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Straumann N. — General relativity and relativistic astrophysics
Straumann N. — General relativity and relativistic astrophysics

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Название: General relativity and relativistic astrophysics

Автор: Straumann N.


This book divides into three parts. Part I develops the mathematical tools used in the general theory of relativity. Since I wanted to keep this part short, but reasonably self-contained, I have adopted the dry style of most modern mathematical texts. Readers who have never before been confronted with differential geometry will find the exposition too abstract and will miss motivations of the basic concepts and constructions. In this case, one of the suggested books in the reference list should help to absorb the material. I have used notations as standard as possible. A collection of important formulae is given at the end of Part I. Many readers should start there and go backwards, if necessary.

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Рубрика: Физика/Гравитационное взаимодействие/

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Год издания: 1984

Количество страниц: 459

Добавлена в каталог: 02.10.2005

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Предметный указатель
Absolute derivative      see “Covariant derivative”
Absolute exterior differential      65
Acceleration      see also “Fermi-transport; Geodesic deviation” 113 118 120
Accretion as source of x-rays from compact objects      201 378 382 388
Accretion in x-ray binary bursters      380
Accretion in x-ray binary pulsars      377—378
Accretion onto black holes and neutron stars      388ff
Accretion rate      378 388 391
Accretion rate critical      414
Accretion tori      see also “Spherical accretion onto black holes; Disk accretion” 432
Action Einstein — Hilbert      148
Action principle of least      see “Variational principle”
Adiabatic index      280 337—338
Adiabatic index, critical value for radial stability      337—338
Adiabatic index, during supernova formation      337
Affine connection      47
Affine connection, curvature of      54
Affine connection, induced      47
Affine connection, metric      57 63
Affine connection, torsion of      54
Alfven radius      377
Alternation operator      27
Angular momentum of black holes      363
Angular momentum of isolated systems      156—157
Antiderivation of differential forms      30
Asymptotic fields in post-Newtonian approximation      252
Asymptotic fields of isolated systems      229
Asymptotic fields of Kerr — Newman black holes      362—363
Asymptotically flat space-time      154
Asymptotically flat space-time angular momentum of      156f 230ff
Asymptotically flat space-time energy and momentum of      146 154ff 229ff
Atlas      4
Atlas differentiable      5
Atlas maximal      5
Atlas oriented      36
Autoparallel along curve      49
Background geometry      217
Basis of p-forms      28
Basis of tangent space      13
Basis of vector space of derivations      11
Basis oriented      39
Bernoulli equation      390 393 435
Bernoulli equation nonrelativistic      435
Bernoulli equation relativistic      390
Beta-equilibrium      294—295
Beta-equilibrium and Urea process      313
Beta-equilibrium for ideal mixture      295
Bianchi identities      56 60 64 66 73
Bianchi identities as constraint equations      161
Bianchi identities