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Weintraub S. Ч Differential Forms. A complement to vector calculus
Guillemin V., Pollack A. Ч Differential topology3
Taylor M.E. Ч Partial Differential Equations. Basic theory (vol. 1)535
Hunter J.K., Nachtergaele B. Ч Applied Analysis393
Zeidler E. Ч Nonlinear Functional Analysis and its Applications IV: Applications to Mathematical Physic537
Berger M. Ч A Panoramic View of Riemannian Geometry163
Dorfman J.R. Ч Introduction to Chaos in Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics90, 183
Arrowsmith D.K., Place C.M. Ч Dynamical systems. Differential equations, maps and chaotic behaviour132
Olver P.J. Ч Equivalence, Invariants and Symmetry8, 12, 431
Lee J.M. Ч Differential and Physical Geometry18, 85, 622
Kodaira K. Ч Complex manifolds and deformation of complex structures38
Felsager B. Ч Geometry, particles and fields515
Baker A. Ч Matrix Groups: An Introduction to Lie Group Theory181
Hicks N. Ч Notes on differential geometry9
Agrachev A.A., Sachkov Yu.L. Ч Control theory from the geometric viewpoint3
Millman R.S., Parker G.D. Ч Elements of Differential Geometry223 (5.4)
Tao G. Ч Adaptive control design and analysis537
Folland J.B. Ч Real Analysis: Modern Techniques and Their Applications74
Brin M., Stuck G. Ч Introdution to dynamical system106
Davies E. Ч Spectral Theory and Differential Operators142
Hand L.N., Finch J.D. Ч Analytical Mechanics55
Marmo G., Skagerstam B.S., Stern A. Ч Classical topology and quantum states131, 275, 279
Gupta M.M., Jin L., Homma N. Ч Static and dynamic neural networks388
Brieskorn E., Knorrer H. Ч Plane Algebraic CurvesI 126
Moerdijk I., Mrcun J. Ч Introduction to Foliations and Lie Groupoids2
Michor P.W. Ч Topics in Differential Geometry4
Torretti R. Ч Relativity and Geometry258
Sagan H. Ч Advanced Calculus of Real-Valued Functions of a Real Variable and Vector-Valued Functions of a Vector Variable492
Milnor J.W. Ч Topology from the Differentiable Viewpoint1
Kanatani K. Ч Statistical Optimization for Geometric Computation: Theory and Practice65
Varadarajan V.S. Ч Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, and Their Representations15
Gallot S., Hulin D. Ч Riemannian Geometry1.18.
Kolar I., Michor P.W., Slovak J. Ч Natural Operations in Differential Geometry5
Smith P. Ч Explaining chaos138
Pugh C.C. Ч Real Mathematical Analysis152, 289
Montiel S., Ros A. Ч Curves and Surfaces43
Boothby W.M. Ч An introduction to differentiable manifolds and riemannian geometry67
Catanese F. (Ed) Ч Global Aspects of Complex Geometry133
Weickert J. Ч Visualization and Processing of Tensor Fields: Proceedings of the Dagstuhl Workshop7
Jost J., Simha R.T. Ч Compact Riemann Surfaces: An Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics2, 145, 152, 163, 184
Devaney R.L. Ч An introduction to chaotic dynamical systems9, 170
Naber G.L. Ч Topology, Geometry and Gauge Fields2
Poeschel J. Ч Inverse Spectral Theory149
Lawrynowicz J., Krzyz J. Ч Quasiconformal Mappings in the Plane: Parametncal Methods4
Rudin W. Ч Functional analysis255
Toda M., Kubo R., Saito N. Ч Statistical Physics I: Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics, Vol. 1195
Kobayashi S., Nomizu K. Ч Foundations of Differential Geometry, Volume 2I-9
Brickell F., Clark R.S. Ч Differentiable Manifolds13, 21
Szekeres P. Ч A Course in Modern Mathematical Physics: Groups, Hilbert Space and Differential Geometry416
Cantwell B.J., Crighton D.G. (Ed), Ablowitz M.J. (Ed) Ч Introduction to Symmetry Analysis13, 23, 446
Helgason S. Ч Differential Geometry, Lie Groups and Symmetric Spaces2, 22
Hale J.K., Kocak H. Ч Dynamics and Bifurcations61, 186
Morita S. Ч Geometry of differential forms5, 24
