTrianglesФ)
Continuous futures contracts      505Ч510
Continuous futures contracts, Continuous Contracts      507Ч510
Continuous futures contracts, Continuous Contracts, Constant Forward Contracts vs.      508Ч510
Continuous futures contracts, Gann Contract      507
Continuous futures contracts, Nearest Contract      506
Continuous futures contracts, Next Contract      506Ч507
Contract details, futures markets      12
Contrary opinion      226 257Ч261
Contrary Opinion, and remaining buying/selling power      259
Contrary Opinion, and strong vs. weak hands      259
Contrary Opinion, combining with other technical tools      261
Contrary Opinion, interpreting bullish consensus numbers      258 260
Contrary Opinion, market's reaction to fundamental news      260Ч261
Contrary Opinion, open interest (futures), importance of      260
Corrective waves      320Ч323 324Ч331
Corrective waves, flats      326Ч329
Corrective waves, triangles      329Ч331
Corrective waves, zig-zags      324Ч326
CRB Futures Price Index      423Ч424
Crests      348Ч351
Cybernetic Trading Strategies (Ruggiero)      428
Cycle Trader      37S
Cycles, and 4 week rule      218Ч219
Cycles, and moving averages      212
Cycles: The Mysterious Forces That Trigger Events (Dewey and Mandino)      344
Daily bar charts      36 40Ч41 181
Daily bar charts, horizontal axis      41Ч42
Daily bar charts, open interest      35 42Ч44
Daily bar charts, vertical axis      41Ч42
Daily bar charts, volume      35 41Ч42
Dark Cloud Cover candle pattern      302 311
Day trading      9
Deliberation candle pattern      314
Demand Index (DI)      167 463Ч466 473
Descending triangle      130 138Ч140 331
Descending triangle, as a top      138
Descending triangle, volume pattern      140
Descriptive statistics      18
deVilliers, Victor      265
Dewey, Edward R.      344Ч348
Dial Data Service      505
Directional Movement System (Welles Wilder)      378 380 384Ч387 390
Directional Movement System (Welles Wilder), and ADX      384Ч387
Divergence      27 155Ч156 227
Diversification vs. concentration      396Ч397
Dobson, Edward D.      342
Doji candlesticks      300Ч301
Doji Star candle pattern      311 312
Dominant cycles      358Ч360
Donchian, Richard      215Ч216 362
Dorsey, Thomas      292
Double crossover method      203Ч204
Double tops and bottoms      57 100 117Ч121 122Ч124
Double tops and bottoms, measuring technique      120Ч121
Dow Jones & Company      23
Dow Jones Industrial Average      14 33 320 422 449Ч451
Dow Jones Transportation Average      33
Dow Jones Utility Index      33
Dow Theory      23Ч33 319 452
Dow Theory, applied to futures trading      32
Dow Theory, basic tenets of      24Ч30
Dow Theory, basic tenets of, averages discount everything      24Ч25
Dow Theory, basic tenets of, averages must confirm each other      27
Dow Theory, basic tenets of, major trends have three phases      26Ч27
Dow Theory, basic tenets of, market has three trends      25Ч26
Dow Theory, basic tenets of, trend is in effect until it signals reversal      28Ч30
Dow Theory, basic tenets of, volume must confirm trend      27
Dow Theory, closing prices      30Ч31
Dow Theory, criticisms of      31Ч32
Dow Theory, lines      31
Dow Theory, stocks as economic indicators      32
Dow, Charles      23Ч24 265 460
Downside Gap Three Methods candle pattern      316
Downside Tasuki Gap candle pattern      316
Downtrend      50Ч52
Dragonfly Doji      301
Dunn & Hargitt's Financial Services      215
Easy Language (Omega)      390 498Ч500
Economic forecasting      10
Efficient market hypothesis      19Ч21 459
Ehlers, John      374 375
Ehrlich Cycle Finder      363Ч365
Ehrlich Cycle Forecaster      365 366 375
Ehrlich, Stan      363
Elder, Alexander      442
Elliott Wave Supplement to the Bank Credit Analyst      319Ч320
Elliott Wave Theory      27 76 86 319Ч342
Elliott Wave Theory, alternation, rule of      331Ч332
Elliott Wave Theory, applied to stocks vs. commodities      340
Elliott Wave Theory, basic tenets of      320Ч323
Elliott Wave Theory, channeling      332Ч334
Elliott Wave Theory, combining all aspects of      338Ч340
Elliott Wave Theory, connection between Dow Theory and      324
Elliott Wave Theory, corrective waves      320Ч323 324Ч331
Elliott Wave Theory, corrective waves, flats      326Ч329
Elliott Wave Theory, corrective waves, triangles      329Ч331
Elliott Wave Theory, corrective waves, zig-zags      324Ч326
Elliott Wave Theory, degrees of trend      320Ч321
Elliott Wave Theory, Elliott Wave Principle      320 342
Elliott Wave Theory, Fibonacci numbers      212Ч213 322Ч323 334Ч335
Elliott Wave Theory, Fibonacci ratios and retracements      335Ч338
Elliott Wave Theory, Fibonacci time targets      338
Elliott Wave Theory, historical background      319Ч320
Elliott Wave Theory, impulse waves      320
Elliott Wave Theory, pattern      320
Elliott Wave Theory, ratio analysis      320
Elliott Wave Theory, time relationships      320
Elliott Wave Theory, using with other technical tools      342
Elliott Wave Theory, wave 4 as support area      334
Elliott, R.N.      27 319
Engulfing candle pattern      310
Equivolume charting      447Ч448
Evening Star candle pattern      303Ч304 312
Exhaustion gaps      96Ч97
Exponentially smoothed moving average      197 199Ч200
Extremes      486Ч487
Failed head and shoulders pattern      113Ч115
Failure swing      29Ч31 242
Fair value      415
Falling Three Methods candle pattern      304Ч305 315
Fan principle      74Ч76
Fibonacci fan lines      90
Fibonacci number sequence      322Ч323
Fibonacci numbers      212Ч213 322Ч323 334Ч335
Fibonacci percentage retracements      335Ч338
Fibonacci Ratios      86
Fibonacci ratios, and retracements      335Ч338
Fibonacci time targets      338
Filtered candle patterns      306Ч307
Filters      71Ч72 122
Financial futures      8
Flagpole      143Ч144
Flags      141Ч145
Flags, construction of      142Ч143
Flags, measuring implications      143Ч144
Flat corrections      326Ч329
Flow of funds analysis      15
Foreign currencies      8
Foundation for the Study of Cycles      348 375
Frost, A.J.      320 342
Fulcrum, use of term      275
Fundamental forecasting, technical forecasting vs.      5Ч6
Futures      8
Futures Charts      177
Futures, and timing      14
Futures, blowoffs      175
Futures, life span      12Ч13
Futures, margin requirements      13
Futures, pricing structure      12
Futures, time frame      14
Gann Contract      507
Gann fan lines      90
Gann, W.D.      87 90 183
gaps      76
Goldman Sachs Commodity Index      410
Gould, Edson      87Ч88
Granville's New Key to Stock Market Profits      165
Granville, Joseph      165
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