Frolov V.P., Novikov I.D. Ч Black Hole Physics: Basic Concepts and New Developments625
Golubitsky M., Guillemin V. Ч Stable Mappings and Their Singularities7
Carmo M.P. Ч Differential geometry of curves and surfaces74
Morita Sh. Ч Geometry of Differential Forms5, 24
Bratteli O., Robinson D.W. Ч Operator Algebras and Quantum Statistical Mechanics (vol. 1)159
Bleecker D. Ч Gauge Theory and Variational Principles7
O'Neill B. Ч Elementary differential geometry38, 40(Ex. 11), 161
Borel A. Ч Linear algebraic groups24.7
Thirring W.E. Ч Classical Mathematical Physics: Dynamical Systems and Field Theories19
Aubin T. Ч Nonlinear Analysis on Manifolds: Monge-Ampere Equations72
De Felice F., Clarke C.J.S. Ч Relativity on curved manifolds20, 60, 330
Thirring W.E. Ч Course in Mathematical Physics: Classical Dynamical System, Vol. 1 by Walter E. Thirring15
Brocker Th., Dieck T.T. Ч Representations of Compact Lie Groups40
Intriligator M.D., Arrow K.J. Ч Handbook of Mathematical Economics (vol. 1)95, 356
do Carmo M.P. Ч Riemannian geometry10
O'Neill B. Ч Semi-Riemannian Geometry: With Applications to Relativity55
Dubrovin B.A., Fomenko A.T., Novikov S.P. Ч Modern Geometry - Methods and Applications. Part 1. The Geometry of Surfaces, Transformation Groups and Fields207
Spivak M. Ч A Comprehensive Introduction to Differential Geometry (Vol.1)30
Aoki K. Ч Nonlinear dynamics and chaos in semiconductors139
Munkres J.R. Ч Analysis on manifolds147
Kirillov A.A. Ч Elements of the Theory of Representations64
Matveev S.V. Ч Lectures on Algebraic Topology2
Sternberg Sh. Ч Lectures on Differential Geometry43
Tamura I. Ч Topology of lie groups, I and II19, 44, 63
Bratteli O., Robinson D.W. Ч Operator Algebras and Quantum Statistical Mechanics (vol. 2)159
Gambini R., Pullin J. Ч Loops, Knots, Gauge Theories and Quantum Gravity22, 46, 47, 79, 169
Wawrzynczyk A. Ч Group representations and special functions17
O'Neill B. Ч The Geometry of Kerr Black Holes3
Zeidler E. Ч Nonlinear Functional Analysis and Its Applications: Part 1: Fixed-Point Theorems171
Straumann N. Ч General relativity and relativistic astrophysics5, 6
Price J.F. Ч Lie groups and compact groups7
Hatfield B. Ч Quantum field theory of point particles and strings543
Arwini K. Ч Information Geometry: Near Randomness and Near Independence22
Schlichenmaier M. Ч An Introduction to Riemann Surfaces, Algebraic Curves and Moduli Spaces8
Narasimhan R. Ч Analysis on Real and Complex Manifolds4, 54
Sachs R.K., Wu H. Ч General relativity for mathematicians3
Boothby W.M. Ч An Introduction to Differentiable Manifolds and Riemannian Geometry67
Bishop R.L., Crittenden R.J. Ч Geometry of manifolds11
Bergmann P.G., De Sabbata V., Gillies G.T. Ч Spin in Gravity: Is It Possible to Give an Experimental Basis to Torsion?163
Friedlander F.G. Ч The Wave Equation on a Curved Space-Time4
Lee J.M. Ч Differential and physical geometry18, 85, 622
Browder A. Ч Mathematical Analysis: An Introduction254
Alekseevskij D.V., Vinogradov A.M., Lychagin V.V. Ч Geometry I: Basic Ideas and Concepts of Differential Geometry58
Morita S. Ч Geometry of Differential Forms5, 24
Goffman C. Ч Calculus of several variables134
Brickell F., Clark R.S. Ч Differentiable manifolds13, 21
Hermann R. Ч Differential geometry and the calculus of variations25, 28, 39, 51
Duistermaat J.J, Kolk J.A.C. Ч Distributions: theory and applications78
Runst T. Ч Sobolev Spaces of Fractional Order, Nemytskij Operators, and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations18, 73
Aliprantis C. Ч Principles of real analysis388
Kinsey L.C. Ч Topology of surfaces233
Choquet-Bruhat Y., DeWitt-Morette C., Dillard-Bleick M. Ч Analysis, manifolds and physics. Part I.74, 115, 547
Gallavotti G. Ч Foundations of fluid mechanics248, 315, 345
Marathe K.B., Martucci G. Ч The mathematical foundations of gauge theories3
Devaney R.L., Keen L. Ч Chaos and Fractals: The Mathematics Behind the Computer Graphics115
Audin M. Ч Geometry85
Kobayashi S., Nomizu K. Ч Foundations of Differential Geometry, Volume 19
Audin M. Ч Geometry85
van der Giessen E., Wu Theodore Y.-T., Hassan A. Ч Advances in Applied Mechanics. Volume 3819
Triebel H. Ч Theory of Function Spaces173
Schulz F., Dold A. (Ed), Eckmann B. (Ed) Ч Regularity Theory for Quasilinear Elliptic Systems and Monge-Ampere Equations in Two Dimensions70, 80, 94
Porteous I.R. Ч Clifford Algebras and the Classical Groups211, 218
de Leon M., Rodrigues P.R. Ч Methods of differential geometry in analytical mechanics4, 8
Hsiung C.-C. Ч A first course in differential geometry43
Pommaret J.F. Ч Systems of partial differential equations and Lie pseudogroups6.1Ч18
Loomis L.H., Sternberg S. Ч Advanced calculus376
Tuynman G.M. Ч Supermanifolds and Supergroups: Basic Theory128
Hirsch M.W., Smale S. Ч Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, and Linear Algebra242
Jajte R. Ч Strong Limit Theorems in Non-Commutative Probability11
Frankel T. Ч The geometry of physics: an introduction27
Naber G.L. Ч Topology, Geometry and Gauge Fields2
Vilenkin N.Ja., Klimyk A.U. Ч Representation of Lie Groups and Special Functions: Volume 1: Simplest Lie Groups, Special Functions and Integral Transforms21
Zeidler E. Ч Applied Functional Analysis: Applications to Mathematical Physics435
Berezin F.A., Kirillov A.A. (ed.) Ч Introduction to Superanalysis62
Lasota A., Mackey M.C. Ч Probabilistic Properties of Deterministic Systems52
Israel W. (ed.) Ч Relativity, astrophysics and cosmology298
Zeidler E. Ч Oxford User's Guide to Mathematics291
Stanley L. Ч Design sensitivity analysis: computational issues of sensitivity equation methods8, 25
Arnold V.I. Ч Ordinary Differential Equations6
Stoll W. Ч Value Distribution Of Holomorphic Maps Into Compact Complex Manifolds31
Israel W. Ч Relativity, Astrophysics and Cosmology298
Vidyasagar M. Ч Nonlinear systems analysis377
Kloeden P/, Platen E., Schurz H. Ч Numerical solution of SDE through computer experiments222
Vaisala J. Ч Lectures On N-Dimensional Quasiconformal Mappings46
Spivak M. Ч Calculus on Manifolds: A Modern Approach to Classical Theorems of Advanced Calculus109
Jablan S., Sazdanovic R. Ч LinKnot: knot theory by computer11
Greub W., Halperin S., Vanstone R. Ч Connections, curvature, and cohomology. Volume 112, 24, 35ff.
Ruelle D. Ч Elements of Differentiable Dynamics and Bifurcation Theory6
Milnor J.W., Stasheff J.D. Ч Characteristic Classes. (Am-76), Vol. 767, 9ff, 14, 42, 48, 115f, 151, 248, 250
Frankel T. Ч The geometry of physics: An introduction27
Lord E., Wilson C. Ч The Mathematical Description of Shape and Form (Mathematics and Its Applications)35
Necas J., Hlavacek I. Ч Mathematical Theory of Elastic and Elastico-Plastic Bodies: An Introduction29
Schutz B. Ч Geometrical Methods in Mathematical Physics30, 73, 92, 188
Klingenberg W. Ч A Course in Differential Geometry (Graduate Texts in Mathematics)4
Choquet-Bruhat Y., Dewitt-Morette C. Ч Analysis, manifolds and physics74, 115, 547
Thirring W., Harrell E.M. Ч Classical mathematical physics. Dynamical systems and field theory19
Nash C., Sen S. Ч Topology and geometry for physicists49, 221
Castillo J. Ч Mathematical Aspects of Numerical Grid Generation109, 123, 129
Morita S. Ч Geometry of Differential Forms (Translations of Mathematical Monographs, Vol. 201)5, 24
Jost J. Ч Bosonic Strings: A mathematical treatment83
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